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GameStop holds a two-week tax day sales event | Instant News

As people began to receive tax returns, consumer electronics retailer GameStop also started a two-week “Tax Day” promotion, starting on February 28.

Its first tax day sales event was carried out from February 28th to March 6th, followed by the second full sale from March 7th to 13th. The event coincides with the US tax season, and the known tax day is an important day for the public. Tax day basically refers to the filing of tax returns and settlement accounts for the federal government.

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New York, New York-January 27: The GameStop store sign appears in New York City on January 27, 2021. Due to the influence of amateur investors, the share price of video game retailer GameStop Corp has risen 700% in the past two weeks.

Save a lot of games and collectibles

For the first “Tax Day” promotion, players can enjoy a treat-save up to $40 in fees Nintendo Switch game. The Legend of Zelda (Legend of Zelda) is currently $49.99, Mario and Sonic will cost $39.99 at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and the tactical role-playing game (RPG) Mario + Rabbit Kingdom Battle is incredible The initial retail price of the three games dropped from US$59.99 to US$19.99.

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Other Nintendo Switch titles sold include Sid Meyer’s Civilization VI, Ori and the Blind Forest, Assassin’s Creed: Rebel Collection, with Puyo Tetris 2.

PS4 and Xbox One gamers can also get their due share from discounted games-from Grand Theft Auto V It is now available at a price of $19.99, as well as updated games such as NBA 2K21 ($29.99), Madden American Football 21 ($24.99) or even Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (US$34.99).

As for game consoles, GameStop customers can now purchase accessories such as PS4 back button accessories and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers at lower prices.In addition, buyers who purchase the Nintendo Switch Lite console will also get a set Super Mario Free 16 oz collector glasses.

Gamers who plan to change game consoles and trade at the following locations GameStop can get an additional $50 voucher when purchasing Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5 systems.

Finally, to complete the “Tax Day” promotion, GameStop customers can bring a free clearance shirt after purchasing a $12 regular-priced T-shirt. GameStop also offers discounts on board games, puzzles, card games, toys and even selected statues. To view the full offer, please refer to the GameStop Tax Day sales event flyer.

GameStop Tax Day Discount (1)

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GameStop Tax Day Discount (2)

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GameStop Tax Day Sales (3)

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GameStop tax cut day sales (4)

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About GameStop

GameStop is headquartered in the Dallas suburb of Grapevine (Dvinevine) in Dallas, Lonely Star State, and is one of the world’s largest retailers of video games and consumer electronics. According to official documentsAs of February 1, 2020, GameStop has a total of 5,509 stores in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. It sells digital products such as game consoles, video games, game accessories, downloadable content, network loyalty cards, subscription cards, and collectibles.

It recently dominated after the news The company’s share price soared, An increase of about 1,500% in two weeks. The sharp rise in its stock price is mainly due to the joint efforts of small traders in the Reddit community r/wallstreetbets.

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Fall guys reveal 4 skins for the first season | Instant News

Fall guy The future is about to usher in the fourth quarter “Autumn Guy 4041“The plan starts on an unknown date, and before the release of the season, we have learned about the first skins of season 4. It adheres to the future theme of the new season, Fall guy Screw on the UFO, you can get it in the following ways Fall guy Battle pass reward system. Fall guy Developer Mediatonic also confirmed that the new “Road to Fame” battle pass will have 50 levels, providing players with more room for improvement throughout the season.

The first reveal Fall guy The season 4 skin is called “UFG”, which is created by Mediatonic and IGN.Instead of making fun of skin and new element fragments Fall guy As time passed, the couple showed their plump skin this weekend to show off the green Fall guy Pac-Man with an antenna, riding a UFO-like vehicle

As revealed in the tweet, Fall guy Players will get the upper half of the UFG skin in “Road to Fame” with a level of 49. At level 42, the lower part will be unlocked.

Unlike many others Fall guy The skin that sometimes looks strange when mixed together, when paired with other tops, the lower part of the skin seems to have a lot of potential. Since it will ride in UFO, you can basically turn your favorite top into a variety of aliens, so once there are enough players to climb the Fame Path level to earn income, you can expect See that this skin is often used.

In addition to the theme and Letter trailer Designed to set the atmosphere for season 4, this skin is our first and best expression so far in the next season. Those fragmented trailers may come later to preview the new elements, new courses, and other appearances in Season 4 until the season is fully underway.

As for the skins available now, Fall guy Players will want to make sure they catch This Cup head skin Assuming they have enough crowns to buy cosmetics, they can be used before they are removed this weekend.


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Sony shares Days Gone PC specifications, which supports unlock frame rate | Instant News

Recommended specifications require GTX 1060

Yesterday, we received an explosive statement that the PC version of the PlayStation game will be launched soon. ::Extreme Brian Regan voice: “Slate? This doesn’t sound like an accurate measurement. How many objects are in the slate? Five million?

We do know that “slate” equals the last one, As Heaven is gone The name mentioned, Now we have a Steam page to prove this. You need at least i5-2500K to run it, and GTX 780 or Radeon R9290. Therefore, this incident did not really bankrupt you. By the way, it is still scheduled for “spring” release.

This is an important thing. It will include free updates for the PS4 version, and will also provide new games and features, bike skins, survival mode and challenge mode. The PC version will also allow ultra-wide monitor support, unlocked frame rates and “improved graphics”. The latter is explained in detail with the enhancement function “Increase level of detail, field of view and leaf drawing distance”.

You can find the complete specification below!Hope the launch will be better than Horizon zero dawnThe PC version of, needs a lot of updates after problems with specific equipment. Bend Studio seems to be dealing with this port, so it may be different.

Heaven is gone [Steam]

  • Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
  • you: Windows 10 64 bit
  • processor: Intel Core [email protected] Or AMD FX [email protected]
  • memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 (3 GB) or AMD Radeon R9 290 (4 GB)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 70 GB available space
  • additional terms: It is recommended to use SSD for storage and provide 16 GB of memory
  • Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
  • you: Windows 10 64 bit
  • processor: Intel Core [email protected] Or Ryzen 5 [email protected]
  • memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (6 GB) or AMD Radeon RX 580 (8 GB)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 70 GB available space
  • additional terms: It is recommended to use SSD for storage


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Call of Duty: Mobile pro Sol was assassinated in Brazil | Instant News

Source: SOL / Activision Blizzard

Brazilian professional Call of Duty: Mobile player Ingrid “Sol” was assassinated on Monday in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The perpetrator of the crime was allegedly a fellow COD Flashlight player. Sol was only 19 years old at the time of her death.

Senter is now facing eligible murder charges, having reportedly confessed his crimes to the police.

“Our player SOL was brutally murdered,” the organization Jaguares Esports said in a WhatsApp message. “I wish I could have been more sensitive about this but we were surprised. He disappeared a few days ago and was found dead by a psychopath who stabbed and recorded and posted it on social media, “.

Sol competes in professional Call of Duty: Mobile for FBI E-sports.

Krony, the manager of the FBI E-Sports team, posted a story to Instagram that said, “He is an extraordinary person, who we will remember every day when the sun comes up, every day the sun’s rays touch our bodies. Every time we look at the Sun, we will remember it. “

According to a report by portal R7, Senter stabbed Sol to death while the two were inside her home in North Sao Paulo. Flashlight then reportedly posted images of Sol’s lifeless body to a WhatsApp group before confessing to the police.

An investigation reveals that Flashlight planned his attack, including writing down his intention to kill him in a book obtained by the police as evidence in his case. According to a video released by Viva ABC, Flashlight said “my sanity was just perfect” when he was arrested. He went on to clarify “I want to do this.”

Violence against women has been an increasing problem in Brazil over the past few years, both inside and outside of esports. The IPEA 2020 Atlas of Violence shows that more than 4,500 women were murdered in Brazil in just 2018.

“In the Mobile COD scene, many players are under threat and we are campaigning to fight against all kinds

abuse of our women, “explains the Jaguares Organization in twitter. “Reflect on what happened and try to contribute to a sports scenario that is healthier and more accessible to everyone.”

In a follow-up tweet, the organization stated, “Brazil does not yet have an official COD Mobile women’s championship. Jaguares and a team of other women ventured into mixed scenarios and we’ve suffered from a few episodes of manhood. Femicides will not be tolerated!# JustiçaPelaSol. “


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League of Legends: T1 Teddy: “If Faker said that age does not hurt mechanics, then neither.” | Instant News

â–˛Source: T1

On February 21, in the 2021 League of Legends Korea Spring League, T1 swept Liiv SANDBOX 2-0. T1 debuted as the new jungler Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon, and is also one of the youngest starting lineups in the league. Bot Laner Park “Teddy” Jin-seong was the team’s veteran and gave the rookies a victory. After the game, Teddy joined Inven Global for an interview.

This is a long rest. How did you spend the Chinese New Year holiday?

I spend most of my time resting at home with my family and ate some tteok-guk (rice cake soup) and galbi-jjim (stewed ribs). And I played some games with my friends-mainly playing ARAM, just to talk about our performance.

What do you think of today’s victory?

The first game took a long time, Hong regrets it. But in the second game, Macro was clean when entering the matchmaking phase, so I think it was a fairly satisfactory 2-0 victory.

What happened to the macro in the first game?

The opponent has Camille, but we haven’t considered the sidebar enough. We just tried to push and didn’t expect Camille to push, so she came in easily.

Today’s T1 roster is full of young players. You will have to lead them to become the only veteran in the lineup. how was it?

It is true that I must be a veteran leader, but the top mid-level players have performed well, so I don’t need to tell them to do much. Although they are rookies, they know the game very well. I think this is a good opportunity to provide them with experience. I look forward to their future.

Today is Oner’s debut. Isn’t he nervous?

I thought he was nervous, but he didn’t show much. Whenever he missed any skill hotspot, he would blame himself too much, so I just told him not to think too much about it.

In a recent interview, Faker said that he believes that age will not cause too much damage to mechanics, and he wants to prove it. what do you think?

For me, I haven’t felt it yet. I think I will play longer. I don’t play as much time as Faker. Faker has been playing for a long time-if Faker says that age will not harm the robot, then it will not. [Laughs] I think I need to play for a long time to feel it. I still don’t know whether skills will decline with age, or whether it is possible to improve further through hard work.

You haven’t played too much this season. are you fine?

I am not uncomfortable with this situation. It is regrettable when the team fails, and when I see regrettable moments in Sparse or LCK, we can improve these things. So I think in the game, I should try to avoid making the team make the same mistake.

You will not be satisfied with the current ranking of T1. What do you think is missing?

We need to bring our ideas together, but I don’t think it works. This happened while I was watching and playing. Sometimes, we seem to try to make a personal script, and focus too much on the line. We are not flexible enough. I think we should improve these parts to improve rankings.

The T1 lineup changes frequently. What is your opinion on this?

A similar rotation started last summer. At first, it was difficult, but now, I am used to it. So I just worked hard, thinking I should play well in the game.

Is the rotation of T1 determined by the best team in each game? Or is the team still trying different rosters?

We play a lot of scrims and interiors. The coaching staff observes well and works hard to reconcile the athletes and find the best combination.

I am also curious about meta. Only a few champions appeared on the professional stage.

There are indeed only a few champions, but I think this is also due to the player’s treasure trove. I think more cards can be used.

Have you played for 5-6 years? Are you happy now?

When I fail, it is difficult, but whenever I fail, I work harder. I will work hard when I win too, because I am happy. I just like games, and LOL is still fun. I am really happy.

Any comments?

Thank you for cheering for me. I will try my best.


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