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Promoting university students without examinations is ruled out | Instant News

LAHORE: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has made it clear that promoting students without exams is unquestionable.

HEC also convinces students to solve problems faced by some of them regarding internet connectivity and the quality of lectures in their online classes and subsequent examinations.

In a press release, a HEC spokesperson said that HEC made contact with the vice-chancellor (VC) to solve all the problems being faced by students. Also, efforts are being made to address some of the connectivity problems faced by students with PTA and other collaborations.

Regarding their concerns for the fees charged by the university, students have been told to inform HEC about specific problems to be taken with each university.

It is important to mention here that during the meeting with the VC right before Eid, the Chair of the HEC also asked the VC to take steps to solve problems faced by students who graduated urgently, in addition to making decisions about new admissions, research theses and laboratory use. HEC has also shared its guidelines with universities on thesis defense, which enable it to be online. The Chair also urged VCs to supervise and assist their faculties to streamline labor-intensive work, helping them make a successful online learning management system. He also told the VC that an appeal procedure would soon be arranged to examine complaints.


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