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Shibli said the PM would bring in a new team to solve the country’s problems | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has delayed reshuffling his cabinet for several days. A cabinet reshuffle is decided immediately after the Senate elections. The participation of Shibli Faraz and Faisal Vawda has been decided, the source said. PTI senior leader Shibli Faraz previously expressed the prime minister’s intention to reshuffle the cabinet again, saying that PM Imran Khan was “bringing in a new team” to solve the country’s problems. Sources told Geo News that the prime minister will make changes to the federal cabinet in a few days, adding that he has completed consultations with his aides on the matter. Sources said the prime minister will make important changes to the Cabinet on a “large scale”, adding that ministers who do not live up to expectations will be excluded from their portfolios.

It is hoped that Federal Minister for Food Security and National Research Syed Fakhar Imam, Minister of Energy Omar Ayub and Minister of Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan will be removed from their current portfolios.

The prime minister has been advised, according to sources, to appoint federal and state ministers at the Ministry of Information, while former information minister Shibli Faraz, will be entrusted with the Ministry of Electric Power.

The source said that the Minister of Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry, was again asked to lead the Ministry of Information. Chaudhry Fawad has been looking for time to decide whether he wants to accept the offer or not.


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‘Happy Easter to the mad radical left’: Donald Trump issued a strange message | Instant News

Donald Trump took a major hit after losing an attempt to prevent his tax records from being released to New York prosecutors. Video / Sky News Australia

Former reality TV star and former US president Donald Trump has put out a bizarre Easter message, proving he hasn’t gotten over the fact that he lost the election.

Her message is, if nothing else, inclusive, because she can put her painful feelings aside to wish her a happy Easter.

“Happy Easter to ALL, including the CRAZY Left Radicals who rigged our Presidential Election, and want to destroy our Country,” he wrote, in celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Trump released his message just days after damning reports showed his campaign was forced to spend $ 122.7 million in refunds to supporters last year.

According to a New York Times investigation, Trump’s campaign tricked donors by setting up “recurring donations by default for online donors, for each week up to the election”, with the opt-out option hidden in the team’s fine print disclaimer. “getting darker” ahead of election day.

Trump is currently undergoing various criminal investigations and, according to reports this week, faces a very high likelihood of ending up in prison.

As well as being a defendant in no less than 29 lawsuits, according to the Washington Post, the 74-year-old has also been the subject of multiple criminal investigations – including one in which a lawyer has gained access to his tax returns after four-years of fighting on Trump’s side to keep it a secret.

Investigations into whether he had committed bank, tax and insurance fraud have escalated rapidly in recent weeks, after the personal bank notes of Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg were called in.

“Mr Weisselberg, who is not accused of wrongdoing, has overseen the Trump Organization’s finances for decades and may hold the key to every possible criminal case in New York against the former president and his family business,” wrote the New York Times reporter. on Wednesday.

Those with knowledge of the matter also told the Times that prosecutors were looking for a new chapter of internal Trump Organization documents to “compare the details.” [of each Trump property’s financial situation] information that companies provide to lenders and local tax authorities to assess whether the company is fraudulently misleading them “.

While Trump is unlikely to go to jail for “the rest of his life,” it is “very likely” that, if convicted of insurance and bank fraud, it could “lead to criminal prosecution and that will carry a prison sentence”, Legal analyst for the Daily Beast, said. Jay Michaelson, said at the end of February.

“If Trump does commit some kind of crime, even if it’s kind of, you know, some sort of ordinary business crime – if he dies, it’s important that there isn’t a culture of impunity in this country, which needs to be done. A message is sent that there are consequences, no matter how big. your wealth and importance, if you break the law, “Washington’s chief correspondent for the New Yorker, Jane Mayer, told NPR’s Terry Gross.

But, Mayer added, people he spoke to who knew Trump were skeptical that he would ever serve time in prison, predicting instead that “he would run away”.

“It’s hard to know what to expect. But that – for me, however, it’s hard for me to really contemplate in the orange jumpsuit on, you know, Rikers Island,” he said.

“I think there is really a chance he could face serious charges and be punished. I mean, this is no joke.”

In addition to a criminal investigation, Trump was also sued this week by two Capitol Police officers, who are battling a mob angry that the former president was accused of “inciting” on January 6.

Trump put aside his grievances to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Of the sort.  Photo / Getty Images
Trump put aside his grievances to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Of the sort. Photo / Getty Images

In the federal lawsuit, officers James Blassingame and Sidney Hemby are demanding compensation for the physical and emotional injuries they suffered during the violent rebellion.

“The rebel mob, which Trump had instigated, encouraged, incited, directed, and aided and abetted, forced their way through and past the plaintiffs and their fellow officers, pursued and attacked them inside and outside the United States Capitol, and caused injuries. , “the lawsuit states, according to the Washington Post.

“Officer Hemby was attacked non-stop. He was bleeding from a wound that was located less than an inch from his eye. He had cuts and blisters on his face and hands and his body was pinned to the large metal door, fending off the attack.”

Blassingame, who is Black, faced “endless threats and attacks” from the masses, and “it was not clear to him on January 6 that he would hold on to return home”.

Trump has also faced multiple defamation lawsuits – including author E. Jean Carroll, who accused him of sexually abusing him at Bergdorf Goodman in late 1995 or early 1996, only to have Trump deny his accusations and claim he lied to increase sales of a book. .

Another, involving a former Summer Apprentice contestant Zervos, has been given the green light to move forward after Trump’s lawyers attempted to fire him because he was president.

Zervos ran ahead of the 2016 election, alleging that Trump groped and kissed her without her consent in 2007. In 2017, he sued her for defamation after he denied her accusations and called her story a “hoax”.

“Now a private citizen, the defendant has no further reason to delay justice for Ms. Zervos, and we are eager to return to court and prove her claim,” Zervos’ lawyer, Beth Wilkinson, told The Wall Street Journal in a statement.

– additional reporting by news.com.au


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Sherani said there would be no problem reuniting with JUI-F if Fazl agreed | Instant News

Former Jamit Ulema-e-Islam Fazl (JUI-F) leader Maulana Mohammad Sherani (left) and JUI-F chairman Maulana Fazlur Rehman. – Photo files

QUETTA: Former Jamit Ulama-e-Islam Fazl (JUI-F) leader Maulana Mohammad Sherani said on Thursday there would be no problem reuniting with party leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman if the latter agreed to it.

Sherani and Maulana Gul Naseeb, both leaders who were expelled last year by Fazl, spoke to the media after meeting Fazl, who was resting after catching a fever.

“We didn’t discuss anything related to politics in our meeting with Maulana Fazlur Rehman,” Sherani said, adding that they had met with the head of the PDM just to inquire about his health.

He said if the JUI-F chairman “agreed” then he and other dissidents who were kicked out of the party “would have no problem reuniting” with JUI-F.

“We have given some suggestions to Maulana Fazlur Rehman,” he said. “If he agrees [to them] we ourselves will go to him, “added Sherani.

He said that if the party leadership showed confidence in those who were expelled, the differences that had emerged could be removed.

“We are playing our part in making the party active in Balochistan,” he said.

‘Maulana Fazlur Rehman elected’

The rift between Sherani and Fazl widened when the former said the PDM had been arranged for “personal gain,” and called Maulana Fazlur Rehman “elected”.

“I have predicted for a long time that Imran Khan’s government will complete its five year term,” Sherani said several months earlier. “He will stay in power for the next five years too.”

Taking the scorn at Fazl, Sherani said the JUI-F itself was “elected,” therefore, he had no right to say that Prime Minister Imran Khan was “selected” to be prime minister, instead of being elected.

He said Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam was not a person’s “inheritance” or “private property”, adding that those who believed it were delusional.

“I will set up JUI offices throughout Balochistan in consultation with my colleagues,” Sherani said at the time.


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Only the PSP can solve the city’s problem: Kamal | Instant News

Pak Sarzameen’s party (PSP) Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal said on Wednesday that only his party had a solution to the Karachi problem, claiming that the last time when Karachi was built during his tenure as a nazim city and it has never happened since then.

He expressed this view in his speeches for corner meetings with different communities in Baldia City, Union Council (UC) 24, UC-30 and public gatherings at Shujaat Colony, UC-35, while campaigning for the NA-249 by-election.

Kamal said that current and past city lords are not interested in solving the basic problem of Karachi, which was once one of the 12 fastest growing cities in the world and among the top four livable cities.

He said that PSP will raise its voice on public issues that have been forgotten by rulers after making false promises during their election campaign.

The people convinced Kamal to show their full support to make him win the by-election.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 1st, 2021.


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Tomato growers face problems as prices plummet | Instant News

KARACHI: Tomato growers criticized the lack of horticultural policies and urged the government to provide the necessary infrastructure for storage and added value along with guaranteed crop sales if they want to continue sowing tomatoes.

Speaking to The News about prices, Atta Chandio, a farmer, said the tomato crop passed its last leg in Badin due to the increased heat. “The fare went up to Rs100 to Rs150 per 15kg a few days ago, but is now selling for Rs50 / 15kg.”

Tomato production has increased in Badin over the last three years. However, price remains an issue as traders are the ones who charge lower prices. Chandio said the lower prices are understandable when production is high, but at the end of the season prices should technically rise.

This instability forced tomato farmers to switch to cotton, chilies and psyllium or ispaghula.

The chairman of the Pakistan Fruits and Vegetables Association (PFVA), Waheed Ahmed, said the price of tomatoes varies between Rs5 / kg to Rs400 / kg on the market, which is a big difference.

“Tomatoes grown in the summer in Sindh are harvested in October and September, but due to climate change, now are the months when it rains in the province,” he said, explaining the infrastructure problem as well. “The crops cannot be spread. Needs non-existent cold storage. “

He suggested adopting tunnel farming to avoid losses in case of rain in Sindh and asked for subsidies.

Ahmed urged the government to focus on tomato farming in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, as the province is ideal for harvesting during the summer.

“Pakistan grows low-quality tomatoes, which cannot be exported or processed into pulp. The quality includes the bad color, “he said while pointing out the need for seed improvement.

“The world tomato pulp market is worth about $ 6 to $ 7 billion, but Pakistan’s share is almost zero,” he said, urging better policies.

PFVA plans to start an agricultural model, in which farmers will be provided with seeds and a drip irrigation system with guaranteed sales of crops.

Sindh Council Senior Vice President Abadgar Mehmood Nawaz Shah also argued that the quality of tomatoes in Pakistan is poor. “Sold for over Rs200 / kg from September to November, but nobody needs tomatoes from February to April. Although there are provinces which are responsible for policy making after the entry into force of the 18th Amendment, there is no horticultural police in Sindh, “he added.

The federal and provincial governments are responsible for improving seed quality and producing policies so that the necessary infrastructure and mechanisms can be developed to increase yields, add value, prevent imports, and protect farmers, consumers and traders.

Haji Shah Jahan, a trader at the Karachi Vegetable Wholesale Market, said tomatoes

still arriving in large numbers, which will continue for about 20 days from Thatta and beyond. After the harvest it will start in the districts of Larkana and Jacobabad.

He also held the lack of agricultural policies responsible for the suffering of the farmers. “Tomato growers are small farmers,” he said. “About 20 days ago, the price was so low that even the transportation costs couldn’t be borne by the farmers, so they destroyed the crops.”

The sale of guaranteed crops could be a solution to save farmers and also save a production surplus, he added.

He said every government said it would improve the supply chain from agriculture to the market but they did not build infrastructure and did not support farmers.

He said people suffering from lower prices would not grow tomatoes next year and there would be a shortage. It happens every two to three years. “About 10 percent of the people benefit when there is a production shortage,” Jahan said.


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