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Civil Servants Have Got New Zealand’s Trust | Instant News

New Zealanders Say They Trust The Public Service More Than Ever, And The Union For Civil Servants Says Members Are Happy To Hear It After A Difficult Year.

New Kiwi Count Survey Has Been Released By Te Kawa Mataaho, Public Service Commission. This Reveals That 69% Of New Zealanders Trust Public Services, A Big Increase From 51% The Previous Year And The Highest Result Since The Survey Started In 2007.

“New Zealand Civil Servants Deserve To Be Proud. They Are The Least Corrupt and Most Resilient Government Workforce On The Planet, And Their Fellow Citizens Place The Trust They Deserve,” said PSA National Secretary Kerry Davies.

“You Learn Who Your Friends Are During The Crisis, And 2020 Teach Us All How Much We Count On Well-Funded, Well Organized Community and Community Services. New Zealanders Have Been Protected From The Pandemic By Border Workers, Healthcare Workers And So Many Employees Other Lands Across This Country. “

Kiwi Count Surveys Consistently Uncover Very High Levels Of Public Approval For Their Interactions With Local Councils And Government Agencies.

“Whether applying for a passport, filing a personal tax return, or visiting a public library, New Zealanders are very satisfied with the service they receive,” says Ms Davies.

“Civil Servants Are Sometimes Unfairly Attacked By Unscrupulous Employers or Cynical Politicians, So It’s Great To See The Confident Voices Of People Who Really Troubled. New Zealanders Don’t Want Their Public Services Chopped Off Or Their Public Assets Privatized . They Trust Their Civil Servants To Continue Their Work And Help The Country Develop. “

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Stellantis Italy sales fall 21.7% in Jan – UK | Instant News

(ANSA) – TOURINE, 1 FEB – Stellantis said on Monday that its sales in Italy were down 21.7% in January.

The new group, born at the start of the year from the merger of FCA and PSA, said its market share in Italy had fallen to 39.2% from 43.1%.

Overall Italian grooming sales fell 14% in January. (ANSA).