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Pakistan issues postage stamp to mark world population Day | Instant News

Islamabad : Pakistan post issued a commemorative postage stamp on the occasion of world population Day. Every year, since 1989, world population day is celebrated worldwide on 11 July, raising awareness, educate people and mobilize governments on the urgency and importance of population issues. The message on the stamp calls for sustainable population growth, achieving balance (Tawazun) between people and resources.

Stamp issued by Pakistan post at the request of the population Council and the United Nations Fund for population. The image of the stamp reflects the new understanding of the problem of the population, calling for balance (Tawazun) between people and resources, as well as the need to ensure the basic rights of all people.

All citizens and every unborn child has the right to housing, food, health, education, parental attention, and a good quality of life. The narrative is in accordance with the socio-cultural Pakistan ethics, religious teachings, values and fundamental human rights. It is aimed to achieve balanced and stable population growth to ensure the well-being of people, prosperity and security.

The narrative conveyed in a commemorative stamp this year recognizes the impact of rapid population growth on the country’s resources. Pakistan is already among the top water-scarce countries in the world. A large population means a lack of employment opportunities, scarcity of water and energy, more environmental pollution and food security.

The symbolism of the stamp promotes the right message to the planning of the population that resonates with all segments of society in Pakistan. Issuance of a commemorative stamp by the government to concentrate again on the important issue of population at the national level. A commemorative postage stamp has a face value of Rs20 will be available for sale at all important post offices in Pakistan. New stamp signals the government’s political will, seriousness and commitment to solving problems of the population.


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Tank questions maintainability of plea against temple in Islamabad | Instant News

Lahore: the Lahore High court on Monday questioned the maintainability of the petition against the construction of a Church in Islamabad.

Justice Abid Aziz Sheikh made the request and asked plaintiff to establish how this unreasonable petition in the Lahore High court, when the temple was built in Islamabad.

Territorial jurisdiction required that the plaintiff had appealed to the High court of Islamabad. The court adjourned the hearing until July 8, asking the plaintiff’s attorney to satisfy the first court on the maintainability question. Muhammad Akif, a resident of Gujrat, filed a petition that Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and the Constitution did not allow any action against the principles of Islam.

He argued that the Charter of the development Agency capital (CDA) do not have any funds for the construction of the temple. He argued that according to the Protocol of the election Commission, there were only 178 was Hindu citizens in Islamabad and new places of worship they had.

The applicant argued that the existing laws do not provide for the construction of new places of worship for non-Muslims. He asked the court to declare the construction of a Church in Islamabad unconstitutional and to keep the government from taking any action in this regard.


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The IG spoke about the security issues | Instant News

Lahore:Punjab IG presided at the meeting held in the safe of the headquarters of administration of the city of Qurban lines here on Tuesday. Studied security sensitive areas, traffic violations, patrolling and monitoring along with other issues. The IG issued the order to control crime, a rear wheel, kite flying and Dolphin force.

The IG was informed that with the help of the Safe city Lahore cameras, video around 5,952 cases, including dacoity, murder and theft were provided for the study, whereas in the current year, about 6 Lac 16 thousand have been issued Challans and 18. The Challans were sent 3 Lac 40 thousand cars, 2 Lac 58 thousand motorcycles and rickshaws and 9 thousand commercial vehicles.


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Orders sm Usman Buzdar plan to resolve issues related to monsoon | Instant News

Lahore:chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the division from the point of view of controlling inflation, overcoming hoarding, planning for monsoon and provision of services to citizens.

Preside over the meeting in his office, the chief Minister has strictly warned the officials for not taking timely action and it became clear that departments need to perform, and any delay was unbearable. He directed the line departments to take up steps to solve social problems, adding that any negligence in this regard will not be tolerated. Strict action will be taken by identifying those who are responsible for negligence, he warned.

The chief Minister instructed the planning for the solution of problems arising due to the monsoon season should be and members of the public will also be included in consultation. He directed the special branch to submit a comprehensive report on the province-wise availability of medicines and antiseptic liquid. The report should also be submitted on the readiness of the WASA and possible problems due to floods and rains must also be determined in advance, he added. He said that Vasa, as well as municipal Corporation needs to ensure that people may not face any difficulty.

The chief Minister made it clear that the increase in the prices of medicines and necessary things unacceptable and directed the effective actions taken against hoarders. To be a reliable mechanism designed to bring to justice those involved in inflation, he argued. He called the deplorable situation of WASA in Faisalabad is very tragic and has sent him to solve the problem of sewage in orders within 20 days. It aims to ensure the availability of crown drugs at their fixed rate and ruled that their rates will be displayed outside each pharmacy. The Secretary of the primary and secondary health announced that shares of associated crown medicines and raw materials in abundance and the continued supply of drugs was provided for eight pharmacies in the major areas and four pharmacies in a small area.


Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said that injustices will be eliminated and ongoing projects will be completed on a priority basis, as development is the right of every citizen. Talking to Assembly members in his Assembly chambers, the chief Minister reiterated that the parliamentarians of his lieutenants and they will be given full respect and honor. He called the proposals on development plans it should be added that Punjab was reorganized in each city was to move forward on the path of progress.

The process of development will leave a positive impact on the people, he said, adding that the government fully understands the problems of the citizens and seeks to address them. The chief Minister said that all resources would be allocated for welfare of minorities and the government of PTI has a comprehensive agenda to provide equal opportunities of development to minority communities.

The members of the Assembly informed the cm their proposals for development schemes in their area and the chief Minister issued directions for necessary action in this regard. Those who called cm included Muhammad Muneeb Sultan chima, Aminullah Khan, Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Atif, Muhammad Amin, Zulqarnain sadiya Sohail Rana, Ayesha Nawaz, Farrah yeah, Mahinder pall Singh, Imran Haroon Gill and Peter Gill.

Cm also attended the budget session of the Assembly of Punjab.

Photographers call on cm

The delegation of the Lahore photo journalists Association called on chief Minister Buzdar Sardar Usman in his office and informed him about their problems.

The chief Minister assured the delegation to solve their problems and directed the information Secretary to take steps for recovery of the grant have been suspended in the previous post. Usman Buzdar expressed regret that “personal likes and dislikes” of past policies of the rulers, press institutions, adding that the last rulers began ostentatious projects that take a heavy toll on the people.

On the other hand, the government of PTI has opened and contributed to a much-needed culture of austerity and simplicity, and public money is spent prudently, cm highlighted. The delegation commended the public welfare work undertaken by the government of Punjab.


Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar expressed deep sorrow at the death of the former Emir of the Jamaat-e-Islami Sayed Munawar Hassan and extended sympathy to the heirs. He praised religious services Munawar Hassan, adding that people love the beauty of it society, as they contributed to the policy principles.


The chief Minister Usman Buzdar sought report from RPO Gujranwala on the murder of seven children after molestation in Gujranwala. He ordered to arrest the criminals in the shortest possible time and added that justice be given to the heirs at any cost.


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Tank issues instructions to the health authorities in cases of attacks | Instant News

Lahore:the Lahore High court has taken strong notice of non-sterile objects to collect evidence in cases of assault and adopted a set of guidelines for health authorities.

The Ministry of health provides sexual assault evidence collection kits (SAECKs) in sufficient quantity to all hospitals in Punjab, including at the district and Tehsil headquarters, the judge said Tariq Saleem Sheikh, in the order of dismissal of bail application of the suspects indicted in the abuse. In the course of the hearing, the representative of the Punjab forensic science Agency (evaluation results) told the judge that doctors usually do swabs from non-sterile items such as matches, ice cream scoops, broom and brooms, and then use them to collect data from the private parts of the victim. In some cases, he says, a large cotton stoppers are used like tampons. Items sometimes cause trauma or infection to the victim and often endanger the process of DNA analysis through the inclusion of impurities and potential inhibitors.

Justice Sheikh said that if attacked, the victim of a crime and the responsibility for the collection of evidence from it falls on the medical professional. Guidelines issued by a judge requires health workers to use without crashing the kits for collection of forensic evidence in all cases the attack. The judge noted that only standard sterile cotton tipped swabs, provided in the evaluation results, or otherwise commercially available, can be used to collect evidence from the victim’s body. “Homemade swabs and cotton balls, etc. should not be used to collect evidence,” the judge said. Justice Sheikh also noted that health workers also need to conform to the guidelines of the evaluation results for the collection, storage and transport of samples. He said that health workers, in particular, must ensure that they take detailed and accurate history of the incident from the attack of the victim, including (but not limited to) storm activity, the time elapsed since the attack and after the attack the activity of the victim. DNA samples should be sent for forensic laboratory without delay. The judge directed the Secretary of the Department of primary and secondary health care to ensure compliance with these principles and to initiate appropriate actions against doctors who neglect or do not comply with it.


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