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IN THE PHOTO: Gloomy skies, thunder and lightning roll up a local high school football match | Instant News

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – As bad weather hit the area, the postponement was made for the first week of the regional playoffs for high school football.

Currently, there are several high school football playoff games being postponed due to thunder and lighting. The 8Sports Blitz crew toured Richmond in several matches, bringing the latest conditions from the gridiron.

Here are some views from Friday night:

The sky was covered in dark clouds ahead of Friday night’s game. (Photo by 8News’ Tyler Thrasher)
Patrick Henry of Monacan experienced a lightning delay. (Photo by 8News’ Olivia Jaquith)
Bad weather caused some delays on Friday night football. (Photo by 8News’ Tyler Thrasher)
Lightning is seen at Patrick Henry’s Monacan which triggers an automatic delay. (Photo by 8News’ Olivia Jaquith)
Lightning is seen at Patrick Henry’s Monacan which triggers an automatic delay. (Photo by 8News’ Olivia Jaquith)
Rain clouds settle around Varina High School. (Photo by 8News’ Tyler Thrasher)
Goochland’s Brentsville district experienced a lightning delay. (Photo by 8News’ Olivia Jaquith)


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The Karachi administrator orders strategies to avoid water clogging in the rainy season | Instant News

KARACHI: As the rainy season approaches, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) held an Emergency Rain session on Wednesday to devise a plan to avoid submerging roads and cities from flooding and blockage of sewers in port cities as happened last year, ARY News reported.

According to details of today’s session, the crowd was considering ways to avoid water buildup on underpasses and roads in the middle of the monsoon season, as Karachi administrators instructed precautions to be taken to avoid unwanted incidents in the heavy rainy season.

Keep all water pumps on standby, the administrator said advising them to clear roads when they are inundated.

The administrator has also directed the technician concerned to carry out a survey in a steep, descending area that is likely to be flooded if it rains.

Responding to an administrator’s direction, officials confirmed that the city currently has 17 drainage pumps, and he replied that all of them are being used to clear water-filled roads.

Administrators said a strategy needed to be in place to avoid the flooding raging onto the underground roads and to hire as many mechanics as possible to ensure the work was accelerated.

Another set of directives is to clear clogged rainwater drains with a focus on areas that have been severely affected in the past.

READ: The LHC orders a sale of sugar at a price of Rs80 per kg

Separately what will happen today in Lahore, the Lahore High Court (IHC) is directing the relevant authorities to ensure the sale of sugar at a price of Rs80 / kg in the holy month of Ramadan.

The Lahore High Court (LHC) heard the sugar mill petition against a government order to set a price for ex-milled sugar at Rs80.

Hakim Shahid Jamil Khan hear case.

While the trial was underway, the LHC ordered the authorities to ensure the availability of 155,000 tonnes of sugar in the month of Ramadan.




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Weather: Winter is coming – forecast for rain throughout New Zealand this week | Instant News

The weather may be cool this morning, but it will likely rain. Photo / Twitter MetService

They say when it rains – and that’s what it will be doing all over New Zealand for most of the week.

MetService predicts that the incoming vanguard will bring rain or rain to the South Island today – but the ridge will stick to the North Island, keeping most of the weather calm there.

“North winds between high and front mean warm temperatures, especially in eastern places,” said a MetService spokesman.

The cool autumn weather will be replaced by gray skies, heavy rain, and rain.

On Monday, in the North Island, rain or heavy rain will develop throughout the day.

On the South Island there will be rain to the west of the ravine. It will be cloudy with some torrential downpours around Southland and Otago, spreading into the interior of Canterbury in the late afternoon.

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On Tuesday, there will be a period of rain on the North Island north of Taihape, possibly heavy around the east of the Bay of Plenty.

Further south there will be clouds and heavy rain isolated around Kapiti and Wellington and partly cloudy elsewhere.

The South Island will be mostly cloudy with rainfall, although more waterfalls are isolated from Christchurch to Marlborough and Nelson.

Forecasters say a period of rain or rain will affect much of the country on Wednesday, possibly heavy around the east of the Bay of Plenty.

Yesterday, the whole country was under the influence of the northern sect.

The highest maximum recorded was 28C in Whanganui, while the coolest spot was Invercargill, which hit just 18C.


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Thousands Ordered To Evacuate When Extreme Floods Hit Australia | Instant News

New South Wales in Australia is experiencing the worst floods it has seen in decades.

In less than a week, some parts of the state have recorded two-thirds of the rainfall they normally see during the year.

The Australian Prime Minister said heavy rainfall was expected to slow on Wednesday, but floodwaters would remain for some time.

More than 18,000 people have evacuated their homes and another 15,000 could be ordered to follow suit.

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Bad weather warnings for flooding closed roads in outback South Australia | Instant News

Heavy rain has cut roads in South Australia’s Far North, and warnings of heavy rain and other flash floods have been issued for this afternoon.

The heaviest falls have reached 118 millimeters on Mount Dare in 24 hours to 9 a.m. this morning, 54 mm in Moomba, and 32 mm at Oodnadatta.

The Strzelecki, Oodnadatta and Birdsville tracks are closed to all vehicles.

William Creek tax collector and pilot Trevor Wright said he believes it has been the most rains in the area in “several years” impacting local roads.

He said Far North had been stopped, apart from the Stuart Highway.

“Nothing goes anywhere – we’re stuck wherever we are,” said Wright.

“It will be interesting to see how fast the streets get back because you have to remember that the streets here are all dirty.”

He said a large number of tourists were en route to the Northern Territory and the Kimberley after being unable to visit last year due to coronavirus border restrictions.

“They will learn what patience is,” he said.


Flood alert for the Far North

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued severe weather warnings for the northeastern pastoral district, including for Moomba, Innamincka and Dalhousie Springs.

“Heavy rainfall, which could cause flash floods, is expected to continue across the warning area today before moving east later this evening and overnight,” the warning said.

“Thunderstorms embedded in these cloud bands can also produce more localized heavy rain.”

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Ali Matthews’ children welcomed the rain that had fallen on Innamincka, in South Australia’s Far North.

Ali Matthews runs Cooper Creek Homestay in Innamincka.

He said rain was good for herders and local water supplies, but it meant that food had to be flown into town rather than arriving by truck.

“Our cargo truck is probably stuck at Lyndhurst this week,” he said.

“There’s a lot more rain in our south so hopefully they can get our stuff on the fly, but that will make a wrench for catering.”

State Emergency Services (SES) does not yet have any outgoing calls for the Far North part of the state.

The service has sent two crews to NSW to help deal with flooding there.


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