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PSP head accused the People’s Party, MQM of exploitation on the basis of ethnicity | Instant News

Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal said that despite using all the machines of the Sindh government, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had staged unsuccessful rallies in Karachi in response to the failed demonstrations of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

Speaking to the media outside the National Accountability Bureau Court on Friday, Kamal said that if the PPP were truly sincere to the city people, it would provide relief rather than holding a rally.

He said PPP had benefited a lot from MQM’s slogan of creating a new province. “Both PPP and MQM exploited Sindhis and Mohajir on ethnic grounds to cover up their corruption. Just as MQM does not represent Mohajir, neither is Sindhi linked to PPP. “

The PSP chairman said that on the one hand the opposition is trying to overthrow the federal government, while on the other hand, the federation is trying to wipe out the opposition.

“If the opposition is truly committed to overthrowing the federal government led by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, they will have to resign from the assembly: the government will fall in one hour. But the PPP not only enjoyed Sindh rule but also maintained back door contact with the ruling power. “

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan behaved more like a king than a democratic ruler because his selfish nature prevented him from speaking to the opposition.

He laments that accusing, slandering, blaming and slandering Pakistani institutions and their heads for their own political survival is a major conspiracy against the country itself, and it will cause irreparable harm to Pakistan.

Criticizing Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chairman Nawaz Sharif for participating in the PPP all-party conference, Kamal said the former PM should criticize the ruling Sindh party for destroying provinces from Karachi to Kashmore.

“The ruler who has most of the financial and administrative power in the country is none other than the chief minister of Sindh,” he claims.

“In Karachi alone, 150,000 people have been bitten by stray dogs a year. The Green Line bus project started by the Sharif administration still does not have a single bus. The work on the K-IV water project has not yet started. “

He claims that the Sharif government has handed over Sindh to the PPP as part of a joint political understanding, thereby knowingly allowing the party to plunder and destroy the province, so that the PML-N can run the federation as it wants to plunder the country.

The PSP chairman said that the local government was the first step towards democracy. Unfortunately, however, PPP is unwilling to hold regional head elections, he added.


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Is Virginia messed up by the new ACC 10 match schedule? | Instant News

By Jerry Ratcliffe

Mascot Cav Man from Virginia joins fans at The Hill to celebrate his fourth quarter field goal against Georgia Tech (Photo by John Markon).

When the ACC computer issued a newly revised 10-plus-one schedule on Wednesday afternoon, they did not show the love of the Virginia soccer team.

Let’s face it, the UVA new league schedule is brutal. Of the 10 conference games, the Cavaliers face what many college football observers believe are the top three teams in each of the Atlantic and Coastal divisions, although everyone has played in only one division this season.

The Cavaliers’ five home games are against Boston College, Duke, Louisville, North Carolina and NC State, in no particular order. Five UVA road games – and here it is increasingly brutal – against Clemson, Florida State, Miami, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest.

How many college soccer teams come out of the road schedule who feel good about themselves?

If Bronco Mendenhall likes a challenge, he also has a challenge.

Some preseason polls have Clemson, Louisville and Florida State 1-2-3 in the Atlantic, and Carolina, Virginia Tech and Miami 1-2-3 on the Coast.

No, UVA did not gain much respect after winning the division last fall and returning most of its start to defense, alongside the entire offensive line and the experienced backs and broad receivers. In addition, the Wahoo have some good transfers in the offseason, including quarterback Keytaon Thompson from the State of Mississippi and Tony Poljan from Central Michigan.

Hosting Louisville and Carolina can be very supportive of Virginia, although many predict Tar Heels will be strong behind quarterback Sam Howell, the second best QB in the league after Trevor Lawrence from Clemson.

But street games are evil. Clemson will fight for another Playoff College Football experience and chances are that no one at ACC can even hang out with the Tigers.

The State of Florida did not initially fit the UVA schedule, but it was another challenging road game even though Seminoles were not like they used to be. Cavaliers defeated FSU at Charlottesville last season, 31-24. There is a new sheriff in town, because Mike Norvell came to Tallahassee with the aim of restoring order in the program. Norvell won in Memphis and his team has a reputation for placing many points on the board.

Virginia played in Miami last season and suffered a haunting 17-9 defeat when the Cavaliers fouled and stammered and could not punch the final zone in six trips inside the red zone.

If those three road games are not challenging enough, how about we travel to Blacksburg where UVA hasn’t won since 1998.

While the game is over a month away, there are worries in the sports world about playing contests in the state of Florida, which has become a new hot spot for the Covid-19 virus.

John MacKnight, head of the UVA team of doctors and members of the ACC Medical Advisory Group, said recently that nobody wants to play in Florida now.

ACC allows his team to play one nonconference opponent, but the stipulation is that the game must be played in the state of an ACC institution. There were rumors about West Virginia filling the slot, but there was no confirmation that the game was approved.

UVA said it would announce the plus-one opponent in the future.

No TV dates, times or assignments were announced at this time.


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Explains Selena Gomez social media break | person. | Instant News

Selena Gomez took a social media break because “he felt a bit insensitive” to the message, too “happy”.

28-year-old singer returned to Instagram on Wednesday (29.07.20) as she explained her recent absence, which came during a pandemic syndrome on a background of black lives matter movement.

She said to his followers: “Hey! I wanted to take some time to do a quick message for you guys, because I wrote so much.

“I just wanted to let you know that I love you and I miss you and so many interesting things coming up that I can’t wait to share with all of you.

“I just think that at the beginning of this year, with everything going on, it felt a little insensitive to post things that may be just a little… joyful and festive, it was very hard for me.”

In ‘losing you love Heath showed me that she will start posting again now after a break, but promised she’s “learned”.

She explained, “and I took the time to learn, really learn about what is happening, and I keep doing it my priority.

“But, just letting you know that I’m going to be a little more serious and I just send love and going to show you some of my personal things, and what I was doing.

“But thank you for coming, and thank you for supporting me always and I talk to you.”

Selena recently revealed that she wants to raise $100 million for mental health, and her rare beauty company seeks to raise huge amount to support those who need to access services for mental health, which had a deep impact on her.


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Bronco prefers conference schedules only, at least 8 matches, without round robins | Instant News

By Jerry Ratcliffe

Virginia football coach Bronco Mendenhall took questions from media members on Monday.

Virginia football coach Bronco Mendenhall said on Monday that although he thought it was possible to have a season, it was very challenging and he believed a decision that definitely needed to be made at the end of the month.

Mendenhall discussed various topics during Monday’s video conference to update the media and fans after most of his soccer team returned for voluntary training last Sunday. Only two players chose not to return at this time, but Mendenhall did not identify them and did not rule them out to rejoin the team at some point.

Mendenhall’s opinion is synchronized with the opinion of ACC commissioner John Swofford and others as far as the cutoff for decisions on whether football will be played this fall.

“I think longer than the end of July will be very challenging in terms of preparation, especially if we talk about starting on time,” Mendenhall said. “After passing through July, I think it will be a real challenge. That’s the tentative time frame that is in my mind, knowing that I’m not the one who decides.

“But if I am asked to push it further, then it increases uncertainty, and I am not sure there was a significant change at that time.”

Swofford, who recently announced that this would be his last year as an ACC commissioner, said that the league would make a decision at the end of July whether the conference team would play the league schedule as planned by the Big 10 and Pac-12. Many predicted ACC would follow, but Swofford realized there were complications for the ACC team where the league had an agreement with the partner of Notre Dame, who could lose several matches on its schedule, in addition to the long-standing competition between four ACC schools and four SEC schools which would be difficult to resist.

“With the uncertainty of last July, in entering the mindset you need to be able to play the game, I think that would be more than what makes sense to ask,” Mendenhall said.

While ACC has not yet decided on the “conference only” game schedule, Mendenhall wants to see it happen. If that happens, Virginia will play six matches against Coastal Division opponents: Duke, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Pitt, Georgia Tech and Miami, in addition to two crossover matches vs. Atlantic Division teams: Louisville and Clemson.

“Yes, I support [conference games only] because in a situation like this you control what can be controlled, “Mendenhall said. “By playing the team only in our region, only at our conference, we have a better chance of having a standard protocol in terms of testing.”

The UVA coach said there might be a better opportunity (talking about campus football in general) to reduce cross-country trips and to increase the percentage of reducing concerns about the lack of consistency in testing and prevention, because the team can stick to themselves. conferences where there is a possibility of higher continuity in dealing with viruses.

“Anything that reduces travel, reduces air travel, or increases the closeness of play and makes our players safer, we have a better chance to control it in the conference than outside the conference,” Mendenhall said.

ACC formed a panel of medical experts in each of its 14 schools, alongside Notre Dame, to work on the best plan for managing virus risk. The panel meets regularly through video conferences to discuss findings and share information. John MacKnight, UVA team doctor from UVA Sports Medicine, is Cavaliers representative.

Asked whether he would rather play in the division and crossover than play a team in the region, Mendenhall said he preferred the first.

“I prefer to play division and crossover as closely as possible in terms of scheduling in our league,” Mendenhall said. “If for some reason we cannot get an architect properly, yes, I prefer regional games. If for some reason we are not able to get exactly what was designed at the conference, the next best option is to see who is the closest and then consider those options as maybe not the conference. But I prefer conference-first. “

Mendenhall said he thought the team had to play no less than eight matches and that things were lacking it would be difficult to ask the players to consider, especially those hoping to move to the NFL after this season, or those who were considering redshirting.

“That is the minimum limit I have internally based only on my own threshold, no one else,” Mendenhall said. “There’s more to it [eight] will be worthless. Less than that would be difficult to justify, knowing that I understood the income portion and I understood the athletics department’s need for resources. I understand its effect on other sports, so I want to help it at the highest level as well. “

One suggestion Mendenhall did not particularly care about was the formation of three regionalised pods consisting of five ACC teams each other than Notre Dame. The team will play each team in their pod twice, a kind of round-robin, creating an eight-game schedule.

Such a creation would solve the problem of Notre Dame in terms of playing eight matches. However, it still doesn’t discuss traditional competition matches at the end of the season between Georgia Tech-Georgia, Florida State-Florida, Clemson-South Carolina and Louisville-Kentucky, a game that some schools have insisted on playing.

“I’d rather not play each team twice,” Mendenhall said. “But this is not a time where we have many normal choices. If this regional pod proposal maintains the safest team and gives us the best chance to play soccer, then I will support it.

“This is a time for innovation and unique solutions to do the best we can under the circumstances and I think the proposal is appropriate. I prefer to play each team once, not twice. Once again, it is expanding regional games and I think it might put us at more risk than local games. “


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Discusses the possibility of special ACC-soccer matches and more at The Jerry Ratcliffe Show | Instant News

This is the podcast version of our Saturday radio show on ESPN-Charlottesville. Join Hootie and guest star Ed Hardin (columnist for Greensboro News & Record), Dr. Stephen Brockmeier (UVA Orthopedics), and recruitment analyst Gary Criswell when we talk about what happens if ACC follows Big 10 and Pac 12 in not playing non-conference. the game of football, how Notre Dame and state competition with the SEC can influence many things; will there be fans in the stands; recruit updates and more.

As usual, you can also watch more than 70 hours of the last Jerry Ratcliffe Show interview with great Wahoo people like Ralph Sampson, Terry Holland, Shawn Moore, Tiki Barber, Shawn Moore, Herman Moore, Chris Slade, Barry Parkhill, Bryant Stith , John Crotty, Kyle Guy, De’Andre Hunter, Ray Roberts, Billy McMullen, Anthony Poindexter and many more including Dick Vitale here in our audio archive. You can also find every episode of our podcast, Wahoo World with Jerry Ratcliffe (keep up with other episodes in the near future).


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