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The Longshots to Packers line gets longer with reduced rosters, no preseason games | Professional soccer | Instant News

Still, the Packers have had more than a fair share of players overcoming obstacles for the past two decades and making the team after a simple start.

Old Cornerback Tramon Williams went from the final season-training-squad transaction to 2006 to fire on the defensive back chart in 2007, starting the camp as about the eighth or ninth cornerback and not only getting a roster spot, but becoming the third cornerback team behind Charles Woodson and Al Harris during running the 2007 Packers to the NFC Game Championship. Williams then grew to become the top 5 closing angle in the NFL.

Lucas Patrick’s reserve center, meanwhile, began as a trial player in 2016, landed on the training team and eventually developed into a reliable reserve who signed a contract extension two years last winter after filling in injured Corey Linsley for two years. last year’s game.

And while Thompson, who carved out a 10-year NFL career with the Houston Oilers even though he dropped out of high school in 1975 – when the draft was 17 rounds, not today 7 – might have a soft spot for players who came the hard way, unregistered free agents took many places list today under his successor, Brian Gutekunst.

Including 14 un-signed free agents who signed this spring, 37 players on the list on Tuesday afternoon began their NFL careers as unregistered free agents, including Patrick, fellow offensive linemen Lane Taylor and Alex Light, broad recipients of Allen Lazard, Jake Kumerow and Darrius Shepherd, cornerback Chandon Sullivan, Robert Endan tight, safety Raven Greene and reserve quarterback Tim Boyle.


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For Joe Thomas, ‘really brutal’ Titan Games challenge makes ‘competitive juices flow again’ | Professional soccer | Instant News

“After the show aired, I had 150 text messages, which was cool. And everyone likes, ‘You are doing extraordinary. The fire brigade is a great competitor, ” said Thomas. “I like it,‘ Wait a minute, it’s true that he was a firefighter, but that man ranked second in the world at CrossFit Games a few years ago. If anything, he is a pro and I am an amateur who plays in his arena. “

“I didn’t really pay attention to how close it was until it was all over and I saw The Rock’s reaction. He left, ‘Oh! That’s the closest we have seen to the Titan Game! ’

That doesn’t mean the competition isn’t tiring for Thomas, who retired from the NFL in March 2018 and has dropped almost 75 pounds from his 325 pounds. One of the reasons he didn’t realize his victory was a fraction of a second was because he almost died, he said.

“I’ll tell you what, that’s really brutal. It’s a lot harder than I expected. It’s terrible. I won’t lie,” Thomas admitted. “It was a 3-minute all-out effort, and for the people I fought, the CrossFit champion, I’m sure they were accustomed to pushing their bodies to such limits. And they benefited from not having 15 years of college and professional football in the body they are far more trained at it.

“Even though I really did some intense training to get ready as soon as I knew I would be on the show, my body was used for explosions of 3 to 5 seconds (in football). And then I get 30 to 40 seconds rest. And the show was as legitimate as doing the entire NFL game in 3 minutes. That’s like 65 playing back-to-back-to-back.


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An empty stadium? Canceled game? For now, Aaron Rodgers hopes to exercise again while pondering public concerns Professional soccer | Instant News

With Major League Baseball exploring various restrictions believed to be needed to get back into action, Rodgers was asked what it was like to play in an empty stadium.

“I haven’t let my mind go there at the time,” Rodgers answered. “I know there are lots of conversations about that. It must be a strange situation to not have fans in the stands. And I hope it’s not reality. “

Picking up the second year coach Matt LaFleur’s package is similar.

“I haven’t really put a lot of thought into it, to be honest with you,” LaFleur said during a conference call, who came to join Rodgers and was only the second question and answer session with reporters since the NFL scouting was merged in February. “Do I think it would be strange without fans? Yes, but that might be the situation we face (with). Whatever it is, we will accept it. I wish they were there, but if not, we will accept it. “

Meanwhile, Rodgers, who has been at his home in southern California since returning from a trip to Peru before travel restrictions were imposed around the world because of a pandemic, bemoaned some of the house stay conditions he compared to “house arrest.” He also wondered aloud about “the future of the country and the freedom we may have at this time.”


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Get ready for the Packers season with details of the Green Bay schedule from week to week Professional soccer | Instant News


Last meeting: That The Packers beat the Falcons, 34-20, on December 9, 2018, at Lambeau Field. Despite taking four sacks, Rodgers appeared exceptional, completing 21 of 32 attempts for 196 yards and two goals as caretaker coach of the Packers Joe Philbin (top) won their first win just seven days after the old coach Mike McCarthy’s expulsion.

Player to watch: Cornerback AJ Terrell, taken by Atlanta with 16th pick in this year’s NFL draft, could cause headaches for the thin receiver of the Green Bay corps. Terrell 6-foot-1 completed his three-year career at Clemson with 101 tackles, two joint ventures and six interception. Clemson fell to LSU, 42-25, at the College Football Championship last season, with Terrell registering five tackles in his final match at college.

You should know: The Packers are reported to have asked the league for a road date for Week 4, with the University of Wisconsin football team scheduled to face Notre Dame on Saturday, October 3, at Lambeau Field. Instead, Lambeau is now set to host two matches in a span of three days.


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