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The government will not fool people with exhibition projects: Punjab CM Usman Buzdar | Instant News

LAHORE: Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar in a statement expressed his determination for the real development of Lahore by 2021 and said no need was overlooked to beautify the great city and heart of Punjab.

The chief minister said the government would not fool people by launching its own projection and exhibition projects.

According to him, 2021 will bring good news to the community. The Punjab government, according to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision, has started to implement an agenda for equitable development of all Punjab cities, including Lahore.

The year 2021 will bring a lot of happiness to the homeless as the Punjab government launched an unprecedented project in the housing sector in which 35,000 apartments will be built on 8,000 canals of land.

In the first phase, 4,000 apartments are being built in the city of LDA and the project will cost Rs40 billion.

The prime minister has directed to complete the initial housing project process at the earliest.

His current interest in trolleybuses in the city has requested a report from the transportation department on this project.

This project will result in a reduction in visible environmental pollution as well as introduce positive changes in transportation culture as well as eradicate smog from the city.

This is the main reason the government is considering launching this project in other cities as well.

On instructions of the chief minister and according to his vision of an equal development, multibillion-rupee projects were launched in Lahore.

To provide modern and quality healthcare facilities, the state-of-the-art thousand-bed hospital on Ferozpur Road will prove to be a gift to Lahor residents of the incumbent government.

Two overhead bridges and two underpasses will be built to ensure smooth flow of traffic in Lahore.

The project for the construction of a modern bus terminal in Thokar Niaz Baig is starting. Likewise, 10 underground water tanks will be constructed for the timely storage and drainage of rainwater.

Usman Buzdar said the government intends to bring abandoned areas in the past on par with other cities.

He said that despite spending billions of rupees in the near future, a large part of Lahore’s population is still not benefiting from development.

He said that spending the state treasury without determining the real problem was the same as wasting national resources.

He said the PTI government had a clear vision to solve the settlement problems.


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Central to get modern buses for the Green Line project, said governor Imran Ismail | Instant News

Sindh governor Imran Ismail said on Wednesday that the federal government had reached an agreement to procure state-of-the-art buses for the 26-kilometer Green Line corridor of the high-speed bus system in Karachi.

Speaking to a delegation of trainee police officers from the Islamabad-based National Police Academy who summoned him at the Governor’s House, he said this modern bus would soon cross Karachi roads to meet residents’ longstanding demands for mass transit. system for provincial capitals.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan paid great attention to the development and progress of Karachi, which is why the federal government has given full support to revive the city’s civilian infrastructure.

Governor Ismail said the federal government had also reached an agreement to procure 50 fire engines and two bows to enhance Karachi firefighting capabilities, adding that the Center was getting all of this as a gift to the city’s people.

He said that of these 50 fire engines, two each would be provided to all industrial estates in Karachi for timely use in the event of an emergency. He also said that a representative association of the city’s industry will be responsible for the maintenance of these vehicles.

He informed the delegation that the Governor’s Building was a historical building, as it was the official residence of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah after he was installed as Pakistan’s first governor general.

Ismail advised police trainees to follow the principles of Bapak Bangsa to serve their country with absolute honesty and dedication and to the best of their ability. He said that policing could be much more effective and efficient with the use of the latest technology.


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CDWP completed a Rs25.5mth Karachi water supply project | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The Central Development Work Party (CDWP) on Tuesday recommended Rs25.5 billion for Karachi water supply projects to the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) for final approval, while approving three projects worth Rs5.5 billion.

CDWP takes its decisions during a meeting chaired by Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Jehanzeb Khan. Senior officials from the Planning Commission and federal ministries / divisions participated in the meeting while representatives from the provincial government participated via videoconference.

Two projects related to physical planning and housing were presented at the meeting. The first project, the “Greater Karachi water supply scheme (K-IV) 260 MGD (phase-1)” worth Rs25.5 billion has been referred to Ecnec for approval. The K-IV is designed with a total capacity of 650 million gallons per day to meet the needs of the 18.5 million residents of Karachi City. The project that was being worked on by Sindh faced tremendous delays in its implementation. The provincial government was asked to change the implementing agency.

Khan said there is a severe water shortage in Karachi and therefore the project needs to be carried out quickly and all the agencies involved are committed to accelerating / prioritizing the project.

Projects related to governance, physical planning and housing, education and science and technology were presented at the meeting.

A project related to the governance section presented at the meeting for an extended implementation period of Rs133 million “young development partners (second revision)” was approved by CDWP. This program aims to educate talented young women and men with leading academic backgrounds and leadership potential. The program will enhance the capacity of Pakistani youth in areas relevant to the Planning Commission such as development, strategic planning, performance management and evaluation, project management, energy, public policy formulation and development communications.

Another project entitled “provision of clean drinking water in Lahore” worth Rs1.7 billion was approved. A project related to education, namely “renovation / rehabilitation of the physical infrastructure of 200 educational institutions (phase-II)” worth Rs3.7 billion was also approved. The revised project included building 237 classrooms, repainting / renovating infrastructure, repairing floors, raising the parapet, providing concertos with barbed wire, and building a water tank. The aim of the project is to provide a better infrastructure for public institutions, to provide a conducive and better environment and to provide facilities that are missing in Islamabad schools. A concept permit paper awarded by the Punjab government, namely “water supply and sewer facility improvement” worth Rs4 billion was approved by the concept permit committee. The sponsoring body is the Japan International Cooperation Agency and the implementing bodies are the Water and Sanitation Agency and the Multan Development Authority.


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Fashion for Good Project: Tracing sustainable viscose from fiber to finish | Instant News

Facilitated by Fashion for Good, the Viscose Traceability project is a collaboration with a leading brand BEST SELLING and Dry which will provide eight garment models to be tracked for trials, with fiber sourced from three of the leading sustainable viscose producers. TextileGenesisTM will provide their blockchain solution and platform to trace the origins of viscose used in garments along the supply chains of the two participating brands. This supply chain, which consists of spinners, weavers, knitters, dyes and garment makers, spans a total of eight countries to reflect real-world complexity and various supply chain scenarios to fully test the flexibility and scalability of the platform.

The project builds on lessons learned from the Organic Cotton Tracing Pilot 2019, which investigated the technical feasibility of blockchain and physical tracers using organic cotton as the primary fiber. The Viscose Traceability Project’s ambition goes beyond technical viability, however, it goes a step further to explore, in detail, the next steps needed to make a traceability solution not only effective, but also scalable at a commercial level across sectors.

After demonstrating the technological feasibility of the TextileGenesisTM platform and its ability to integrate chain of custody certification in previous pilots, this project will focus on demonstrating the global application viability of solutions across the viscose supply chain. Success will be measured by the flexibility of the solution – being able to operate across multiple supply chains; solution interoperability – collecting data from multiple platforms into a single system; and scalability – global implementation across multiple brands, fiber producers and supply chains.

The scope of this project focuses on tracing viscose fibers from production to retail. To do so, the project leverages the impact work of the CanopyStyle initiative to remove ancient and endangered forest fibers from viscose production and to support the adoption of forest certification standards such as FSC, to address traceability at the beginning of the supply chain from forests to viscose fiber production.

Three fiber producers, Lenzing, ENKA and Tangshan Sanyou were selected for their “Green Shirt” ratings on the Canopy Hot Button Report and reputation as leaders in the field of sustainability. Through this consortium platform, Canopy and TextileGenesisTM have further developed their partnership: the TextileGenesisTM platform upgrade will integrate Canopy hot button rating data and the next-generation line of viscose that will not only be available for participating pilot brands, but also for all other brands using the platform. .

Following the completion of the pilot by the end of 2021, a joint report detailing the main findings and best practices will be shared publicly.


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The opposition attack against the Army is unprecedented in Pakistani history: PM Imran | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday said it was unprecedented how opposition parties had attacked the armed forces of these countries and had used the same language that India’s propaganda machine uses against Pakistan’s armed forces.

“The way the Pakistani political opposition is attacking the Pakistani Army, this is unprecedented in our history.

The prime minister addressed a meeting in Chakwal after laying the foundation stones of projects in the district. The project includes a university for the district, a 500-bed hospital, a ring road and a school. The project is estimated to cost around Rs15 billion.

Refer to the latest report based in Brussels EU Disinfolab With regard to India’s massive disinformation campaign against Pakistan using fake news websites and NGOs, the prime minister said the aim of the campaign was to present a negative image of the country.

“The aim is to present Pakistan with a negative outlook in front of the world and to illustrate that there is chaos so that no investment is coming into the country.”

He added that the Pakistani Army was also targeted in a campaign by India, with the aim of portraying it as a “rogue army or terrorist”.

The prime minister said fake news sites were also promoting the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). “This is the first time in Pakistan’s history that the opposition has targeted the Army in this way. There have been no previous examples of this.”

Imran dismissed opposition claims that the establishment of the state played a role in cheating in previous elections. He asked the opposition if they had approached the court or the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). “Will you go to Parliament and discuss this issue?”

Criticizing the opposition, Imran said the country knew that opposition party leaders plundered the country for the past 30 years.

He also referred to articles and news in foreign publications detailing the parties’ corruption. Maintaining that the opposition attacks state institutions to protect their ill-earned wealth, he said that there has never been an “extremist, totalitarian, racist and anti-Muslim” political party in power in India.

“This is when we need them [Army] more than ever. I have never seen the opposition try to undermine a country like this just to get an NRO. “He added that India is also involved in terrorism in Balochistan.

“If any government gives them an NRO it will be the worst thing anyone can do to Pakistan.”

The prime minister went on and said that democracy holds its leaders accountable and said people should ask Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Maryam Nawaz what their qualifications are to lead their political party. “If someone asked them what their work experience was they would say their father was the most corrupt person in Pakistan. This is their qualification. They haven’t worked an hour in their life and are here to run the country.”

Referring to the projects on which it is based, the prime minister said the universities and schools would produce talented young people from the region and give Chakwal people the opportunity to improve their prospects through education.

Imran promised to continue to support the project and invite the community to take advantage of this opportunity.

Earlier, Information and Broadcasting Minister Shibli Faraz compared PDM to ‘Indian Chronicles’ – a report released by EU DisinfoLab.

“On the one hand the external enemy is committing the crime of spreading false information against Pakistan through the Indian Chronicles and on the other the PDM is spreading frustration among the people by committing lies,” he said.

According to an investigation by EU Disinfolab, a coordinated influence operation, to malign Pakistan’s reputation, has been led by the New Delhi-based Srivastava Group and strengthened by Asia News International (ANI), an Indian news agency, for the past 15 years.

The mission of this operation is to discredit countries in conflict with India in the region, particularly Pakistan as well as China to some extent. In the long term, the campaign aims to strengthen India’s global perceptions, which will ultimately allow New Delhi to gain more support from international agencies such as the EU and the United Nations.


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