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Rahul Khanna: Getting in shape versus fashionable – the lunch column | Instant News

{Q + A}

Watch out

QI like to stick with FitBit even when dressed up formally. Is it done, or is it a disaster?

—Vinesh T, Via Instagram

Unless you’re an Olympic athlete in training, that’s not ideal. And, if so, shouldn’t you be at the gym and not at a fancy party? How often are you invited to formal dresses? Can’t you just commit to this opportunity and enjoy channeling 007 for just one night? Bond doesn’t care how many steps he takes to the bar to take away his martini. In fact, if you keep looking at your Fitbit, you can miss the pretty Russian spy who has just glanced at you over his shoulder.

Stylish dude

Q I am a fashion forward guy. Is there something like a man not being more dressed up than his girlfriend / wife?

—Partthiv, By email

The only style rule is there are no rules. If you have a stylish point of view and like to express it through your clothes, don’t let artificial norms get in your way. Embrace it and have fun with it. Maybe your partner doesn’t really like clothes and prefers to channel his creativity elsewhere. And that’s good too. Or maybe you’ll inspire him and you’ll end up like a very fashion-forward octogenarian Taiwanese couple (@wantshowasyoung) who have become an Instagram style sensation!

Rahul Khanna is a “boutique actor”, whose style of dress and good looks often make hearts flutter. She is known as @mrkhanna on Instagram

From HT Brunch, 15 November 2020

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