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Mike Schultz Wins Silver in Italy, Preparing for the 2022 Match | Instant News

(KNSI) – St. Paralympic Champion Cloud took home a silver medal in his first international competition in a year.

Snowboarder Mike Schultz (also known as Monster Mike) recently returned from Italy after finishing second and fourth in snowboard cross.

“I am very excited to wear the red, white and blue jersey and compete for Team USA. Pretty awesome. “

The races were held last week.

Mike Schultz

Schultz said because of COVID, he hasn’t competed much, but he is still training at home.

“I’ve done a lot of training here in Minnesota on the hill of my home right in our backyard, Powder Ridge. It’s definitely not a big mountain like most of my competitors train but, we were able to set up some training courses and get some valuable training. “

The 36-year-old has spent a lot of time in the gym and Colorado training over the past year.

The paralympic snowboarder suffered a serious knee injury while participating in a snowmobile competition in 2008. His left leg had to be amputated above the knee.

Shortly after his accident, Schultz returned to doing what he liked to do, but ordinary prosthetics are not suitable for competitive and rigorous sports.

Schultz engineered a durable and versatile mechanical knee and, in 2010, started the BioDapt company.

Now competitors can use this equipment. All four competitors at the finals in Italy used Schultz-designed BioDapt prosthetics.

KNSI News wanted to know how it felt to sell to the competition.

“I know it’s only a matter of time before someone finishes that line before me with my own equipment and me as a competitor. It’s a little harsh, to be honest, but, you know, I’m a businessman and an innovator, you know, I think bigger than myself in this whole program, and I can honestly say it’s been very useful. “

The snowboarding star said she was now focused on getting ready for the Paralympic Games in February 2022 in Beijing, China.

Schultz said nothing compares to that level of competition.

“I’ve had a lot of success in competitions on different platforms like the X Games, but nothing compares to being part of the US team on the world stage at Paralympic Games. What a wonderful feeling. “

In 2018, Schultz won a gold medal on Snowboard cross and a silver medal at the banked slalom.

About Schultz’s career, Click here.

For more information on BioDapt prosthetics, Click here.


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‘It’s great to be in a game like this’: Jazz fell to the Suns in a contest that felt like a playoff | Instant News

SALT LAKE CITY – Members of the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns didn’t want to overstate their bout on Wednesday. They claim they don’t pay much attention to the standings and claim that it’s just another game.

They lie.

Chris Paul checked the game with two minutes remaining in the third quarter, and he never returned to the bench. If anyone shows how Wednesday night’s game is different, it is. It’s not a regular season rotation; no, that’s what he’s going to do when the postseason starts.

The playoffs feel like they come a little early on Wednesday. It was a heavyweight fight between the top two teams in the league – and they played like that.

Donovan Mitchell might have had the biggest shot of the night, but the Suns won.

Phoenix survived Mitchell’s 41-point night, including a 3-point effort that tied the match at the end of the rules, to a 117-113 overtime win at the Phoenix Suns Arena.

“It’s good to be in a match like this, of course, you hope it will be the other way around,” said Jazz coach Quin Snyder. “But I think this is the kind of game you want, you want to feel what it’s like to be in it, you want to find out how you can win it.”

Call it a training ground for the postseason. Every mistake is magnified – poor read, missed rebound, missed shot. But neither did each game – and nothing more than Mitchell’s late-game shot.

With the Jazz three behind in regulation, Mitchell pushed the ball in transition and made a 25-foot 3-pointer with 10 seconds remaining. It was a shot that nearly completed a major turnaround.

The Jazz were bad enough in the first half and only collected 40 points in the first half, shooting 17 of 49 overall, including 3 of 21 from 3 points range. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder the Jazz was only able to score four assists in the first 24 minutes.

This is a testament to how good Jazz can be because they weren’t completely out of the game at that point. They were only 11 behind in the first half thanks to a superb defensive performance.

Utah Jazz guard Mike Conley shoots as Phoenix Suns center Deandre Ayton (22) defends during the second half of an NBA basketball game, Wednesday, April 7, 2021, in Phoenix.
Utah Jazz guard Mike Conley shoots as Phoenix Suns center Deandre Ayton (22) defends during the second half of an NBA basketball game, Wednesday, April 7, 2021, in Phoenix. (Photo: Matt York, Associated Press)

The second half provided the playoff atmosphere everyone was expecting.

Utah scored 38 points in the quarter as the Jazz bounced back to take the lead in record time. Primary catalyst: Mitchell.

Mitchell scored 28 points after halftime as he wanted the Jazz back in the game.

“He’s competitive and he’s confident,” said Snyder.

3 didn’t fall, so MItchell used a variety of moves to get to the ring. He was 6 out of 8 in the paint after halftime. The Jazz shooters provided more range, making room for Mitchell to operate inside. That finally opened up the rest of Jazz’s offense, with Utah doing 8-of-19 in the second half (the Jazz cooled down again in the extra-time period, though).

But the Suns have an answer: Paul has 29 points and nine assists and Devin Booker has 35 points. And it was both of them who took over the game in extra time as the Jazz were once again struggling to score.

It helps because Phoenix is ​​also taller than Jazz.

The Suns overtook Utah 61-45 – and one possession late in the fourth quarter highlighted Utah’s struggles.

The Jazz went one up with less than three minutes remaining, and had three offensive rebounds. Booker missed; Jae Crowder gets the offensive rebound. Booker fails again; Deandre Ayton gets the offensive board. Paul missed; Ayton tips. Jazz will never lead again.

“It hurts us, especially when we play a good defense,” said Rudy Gobert, who had 18 rebounds to leave 16 points. “We can force it to miss, and then they get possession again. Those guys are pretty good if you give them extra treasure, they’ll make the most of it.”

In a game akin to a playoff, the Jazz learn a few things about themselves. Offenses can be a little too dependent on the 3s and can get stuck in the isolation game and they give up too many offensive boards.

“We treat this match like a playoff game. We are doing everything we want to do,” said Ayton.

But it also expresses goodness for Utah: Jazz can take a hit and crawl back – even when they don’t burn the nets from the inside. Bojan Bogdanovic only scored 1 of 8 from deep but found a way to score 20 points. But, as he points out, it is difficult to win the game when a team known for their 3-point shots achieves a 25% clip.

Oh, and the Mitchell guy is pretty good.

“He’s had another great game so I’m sorry that we as a team didn’t do better, and got that W for him,” said Bogdanovic.


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Local Sports Report – 2-3 April 2021 | Instant News

It was an important weekend in high school sports.

Report missing high school sports scores and statistics to [email protected]



Harrison 16, Lawrenceburg 3 – Wildcats scored 12 points in the 3rd inning. Starter Harrison Carter Daniel threw four innings, scoring 11 innings.

Shelbyville 11, East Central 9 – Ryan Bovard scores 2-3 with 3 RBIs. Eli Aston, Reid Cleary, and Dean Davis each have an RBI for the Trojans.

Jac-Cen-Del 10, Morristown 0 – TJ Menchhofer and Cameron Gehl each take two strokes. Ryan Wilson, Brady Borgman, and Justin Swinney with one RBI each. Gehl grabbed the victory on the mound.


Swiss County 7, Lawrenceburg 4

Hagerstown 8, Franklin County 7



Franklin County 9, Richmond 8

Franklin County 14, Richmond 2

Batesville 12, Rising Sun 0 – Travis Lecher, Calvin Sherwood, and Riley Zink lead with 2 RBIs each. Jacob Meek and Jack Grunkmeyer combine to throw one punch. Payton Creech had the only punch for the Shiners.


South Dearborn 9, Cambridge City Lincoln 8 – The Lady Knights trailed 8-4 at the end of the game, but a four-round sixth inning tied the game 8-8. The knights will score one point at the bottom of the 7th round to win the match by way of a walk-off.

Batesville 10, Rising Sun 2 – Kylie Laker and Sydnee Scheafer each have 3 RBIs.

Batesville 17, Sunrise 13 – Paige Oldham leads 4-5, knocked in 7 runs and scored 4 goals for the Bulldogs. Emma Belter, Sara Ripperger, and Samantha Kessens added 2 RBIs each. Rising Sun is led by Cora Poling with 6 RBIs. Lindsay Montgomery takes five strokes for Lady Shiners.


South Dearborn ranks 6th in 20 team fields at the Edinburgh Invitational. Eli Hoffman shot 78, Austin Thies 79 and Brady South with 83. Quentin Stevens got 98, and Brady Huff finished with 103.


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‘Food Fair’ Stand Opens Early in Sauk Rapids | Instant News

(KNSI) – Anyone looking to feed a craving for their fair share of favorite treats can visit Coborn’s Marketplace in Sauk Rapids.

Miller Concessions opens their first grocery store of the season at the grocery store on Thursday.

Owner Rob Miller said the season changes allowed him to open early.

“A good month and a half early, you know, spring comes early, so we thought we’d come out and enjoy the weather. Keep the community happy. Cheer up. “

Last year, the Miller concession was established for several weeks at the Crossroads Center after many exhibitions and festivals were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Miller says setting up in places like malls and Coborn in 2020 is a lifeline.

“It saved our season. We did 70 events, and 68 of the 70 events were totally canceled. So these malls or wholesalers, like Coborn’s, have literally saved our season, or something. We will be very hurt now. “

Miller said that he looks forward to a busy summer.

“In general, fairs and festivals are going. There may be some minor limitations as far as presence or masks are concerned or whatever they produce. But it will be a small hybrid of the two. We’ll do some grocery parking lots like this and our normal events. So it will be a little bit of everything. It might be busier than ever to try to do everything. “

People can go for their fair share of classics like hand-dipped corn dogs, fresh cheese curds, mini donuts, funnel cakes, and even fresh squeezed lemonade.

Miller Concseeions is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday to Sunday at the Coborn car park, 110 1St Street South in Sauk Rapids.

Concession stands will be erected around the St. Cloud.

Follow where the Miller Concession is going Facebook page.


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Polly ‘PJ’ Harding quit the radio show Jase and PJ Australia, New Zealand back in June | Instant News

Polly “PJ” Harding from KIIS FM has left Jase and PJ’s breakfast.

PJ announced a live broadcast this morning that she will finish a Melbourne-based radio show in June and then return home to New Zealand to be with her fiancé.

“It is a very difficult decision to make, perhaps one of the hardest in my life, but at the same time I know it could not be a more correct decision for where I am,” said PJ tearfully.

PJ said last year was “very challenging” and priorities have shifted.

“At the end of 2019 I lost my dad and being here to put on a show was tough enough,” he said. “Starting in 2020, (I) have a long distance relationship, my partner is returning home, and I don’t know when I will see him.

Jase and PJ during their time at ZM in New Zealand.  Photo / Dean Purcell
Jase and PJ during their time at ZM in New Zealand. Photo / Dean Purcell

“Last year was difficult, but last year was difficult for everyone,” he continued. “It really made me have a cold and hard look in the mirror and think what I wanted to do and that’s why I came to the very challenging decision that I was going to finish the show and go home to New Zealand and live with my fiancé. . “

Jase and PJ have been working together for six and a half years. They began broadcasting together in New Zealand before moving to Melbourne in 2018 to host the KIIS 101.1 FM breakfast show.

Jason “Jase” Hawkins paid tribute to his longtime co-host who aired this morning, joking: “I’m so proud of you, not an easy decision, especially knowing what [money] You are in.”

She told her audience that “killing her” saw PJ struggling in her personal life last year.

“There’s a morning where… we’re going to be at a commercial break and you’re crying and you see me like, ‘I’m just staying here right now for you,'” Jase said.

Jase will remain on the breakfast show at least for the rest of the year. The replacement for PJ has not yet been announced.


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