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Protesters are prohibited from reaching the PA | Instant News


Police banned on Thursday employees from Sindh The Irrigation Department reached the Sindh Assembly, where they planned to stage a demonstration after four days of protest outside Karachi Press Club (KPC).

The protesters, consisting of those stationed in the irrigation department’s water management division, had announced earlier in the day that they would stage a protest outside the provincial council to voice their demands for arrangements.

According to them, apart from those who work in the water management department, the tens of daily salaries for workers in the department have not been made permanent.

The protesters said that 650 first-class officers had not been organized since 2005, adding that they had been convinced by the Sindh government several times to become permanent, but promises remained unfulfilled.

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As they moved towards the Sindh Assembly on the fifth day of the protests, they were stopped by the police and the city government.

After that, a round of negotiations took place between the authorities and the protesters, which proved futile.

The protesters then crossed a barrier put up by the authorities, but were again stopped at the Pakistan Karachi Chowrangi Arts Council, where a large contingent of police was deployed.

Around 5pm, the relevant authorities again submitted negotiations with the protesters, during which the irrigation department employees returned to KPC.

During the protest, some of them fell ill and were transferred to the hospital.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 5th, 2021.


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More than 150 were ordered for attacking a private news outlet in Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI: More than 150 violent protesters including Mushtaq Sarki have been charged with attacking a private news channel agency in Karachi, ARY News reported on Monday.

Following the violent protests, more than 150 people have been registered, including Mushtaq Sarki, over a complaint by security watchdog Geo News at Mithadar police station.

The police registered the First Information Report (FIR) under the section on anti-terrorism, attempted murder and others.

Police claim that 13 protesters have been arrested and other suspects will be detained soon.

Yesterday, unknown criminals had attacked a Geo News Agency located at II Chundrigar Road in Karachi, ransacked the building, tortured and threatened staff including women.

According to the details, a mob led by someone named Mushtaq Sarki had attacked the Geo News agency and fought with guards posted on the news channel.

Mushtaq Sarki who led the masses had been wanted by the authorities in various cases and had been detained prior to this hooliganism.

Special Assistant to PM for Political Communications Dr Shahbaz, Gill, Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah and several others strongly condemned the attack on the news channel and called for an investigation into the matter and action against those involved in the attack on media houses.

Shahbaz Gill has said he hopes the police will take immediate action against the incident and take firm action against those involved in the incident.

CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah has also sought detailed information from the police regarding the incident and said that those involved in it would not survive. “We have fought a lifetime for media freedom and will not allow anyone to suppress free speech,” he said.




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Geo-Jang Group headquarters was attacked by protesters in Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI: Geo and Jang Media Group headquarters here were attacked on Sunday by protesters.

The crowd broke down the entrance gate installed at the building’s entrance and the main entrance of the building. Staff inside the building were also violently attacked and pushed, according to Geo News.

According to Geo Karachi Bureau chief Faheem Siddiqui, the protesters attacked the building “under a complicated plot”. He said the protests had been announced beforehand but “no law enforcement officers were present”.

Protesters were reportedly outraged by a video from the Geo News program on social media, an edited version of which has gone viral, said Siddiqui. “What you see on social media is not what is said at the event,” he said, adding that Geo News had also aired clarifications and apologies at the same event. “What remains to be known is who these protesters are,” he added.

Announcer Irshad Bhatti of the television show “Khabarnaak” clarified that his show is one of comedy and satire and “Sindh and Sindhi are as part of his identity as any other province.” Ladies and gentleman, welcome. I want to state here, that in the last one or two performances, our brothers from Sindh, who on the one hand showed us a lot of appreciation and gave us a lot of love, on the other hand, raised objections to a sentence or two.

“I want to tell everyone that this is a satire and comedy program, and the way Punjab, KP, Balochistan, GB, Azad Kashmir is loved by me, Sindh and Sindhis is part of my identity. My life is dedicated to Sindh and Sindhis, ”he said.

Sindh Information Minister Nasir Hussain Shah arrived at the scene and proceeded to resolve the issue by speaking to the protesters. He has previously also appeared on the air to express solidarity with media groups.

When asked why the police did not act immediately, Shah said he strongly condemns such violence. “I spoke to the SSP and I was told the protest was going from the Shaheen Complex to the Press Club, but they are coming here.”

He says everyone has the right to protest but no one has the right to harm anyone. “Action will be taken against whoever takes over the law.”

The Information Minister said Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah had also ordered “firm action” to be taken against all those found involved.

Federal Information Minister Shibli Faraz, speaking to Geo News, said violence was unacceptable under any circumstances. “If someone has a complaint or objection, they always have the option of making a formal protest […] I’ve found that the issue relates to shows where some light humor is shown.

“The direct responsibility is the Sindh government […] why aren’t there any security forces available? “He asked.

Karachi Press Club (KPC) President Fazil Jamili expressed his grief at the attack and condemned the move. “Every opinion expressed by an analyst is his own and does not constitute an opinion of the media. And if any announcer’s words hurt someone […] I see Geo News has aired an apology too. After that, this problem must be resolved.

“But to create trouble and use it to drive a campaign against Geo, bring mobs to offices and destroy buildings, attack staff, is completely unacceptable. “The Press Club strongly condemns this incident and we are investigating ourselves which elements were behind the attack, which targeted such major media,” he said.

Jamili said the Sindh government had to ensure a transparent investigation and regretted that the police were unable to prevent such an increase in violence. “The crowd is still outside the office. I would say the police have to come and arrest them, ”he added.

Sindh governor Imran Ismail said it was an unfortunate incident that had occurred and expressed his sympathy. “We have to understand people’s sensitivity when broadcasting something on our channel. Something happened that hurt people’s sentiment. To my knowledge, Geo apologized and clarified so that this matter should just be left alone.

“They can protest peacefully with banners, but violence can never be supported. So to all those protesting outside, I ask: Please accept Geo’s apologies and clarifications. I’m sorry no matter what. This is completely at odds with the hospitality and love for people who are an integral part of Sindh values ​​and culture, ”said Imran.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed condemned the attack on the Geo News building and called it an “act of cowardice”.

“The government completely believes in freedom of the press,” said Rasheed, adding: “I hope the Sindh government will ensure the safety of Jang Geo’s office.” He said his ministry would provide all possible support.

Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhry also condemned the attack and demanded that the police take action against those responsible. “Fighting doesn’t mean you round up 200-400 people and attack somewhere,” he said.

PML-N spokesman Marriyum Aurangzeb, condemned the incident, saying that it had to be investigated in a transparent and impartial manner. “We express our solidarity with Geo News,” he said.

PPP MPA Awais Qadir Shah said that the attack was carried out under the pretext of protest. “This is a very unfortunate incident that can no longer be condemned,” he said. Shah said that the Peoples Party supports freedom of expression and a fair investigation into the incident.


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Protesters attack Geo News offices in Karachi | Instant News



They protested the controversial statements made on the show

Web table – Posted: 21 Feb 2021 | Last Updated: 1 hour ago

Posted: 21 Feb 2021 | Last Updated: 1 hour ago

Geo News Agency was attacked by protesters in Karachi on Sunday, according to the channel and police.The protesters broke down the pedestrian gate and the main door at the entrance to the building on Jalan Chundrigar II, Geo News said on its website. websiteThey gathered outside the Jang Building to protest the controversial remarks made on the Geo News show. Geo Karachi News Bureau chief Faheem Siddiqui said the protesters attacked the building “under a complicated plot”. The protests were announced earlier but “no law enforcement officers were present,” Siddiqui said. The protesters mistreated security staff and other employees who were present in the building, according to channel management. They then took a sit-in outside the channel office. Chief Minister of India Murad Ali Shah took note of this. the incident and asked for a report from the police. He spoke with the CEO of Geo News and convinced him to take action against the people involved in the attack.


Geo News, Karachi, protesters, assault on Geo News agency in Karachi, assault, Jang Building, Geo News building, II Chundrigar Road


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Police oversee Billy TK’s controversial ‘freedom rally’ outside the beehive | Instant News

Police and security were on standby this afternoon, as nearly 100 protesters gathered outside Parliament for a “demonstration of freedom,” led by controversial political figure Billy Te Kahika.

Te Kahika is flanked by her personal security, which she brings to the protest.

Among the many signs – the most critical of the Government, the lockdown and the United Nations – are Donald Trump’s flags.

One of the protesters said he was "love Trump" and the rally was on a number of issues.  Photo / wall of Jason
One of the protesters said he “loves Trump” and the rally was about a number of issues. Photo / wall of Jason

One protester told the Herald this morning that they “love Trump” – which appears to be a sentiment shared among a number of gathered.

Others at the protest carried the pink “Women for Trump” flag.

Before the protests began, Māori board chairman Matthew Tukaki labeled it an “alt-right, this is pro-Trump” event that had nothing to do with freedom.

Nonetheless, neither Te Kahika nor any of the speakers mentioned Trump, impeachment or anything to do with US politics.

Their comments were mostly aimed at the Government – objecting to the lockdown and questioning the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Clinical trials for vaccines are underway – medical officials around the world have urged people to get Covid-19 vaccinated to protect against the spread of the virus.

Te Kahika co-chairs the Advance NZ party, which won 1 percent of the total votes in the 2020 elections.

In light of last week’s raid of the US Capitol and the arrest of someone who broke a window in the New Zealand Parliament with an ax yesterday, there has been increased security at the protest.

Protesters started gathering outside Parliament for a 'freedom rally' this afternoon.  Photo / Jason Walls
Protesters started gathering outside Parliament for a ‘freedom rally’ this afternoon. Photo / Jason Walls

Parliamentary security is enforced and there are police officers scattered around the Parliament grounds.

A police spokesman said they had been informed of the planned protest at the beehive, and were in contact with protest organizers.

“The role of the police is to ensure security and enforce the law, while recognizing the legal right to protest.”

They added that the police would recognize the legal right to protest, but were “ready to respond to any issues that arise”.

But Te Kahika brought his own security following him as he spoke to his supporters, and stood by as he spoke.

The protests were peaceful and non-violent – but speakers made a number of comments about Covid-19 that have been widely debunked.

After a few speeches their microphone battery ran out of power so they had to use megaphones a lot.

This is not the first rally organized by Te Kahika – his supporters did so in Auckland earlier this week.

Like today’s Wellington rally, there are a number of Trump flags.

Protests outside the New Zealand Parliament are ongoing.  Photo / Jason Walls
Protests outside the New Zealand Parliament are ongoing. Photo / Jason Walls

That’s why Tukaki labeled the rally: “alt-right, pro-Trump, with nothing to do with freedom.”

“New Zealand is a country that stands out around the world today, we have freedom of movement in the face of the global pandemic, we can move freely across our countries.

“You can still go to the tangi and the funeral, you can still go see your moko who was just born in the hospital. You can still celebrate the 70th birthday.

“So what exactly are they talking about?”

In a Facebook post, Te Kahika asked his supporters to: “Stand together and fight a dangerous, unnecessary and illegal lockdown”.


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