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Khattak asked Opp to face NAB’s questions | Instant News

ByMushtaq Paracha

NOWSHERA: Federal Defense Minister Pervez Khattak on Sunday said opposition party members would have to face the National Accountability Bureau if they did nothing wrong.

Speaking to reporters here, he said that Prime Minister Imran Khan would not hand over the NRO to opposition leaders as he has been fighting for 22 years to end corrupt practices.

The minister said that opposition leaders must appear before the National Accountability Bureau if they do not commit corruption. He said they had to tell how they accumulated wealth and brought property.

Pervez Khattak said he also appeared before the National Accountability Bureau in the Malam Jabba land case and provided the answers requested from him.

He said that the Pakistan Democratic Movement must stop agitating against the government and join hands to work together for the country’s development and prosperity. He believes that the country is passing through a critical stage in its history, therefore, the component parties of the Pakistan Democratic Movement should not tinker with forces that want to destroy the homeland.

The minister said that opposition parties were staging rallies for their personal gain.


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Frequently asked questions after the Machh tragedy | Instant News

LAHORE: One of the most frequently asked questions attributed to Prime Minister Imran Khan after the Machh tragedy is his absence from the funeral since he became prime minister.

Is it a security issue or spiritual reasons that prevent Imran Khan from attending the funeral of even his close friends like Naeem-ul-Haque, his own cabinet member Ali Muhammad Mahr or one of Abdul Qadir’s favorite teammates and friends?

The Hazara community linked the burial of their deceased relative to Imran Khan’s arrival, but the PM refused to contact Quetta and send them a message that he would visit the victims as soon as they buried the bodies. And he reached Quetta as soon as the victims were buried. The past two and a half years of the prime minister’s tenure history shows that he was not present at the funeral even for members of his closest circle or part of his cabinet.

In May 2019, Ali Muhammad Mehr, serving as Federal Minister and part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s cabinet, passed away but Imran did not attend his funeral. Later that same year, the legendary leg spinner and one of his former team mates Abdul Qadir passed away but Imran did not show up to attend his Janaza.

PM Imran Khan did not attend the Namaz-e-Janaza of his self-confident and decades-old friend, Naeem-ul-Haq. He visited the family the day after Naeem-ul-Haq’s burial.

In the most recent incident, when Imran Khan came under strong criticism from the opposition, social media users and mainstream media, Imran did not attend the funerals of the Hazara victims and promised their relatives that he would visit them after the burial.


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Career counseling: questions and answers | Instant News

Q1: Dear Pak Abidi, I have finished Intermediate (pre-engineering). I want to become a Space Scientist. For this I want to go abroad to study. I understand this is not easy. Therefore, I would like to know what you recommend and the scope of Astronautical Engineering abroad? If I want to choose a field other than Astronautics, but related to Physics and Mathematics, then what do you think is the right choice for me? (Lubna Munawar Khan, Islamabad)

Ans: Dear Miss Lubna, I think you will definitely get good marks, that is why you are interested in Space Science and Physics and you must have received very high marks in Mathematics and Physics in both Matrics and FSc. If so, then you should have no problem taking an Aeronautical degree or a degree in Physics at any good Pakistani institution in Islamabad, such as NUST, PIAS, Institute of Space Technology, Military College of Engineering, Aeroline Institute of Aviation Studies etc. Furthermore, please note that it is very difficult for Pakistanis especially Muslims to get education in this subject area for obvious reasons. I wish you good luck in your future plans.

Q2: Dear Mr. Abidi, I joined Aviation Management BS. Sir, I plan to specialize. For this purpose, I am considering taking a Masters in Business Administration, MS Human Resource Management, MS Logistics / Supply Chain, or MS Marketing and Finance. Would your expert advice and opinion regarding career prospects in this area really help me? (Muhammad Rafi Jatt, Lahore)

Answer: Dear Rafi, after Aviation Management I would not recommend you to take any Masters program and study straight away. My advice is that you should seek career opportunities and gain hands-on experience in Aviation Management. In that case, if you don’t find a job, get engaged with a paid or unpaid internship within the Aviation Industry. This will give you the opportunity to understand functional processes and in the end you can decide on a specialization for your Master which may be relevant to the aviation industry. Good luck.

Q3: Dear, I am confused about my career plans. I want to join the Fashion Designing field. Can you guide me how to become a fashion designer? Your guidance on colleges / universities offering such programs will be greatly appreciated. Please also tell me what this field covers? (Sanaullah Baloch, Karachi)

Ans: Dear Mr Baloch, for proper counseling and guidance, I need to know your educational background? However, if you have constructed your mind and are hungry to become a Fashion Designer; then of course you can do it. Many institutions in Pakistan offer degree programs in Fashion and Apparel Designing. Some of these that are located in Karachi include: Karachi School of Art, Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, Karachi Fashion Clothing Design and Training Institute and Academy of Fashion and Fashion Clothing, etc.

I advise you to contact the relevant institutions and discuss with them your study plan and scope of opportunities depending on the specific area you wish to master. The main aspect is that you need to have a clear and deeper understanding of how a designer or artist works professionally.

Q4: Sir, I did my Engineering several years ago (Electronic Engineering). It’s been a long time since I tried and couldn’t find a job I live in Hyderabad. I ask for your guidance and advice for which I am very grateful to you. (Naseer Ansari, Hyderabad)

Ans: Dear Naseer, your chosen field in which you are working your Engineering is a very broad / larger field involving Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Communication Engineering. I advise you to search and identify public sector organizations, companies and institutions that are involved or involved in providing the above services. If you are still unable to find a relevant job, then I recommend you to look for an internship / training program so that you start getting some training and knowledge of a specific area within the scope of your engineering domain. Please note that this internship or training will also give you the opportunity to connect with the right people who will provide you with support in finding a full-time job in the future.

(Syed Azhar Husnain Abidi is a renowned educator in Pakistan, with more than 20 years of experience as a provider of educational counseling services. He has represented Pakistan in more than 100 seminars, conferences and national and international forums. He is the most coveted recipient of civil awards. Tamgha-e-Imtiaz).


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Migrants are ordered to leave New Zealand after sex texts apply for visas, relationship questions | Instant News

An Indian man has lost his appeal against deportation after admitting to sending sexually explicit texts to escorts, despite claiming to be in a loving and long-term relationship. Photos / Files

One man has been ordered to leave New Zealand after admitting to immigration officials that he sent sexually explicit texts to escorts, despite claiming to be in a loving, long-term relationship.

A 28 year old Indian citizen came to New Zealand in 2012 on a student visa.

After completing his business diploma, he extended his stay, first through an employer assisted post-study work visa, and then a student visa.

And in May last year, the man applied for a partnership work visa, based on his relationship with a Cook Island Māori woman and New Zealanders whom he met on social media sites.

But when the couple were interviewed in February, immigration officials doubted the “authenticity and stability” of their partnership.

Immigration New Zealand also wrote to the man with concern that he was working as an Uber driver for violating visa requirements and failing to demonstrate that the partnership was “genuine, stable, credible or exclusive”.

The visa application was denied and the man was responsible for deportation back to India.

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He then appealed to the New Zealand Immigration and Protection Court on humanitarian grounds, claiming it would be “unfair or too harsh” for him to be deported.

But the court, at a recently released decisions, rejected his appeal.

The ruling indicated that the man, identified only as JS, confessed to immigration officials in February that he sent sexually explicit texts to bodyguards but did so “out of pleasure”.

When his colleague found out that he had met a bodyguard, he did not object, the court heard.

The couple was “mature” enough to handle the situation, JS said, adding that “going to places like that” was not against the law.

They accused Immigration New Zealand of prejudice because they came from a different culture and race, arguing that they were subjected to a “superficial and unfair judgment” process.

However, the court disagreed.

“In making a claim that an applicant has the right to contact a chaperone, the couple has neglected, or failed to understand, the importance of demonstrating that their partnership is exclusive to others,” the decision stated.

“The court cannot be satisfied that the couple’s partnership is genuine, stable, and likely to last.”

The Court concluded that JS was not satisfied that JS met the high threshold required for exceptional humanitarian circumstances and rejected the appeal.

The decision means JS must leave New Zealand within 28 days or he will be deported.

Given the current Covid-19 travel restrictions and uncertainty surrounding commercial flights, the court advised him to contact the Indian High Commission in New Zealand to register for possible repatriation flights or contact New Zealand Immigration for a temporary visa until flights can be confirmed.


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No questions about compromise on accountability: Chaudhry Sarwar | Instant News

LAHORE: Punjab governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said the opposition’s mission is to stop the accountability process, but as long as Imran Khan is prime minister, there are no questions about compromises on accountability.

He said this while discussing various issues, including politics and parliament, with State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Mohammad Khan summoning him at the Governor’s Building.

The governor of Punjab said it was the PTI government’s democratic and constitutional right to complete his term of office. Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said that the development and prosperity of the people is the mission of PTI. He said, “After saving the country from economic bankruptcy, today we have brought the country towards economic development.

Despite the difficult situation due to the Corona virus, the assistance provided to people in every sector, including the business sector, the current government has taken historic initiatives. “He said the agenda of all protest politics from the opposition is to stop the accountability process in the country but the elimination of corruption and transparent accountability is the voice of 220 million Pakistanis and until the last corrupt person is brought to justice, transparent and impartial accountability will continue and Pakistan will eradicate corruption State Minister for Parliament Ali Mohammad Khan said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has no personal or political agenda, he only wants the prosperity of the Pakistani people where the New Pakistan Housing Scheme and the Ehsas Program were launched.

The public will not be disappointed and will be given maximum assistance in all fields, he said. Meanwhile, Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar expressed grief over the death of four soldiers, including Pakistani Army officers, in the helicopter crash in Skardu and expressed his full condolences to the martyrs’ families.


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