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Karachi, Rawalpindi railway property to be outsourced: Swati | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The Minister of Railways, Azam Khan Swati, on Monday said that not an inch of rail land would be sold but could be outsourced under a public-private partnership to generate revenue.

Responding to a press conference here on Monday, the minister said Pakistan Railways property is a valuable asset of the state, which will be used properly to turn the department into a profitable organization. He said Pakistan Railways would hold a presentation to attract investors to launch the project under a private public partnership on April 1 at the Governor’s House, Karachi. Likewise, they are making efforts to outsource their land in the Rawalpindi Division whose presentation will be held at the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry on March 26 where investors will most likely participate, he said.

The minister said that corruption, inefficiency and mismanagement had destroyed Pakistan Railways and now that according to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision, the department will introduce an automation process. “We are focused on digitizing Pakistan Railways and within one month, the ticketing system will switch to smartphones,” he said. He said all major railway stations under the public private partnership project and with the help of the Frontier Works Organization would be converted and turned into business centers such as international railway stations.

Swati claimed that railroad rehabilitation work was also being carried out to avoid accidents and make rail travel safe and healthy. For a question, he said Pakistan Railways would outsource the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club to generate revenue and thanked the Chief Justice for ruling the case on merit.

Azam Swati further said strict action according to the law would be taken against corrupt and negligent officials who failed to fulfill their official responsibilities. The minister said unions were not a hindrance to the progress and prosperity of Pakistan Railways, adding that housing projects would be completed soon for the welfare of workers. “No Pakistani Railway workers will be fired and all possible steps will be taken for their welfare,” the minister assured. The minister said Pakistan Railways would pursue all 1,500 pending cases at NAB and added a special cell had been set up in the department to handle about 2,500 pending investigations on a priority basis.


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15 more trains will be privatized, said PM Imran Khan | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan was briefed on Monday on restructuring of Pakistan Railways including the privatization of rail services, the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR), ML-1 and cargo corridor projects, ARY NEWS reported.

It was further explained that in order to reduce revenue losses on the Railways, four trains have been privatized while the privatization work for 15 more trains is in progress.

The prime minister during the meeting reviewed the restructuring process at Railways, where he was briefed on KCR and the Prime Minister of Railways Green Initiative.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Railways Azam Swati, Minister of Planning and Development Asad Umar and others.

The meeting also considered a cargo corridor project parallel to the Lahore-Karachi rail line aimed at connecting Pipri to the Karachi Port Trust, which will assist in the passage of cargo within the city and reduce traffic woes.

A BOT-based model was prepared for the KCR project, said the briefing adding that a consultant had been appointed for the technical design and financial model of the project, which would submit reports within 30 days.

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During the briefing, the prime minister was briefed on the operation of the Safari Train between Rawalpindi and Attock.

The prime minister was also briefed on the progress of the ML-1 project in addition to identifying land along the 221 km railroad for plantation purposes.

Speaking at the meeting, PM Imran Khan said that the Railway restructuring was very important to reduce the losses suffered by the department. “Better railways will not only develop better transportation facilities for the masses but will help ease the traffic burden and improve economic conditions,” he said. the word.




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The proposal is being pursued to upgrade Pakistan Railways’ schools and hospitals | Instant News

Superintendent of the Pakistan Railways Division Karachi Muhammad Hanif Gul has directed the management of schools and hospitals under Pakistan Railways to submit a proposal to upgrade facilities so that funds can be obtained from the federal government’s Public Sector Development Program.

He visited the Pakistani Railway School near the Kala Pul and Hassan Hospitals in Karachi on Saturday. According to a statement issued by Railways Pakistan, Gul was briefed on the facilities and services provided by the two arrangements. “This railway governance model includes the provision of health and education facilities for employees and their children,” he said while admiring the infrastructure of the two facilities.

The division supervisor also questioned the injured officials in the emergency ward and praised their services and contributions. “Employees and workers are assets of the Pakistan Railways because the wheels of our train cannot move forward without ceaseless effort,” he commented.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Railways Chief Habib ur Rehman Gillani traveled from Kota Station to Orangi on the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) -II on Friday. The leadership inspected the entire railway infrastructure, especially the right-of-way route and took 14 kilometers of land between the two stations. KCR Project Director Ameer Mohammad Daudpota informed him of the ongoing renovation work at several stations.


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DS visited railroad education, health settings in Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI – Pakistan Railways Division (DS) Supervisor (PR) Karachi Muhammad Hanif Gul visited the Pakistan Railway School near Kala Pul and Hassan Karachi Hospital on Saturday.

He was briefed at length on the provision of facilities and services provided by the two set-ups. “The railway governance model requires the provision of health and education facilities for employees and their children,” said DS while admiring the infrastructure of the two facilities and calling for the best possible service. He directed the management of both facilities to submit comprehensive proposals relating to upgrades so that the necessary allocations could be obtained from the federal government’s Public Sector Development Program (PSDP).

Visiting DS inquired about the health of all injured officials in the emergency ward and praised their services and contributions. “Employees and workers are the assets of the Pakistan Railways because the wheels of our train cannot move forward without their hard efforts,” commented DS.


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Railroad Development Corp. won a contract to operate a regional battery train in Germany | Instant News

RDC Deutschland, the German subsidiary of Railroad Development Corp. Pittsburgh-based, has won a contract to operate Stadler’s dual battery-electric unit regional trains on five routes in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein. RDC won a contract over Germany’s national rail company Deutsche Bahn, which currently operates the route.

RDC Deutschland’s “RDC Autozug Sylt” business unit is already based in northern Germany, where it runs rail-linked car and freight trains to the rail-connected island of Sylt, plus long-distance night services from Sylt and Hamburg to Salzburg in Austria. Four of the five routes won by RDC serve the state capital, Kiel, on the Baltic Sea coast; some cross the state to the North Sea coastal cities of Husum and Bad St. Peter-Ording. RDC service begins in December 2023, replacing several existing diesel-powered units. The contract runs until the end of 2035.

The contract is one of three – known as Akkunetz, or battery network (Akku is battery in German) – offered by state authorities to operate a fleet of 55 EMU new two-car batteries being built by Stadler, funded by the state, for a fee. approximately $ 725 million in contracts concluded in 2019. The state will lease trains to selected contracting operators, with Stadler maintaining its fleet under a long-term contract. It is building a maintenance shop to repair trains in Rendsburg, in the middle of the network that will be serviced.

Head of Deutschland Railway Development and RDC Henry Posner III said Train News Wire, “The Akkunetz battery network contract is a new step for RDC in Germany, as historically we have not been a bidder for a public tender contract… The past few years have seen our intercity business shift rapidly from contracting operations to Flixtrain, as part of the network. national intercity buses / trains (operating, for example, trains from Berlin to Cologne), to special opportunities as a result of market disruptions from the coronavirus epidemic. For example, we launched an overnight service between Austria and the island of Sylt last summer with 5 weeks notice. “

Asked why RDC has switched from operating only a small number of intercity trains to a large number of regional trains, Posner added, “The idea of ​​bidding for this tender makes sense because it is in our core region of Schleswig-Holstein, and is another idea of ​​opportunity to demonstrate to its broad market. capabilities that we have built in our German organization. For RDC, this brings us one step closer to our goal of becoming Germany’s most respected railway company” [Posner’s emphasis].

The new MU battery-electric concept and the Stadler fleet will be among the first to enter broad service in Europe, by 2022. The onboard batteries allow trains to operate away from overhead power lines, although where available they are used like regular EMUs. The train also recovers and stores energy during braking while running on battery or EMU mode. [See “Development of hydrogen-powered trains continues, but battery-powered equipment making more inroads,” Trains News Wire, Dec. 14, 2020.] Some of the routes the RDC will operate are almost entirely free of electrification. It will only be available at a few major stations, meaning trains will have to travel around 90 miles round-trip on batteries only before they can be recharged under high-voltage cables.

RDC, the majority owner of the Iowa Interstate regional rail line, also operates in Peru, France, Britain and Belgium, and has ownership in Germany.


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