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Studies show Italy’s COVID-19 death toll is higher than reported | Instant News

ROME (Reuters) – Italy’s coronavirus death toll may be much higher than reported, statistics bureau ISTAT said on Wednesday in an analysis pointing to thousands of deaths that have not been officially linked to COVID-19.

In its second report on the impact of the epidemic on Italy’s death toll, ISTAT said that from February to the end of November there were nearly 84,000 more deaths than the previous five-year average.

Of these “excess deaths,” 57,647 – or 69% – were officially registered by the health ministry and civil protection units as the cause of the new coronavirus.

Italy has continued to register hundreds of deaths from COVID-19 per day since the study was completed, with the latest official tally reaching 73,604 as of Wednesday, the highest number of victims in Europe and the fifth highest in the world.

The ISTAT report, produced by the National Health Institute, said it was impossible to conclude that excess mortality was the result of COVID-19, due to methodological problems and difficulties in determining the exact cause of death.

However, the report said the trend of overtime deaths followed the path of the pandemic.

This saw a spike in the northern region during the spring, followed by a summer lull when overall death rates returned to normal, and a new, accelerating increase from October in the so-called “second wave” of coronavirus infections.

During this second wave, both official COVID-19 deaths and excess deaths as a whole were spread more evenly across the country, but they are still most prominent in the north.

In the northern region in November alone, deaths increased by 61.4% compared with the previous five-year average. They were up 39.3% in central Italy, and up 34.7% in the south.

In Lombardy, Italy’s richest and most populous region, deaths in November were up 66.4% from an average of the previous five years. That compares to a 38% increase in the central Lazio region which includes Rome.

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PM Imran Khan ‘only qualified to shine shoes’: Maryam Nawaz in Sukkur | Instant News

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz addresses a workers’ convention in Sukkur, December 26, 2020. – Photo courtesy of YouTube

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz said on Saturday that Prime Minister Imran Khan “is only eligible to shine shoes”.

Maryam addressed a workers’ convention in Sukkur, where she gave several rebuttals to Prime Minister Imran Khan. address in Chakwal early in the day.

“Imran Khan only has one qualification, which is to shine shoes. He only qualifies touch (being a slave), “he said.

“PML-N will always side with the government, but this time our workers refuse to bow down in front of the oppression,” said Maryam, nodding at party workers.

He claims that if there is one name that is known in Pakistan’s development, it is Nawaz Sharif.

Maryam said that the country, in the hands of the ruling government, “now Nawaz Sharif is not in power”, is mired in poverty, inflation and unemployment and “people are looking for Nawaz Sharif.”

“InsyaAllah Nawaz Sharif you will come before all of you and Pakistan’s journey towards progress will continue where it left off.”

He said that the spells “fake change” and “the so-called tsunami” will now turn into “badnaami(bad reputation).

“Who is the real thief?”

Maryam, referring to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement in which she has noted that Pakistan does not have a transitional system between governments said: “Imran Khan does not have the necessary preparations to run the government but he is fully prepared to steal from the country and line up in the pockets of his friends” .

He asks if she, who during her reign bought eggs for Rs 80 per dozen, she was a thief, or she whose government eggs now cost Rs300.

“Was the person who brought you Rs35 wheat a thief or the one under his supervision now costs Rs90?”

Maryam, who is also said to be supporting Nawaz, the Rs27 billion BRT project versus the Rs127 billion BRT project launched by the PTI government.

‘No need to be in the army, have the power of the people’

Again referring to PM Imran Khan’s Chakwal address where he said change can’t come at the push of a button, he asks “if pressing the RTS button can bring about a fake change, can’t two and a half years produce real change?”

“The lies you give to people are all untied one by one. God has explained everything in front of everyone,” he said.

Maryam said on her way to Sukkur she read that the prime minister had also said that the Opposition is “asking the army to expel the government”.

“Take this idea out of your mind that you are elected. You are not the elected representative of the people,” he told Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He said “The Opposition, PDM, Nawaz Sharif, PML-N and Maryam Nawaz do not need to approach the army when they have the power of the people”.

Maryam added: “We don’t have to ask anyone for anything. You alone are enough to get yourself out.”

PML-N vice president, speaking of PM Imran Khan’s “container days,” when he referred to “the referee’s finger is raised daily (signaling the end of the PML-N government)”, said: “Do you think we will be like you? Remember this: Those who have power as the people alongside them, do not need to look for institutions (for support). “

He said a leader of “Nawaz Sharif’s figure” had “fired Imran Khan” saying his fight was not with him.

“Forget about competing with Nawaz Sharif, to compete with Maryam Nawaz you have to throw him in jail,” he said.

“You have to put him in the NAB prison, or turn his voice off to fight the demonstration,” added Maryam, accompanied by chants of “Come on Niazi, Come on Niazi.”

The Assembly resigned

He said he had accepted resignations “from all 160 MPAs in Punjab” and in the National Assembly “only a few” of the remaining senior lawmakers.

Maryam also spoke of the “delinquency” in which two resigned MPs reached the chairman of the assembly after they were summoned to verify their legitimacy.

“Both of them are towering figures in terms of loyalty,” he said, referring to Sajjad Awan and Murtaza Javed Abbasi.

He said they had to “throw it in the speaker’s face” and demanded that he accept it.

Maryam said PML-N workers were not like workers from PTI, who had resigned during Nawaz Sharif’s prime ministerial post, “and when they were called by the speaker to verify that they had resigned they said they had been forced by Imran Khan”.

He said the prime minister would “be better advised to look into his own circle”, because the PTI lawmaker “knows that Imran Khan is on his way out and will not return”.

The vice president of PML-N said that by comparison, PML-N workers knew that if they left, “they would not get votes anywhere else, because people voted for Nawaz and the party symbol, the tiger”.

Maryam said “when elections take place again, PML-N will return with a two-thirds majority”.

“People know Imran Khan is leaving and Nawaz Sharif is back. We have seen your readiness and now you will see the readiness of the people. We will give you a proper delivery,” he added.


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Karachi, Lahore is once again on the list of top 10 cities with poor air quality | Instant News

– AFP / Files

Lahore and Karachi – the capital cities of Sindh and Punjab respectively – have once again made the list of the top 10 cities in the world with the worst air quality, according to IQAir.

Lahore is in sixth place, while Karachi is placed at number four just behind Bishkek from Kyrgyzstan, Dhaka from Bangladesh and Ulaanbaatar from Mongolia.

Karachi and Lahore recorded particulate matter (PM) ratings of 183 and 170, respectively, both deemed “unhealthy”.

Top 10 cities with the worst air quality. – IQAir

The United States Environmental Protection Agency considers air quality to be satisfactory if the AQI is below 50. Lahore’s AQI is in the 301 range and higher, which has been classified as “hazardous”.

To reduce the haze, the provincial disaster management authorities in Punjab have sealed 1,718 brick kilns, 2,658 industries, and seized 11,782 vehicles by December 12.

PDMA has arrested 544 people, according to reports by authorities starting November 22.


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PM Imran Khan spends quality time with Sheru and Tiger | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan with his dog. Photo source: Instagarm / Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan spent his Sunday mornings with his dogs, as he was completely unperturbed by the overall heating up political unrest in the country.

While the prime minister spent a perfect weekend morning, opposition leaders were busy preparing for the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) jalsa in Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore today where they will talk about overthrowing the PTI-led government.

On Sunday, PM Khan took to his Instagram to post a series of pictures in which he is seen spending quality time with his dogs – Sheru and Tiger.

In the viral photos, which went straight to social media, the prime minister was seen cheerfully feeding his pets in the bright morning sun.

She shared five photos, taken in the garden of the Bani Gala’s residence, from a photo shoot to show that she is relaxing at home with her pets.


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The screen sector got a $ 50 million boost to tell the New Zealand story globally | Instant News

The Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage, Hon Carmel Sepuloni today launched Premium Production for the International Audience Fund, providing $ 50 million in a unique opportunity for the screen sector to tell the story of New Zealand to a global audience.

Speaking at the Big Screen Symposium in Auckland, the first major gathering of the sailing sector this year, Carmel Sepuloni said the fund would allow New Zealand’s story to be told to an international audience on a scale previously impossible.

“New Zealand’s successful response to COVID-19 puts us in an enviable position for filming. We have a golden opportunity to take advantage of the worldwide demand for content and the advantages of our current production.

“New Zealand is widely considered to be one of the world’s premier locations for screen production, and our filmmakers and television sets are known worldwide for their ingenuity. We have designed this fund to give high-quality production the flexibility and support to take steps towards bigger, bolder, and more ambitious projects, as they present Aotearoa’s story and culture to the world.

“We are looking for production that will strengthen international investment, grow jobs for New Zealand and enhance skills and capabilities. Preference will be given to proposals with the highest cultural merit for Aotearoa and support for Māori cultural aspirations.

“The sailing industry is very important to New Zealand – positive cultural, social and economic impacts across a wide range of sectors and communities. It contributes approximately $ 3.3 billion to GDP, employs 16,200 people, and indirectly supports technical production, hospitality and premises. “

Carmel Sepuloni added that the fund provides a balance between investing in ready-to-use production to support COVID-19 recovery and long-term projects through two separate funding rounds.

Funding guidance and eligibility criteria for the first round will be provided by the New Zealand Film Commission, NZ On Air and Te Māngai Pāho in December.

Editor’s note:

Ministry of Culture and Heritage’s Manatū Taonga COVID Recovery Program

The funds are part of a series of initiatives under the Ministry of Culture and Arts and Cultural Heritage’s Manatū Taonga COVID Recovery Program announced in May 2020, and delivered by the New Zealand Film Commission, NZ On Air and Te Māngai Pāho.

Reallocated from the New Zealand – International Screen Production Grant, this fund represents a $ 73.4 million screen recovery package announced in July 2020. The remaining $ 23.4 million in this package is the Screen Production Recovery Fund which has supported 41 screen production resumes after closed, postponed, or affected by COVID-19 this year.

More information about the program

The Arts and Culture COVID-19 Recovery Program includes various initiatives that provide short-term assistance to the impact of COVID-19 on the arts and culture sector, and offer long-term support of up to four years.

Collectively, these initiatives will protect jobs and create new opportunities, foster innovation and increase people’s access to cultural experiences when we need them most.

In this year’s budget, the Government is investing $ 374 million in programs to help the sector survive, adapt and thrive.

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