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US skier Tommy Ford continues to recover from an accident at his home in Bend Sports | Instant News

Tommy Ford doesn’t remember the terrible accident that ended the World Cup ski season on January 9.

He remembers waking up in a Bern hospital, Switzerland, and studying injuries to his head, right knee and left wrist.

“I don’t remember the accident at all or the next hour,” Ford said in an interview with The Bulletin last week. “I don’t remember the helicopter ride I looked like going through.”

Ford, who can get around on crutches but can’t stand for long, has been returning home in Bend over the past few weeks, getting help and support from his parents and older brother.

“You learn what support systems are, or become more aware of them, when you are less capable,” Ford said.

31-year-old Ford – a two-time Olympic athlete born and raised in Bend – is in the middle of the 2020-21 season banner, posting four World Cup top 10 results in the giant slalom, including taking the podium in Santa Caterina, Italy.

He has qualified for the world alpine skiing championships, currently being performed in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy.

One of the top-ranked riders at the World Cup giant slalom race in Adelboden, Switzerland, Ford crashed three gates from the finish line after spreading into rough snow beside the track, according to the Associated Press.

His skin touched and he fell forward, sliding first down the hill on his neck and left shoulder.

Ford hit a worker on the side of the track before stopping by the safety net beside the finish.

He initially lay still with his face facing the snow despite immediately regaining his senses and talking to the medical staff, whom he doesn’t remember.

A helicopter lands in the field 20 minutes later to transport Ford to Bern.

Ford’s long-time girlfriend Laurenne Ross, also a World Cup skier and two-time Olympian from Bend, is watching Ford’s race on television as she prepares to race her first World Cup in two years after overcoming multiple knee injuries.

“It totally baffles me,” Ross wrote in an email last week from Cortina d’Ampezzo, where she finished 26th on Saturday in a world championship decline. “Obviously I am very concerned about his head injury, because obviously he is passed out. I’m usually pretty comfortable watching Tommy ski – he’s a solid, smooth skier – but he’s definitely over the top, and pushes the skis… and sometimes you crash when you’re skiing over the edge. Needless to say, I am very sad for him. “

After several days in Bern following the accident, Ford traveled to Vail, Colorado, where doctors at the Steadman Philippon Research Institute repaired torn ligaments in his knee and wrist. He is scheduled to return to Vail later this month for additional surgery on his knee. Ford said he tore two ligaments in his right knee and also fractured a plateau and tibial meniscus.

He also continues to recover from the concussion he suffered.

“I don’t have a headache or anything, but I have limited capacity for stimulation,” he said.

Ford said he was happy to be at his parents’ home in Bend, where he was getting plenty of sleep and rest, and was “starting to recover.” He wears a detachable splint on his left wrist and his right knee is in a brace, which he can remove as often as possible.

He added that it was too early to discuss a time frame for a possible return to ski racing or to bid for his third US Olympic Team. The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing are only one year away.

“There is no time frame that is overly detailed at the moment because I will have to have another operation,” Ford said. “I have to bear more weight in March. That’s all I really know. It’s still very early days. I haven’t gotten too far with the emotional side of things and all of that. “

Although Ross continues to race in Europe and Ford has returned home to Bend, the two are able to discuss Ford’s injury and his approach to rehabilitation. Ross, 32, has had 10 surgeries during his skiing career, three of which were major knee operations.

“Unfortunately Laurenne has a lot of experience with knee injuries, and she’s been very helpful with some advice,” said Ford. “I just don’t want to burden him because he also tries to perform at a high level and you don’t want to talk about injuries all the time. But he’s very helpful. He’s really entertaining. “

Ross said he was sure Ford would take the time and get back into the snow when he was “really ready.”

“Hopefully it will be race time next season, but we’ll just have to wait and see,” said Ross. “I’m here for him, every step of the way, whatever it is. I do have the insights I have shared, but everyone is very different when it comes to healing and processing. So I just try to support Tommy in whatever way he needs me to be there, in whatever way he wants to approach his recovery. It’s been the ride, and although I can offer advice, I know we are very different people, very different skiers, and often have different perspectives on injury and recovery. “

Ross added that the most important thing on which Ford is currently focused is “rest, recovery and reflection”.

“It’s important to consider if you want to get another injury (like the one he’s recovering from now), because that’s always the chance you take when you push out the starting gate in a ski race,” said Ross. “But first, he needs to focus on healing.”


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Step directly towards this in the middle of the home game | lifestyle | Instant News

Bright lights and the sound of carnival music are gone, but you can still step into the midst of fun at home. Rig the game the way you want and treat your family to some backyard games. Choose your own gift to give, such as a pile of stuffed animals that you never donated to Goodwill, or play for housework.

Settings for dropping coins. Different sizes and shapes of glasses are ideal for more challenging games. Mark the specifics for the prize winner or see who gets the most hits.

The coin falls

My personal favorite carnival game is coin drop. With your nickels in hand and various glasses, vases, jars and anything not filled with water, take your shot and flip a coin into the jar.

Prizes are awarded on a scale of how many jars where the coins enter. The more jars, the bigger the prize.

Or choose some random glasses that are the only ones that will pay for additional frustration and difficulties.

This is best played on a large table outside with various levels to add to the difficulty.

Ring Toss

This classic game is probably the easiest to get from this list. All you need is a few bottles of different sizes and rings that can fit around the neck (or not).

Shower curtain rings can increase the level of difficulty given its size and lighter weight, bangle bracelets that you can use to hoard youth can also be used. Really any ring is at least a little bigger than a bottle.

Put the bottles in a container of milk or soda to keep them grouped or stick tape around it and place it on the table.

Stand at least 6 feet (we all know this distance well now) and start throwing your ring.

There are several ways to “win” the game.

The first, and the classic version directly from the exhibition, is to choose some of the most difficult bottles to throw on the ring to present the biggest prize.

Or try the race element. Two players have 60 seconds to throw the ring into as many bottles as possible. The one who wins the most.

Bean Bag Ladder Toss

Settings for lottery bean bag stairs. The steps marked on the stairs indicate the score. Get the bag through the steps and the player collects points.

Bean Bag Ladder Toss

This is similar to ball-skiing in the way it is played. Take the stairs, whatever their length, and stick a paper with a different score for each rung with the lowest score below.

Each player has four bags of beans that they will throw to the stairs. If their bag passes the stairs with a score on it, they get points.

Exchange trade offs between players and note where each person stands during the game.

The player with the most points wins.

Fired RaceLike a family reunion or your parents’ work picnic, pick up some pillowcases that you don’t care about, or a few burlap sacks if you are lucky enough to have them. Set the starting and ending lines on the grassy stretch of your lawn or garden and ask drivers to take their mark.

One person screams away or blows the whistle, and the racer jumps to the finish line.

With very few settings and mature competition, the sack race is always the winner.

(Secure COVID-19: Only people who live in the same house should be in pillowcases or burlap sacks together.)

Water balloons are thrown

Jeannie Whittle throws a water balloon at an opponent in her backyard.

Stir Water Balloon

For the hot August days to come, this can really cool you down.

With two people standing about 3 feet from each other, take one filled water balloon and start tossing it back and forth with each other.

After each successful throw, each person takes one step further than the other, increasing the distance with each throw.

When a balloon is thrown, it becomes softer and harder to hang which can cause falls, bad throws, or even a very desirable explosion in the next catch, soaking one player with water.

Whoever doesn’t get the balloon appears wins, although I will argue on a hot day, the person who is soaking wet is the real winner.


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