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South Germany Debuts Online Travel Training for Travel Advisors | Instant News

Southwest Germany, officially a federal state Baden-Württemberg, is a beautiful part of the country offering rolling hills and valleys, ancient art caves and forests, large and small rivers and lakes, as well as cities, castles, castles, medieval monasteries and exceptional food and wine (think 85 stars Michelin). The type, according to Baden-Württemberg State Tourism Board, means that visitors can have a total and in-depth German experience in just one visit.

Good to know: SouthWest Germany has created a training tool, named Go Cuckoo, for travel advisors who are interested in learning how to help their clients build a holiday exploring the history and old-world luxury combined with cutting-edge design and facilities.

The specialist program has three courses, including first-time visitors with basic knowledge of where to go for what experiences, including highlights such as famous cities; how to get there by plane, train, bus or car; and adventures and festivals that you can expect at any time of the year. Then there are six special interests on various topics, including regions and cities; tradition and culture; culinary delights; active spotlight; fun for the family; and medical and fitness spas. Finally, there are two additional modules called, “Information Within,” which includes remote track locations as well as routes, drives and cruises.

If your client wants to travel to SouthWest Germany, the easiest way to get there is by flying Stuttgart Airport. Right in the center of the Federal state Baden-WürttembergStuttgart Airport is the sixth largest airport in Germany. That Top Air Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the region and also the only international airport restaurant in the world that has Michelin star. From the airport, you can rent a car, catch it S-Bahn to high speed ICE or regional train, or take a taxi to the city center, which is only 15 minutes from the airport.

Visit https://going-cuckoo.com.

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New Project Will Test Entire Calif City Population for COVID-19 – NBC Boston | Instant News

For the first time since the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S., entire cities will be tested, regardless of whether someone is showing symptoms or not.

This test is part of a research project put together by the Marin County community at Bolinas and the University of California, San Francisco. Tents were set up next to the city’s fire brigade, and Monday morning volunteers and researchers will collect samples from all 1,600 residents of the community near Stinson Beach.

Project organizers want to find out how extensive COVID-19 is in the small town of Bolinas and how they can use that information to help other communities.

A flood of new research shows that far more people have asymptomatic corona virus, fueling hopes that it will become far more deadly than initially feared. Bob Redell reports.

“We are testing for both active viral infections, through nucleic acids, PCR tests and for antibodies to detect whether people have been previously exposed to the virus,” project organizer Cyrus Harmon said.

Harmon, a Bolinas resident, works in the pharmaceutical industry. He is one of three people who started the project about a month ago.

UCSF doctor Aenor Sawyer is also an organizer. He said that
the fact that Bolinas is a fairly remote community is beneficial for researchers.

“This is a very unique model in an ecosystem that is quite stable, rural and isolated,” Sawyer said. “And we are also paired with projects that take place in the Mission, to be another community, but in the center of the city.”

The researchers will take a nasal swab and a small amount
blood for both tests. The aim is to get each resident to participate.

“I’ve never heard of anyone who didn’t volunteer to be tested, to be honest with you,” said one resident.

Residents raise more than $ 300,000 to buy testing materials
and set the site. Organizer Jyri Engstrom said they hoped this could function as a
a template for other communities to follow.

“Really, you can see behind me only a group of tents and a group of people who are willing to take samples and bring them to the laboratory,” Engstrom said.


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How many games until Kei Kamara caught Chris Wondolowski on the MLS goal chart? | Instant News

By 2020 guaranteed Chris Wondolowski ‘last season with San Jose Earthquake, his place at the top of the all-time MLS goals list (159) is relatively safe. But it is also not locked in stone, especially if Kei Kamara something to do with it.

Kamara has 127 career goals in MLS, and has scored around 0.43 goals per game since 2010. To make a 32-goal difference, Kamara needs around 75 matches to catch Wondolowski.

Putting the steps and length of the scoring score into the scale, we are looking at about two and a half seasons before Kamara will catch Wondolowski. That is also assuming that Wondolowski does not make further distances on the charts, with the status of the 2020 season also entered.

Kamara, 35, also showed some signs of slowing down as he approached 350 regular season matches played in MLS. He surpassed 12 goals each from the last three seasons and has one goal in two matches before the season is stopped. Currently his second season with Colorado Rapids, a team that he netted 14 times in 2019. They have also risen to the top since Robin Fraser was appointed head coach last August, with Kamara as the focal point at the top.

However, don’t expect Wondolowski to calm down. He jumped over Landon Donovan (145 goals) last year with a four-goal match against Chicago Fire FC, and returned for a one-time tour this year. Wondolowski, 37, has also reached double-digit goals every season since 2010.

Another layer that must be considered is if Kamara’s production level drops or an injury arises. But those are all unpredictable elements, making the hunt for MLS targets closer than you think.


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Should US Destinations from Memphis to Maine Get Bailout Dollars for Market Travel? | Instant News

Times Square New York City in the morning.


Should US taxpayers help save destination marketers from the effects of the current coronavirus crisis? Considering how much financial needs for people and companies to get through the crisis, of course there is something that causes fatigue of funds.
Nonetheless, there appears to be bipartisan political support to provide funding to destination marketing organizations (DMOs) whose funding is heavily affected by the crisis.
More than 80 members of the US House of Representatives from both sides of the political aisle signed a letter sent this week to Pelosi Chair and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy urging congressional leaders to provide assistance to destination marketing organizations.
The letter noted that “in 2018, domestic and international travelers contributed nearly $ 1.1 trillion to the US economy. Of that amount, 80 percent came from domestic tourists. These expenses … create job opportunities throughout the country. In 2017, travel and tourism directly supported around 5.29 million jobs. … Much of the power in the domestic travel and tourism sector can be attributed to DMOs across states and regions. ”

The duty of the DMO is to market states, cities or other entities. Destination marketers target potential visitors, meeting planners and travel professionals, as well as those who can reach them. This includes traditional travel press and social media influencers.
An example is organizations such as Memphis Tourism, which recently held the “Get Live! Memphis” Online Music Festival with Facebook to promote and support the city’s music community during this crisis. Obviously, another goal is to attract potential travelers to visit destinations when traveling again possible.

A guitar that lights up on Beale Street in Memphis


The destination marketers for each community compete for conventions, gatherings, out-of-town sports fans, and visitors to attractions, events and festivals. Every traveler they bring helps employ people in restaurants, hotels, airports, bars and clubs, and in local transportation. This of course also helps direct hotel taxes and local sales.
So why doesn’t such an organization, whose entire purpose is to bring in visitor dollars to their communities, qualify for coronavirus funding under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)? The problem, according to the US Travel Association, is not only financial but bureaucratic. Many DMOs, according to USTA, are inadvertently left ineligible for coronavirus aid funds because of their non-profit or quasi-government status.
“The travel economy has been devastated by coronaviruses, with more than one third of job losses occurring in the travel and hospitality sector,” said President and CEO of the US Travel Association Roger Dow. “But the trip will not be adequately prepared to help lead the recovery without the job marketers aim, which is an important engine of economic development in their states, cities and territories.”
The US Travel Association has approved other recommendations for the CARES Act which may be more controversial, including allocating an additional $ 600 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program and extending it to December 2020.
On the other hand, destination marketing organizations create and manage initiatives that drive billions of dollars in tourism and visitor spending throughout the U.S.
Funding the DMO now, the theory goes, will stay on and workers pay until a difficult time when the US “opens” for business, even if it’s not “business as usual.”

Beale Street in Memphis



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Small Business Owners Spread a Message of Hope Through Fashion During the 19th Crisis COVID – NBC New York | Instant News

What you need to know

  • Tiffany Narbonne’s jewelry company, T. Jazelle, has raised more than $ 15,000 to aid coronavirus by selling bracelets
  • Each ‘relief bracelet’ features gray and quartz stones
  • Narbonne said he was inspired by friends and other people fighting viruses in hospitals throughout the world

Wearing your heart on your arm takes on new meaning when it comes to small business owner Tiffany Narbonne, who formed a popular accessory to the message of hope during COVID-19.

Narbonne has a bohemian vibration jewelry store called T. Jazelle. Located in the 1800s rural warehouse located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, his company has been manufacturing semi-precious inspiration gemstones since 2012.

“With everything that’s happening in the world, I want to make something to help make a difference,” Narbonne said.

The core concept behind his company spreads happiness through artistic handmade pieces. Each charm bracelet is decorated with certain gemstones that celebrate a deep, spiritual connotation.

Last month, Narbonne launched a new addition to its collection, a relief bracelet. The design consists of mystical gray stone agate, representing healing qualities, and blue quartzite, symbolizing achievement and strength. With each bracelet sold, T. Jazelle vowed to donate five dollars to the Coronavirus Relief Fund by GlobalGiving, which is currently more than halfway to its $ 5,000,000 target.

Initially, he wanted to raise $ 10,000. But in less than a month promoting Relief Bracelets, Narbonne and his team have sold more than 3,000 bracelets.

That amounts to more than $ 15,000 for funds; His company’s new goal is $ 20,000.

Narbonne said the drive came from friends whose health professionals fought COVID-19 daily.

“Some of my friends are nurses,” he said. “My best friend from high school is actually General Mass, and she is just so amazing. She now moves back home to Quincy to be next to a COVID-19 patient. Every day I send her a text to check in.”

T. Jazelle works with more than 600 independent retailers coast to coast, with a strong presence in the tri-state area. With New York being the epicenter of the US coronavirus, Narbonne often communicates with local retailers for check-in.

“These shops are like family. Being able to touch basis, we will do special videos for them, collaborate on our social platforms, and try to bring some positives to their customers, “Narbonne said.

Finding a little optimism feels more relevant from day to day. Each bracelet, he said, holds a deeper weight, connecting loved ones across the country.

“Foreigners will contact us and share their stories about why they bought one, and what it means to them,” he said. “It’s good for someone they know facing the front lines or personally struggling coronavirus.”


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