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‘Political workers are real party assets’ | Instant News


Punjab Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan said on Tuesday that political workers are a real asset of any party whose services cannot be forgotten in any way.

He said that especially through the Pakistani platform, Tehreek e Insaf, political activists had given unforgettable roles and devoted their energies to realizing Prime Minister Imran Khan’s dream of bringing about change.

He expressed this view as he mourned the death of Saleem Shabrati, a party worker who had worked for a long time.

The senior minister met the heirs of the veteran activist and highlighted that he has a 20-year friendship with Shabrati.

“He is a sincere and selfless party worker whose services will be remembered for a long time,” he added.

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Abdul Aleem Khan also visited the home of Bilal Aslam Bhatti, the PTI candidate from PP-163 and expressed his sorrow at the passing of his mother.

He prayed to Allah SWT to give him a place in heaven and help his family endure irreparable losses with courage and fortitude.

“Nothing can replace a great blessing like a mother,” he said.

The senior minister also spoke with party workers present there and inquired about their welfare.


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