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British Karim Khan chooses the next chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court | Instant News

Karim Khan, a British lawyer, has been elected in the second round as the next chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

YEAR, New York

PUBLISHED ON FEB 13, 2021 12:48 IST

Karim Khan, a British lawyer, has been elected in the second round as the next chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The ICC on Friday selected Khan as the new prosecutor for a nine-year term at the United Nations (UN) in New York, the Times of Israel reported. Karim will replace Fatou Bensouda from Gambia at the end of June.

“Karim Khan (Great Britain) has been elected in the second round as the next ICC Prosecutor. Warm congratulations! Thank you for your hard work,” said O-Gon Kwon, President of the Assembly of States Parties, oversight of the management and legislature of the ICC.

Khan received 72 votes and won the second vote of 123 parties. He finished ahead of Fergal Gaynor of Ireland with 42 votes and two other candidates.

He is a lawyer and Counsel for the Queen in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with more than 25 years of professional experience as a lawyer for international criminal law and human rights.

Previously, Karim served as chairman of the investigative team, created under Security Council resolution 2379 (2017), to support domestic efforts to hold ISIS accountable in Iraq for actions that may include war crimes.

According to UN data, Khan has extensive experience acting as a prosecutor, victim advisor and defense attorney in domestic and international criminal courts, including, but not limited to, the International Criminal Court.

Khan holds an LLB (Hons) in law from King’s College, University of London, and various other degrees and qualifications. Khan has studied and lectured on Islamic law and has published numerous books in the fields of international criminal justice and human rights.



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Biden Overcoming Food Insecurity, a Reality For Many NY Citizens | Instant News

Sakkakhanu Kosoff picked up some oranges and chips from a community refrigerator on North Boulevard in Jackson Heights.

“Today, I got some oranges and some chips,” said Kosoff.

She said she made this trip from her apartment a few blocks away at least three times a week.

“This is very helpful; I have nothing at home. “

What you need to know

  • President Biden signed an executive order that will help expand the benefits of food stamps to more Americans
  • One order called on the US Department of Agriculture to consider expanding and expanding the federal nutritional assistance program
  • Biden also asked the USDA to consider issuing new guidelines to increase the benefits of P-EBT by around 15% to accurately reflect the cost of food loss and make it easier for households to claim benefits.
  • 29 million adults and at least 8 million children – struggling with food insecurity

Like many New Yorkers, the community refrigerator has been the lifeblood of Kosoff.

Residents can leave or take food with them – without question.

Several have emerged in neighborhoods across the borough as more people grapple with food insecurity due to the pandemic.

Alexandra Nievlo drops her produce and canned food every week.

The grocery store she opened at the start of the pandemic, just a few blocks from the refrigerator, did not survive, so she and her husband brought with them the remaining supplies.

“I feel like we are going through a very difficult time. People lose their jobs and they don’t have money to eat. The community refrigerator really helps those people, ”says Nievlo.

The food kitchen is also very important.

Over the past year, queues have formed outside kitchens like never before, as millions of Americans who never worried about where the next meal came from now depend on this service.

That’s why President Biden said he signed an executive order that would help those struggling with food insecurity.

“We can’t, we won’t let people starve,” said President Biden.

In one order, Biden asked the US Department of Agriculture to allow states to increase the benefits of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, more commonly known as food stamps, by 15%.

As well as a similar push for the EBT pandemic program to help families with children who qualify for free or discounted lunches at school.

According to the White House, 29 million adults and 8 million children are struggling with food insecurity.


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The Queen’s gift to Meghan Markle is surrounded by mystery | Instant News

Meghan Markle was awarded the patronage of the Royal National theater by the Queen. Photo / Getty Images


It must be very difficult to find the right gifts for members of the royal family. What do you get for someone who lives in a palace (or at least a stately mansion), has access to the treasure tiaras and whose Gan Gan has the key to the Crown Jewel?

It’s fortunate that the Queen has a few tricks up her sleeve that Angela Kelly designed and can hand out the perfect token money can’t buy: her protection.

Nearly two years ago, long ago in 2019, it was the turn of his new granddaughter-in-law, Meghan Duchess of Sussex, to become the recipient of such great news.

See, the arrival of a former actress and businessman in the kingdom coincided with the decision that perhaps a nonagenarian was expected to hold no more than 600 patronages. Will we, thought it leave, transfer some to his healthier family and let him lift his legs a little?

Thus, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall took over Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Barnardo while Kate Duchess of Cambridge got a premiere with the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, which hosted Wimbledon.

And, when it came time for Meghan, then still a newly formed aristocrat, the Queen decided to hand over an important role to her with the Royal National Theater, the protection the sultan had held since 1974.

Photo / Getty Images
Photo / Getty Images

This is great news – great! By handing this wand directly to his enchanting grandson, it is His Highness openly signifying his considerable joy and happiness with how Windsors’ newest recruits have fared.

Very good show Megs! Here, I have you probably the most prestigious theater troupe in the world as a sign I think you’re doing a great job!

For an organization that trades symbols and gestures, for the Queen this is a delivery move – she doesn’t just hand out protection such as boiled sweets to great-grandchildren who want to seduce dorgis over tea.

(At the same time it was announced that Meghan will also be the patron of the Association of Commonwealth Universities; Smart Works, an organization that helps vulnerable women return to work; and Mayhew, an animal welfare charity.)

Unfortunately, as we all know, Harry’n’Meghan’s honeymoon phase in the royal family didn’t last long until 2019. In the months following the protection announcement, the wheels really started coming off.

Like most of the Sussex-related biographies that came out last year were disputed, while in public the two met a vast sea of ​​crowds that revered and were almost universally hailed as the best thing that has happened to the royal family since they stopped marrying their first cousins, behind the palace gates of everything. not so bright.

Harry, it is thought, is growing increasingly frustrated at being forced to constantly take second place behind his brother and facing painful reminders of his “reserve” status.

Meghan, meanwhile, faces a cold royal machine that is reluctant to make any concessions to the way she wants to do things and who reportedly largely rejects her West Coast and on ’em pep.

So, just a year after Meghan took over the role of National Theater from Her Highness, in January 2020 she and her husband Harry announced they wanted to quit, sparking a special crisis known as Megxit. In the purge of the Sussex family’s “divorce” from the royal family, when questions about titles, security costs and military roles were raised, it was decided that both Meghan and Harry would maintain their patronage, according to a statement by Buckingham Palace, “with the Queen’s blessing.”

(The Sussex family also agreed to no longer use their style as His Majesty and Harry gave up his valuable honorary military roles including as Captain General of the Royal Navy, a role his grandfather Prince Philip took over in 2017.)

How practical, though, is that now that the Duke and Duchess (and their 2-year-old son Archie in May) are finally settling down in Santa Barbara, for them to maintain the protective status quo?

To be clear: their unwavering commitment to, and passion for, the UK-based organization they work for is undeniable.

Photo / Getty Images
Photo / Getty Images

After last year’s Megxit, the theater’s artistic director Rufus Norris reaffirmed their relationship with their royal patron. “He’s still very involved, conversations are regular and ongoing, there are ideas that we are exploring.

“There is absolutely no indication from him that his engagement to us will be anything other than business as usual – he has proven to be a very involved patron, and we look forward to working with him.

“He’s less interested in coming here and going on a series of press nights.

“This is a very deep engagement with the various work we do.”

Throughout 2020, Sussex repeatedly showed their unwavering support for the large number of groups they work with by conducting meetings and meetings via Zoom and video chat.

How, though, is it possible for this game state to last longer when their zeal, excitement, and enthusiasm for their patronage collide with the reality of their new life?

Becoming a royal patron basically acts as a publicity magnet so dressed up that it regularly directs Fleet Street and social media attention to a specific issue or NGO to generate awareness, interest and even funding.

Even after the pandemic is under control and Harry and Meghan can regularly return to London to get engaged, how realistically can they fulfill that function considering their “forever home”, as Finding Freedom writer Omid Scobie puts it, is 7500 km away?

There were also annoying problems in the past that were boring. Because, how much can they humanely hoard when their Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Wall Street projects pile up?

In the last four months, they have announced a major deal to make a TV series and documentary for Netflix, the hit worth $ 130 million; $ 50 million podcast deal with Spotify; debuted Archewell, their brand slapping a new charitable entity, and in late December, Meghan was “known” for dipping her feet into the entrepreneurial world and it was revealed she had invested in a vegan latte brand.

For a seemingly relentless couple, the question is how do they balance the role and protection of a UK-based charity that is obviously very important to them and a source of immense pride in the demands of their new life?

To be fair, by the time the Queen handed Meghan over the protection of the National Theater in 2019, the last time Her Majesty actually visited the theater was in 2013.If the six year gap between visits is deemed acceptable, then perhaps Meghan could easily travel there on year 2022 (when we are all vaccinated against the pandemic) and goes on to decide which artisanal hummus brand he should invest in next.

But, would Meghan, a woman who is passionate, dedicated, and has a work ethic that would embarrass even the hard-working royal Princess Anne, be thrilled by such a spasmodic arrangement?

At the heart of all this is the possible conflict between Harry and Meghan’s seemingly too great hunger and determination to make a difference in the world and the demands and practicalities of their lives.

In March, the 12 month review period agreed by Sussex and the palace on the Megxit arrangement will reportedly end. In late December, Sun reported that “the royal aides will study the Netflix and Spotify deals to ensure they live up to ‘Your Majesty’s values’.

“Harry and Meghan are said to want to maintain the protection of their kingdom, despite taking on more commercial commitments in the US. Sources say that role remains on the negotiating table.”

This is another unknown and unknown to you. This year on August 4th, Meghan will hit the big 4-0. What will the Queen get now that the royal protection is not on the list?

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience working with some of Australia’s leading media titles.


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Stoney supports extension of proposals to allow ‘games of skill’ until July 1, 2022 | Richmond Latest News | Instant News

Thousands of skill games such as slot machines in Virginia restaurants and convenience stores will no longer be sanctioned by the state from July 1. A state law introduced last week will keep it legal for another year.

After nearly banning skill games last year, Virginia lawmakers are considering an extended 12-month reprieve that allows thousands of terminals to remain in restaurants, convenience stores and truck stops across the state.

At a food donation organized by industry operators, Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney said allowing the skill game for another year could help regions worried about potential budget cuts and other financial challenges due to tax revenue from restaurants, hotels and the crater concert venue.

“We want to take advantage of another income stream,” said Stoney in the parking lot of the Jahnke Road church where Queen of Virginia Skill & Entertainment distributed more than 500 hot meals Monday afternoon.

Queen of Virginia, the operating arm of Atlanta-based game maker Pace-O-Matic, manages more than 5,000 machines at 1,600 locations in Virginia, which is about 54% of the total in the state, according to company officials.

Jeanna Bouzek, general manager of Queen of Virginia, said the industry had generated an estimated $ 68 million in state COVID relief funds since July. He said the industry is on track to generate $ 140 million for the state, with 12% living in locations where machines are located.


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Parents urge to know the meaning behind 10 common game phrases their children are using | Instant News

With dozens of excited children enjoying their new Christmas game console, TalkTalk’s new research shows that parents across the country are confused by the game phrases they often accompany.

A study conducted by the connectivity provider TalkTalk on British parents with children aged 7 or over showed that nearly three-quarters (72%) did not understand the game terminology used by the child, such as’n00b’, ‘boosting’ and “camping” have become commonplace around the table.

Another 45% of parents rated game knowledge as poor or bad, while 28% of parents expressed interest in game language and hope they understand the meaning of this sentence.

As the pandemic leads people to find entertainment online, the popularity of games has skyrocketed in 2020. This year, Internet usage on the TalkTalk network has increased by 50%, and online games have caused the provider’s network data to reach certain peaks. This is because gamers across the country are eager to pick from game series such as Fortnite and Call of Duty. Download new versions and updates.

At the same time, the launch of the new PlayStation 5 in November created a new 24-hour data usage record for TalkTalk. TalkTalk’s entire customer base used enough data to download the entire catalog of Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music (170 million songs) ) 20 minutes.

Parents have not overlooked that online gaming plays a vital role in keeping children engaged, with 37% saying that fast, reliable Internet connections are now more important than ever.

However, although many parents have lost the language of the game, this has not diminished their enthusiasm for participating in the game. One-third (32%) said that they like playing video games with children because it is a good way to combine; and more than one-quarter (26%) want to join, but they Not willing to play. One in ten (11%) even admitted that they tried to use game language in front of their children, which looked cool.

Video loading

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Although the game dictionary is very extensive, it seems that certain phrases cause more confusion than others. In British families, the five most commonly heard game languages ​​are:

  1. N00b/noob (34%) – novice or inexperienced players
  2. Robots (31%)-a very bad player compared to a very bad computer controlled player
  3. Lag (27%)-When the game is slow or malfunctions due to poor network connection
  4. Nerf (27%)-When the game developer weakens the weapon due to the use of many players,
  5. Turn face (22%)-easily defeat the opponent

Game reporter and TalkTalk ambassador, Ellie Gibson, sympathizes with parents who are struggling to understand game language: “As a parent, I understand that the game world can be daunting, but it’s worth learning jargon and participating in it because it’s a lot of fun. Games are children’s growth. It’s an important part of the game, and the game brings many benefits together. This is a good way to connect. The happiest memories of my sons and I come from playing games together. A fast and reliable Internet connection helps make the game session run smoothly. If you can, you can also help me beat my nine-year-old at Mario Kart.”

This is why TalkTalk has partnered with Ellie and professional gamer Ali-A (their gaming YouTube channel has more than 17 million subscribers) to help parents understand the language of the game.

Ali-A said: “One of the things I like most about the gaming community is its never-ending ability to come up with new words or phrases for all aspects of gameplay. Although it may seem intimidating, the game is very friendly. I encourage every parent to try it out. Finding new ways to connect online has never been so important. I like to work with the connection provider TalkTalk to help parents understand the language of games.”

Gary Steen, Managing Director of TalkTalk Technology, said: “Although online games have become more and more popular over a period of time, 2020 has reached new heights.”

“Fast, reliable connections are more important than ever, which is why we are investing in new technologies to provide faster speeds to houses across the country. Our network is designed to handle absolute peak traffic, which means So even if you don’t have the same confidence in the ability to understand the accompanying language, you can have confidence in the connection during the game.”

The ten most frequently heard game words in British families:

More information about TalkTalk Fiber Broadband: www.talktalk.co.uk/shop/broadband/fibre


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