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The initial report will be ready in four days, said Azam Swati | Instant News

Federal Railways Minister Muhammad Azam Khan Swati said the initial report of the unfortunate incident that occurred in the early hours of Sunday would be received in four to five days.

At least one woman was killed and several other passengers were injured when their train bound for Lahore – the Karachi Express – crashed between Panu Aqil and Rohri.

Speaking to local media, the minister said he would not tolerate the negligence of anyone involved in the accident. He said if the train driver was found guilty, he would not be released and action would be started against him.

He said railway officials reached the place to prepare a preliminary report.

The Railways Minister said he had directly monitored the rescue operation, adding rail officials and police made it to the crash site in time.

The federal minister praised the role played by the commissioner Sukkur. Azam Swati said passenger safety was his top priority.


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Items prepared by youth with intellectual disabilities are on display | Instant News

KARACHI: Samina Alvi, wife of President Arif Alvi, on Saturday inaugurated an exhibition of products processed by young people with challenged intellectual abilities.

The full day event entitled ‘Hunarmand’ was held at Markaz-e-Umeed, the alma mater of these special entrepreneurs, with the motive of marking the beginning of their economic independence at a time when the world at large is exposed to Covid. -19 induced challenge. The first lady expressed her joy at seeing the efforts to empower people with disabilities and emphasized the need for inclusiveness in society. “The aim of this exercise is to educate people with intellectual disabilities as low investment entrepreneurs and to help them gain financial independence,” said Anusha Ali, the education center’s rehabilitation manager. Samina was informed that the center is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and was established to meet the educational and rehabilitation needs of special children especially from low-income segments of society free of charge through support from local philanthropists.

The first lady was told that a pragmatic approach had been adopted for the socio-economic rehabilitation of young people attending school from childhood and that approach had enabled young graduates to be prepared as skilled souls. Some of the furniture placed in the center was made by graduates themselves trained in carpentry while some of the students also participated in various international events, including the Special Olympics, and won medals for the country.


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The government is ready for an even bigger protest: Sarwar | Instant News

LAHORE: Punjab governor Chaudhry Sarwar said only time will tell whether the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) lives up to its claim to march on March 26.

The PTI government is strong and ready to face bigger protests by the PDM, the governor of Punjab said while speaking with the Pakistani delegation Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led by an overseas Pakistani, Raja Mazhar, at the Governor’s Mansion on Saturday.

Chaudhry Sarwar said PTI and its allies are on the same page and fully prepared to fight the opposition in the Senate elections on March 3. He confirmed that PTI would win the Senate election.

He said there were clear differences between the opposition parties in the PDM even after a year-long campaign. “The PDM party has never been on one page and will not be in the future either,” he said, adding that all PDM parties only wanted to protect their own interests and they least cared about the state. He said the opposition parties do not have any vision or principles since the PDM was formed for temporary gain and they know nothing about their future strategy because their protest strategy cannot shake the government.

Chaudhry Sarwar said opposition parties should not drag institutions into politics for their political interests. The strength of the state lies in strengthening institutions, he added. The opposition should accept the government’s mandate rather than criticize the institutions, he said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan works for the development and prosperity of the common people. Initiatives like the Health Insaaf Card are testimony to government initiatives that are community friendly, he said.


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Plan ready to demolish dilapidated buildings in the city, said Nasir | Instant News

KARACHI: A plan has been prepared to demolish a dilapidated building in Karachi to avoid a major tragedy due to possible collapse.

Sindh Information Minister and Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah revealed this on Friday when he spoke at a ceremony to distribute financial compensation checks to 24 affected families of the Al-Ramzan Center at the Kayu Market which collapsed in December 2019 due to his condition. dilapidated. .

He said a one-window operation would be launched to help people displaced by demolition of dilapidated buildings in the city. He added that residents of the rickety building will be given alternative accommodation or rent after they evacuate.

According to the Minister, the location has been identified outside the city to relocate the Timber Market from its current location within the metropolitan city. He said the Kayu Market would be relocated to a suitable location after obtaining approval from the traders.

Shah stated that the Sindh government did not provide any assistance to anyone by paying financial compensation nor was it an achievement because the government was only fulfilling its obligations in this regard.

He emphasized that the Sindh government stands with the concerned merchant community in the city and realizes the plight of the business community due to the prevailing coronavirus health emergency situation.

Shah also reminisced about the services of the late business community leader Siraj Kassam Teli who headed the rehabilitation committee for the affected traders. The Minister appreciated the services of the Chairman of the Wood Market Traders Association Sharjeel Goplani, who said that he upheld the traditions of the late Teli.

On this occasion, Goplani expressed his gratitude to the Sindh government for the restoration work of the Kayu Market after the fire accident.


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Haroon is ready to qualify for the Olympics in Jordan | Instant News

KARACHI: Pakistan will field its taekwondo squad in the Asian qualifying round for the Olympics which will be held in May in Jordan.

A group of talented fighters will represent the country in qualifying. But the country’s top seed Haroon Khan is seen as a dangerous player and able to surprise the country in a difficult match. He is in the best shape and form and determined to earn a berth for the Tokyo Olympics this year.

“I have been training hard and have a lot of confidence to win an Olympic seat,” Haroon told Rawalpindi’s ‘The News’ on Sunday.

Haroon, a gold medalist at the 2019 Asian Games, demonstrated his potential as a global fighter by performing superbly at the World Championships in Manchester in 2019. He defeated 2016 European Championship gold medalist Mourad Laachraoui of Belgium and leading Lebanese fighter Ralph Honeine.

“I know the strength of the leading fighters who have come to Jordan. I have played with them. I know how to handle it, ”said Haroon.

It was not known a year ago how the Quetta-born fighter returned to national duty with a serious knee injury. He underwent surgery in Karachi. And after seven months of rest he was back on the circuit. He now felt there was no problem. “I’m perfect now. No problem, ”said Haroon.

Due to the Covid-19 issue, Haroon is unlikely to go abroad to train but he is still happy with the way he trains in Rawalpindi.

“Yes, that’s a problem but here the training is good. I have Korean coaches and some local coaches working with me and I am satisfied. There are some good fighters that I train well. Every fighter in the world faces such foreign training problems, ”said Haroon.

The top two boxers in each weight category will qualify for the Tokyo Olympics in the Jordan qualifying round.

Haroon played in the -58kg class.

Shahzaib, Jibran, Taimur Saeed, Aneela and Zoya Sabir are working hard to find a place in the four-member Pakistan squad that the Pakistan Taekwondo Federation (PTF) wants to send to Jordan.

PTF has organized training opportunities for UK based Aneela in the UK.

A total of 33 fighters, both male and female, have been detained at the camp at the Army Sports Complex in Rawalpindi. The army provided board and lodging for the fighters and officials. PTF covers the remaining costs of the training camp from its own resources.

PTF has established camps for several years. “Yes, we have held the camp for two years,” PTF president Col Waseem told ‘The News’.

“There are many international events including the Olympic qualifying rounds in Jordan, the Islamic Games, the Pakistan Open Taekwondo Championship (G-1) and the World Youth Championship,” said Waseem. “And in the next few years and early 2023 Pakistan will host the South Asian Games. We strive to keep our fighters in top condition for all of these events, ”said Waseem.

PTF has kept its athletes active around the clock despite a lack of state funding. “The time is now we have to stand on our own feet. This is important, “said Waseem.


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