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The government provides the resources to improve the criminal justice system: PM Imran Khan | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said Thursday that the criminal justice system is very important and the backbone of government, and the work on this must be ascertained by priority.

He observed this while chairing high-level meetings on reforms in the criminal justice system and implementation of Civil Procedure Codes in the province and Islamabad.

“If we look at the history of the nations of the world, only nations that are able to develop have brought a strong and organized justice system to provide justice to the people. The previous government took advantage of violations of the law by destroying the system, “he said.

The prime minister explained that the government will provide all the necessary resources to improve the system based on priorities, set goals in this regard, and ensure a timely completion. The meeting was attended by Minister of Law Farogh Naseem, Attorney General Khalid Javed Khan, Minister of Law of Punjab Raja Basharat, Minister of Law Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sultan Muhammad Khan and related senior officials.

During the meeting, the prime minister was told that in order to formulate a comprehensive strategy for the reform process, a separate task force was formed identifying 13 areas, whose recommendations were ready to be implemented.

These 13 areas include case registration, arrest and FIR systems, modernization and computerization of police stations, transfer of funds directly to police stations and giving the status of chief accountant to police stations, investigation systems, reinforcement, improvement of challan systems, establishment of independent prosecutions, reducing pressure at the courts by demanding prosecutions according to the nature of the case, simplifying and expediting trial processes, computerizing court records, and strengthening the parole system.

Meanwhile, the prime minister also chairs the weekly meeting of the National Coordinating Committee for Housing, Construction and Development here. The FBR chairman assessed the tax incentive package meeting, compared the increase in registrations in construction projects by the FBR Portal and Builders and Developers and informed that construction activities across the country, especially in Punjab have witnessed a significant increase.

Pakistan New Housing Authority Chairman Lt. Gen. (right) Anwar Ali Haider explains to the Surveyor General of Pakistan his performance in providing data in the area of ​​digitizing land records. The provincial heads’ secretaries provided detailed directions on the steps to be taken to provide their respective provincial data regarding digitizing land registration.

Imran Khan stressed the importance of providing data in the context of digitizing land registries, and said that digitization would lead to better planning in the construction sector and significant improvements in suppressing the occupation mafia.

Emphasizing the importance of multi-storey construction and protection of green areas in the federal capital, Imran Khan directed special attention to protection of green areas in construction projects. Imran Khan also chaired a review meeting on the progress of the Ravi Urban Development Project, the Central Business District Project and the relocation of Walton Airport.

The meeting recognized progress on the proposed law on environmental protection in the Ravi City project. The meeting was also given a detailed description of the significant progress made in the performance of the three groups formed in relation to land acquisition, land development and zoning in the project.

Expressing satisfaction with the great interest of leading international investment companies in the Ravi City project and the significant progress made in terms of the agreement, Imran Khan said that given the importance of this large project, not only will investment opportunities be created but also the public will have access to international standard housing facilities. .

Meanwhile, Imran Khan said administrative reforms must be implemented in a timely manner to provide assistance to society and legal action against corrupt elements must be ensured because there is no difference between rich and poor in a welfare state.


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PM directs CS to provide data to the Surveyor General | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan Thursday ordered all provincial chief secretaries to immediately provide Provincial Land Records (PLR) to the Surveyor General so that the cadastral mapping process can be completed.

He provides this direction while chairing the weekly meeting of the National Coordinating Committee for Housing, Construction and Development here.

The Surveyor General of Pakistan explained the meeting about cadastral mapping.

The meeting informed that mapping was being carried out in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta and that data from small towns and other rural areas had been received and were being digitized. The Forum was told that this process would eliminate the problem of determining the true ownership of land and would assist in better planning.

The boundaries of forests, Wapda, railroads, waqf and other government lands will be determined. Cadastral mapping will help eliminate illegal occupation, resolve property disputes, speed up legal proceedings, correct mistakes in old records and conduct audits, he said.

The Chief Secretary of Punjab informed the meeting of the progress made so far in the master planning of cities in the province. The meeting was informed that the work on the master plan for five large cities and 16 small and medium-sized cities in Punjab is in progress. Each master plan includes housing, commercial, health, education, sewerage, garden and other expenses.

The prime minister said that in order to tackle the problems arising from urban population growth, it is necessary to restructure the city master plan and adopt modern and international standard methods for master planning.

The prime minister also chaired a meeting on the PIA, which was attended by Federal Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Advisor Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Senator Noman Wazir Khattak, Aviation Secretary Shaukat Ali, Air Marshal (R) Arshad Malik, CEO of PIA, DG Civil Aviation and related senior officials.


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The sunscreen brand doesn’t live up to Consumer NZ’s retracted label claims | Instant News


Last November David Clark responded to a Consumer NZ report that revealed nearly half of sunscreens do not live up to label claims. Audio / Derek Cheng

The Cancer Society called for mandatory sunscreen testing after a NZ Consumer investigation found five sunscreens failed to provide claimed sun protection.

Of the 10 products tested, only half met the SPF claims and broad spectrum labels.

Those that passed were Cancer Society Everyday, Cetaphil Sun Kids Liposomal Lotion, Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face Superscreen, Skinnies Conquer with Manuka Oil Sports Sunscreen and Nivea Sun Sensitive Protect.

Cancer Society chief executive Lucy Elwood said her advice was that broad spectrum sunscreens with an SPF of 30 or higher were safe to use, if applied properly.

“But mandatory sunscreen standards mean the sunscreens sold here will meet reliable world standards, says the Cancer Society,” he said.

“We would like to see New Zealand introduce a regime similar to the Australian Therapeutic Goods Act. This will convince New Zealanders that standard sunscreens meet the same requirements as medicines. Currently, retail sunscreens are classified as cosmetic.

“It’s not good enough for a country like ours with the highest rates of skin cancer and melanoma in the world.”

In Australia, sunscreens are subject to strict production guidelines by the Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Act, said Elwood.

The Cancer Society is pleased that Consumer NZ’s recent test on their Cancer Society Everyday SPF50 + product meets SPF claims and broad-spectrum labels.

“Our products have demonstrated that they meet reliable standards for sun protection use. This adds to the assurance for New Zealanders who want to protect themselves from the sun.

Of the 10 products tested, only half met the SPF claims and broad spectrum labels.  Photo file / 123RF
Of the 10 products tested, only half met the SPF claims and broad spectrum labels. Photo file / 123RF

“The Cancer Society advises consumers not to panic – even if you have a sunscreen that doesn’t live up to its claims, the test results show all SPF 50+ products provide high protection,” he says.

“It’s a shame if consumers choose to throw away useful products that still provide sun protection.”

NZ consumer testing

All sunscreens tested by Consumer NZ have an SPF50 + label.

The other three sunscreens failed to live up to their SPF claims but lived up to their broad spectrum claims.

They are Banana Boat Daily Protective Sunscreen, Natural Instinctive Invisible Sunscreen, and Sukin Suncare Non-Touch Facial Sunscreen.

Banana Boat’s SPF rating is still high at 40.4 but it does not meet the SPF50 + claimed on the label.

Sukin and Natural Instinct turned out to provide only moderate protection, SPF15 to 25, rather than the advertised high SPF30.

New Zealand consumers say Sukin has advised that sunscreens are being retested.

Le Tan Coconut Lotion and Ecosol Water Shield Sunscreen do not live up to the SPF or broad spectrum claims made on their labels.

This is the second time Le Tan’s sunscreen has failed to live up to its SPF claims in testing, according to Consumer NZ.

Consumer NZ chief executive Jon Duffy said that in a country with such high rates of skin cancer, SPF claims had to be accurate.

“Making sure consumers can count on the claims labeling makes so they know they are getting a reliable product is very important,” he said.

“Second, as with any product, manufacturers need to be able to stand behind the claims they make on their labels.”

Duffy said sunscreen manufacturers found not living up to claims had to work to improve labeling.

Full test results are available at www.consumer.org.nz.

– Additional reporting: RNZ


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‘Government is trying to provide aid to people’ | Instant News

FAISALABAD: Federal Parliament Secretary for Railways Mian Farrukh Habib said Monday that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s top priority is to strengthen the economy and provide assistance to ordinary people.

In his press statement, he said the government is making all efforts to provide assistance to the community. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent visit to Afghanistan was very successful, adding that it would have a positive impact on the regional situation. He said the second wave of coronavirus in winter was very serious and citizens had to take precautions.

He also urged the opposition to show seriousness for people’s safety from the coronavirus rather than threatening people’s lives by holding public gatherings. 13 more people tested positive for coronavirus in Faisalabad: In the second wave of coronavirus, 13 more people were tested for coronavirus. positive in town on Monday.

According to Deputy District Health Officer Dr Asif Shahzad, a total of 819 tests were carried out in one day, of which 13 were found positive. He said the District Health Office had arranged the sampling of suspected patients by visiting residents’ homes. He said a total of 635 beds, including 550 at the Allied Hospital and 85 at the DHQ Hospital, had been reserved for coronavirus patients.

He said that currently, 71 patients, including 22 confirmed patients, were being treated at Allied Hospitals while others including 15 at Allied Hospitals and 34 at DHQ Hospitals were suspected.

62 police officers, officers changed: City Police Officer (CPO) Sohail Chaudhry remodeled 62 police officers, including 10 officers, to improve the department’s performance.

Providing details, the police spokesman said Monday that Sub-Inspector Ejaz Ahmad was transferred from the Tandlianwala City Police and was appointed as Investigator Incharge at the Kotwali Police while SI Sohail Akhtar was transferred from the Kotwali Police and appointed at the Tandlianwala City Police.

Likewise with the Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Trainee Khawar Rafiq who was transferred from the Batala Colony to the Sandal Bar Police, ASI Trainee M Hasnain from Sandal Bar to the Batala Colony Polsek, ASI Zahid Aleem from the Police to the SOP General Duty SOP, ASI Tariq Saeed from SOP Assignment to Nishatabad Police Killing Unit, ASI Qaim Deen, Rung Ali police post to Mandan Pura Police Post, ASI Muhammad Farooq Nazeer from Thikriwala Police to Rung Ali as Incharge Police Post, ASI Rana Fazal Mehran from Mureedwala Police Station and ASI Zahid Hussain from the Kotwali Police to the Polsek.

Two COPS suspended: CPO Sohail Chaudhry suspends two police officers, including the People’s Colony Police Station House Officer (SHO), for torturing an arrested accused Police sources said on Monday that the People’s Colony SHO Sub-Inspector Rizwan Shaukat was with the Assistant Sub-Inspector ( ASI) Hammad Yousuf allegedly tortured a defendant who was arrested in a case of embezzlement and fraud to recover case material. CPO Faisalabad, however, took seriously the abuse of power and tortured the accused, immediately suspended the two officials and directed Operation SSP to carry out an investigation into the matter.


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The anti-encroachment drive without providing alternative space for the affected people is slammed | Instant News

KARACHI: Party chairman Pak Sarzameen (PSP) Syed Mustafa Kamal on Sunday said that continuing operations against encroachment in the city without providing alternative space to affected families is not only a sign of incompetence and indifference of the government but is also a matter of great concern.

He expressed this in an event that was attended by dozens of East Regency youths who took part in PSP.

Kamal said incompetent rulers did not solve people’s problems. “The people whose houses were demolished would not just disappear, they would not die but would settle down in several other dump sites in the same city,” he said.

“The country is like a mother, it must act as one and provide shelter for all affected families. The residents of the channel are also citizens of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. “

The PSP head said there was no strategy formulated by the government for the current operation. “The honorable court must take note of this grim situation and summon the rulers and question their strategy because this government’s behavior not only creates chaos but also becomes an obstacle in clearing the canals and will also affect development work as usual. The last sufferers of this situation are none other than poor people, ”he said.

“During our mayoral tenure, we set a precedent for rulers on how to manage a situation when it comes to destroying encroachment for development projects without chaos or agitation,” he claims.

He said during his tenure as mayor he had to destroy 34,000 houses for the construction of the Lyari Expressway but not a single demonstration was held against the move.

Kamal called on the incumbent government to provide alternative space to people affected by the anti-encroachment movement in the same way that people affected by the Lyari Toll Road project are given space.

For the construction of the Lyari Expressway, the state, judiciary and local government built three settlements with the provision of all basic facilities, he said. The PSP chairman advised the government to follow a similar strategy, stating that there is plenty of vacant land available in Karachi which could be used to provide alternative space for affected families.

He said PSP is the only political party that offers workable solutions to all public problems concerning the Pakistani people. “Now it is up to the authorities to decide whether they will accept our solution today or a few years later, but the longer they accept our solution, the more damage the country will have to bear,” he added.

“Today, people leave the political parties of the Prime Minister and Chief Minister and join PSP in large numbers every day,” he claims, adding that this is testament to the fact that the future belongs only to PSP. .


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