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New Zealand’s travel bubble causes confusion between Sydney Airport arrivals | Instant News

Travelers from New Zealand continue to be frustrated by state regulations governing COVID-19.

Melbourne man Matt Gadsby was visiting his two-year-old son in New Zealand when a travel corridor with NSW and the Northern Territory was announced.

He did the research and said he found nothing to suggest he wouldn’t be able to make the journey back to Victoria once he landed in Sydney – so he went for it.

“Everything I could find showed that would not be a problem,” he said.

Mr Gadsby – who arrived in Sydney from Auckland on Sunday before catching a connecting flight to Melbourne – said he felt “alarming” because it was so difficult to find information.

Since Friday, New Zealanders have been allowed to fly to New South Wales and the Northern Territory under the Federal Government’s trans-Tasman travel bubble.

But the agreement has caused a lot of confusion among travelers, with around 100 catching connecting flights to states that don’t subscribe to the bubble.

It has also caused outrage among some prime ministers, and state authorities forced to track down these passengers and put them in quarantine.

At Sydney Airport on Monday evening, New Zealanders Roger and Glenda Haynes arrived on Qantas Flight 146 – seven months after their planned move to Australia.

Roger Haynes, who arrived in Australia with his wife Glenda, said the state restrictions on COVID-19 were confusing.(ABC News: Jean Kennedy)

They had sold their home in Auckland and were ready to embark on their dream journey across the gutter, but their plans went awry when the Australia and New Zealand borders closed.

“On March 28 we already booked flights, so we were two days behind,” said Haynes.

The couple said they applied to the Australian Border Force (ABF) for travel exemption 14 times, but were pushed back each time.

They plan to settle on the Gold Coast once the Queensland border reopens and say they will be happy to go into quarantine when the time comes.

But Mr Haynes said the information on every state’s health regulations was clear like mud.

“You have to read the whole thing several times until it sinks in,” he said.

“Often times you read a part of it and think I can do that, and then you read it all and realize you can’t.

James Lee was on the same flight.

The 18-year-old from Canterbury came as part of a gap year to pilot the tractor at Moree.

James Lee holds a trolley with his bag at Sydney Airport.
James Lee said he was “excited” he would not need to be quarantined at the start of the gap year.(ABC News: Jean Kennedy)

He said airport authorities were drawing attention to government websites about which states require passengers to quarantine.

But he is “very happy” that he doesn’t have to go into quarantine in NSW.

“It makes it much more doable,” he said. “Nobody wants to stay two weeks in a hotel.”

Victoria ‘in the bubble, like it or not’

Victoria Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said 65 people had arrived in Victoria from New Zealand and 55 of them had been dismantled and notified of the state’s current COVID-19 rules.

The Victoria Department of Health website was updated late on Sunday to say New Zealanders arriving in NSW can travel to Victoria without quarantine.

But Mr Andrews expressed frustration that they were allowed to come.

“Despite the fact that we don’t want to be in the bubble, it seems that the bubble applies in every part of our country, not just saying yes,” he said.

“In the end we are in the bubble whether we like it or not.”

Western Australian Prime Minister Mark McGowan said 23 New Zealanders “crossing the border” who had traveled to Perth were in hotel quarantine.

A masked man pushes a suitcase trolley at Sydney airport, in front of a sign reading silver fern: "We miss you".
About 100 people have caught connecting flights to other “non-bubble” states.(AAP: Dean Lewins)

South Australia and Tasmania have also received New Zealand visitors despite not signing up for the travel bubble.

Home Secretary Mike Pezzullo, who is responsible for arranging international arrivals to Australia, told Senate Estimates on Monday that there are no restrictions on internal travel after New Zealand travelers are allowed to enter the country.

“Once they have completed all those formalities – customs, immigration, quarantine, biosecurity or other federally imposed obligations – you are subject to the ordinary laws of the Australian federation,” he said.

Mr Pezzullo said he believes New Zealand also ends up in Queensland.

Gadsby said he can appreciate the Victorian Government trying to suppress COVID-19 cases.

“But on the other hand, I feel there is a massive misinterpretation associated with people like me trying to return to Victoria – like we came here for some reason other than because we just wanted to be reunited with family.

He said any advice New Zealanders make by traveling to another state is “confrontational” and “offensive”.


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What are the rules around the New Zealand travel bubble? | Instant News

The federal government’s trans-Tasman travel arrangement with New Zealand has created confusion among states as to where travelers are actually allowed to go. The Travel Safe Zone allows New Zealanders to travel to New South Wales and the Northern Territory. But travelers from New Zealand have since come to Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania and South Australia. But is there something wrong with it? Here are four quick questions that have been answered LIVE UPDATES: Read our blog for the latest news on the COVID-19 pandemic. What are the rules for the safe travel zone? When the government first announced the first stage of the “Trans-Tasmanian bubble” “A few weeks ago, it pointed out that the initial arrangement was only with NSW and the NT. Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack said it would mean a quarantine-free trip from New Zealand to those jurisdictions. The main rule was that visitors across the divide couldn’t have been in a defined COVID-19 hotspot in the past 14 last days. New Zealand travelers fly to Sydney Airport only. Although the NT is part of the bubble, there are no flights between Darwin and New Zealand Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows low for volume.Watch Duration: 1 minute 8 seconds 1m 8s Relatives reunite after the first flights from New Zealand arrive in Sydney Why are state leaders so confused? There had been no clarification on where travelers were allowed to go once they landed in Sydney. had to stay in these areas, it has since become clear that this is not the case. Australian Border Forces Commissioner Michael Outram said on Monday that “the bubble stops at the international terminal”. “Once someone arrives in NSW … and they are free to roam, they are subject to the same domestic travel laws and restrictions as anyone in Australia,” he said. Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews said his government had repeatedly called not to be part of the travel bubble, and it was expected that if New Zealanders moved to areas that do not were not in the bubble, state officials would be notified. “People who show up unexpectedly should never happen again…. “If they were going [travel on], we might have been told about it, instead of having to find out when getting off a plane, “Andrews said. Learn more about the coronavirus: The federal government said health officials from each state and territory knew that visitors could move. between states once they were here, because the arrangement was discussed in joint meetings before it was put in place. “[States and territories] at the end of the day have jurisdictional responsibility for their state borders, “McCormack said. So where have New Zealand travelers gone and have they been quarantined? In Victoria, 65 New Zealanders have landed in Melbourne since Friday after arriving as The ABC understands passengers have flown to Sydney and have been secured a connecting flight to Melbourne. Melbourne does not currently accept international travelers. These New Zealanders are not not in quarantine, but the Victoria government has contacted 55 of them to ensure they understand current state rules. Officials are working to contact the remaining 10. In WA, the first Minister Mark McGowan confirmed on Sunday that 25 people, all from New Zealand and including a child, were in hotel quarantine after a flight In South Australia, five New Zealand travelers are currently in quarantine, the pr rst Minister Steven Marshall said three of them arrived at the weekend and two more on Monday morning. g) All five are now in hotel quarantine in Adelaide and Mr Marshall says the state government is considering entering into a border deal with New Zealand. In Tasmania, authorities have identified six travelers who have arrived from New Zealand -Zeeland. They are all in quarantine as the Tasmanian government. , Border Force and other stakeholders are discussing accepting flights from New Zealand within eight to ten weeks. Only seven New Zealand travelers have made it to the Northern Territory, where no quarantine is required. Can Australians still travel to New Zealand? Passengers from New Zealand arrive at Sydney International Airport. (AAP: Dean Lewins) Sadly, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said the country will only open up to quarantine-free travel from Australia when her government believes it is safe to do so. to do. with more good news on Victoria’s cases and low numbers elsewhere, which hopefully won’t be too far off. What you need to know about the coronavirus :.

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See: Five measures that will restore increased demand for air travel in these times of Covid-19 | Instant News

The travel industry has been one of the hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, and it’s unclear when normalcy will return. It is clear, however, that the demand, especially for international and business travel, will not return substantially until two things happen: first, the fear or perception of the risk of catching the virus while traveling will subside considerably, and second, the quarantine requirements will be eliminated. The emerging consensus appears.

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Coronavirus Australia live news: The Federal Government can pay $ 40 million to quarantine returning travelers | Instant News

A deal between the Federal and Northern Territory governments to bring Australians home from abroad could cost the Commonwealth $ 40 million.

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Live update

By Michael Doyle

Health alerts throughout Sydney

The Oran Park cluster has now reached 18 cases.

There were 5 new coronavirus cases in NSW yesterday, all in the Oran Park area – four connected to the Greater Beginnings Child Care Center and one student at Oran Park Middle School, which is being cleaned this weekend.

Anyone attending the Gregory Hills Hotel near Oran Park on the evening of 9 October and the United Cinema in downtown Narellan on 10 October are considered close contacts and should be tested if symptoms develop.

There are also health warnings for Shellharbour’s South Beach and Little Gardens on Sunday, 11 October and Woolworths in Oran Park on 12 October.

By Michael Doyle

Big win for Geelong needs the Cats gif

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Daniel Andrews will announce easing restrictions today

COVID-19 restrictions around outreach and movement in Victoria are expected to be relaxed when Prime Minister Daniel Andrews today announces his next steps out of lockdown.

The Melburnian residents have been in isolation for more than 100 days now that a second wave of the crippling coronavirus began in winter.

Many businesses remain closed and residents are still limited to a five-kilometer travel limit, two hours of daily outdoor sports and limited social interaction.

Even though those living in the Victorian region have more freedom of movement, they are still subject to COVID-19 restrictions.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has signaled the regulations around socialization will relax from tomorrow.

Victoria recorded just one new case yesterday but health authorities remain concerned about 17 infections of unknown source.

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Main Event

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Main Event

The Federal Government can pay $ 40 million for hotel quarantine

The Federal Government could pay $ 8,000 per person in quarantine fees under a plan to bring stranded Australians home via Darwin.

The agreement between the Commonwealth Government and the NT could see up to 5,000 Australians return via Darwin from Britain, South Africa and India by the end of March.

They will be quarantined at a Howard Springs facility on the outskirts of Darwin, and the Commonwealth will pay all fees to the NT Government on a monthly basis.

The Department of Health estimates the cost per person to be $ 8,000 per quarantine period which means the Australian Government could end up paying NT $ 40 million.

The Federal Government says vulnerable Australians will be prioritized to sit on the initial flight.

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Main Event

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It’s gonna be a big day.

Daniel Andrews is expected to announce easing restrictions across Victoria.

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Massachusetts Clears 4 More States for Quarantine-Free Travel – NBC Boston | Instant News

Starting Saturday, Massachusetts will no longer require people traveling from four more states to quarantine upon arriving to the Bay State, the Department of Public Health announced Friday, along with a slight tweak to its criteria for travel risk. California, Hawaii, New Jersey and Washington are being added to the list of low-risk states, according to an update Friday on Massachusetts’ COVID-19 travel order page. The change goes into effect at 12:01 am on Oct. 17. It’s the first change under the Massachusetts travel order in two weeks. The state has also tweaked how it’s gauging what states are safe for travel. To be included on the list of low-risk states, they must have fewer than 10 average daily cases per 100,000 people. That’s up from the previous metric of 6 average daily cases per 100,000 people. The full list of states currently deemed to be low risk is California; Connecticut; Washington, DC; Hawaii; Maine; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New York; Vermont and Washington. . Rhode Island remains the only New England state not on the list. Travelers from states not on the low-risk list must fill out the Massachusetts Travel Form and quarantine for 14 days, according to the state’s guidelines. That includes anyone who’s coming from one of the low-risk states but stayed “for more than a transitory period of time in the last 14 days” in a higher-risk state. .

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