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Vaccine Frustration – and No Easter Procession: LIVE From Bolzano, Italy | Instant News

Thursday, April 1, 2021

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Rebecca Couto da Silva performing LIVE on GoLocal from Italy.

Rebecca Couto da Silva joins GoLocal LIVE from Bolzano, Italy where she talks about frustration in the north of the country – and what lies ahead for Easter weekend in what is now the second year of the pandemic.

“There is a sense of frustration with the vaccine launch here,” said da Silva. “I think it’s going pretty well but of course we have AstraZeneca fears.”

“It’s getting fun again and Easter Sunday is coming and the national rule for Easter Sunday is that you can spend it with two adults you don’t live with, and you have to wear a mask all the time,” said da Silva. “People probably follow two adult rules – I don’t know how you have an Easter lunch in a mask.”


And the church?

“From what I can see, this is not a procession, no procession, no procession – they are trying to avoid responsibility for the crowd,” he said. “There are so many official positions not to make a crowd.”

As of Tuesday, there were 16,055 new coronavirus cases in the country – as of February 1, there were 7,925 cases with cases continuing to rise.

“It’s very intense here. From what I’ve read, this is the variant – affecting new populations … naive, in the sense that you can get it again if you ever had it once.”

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It’s Clearly Still Dangerous: Italy’s Coronavirus Cases Nearly Doubled In The Last Month | Instant News

Monday, 15 March 2021

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Italian resident Rebecca Couto da Silva said her country’s territory was again in lockdown after coronavirus cases continued to rise.

On February 17, Italy’s seven-day average of new cases was 11,913 – as of March 14, the seven-day average rose to 22,237.

As of July 14, 2020, the country recorded only 114 new cases.


“We were locked up – [the rest of] Italy hasn’t locked us in yet, “said da Silva, who lives in Bolzano. “According to the EU, this has become a deep red zone, and most of Italy has become a red zone.”

“It looks like there will be more restrictions, they are trying to limit weekend activities, especially with Easter coming and the weather is good. I think they want to make it clear that it’s still dangerous to be out at the weekend, “he added. “We’ve been locked up for a month now in terms of an 8pm curfew. Nothing was open unless it was essential, no restaurant, only take-out after 8pm or had to be delivered – and no bar. “

“I believe that people identify variants as a problem – so there could be variants, even undetected ones, or just socialization that we weren’t aware of,” said da Silva. “It’s not easier or more laissez-faire than before, but again, people are tired. So on a bus without about seven or eight people, you see someone taking off their mask and looking around like what you’re going to do. ”

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MA Health Officials Announce 19 New British Variant Cases, “Perhaps More Deadly” | Instant News

Sunday, February 14, 2021

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The Massachusetts Department of Public Health announced Sunday an additional 19 cases of variant B.1.1.7 COVID-19. Tests completed at the State Public Health Laboratory have identified 19 infections of variant B.1.1.7, originally identified in Great Britain (UK), bringing the total number of cases known to be infected with this virus variant to 29 in the Commonwealth.

The first cases in the United States were identified in late December 2020 and in Massachusetts on 17 January 2021.

Only four of the 29 cases of the British variant had evidence of recent travel, indicating that most of the cases identified in Massachusetts were community-acquired.


Case ages ranged from 4 years to almost 70 years; they included 13 women and 16 men.

There were 17 cases in Worcester County, one in Hampden County, 2 in Middlesex County, 6 in Norfolk County, 2 in Plymouth County, and 1 in Suffolk County.

The New York Times reported today that the variant is likely to be more lethal.

British government scientists are increasingly finding that the coronavirus variant first detected in the UK is associated with a higher risk of death than other versions of the virus, a devastating trend that highlights the serious risks and sizeable uncertainties of this new phase of the pandemic. scientists last month said there was a “realistic possibility” that the variant was not only more contagious than others, but also more deadly. Now, they say in the new document that the “likely” variant is associated with an increased risk of hospitalization and death. ” reports the Times.

Variant B.1.1.7 is known to spread more easily and cause rapid spikes in cases in the UK, several other states, and in parts of California and Florida. Two other variants of concern are the B.1.351 which was originally found in South Africa, and the P.1 variant, which originated in Brazil. Currently, there are no confirmed cases of either variant in Massachusetts.

The best defense against the rapid increase in cases of the variant of concern is to prevent the spread of COVID.

New information from the CDC suggests that improving mask fit and screening helps reduce the spread of the virus. The fit of a mask can be improved by using a mask with nose wire and by using a mask shield or by tying ear knots and tucking the sides. Mask filtration is improved by using multiple layers. Learn more about how to use masks to protect yourself and others at Improve the Suitability and Filtration of Masks to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 | CDC.

Other important public health measures to help prevent the spread of COVID include social distancing (staying 6 feet from other people), avoiding groups, staying home when you are sick, getting tested if you have symptoms or are identified as close contact with someone with COVID, and get vaccinated when it’s your turn.

19 new cases

Worcester County Women’s 40s

Worcester County male 16s

Worcester County <19 girls

Worcester County boy’s 40s

Worcester County women’s 30s

Worcester County women’s 30s

Worcester County women’s 30s

Worcester County boy’s 40s

Worcester County <19 male

Worcester County’s 60’s gentleman

Worcester County boy’s 30s

Worcester County women’s 50s

Middlesex County <19 boys

Worcester County’s 50’s gentleman

Worcester County women’s 20s

Norfolk County 50’s gentleman

Norfolk County 20’s gentleman

Middlesex County’s 20’s men

Norfolk County women’s 50s

The previous 10 cases, since January 17, 2021

Suffolk County women’s 20s

Worcester County’s 20s gentleman

Worcester County <19 male

Hampden County’s 20s gentleman

Plymouth County’s 60’s gentleman

Norfolk County 40s boy

Norfolk County women’s 30s

Plymouth County women’s 50s

Worcester County women’s 50s

Norfolk County women’s 20s

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GoLocalProv | PC Goes to St. John’s | Instant News

Saturday, February 6, 2021

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Nate Watson leads the Friars with 30 PHOTOS: PC

The Providence College men’s basketball team was beaten by St John’s Red Storm, 92-81, Saturday, at Alumni Hall. The monks lost to 9-10 overall and 5-8 in the BIG EAST game.

It was the Friars’ third successive loss and with only five games remaining in the regular season there is no margin for error.

The bright spot is that Nate Watson recorded a career-high 30 points in the game. And, Noah Horchler scored a season-high 19 points. The two players made eight rebounds in the match.

The tricky part is that David Duke only scored 9 points from a 3-8 shot. This season, the monks need the Duke to score 20 or more to win.


Horchler and AJ Reeves scored the opener for the Friars. At the 17:02 mark, Horchler dropped his first three-pointer. Both teams played well offensively to start the game.

Julian Champagnie of Red Storm chipped in with 12 points just before the first media deadline. After a pause in action, St. John adds two tosses and forces Providence to use their first time limit. Red Storm holds a nine-point advantage, 23-14.

St John continued their hot shots from the field during the first half. At the 10:57 mark, Red Storm is leading 31-14 and is midway through the score 19-0. The team has performed seven of their last eight three-point attempts.

With 9:02 remaining in the first half, Watson finished the game on three points. The basket broke the Friar’s scoring drought that lasted more than six minutes. Red Storm maintains control, 36-21, via media timeout 7:41.

At the 4:00 mark, a layup by Watson capped the scoring run 11-2 for the Friars to narrow the gap to 43-36. The monks have carried out nine of their last 10 experiments from the field. The teams trade multiple baskets in the last stretch of the first half. With 0:55 remaining, Horchler makes his fourth three-pointer.

Red Storm took the lead at half-time, 49-41. Providence shot 16-35 (45.7%) from the court, 5-15 (33.3%) from the three, and 4-5 (80.0%) from the free throw line. St John’s shot 19-30 (63.3%) from the field, 9-15 (60.0%) from the three, and 2-2 (100%) from the free throw line.

To start the second half, new player Alyn Breed dropped a three-point shot. Before long, Breed, Duke and Reeves were each scoring a goal. Monks presiding, 50-49.

Providence has overcome the excellence of St. John had 17 points, which Red Storm held at the 9:02 mark in the first half. Watson scores on three consecutive holdings ahead of the 15:35 media lead time. The monks lead 56-53.

In response, St. John’s made it 16-3 by the 8:53 deadline. At the 7:44 mark, Watson broke the Friar’s drought with a second chance layup. However, Red Storm continued its run and maintained their lead.

With 5:41 remaining, Reeves hits a three-pointer. Red Storm leading from 79-69. With more than three minutes remaining, Reeves added another basket from the area on three points. In the 1: 09 minute, the Friars cut the deficit to eight following a free throw from Duke and a second chance dunk by Watson. Red Storm closes the game from the line.

Providence finished 29-62 (46.8%) from the field, 8-26 (30.8%) from three, and 15-22 (68.2%) from the free throw line. St. John finished 34-58 (58.6%) from the field, 10-19 (52.6%) from three, and 14-16 (87.5%) from the free throw line. Julian Champagnie and Posh Alexander took the lead in scoring for Red Storm with 24 and 21 points, respectively.

The Friars finished with three players in double-figures at Watson, Horchler, and Reeves. Each team has 17 assists in that game, while St. John’s beat the Friars by two goals.

NEXT: The monks will host Connecticut Huskies on Wednesday, February 10 at the Alumni Hall in Providence, RI. The game is set for instructions at 4pm on FS1.

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Carroll College basketball shares play with Providence | Carroll College Sports | Instant News

That tally includes a 7-for-18 (38.9 per cent) night from 3-point range as Wagner and Denny combined to make 13 of Carroll’s 25 field goals. In fact, 44 percent of the Saints’ attempted shots from the field came from Wagner or Denny as they scored a combined 37 points.

As two of the more experienced players on the list, it was the duo who had the ball at the end of the contest. With his team holding a one-point advantage with 3:42 left in play, Wagner ordered a 3-point shot made by Providence with two of his own, extending Carroll’s lead to four with three minutes remaining.

“They were clearly experienced kids and they were the kids who won,” Sayers said. “They want the ball in their hands when the game is on the line and they are confident enough to take that big shot. Obviously their teammates are confident to take it too. “

Denny then made a bucket to help maintain that lead and two free throws with a time of 1:42 to help solidify the play for the Saints.

While Denny and Wagner scored 21 and 16 points respectively, to take the Saints on, second year student Jamie Pickens continued to show his presence inside with 14 points with 6-for-9 shots and four rebounds.

Seniors Emilee Maldonado and Parker Esary found Providence’s goal with 18 and 14 points respectively. Going into play, the duo propelled the Argonauts in scoring and became part of the Saints’ focus ahead of Saturday.


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