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Nintendo Puma will release sneakers with NES and “Super Mario” as the theme at Christmas | Instant News

key point

  • Puma will release a pair of new shoes with details of “Super Mario Bros.” printed on it. And NES
  • The sneakers are made in collaboration with Nintendo
  • The shoes will be on sale from December 4th

Puma teamed up with the video game giant Nintendo to release a pair of new shoes. For those who like “Super Mario” and like to play games through the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), this may be the perfect Christmas gift.

new Future Rider NES men’s sneakers After its release next month (especially on December 4), this will be Puma’s latest product.The release date indicates that this shoe company and Nintendo, Intending to include it in the Christmas shopping list of video game players of themselves or others.

The design of this new sneaker takes into account classic video game consoles and also has some details that will make those who miss the original “Super Mario Bros.” nostalgic. On the NES (in the US) or the Nintendo home computer (FAMICOM) in Japan.

Take a quick look at the functions of these shoes:

Puma’s upcoming Future Rider Nintendo Entertainment System men’s sneakers Photo: PUMA

NES design

Just look at the Future Rider Nintendo Entertainment System sneakers and fans, and you will quickly notice that it has the same color scheme as the NES console. It has a perfect combination of gray and purple, with red, white and black.

The design of the left shoe looks like the “power” button on the NES controller. On the other hand, the right shoe has a “reset” button to complete the appearance.

However, buyers should not look for arrow keys and face buttons, because there is nothing. However, Puma provides a small keychain, which looks like an NES controller to those who might want it.

Super Mario Bros. ā€¯Details

There is a small detail on the tongue that looks like a sticker used by “Super Mario Bros.” NES cartridge.

But although this seems to refer to the only detail of the world’s favorite plumber, it is not. The insole also has a photo printed on it, with Mario’s enemy Bowser standing on the bridge in the original video game. Wearing these shoes will feel like stepping on him all the time.

Other details

Puma said that Future Rider Nintendo Entertainment System men’s sports shoes will start accepting orders on December 4. Each pair is priced at US$90 and can be paid in four installments through AfterPay at a price of US$22.50 per month.

This is not the only pair of shoes made by the footwear and lifestyle company in collaboration with Nintendo.Those who want to see other “Super Mario” themed shoes can Go to this website Take a look for yourself.


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New Zealand Rugby responds to the Australia-hosted Rugby Championship report | Instant News

New Zealand Rugby says concept Australia holding every game in the Rugby Championship this year is very difficult to be true.

NZ Rugby chief executive Mark Robinson said a number of options were being considered as to what could be taken by domestic and international rugby in the southern hemisphere if it were continued this year.

However, he was dismissed as “speculation” in a media report that Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina can enter the Rugby Championship in six weeks at the same Australian location.

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In one way or another, Australia wants New Zealand to be involved in any competition this year.

That Sydney Morning Herald said the round-robin tournament, organized by Australia for logistical reasons, was being considered as a means to provide the Rugby Test. Perth is touted as a potential host city.

Robinson said each Rugby Championship game would be a complex process and needed to be coordinated with government regulations on health and travel.

“Rugby of New Zealand is reviewing various competition options, both domestic and international, for when rugby can be continued,” he said in a statement to AAP.

“But nothing has been decided and any decision will be made in accordance with the advice of the Government. At this stage, all competition options are purely speculative. “

The Rugby Championship is now scheduled to begin on August 8, when the Wallabies host All blacks in Melbourne.

That date is increasingly doubtful, along with the July Test in the southern hemisphere, when Australia was supposed to play Ireland twice, and Fiji.

The resumption of Super Rugby, and in what format, also under the cloud.

Rugby Australia’s professional services general manager Ben Whitaker said there was a joint willingness at SANZAAR to prioritize the return of the Rugby Test and that the quickfire event in Australia was one of the models being considered.

“Once we get anything from a community perspective to leave, we will leave,” Whitaker said Sydney Morning Herald.

“If that means entering November or December depending on where we will get the July test, we will consider that too. Everyone is ready. “


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