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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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The Nature Reserve wants to bring the processing plant to the supplier | Instant News

As the company founder explained in this episode FoodNavigator – US Investment for the Future of FoodSometimes too much good – including market potential – can be bad if entrepreneurs spread too thin to make the measurable impact needed to validate concepts and trigger future growth.

To avoid this fate, Nature preserveJoin 11thCohort of Food-X SOSV AcceleratorWhere he works with a mentor to develop a strategic business plan that is suitable for it’s size and resources.

‘We need to change the way … food is processed’

The idea for the Nature Reserve came to the founder Anantha Peramuna when she was fed up with fruit and vegetables that her coworkers used to make pampering smoothies and make offices “Smells like a garbage can.”He realized that if he dried the product into powder, there would be less waste and easier to make smoothies.

Wondering whether the same technique can help alleviate 45% of products wasted globally, Peramuna learned that although it is easy to buy surplus products, it is not easy to process them because the facility may be far from the source of the product or there may not be available at the facility to process the product when it’s cooked.

His “Elegant solution”Is to bring processing facilities to farms, retailers, or other points in the supply chain by reducing the entire facility to a mobile unit that can dry or purify the product on site.

“We have a mission to change the way food is processed around the world. So, we miniature this large processing plant into a small cellular trailer so that food can be processed anywhere in the supply chain, “He said.


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Concern for the welfare of employees during a pandemic has an impact on perceptions of food security, access | Instant News

Concerns about access to food and drink during the COVID-19 outbreak have experienced a steady decline from a peak of more than 75% of consumers on the week of March 18, until the beginning of this month when it increased slightly from 61% during the week of April 22 to 63% on the week of May 6 , according to the latest Consumer Brands Association weekly installments survey An American perspective on a pandemic.

CBA’s industry narrative senior director Katie Denis explained in a blog post on the trade association’s website that the uptick follows news of the closure of meat and poultry processing and the threat of shortages, “The problem 76% of respondents are familiar with.”

This reflects a decrease in consumer confidence in the ability of producers to supply sufficient food expressed by a survey Performed by the International Food Information Council May 7-12 and released May 20.

According to the IFIC survey, 73% of consumers believe that producers can produce enough food to meet consumer needs next month – down from 77% in April when IFIC conducted a similar survey.

Of the various food categories, concerns about access to meat are the highest, according to the IFIC. It found 21% of people worried about running out of meat versus 19% who were afraid of running out of fresh food and 16% of those worried about not having enough healthy food. While access to healthy food is lower on the list of consumer fears, the IFIC noted that it more than doubled from 9% in April.

Despite rising concerns about access to meat and other animal products, IFIC found that about half of consumers consume the same amount of most types of protein. Specifically, it was found that 50% said they consumed the same amount of meat, eggs and milk and vegetable protein.


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