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A bill for sectarian harmony should be submitted, Qadri said | Instant News

KARACHI: The federal government will draft a bill, to maintain sectarian harmony, in parliament after consulting with clerics to provide legal protection for the ‘Fatwa’ issued under Paigham-e-Pakistan, said the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony . Noor-Ul-Haq Qadri on Friday.

He addressed a conference organized by Majlis Saut-ul-Islam at a local hotel. Qadri said that all attempts to create divisions in the country have failed and that attempts to promote sectarianism will also be thwarted.

He said that organizations such as Muthahidda Majlis-e-Amal, Ittehad Madaris Deenia and the Milli Yakjehti Council, are role models and should play their part in maintaining sectarian harmony and peace in the country.

Qadri said many of the subversive actions during Muharram-ul-Haram were thwarted by security agencies in collaboration with clerics and clerics of various schools of thought.

He said Karachi was not only the business center of the country but also the capital of religion and education.

“If anti-state elements try to disturb the peace of a big city, it disturbs the whole country.”

The federal minister also stressed the need to develop greater religious tolerance to defeat elements that are trying to destabilize the country.

Mufti Abu Bakr Mohiuddin, Saut-ul-Islam

The deputy chairman of Pakistan, said that committees should be formed at a higher and grassroots level for major sectarian harmony.

Scholars from different sects, including Maulana Khawaja Abdul Aziz, Allama Razi Haider Zaidi, Maulana Yusuf Qasoori, federal parliamentary secretary Aftab Jahangir, and MPA Khuram Sher Zaman, provided advice on promoting interfaith harmony and peace.

Qadri will also visit Jamia Binoria Al-Alamia today (Saturday) where he will meet seminary principal Mufti Noman Naeem and other officials.


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Qadri thanked Saudi Arabia for helping the poor | Instant News

ISLAMABAD – Minister of Religion and Interfaith Harmony Sahibzada Noor-ul-Haq Qadri on Friday thanked Saudi Arabia to help the marginalized sections of the community during the holy month of Ramadan-ul-Mubarak.

Addressing the ceremony held to distribute 20,000 ration bags among decent people by Maktaba-e-Dawa Islamabad, he said Saudi Arabia has helped Pakistan in difficult times.

Qadri said the Pakistani state and the government thanked the Saudi Ambassador in Pakistan Nawaf Saeed Al Malki for participating in welfare activities in Pakistan, a press release said.

The Minister pays tribute to workers on International Labor Day

Retired Federal Interior Minister Brigadier Ijaz Ahmad Shah on Friday highlighted the important role played by the labor community for the progress and prosperity of the country.

In a message on the occasion of International Labor Day, he said, “We pay tribute to the service of the working class today. The government uses all available resources for the welfare of workers and deprived segments of society. “

He urged citizens to treat workers, who face difficulties because of the coronavirus outbreak. Shah expressed hope that the country would soon overcome the current difficult situation.

He advised people to follow preventive measures as advised by the government to prevent further spread of the pandemic because it was the only way to protect themselves and others around them.

Sarwar reiterated the government’s determination to work for workers

Federal Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan on Friday reiterated the firm determination of the Pakistani government Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to make every possible effort for the welfare of the workers’ community.

“The PTI government is working hard to provide basic rights for workers, and will continue to work for their improvement,” he said in a statement on the occasion of International Labor Day.

The minister said the government was expanding financial aid to the labor community, which was badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, based on achievements under the Ehsaas PM Program. He highlighted the role of workers in national development and vowed to protect their rights in every way.

Sarwar also paid tribute to Pakistani expatriates for sending valuable remittances to the country and playing their positive role in national progress.

“Since the PTI came to power, there has been a significant increase in remittances, flowing in a country that reflects the confidence of Pakistani expatriates in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s leadership,” the minister said.

The minister said the government also made all possible efforts to bring back all Pakistanis who were stranded in various countries after the outbreak of coronavirus.


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Qadri slammed another dynasty but combined himself Karachi | thenews.com.pk | Instant News


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