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New Zealand businesses must adapt to a fragmented post-COVID global economy | Instant News


The challenges for businesses in New Zealand are the best way to adapt to face this new global economy. Photo / Getty Images

As recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic continues, there are strong reasons to believe that a rejuvenated global economy will be like never before.

A liberal economic order that allowed the rapid growth of trade, investment, technology and income until the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) 2008 is showing signs of deterioration.

Many developed countries are now experiencing a revival of populist political movements. There is a growing disregard for the rule of law and a weakening of major global institutions, including the World Trade Organization.

The level playing field of the rule-based system is being challenged by the rules of the rulers. The challenges for businesses in New Zealand are the best way to adapt to face this new global economy.

The changing face of globalization

Developing countries are reshaping globalization. For example, China and Russia pursue a form of state capitalism characterized by close government-business relations. By providing subsidized financing or a dominant domestic market share, they distort their competitive advantage in world markets.

The broader context for these developments is China’s challenge to the United States’ long-held global economic leadership.

The result is a widening global divide between liberalism and statism, democracy and authoritarianism, and rules-based versus unregulated governance.

A challenge for business

For businesses, this development means a more challenging operating environment, one that is more complex, uncertain, and ambiguous. The growing fragmentation will inevitably add to the costs of business across borders, with arbitrary costs, regulations and distortions affecting the movement of resources.

More specifically, businesses need to rethink some fundamental principles.

Greater geopolitical awareness will be needed. Trade, investment and technology management decisions should give greater weight to political and regulatory considerations.

Commitment to one side of a technological, ideological, or regulatory division can mean exclusion or marginalization on the other.

The strategic focus of the business will evolve from simply cost or profit to evolutionary fitness. Businesses need to adapt to various constraints on the movement and protection of personnel, technology and knowledge.

Governments need to rethink the scale and form of support they offer their local businesses. Subsidies, protection, competition policy and industrial policy will all require reconsideration in the face of state capitalism.

Trade war risk

There are early signs near home of what this new neighborhood will be like.

Currently Australia request an investigation into China’s handling of the pandemic it is facing rates in Grape and barley. It also faces export restrictions coal, lobster, wood, Red meat and cotton to China.

Australia criticized China appeared “wolf warrior“diplomacy and shocking Chinese authorities reject A proposed takeover from the Australian Lion Milk Company by China’s Mengniu Dairy.

On the same road, New Zealand is reprimanded by China to support Taiwan’s re-acceptance to the World Health Organization’s annual global health meeting.

This experience highlights the growing interdependence between economic and political objectives and the increasing uncertainty that businesses will face.

Future plans for business

This challenge will seriously disrupt the New Zealand economy. this heavily dependent on trade and tourism and increasingly embracing Asian regional economies since the 1970s.

New Zealand has diverse historical commitments and obligations globally. This includes defense with the United States, with intelligence Five Eyes alliances, migration with the Pacific and Europe (and more recently Asia), and increasing economic prosperity with Asia.

Our largest businesses are proud of their global reach, but this may be more of a barrier than a profit.

Our leading companies – such as Fonterra, Zespri, and Lion Nathan – have all faced difficulties in China recently. Future challenges appear more complex.

New Zealand businesses need to plan for a post-COVID recovery characterized not only by more homeworkers, but also by new strategic questions that are just emerging.

There are undoubtedly other questions that need to be asked (and answered), but now is the time for businesses to start planning for the future or risk falling behind.

Peter Enderwick, Professor of International Business, Auckland University of Technology

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read original article.


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‘The main reason for failing the CSS exam is ignoring the relevant syllabus’ | Instant News

Students interested in taking the Central Superior Services (CSS) exam should focus on their studies and not ignore the importance of preparation, said Prof. Dr. Abdul Hai Madani, professor in NED University’s Department of Humanities.

Speaking at an introductory class organized by Karachi University’s Bureau of Guidance, Counseling & Placement (SGCPB) for those enrolled in the preparation course for the CSS exam, Dr Madani said that one of the main reasons for failing the CSS exam is because students ignore the syllabus and its content. “The majority of applicants believe they can pass the CSS exam because they have recently completed studies or are enrolled in some program, so they only consider the curriculum and material they have studied.” He said that such students for some reason do not attach importance to the CSS syllabus and content, and this is one of the main reasons many students do not complete the CSS exam. He emphasized the need to prepare CSS exams according to the relevant syllabus and content.

CSP (Pakistani Civil Service) officer and Deputy Director of Textile & Leather Division Balqis Jamali said that the biggest reason for failing the CSS exam is a lack of focus on our education system.

“We never thought about how we should dress our children. We blame schools, colleges and universities for not playing their part, but we don’t understand what children want to do, mainly because of a lack of focus. We can’t fix the system ourselves; it requires a collective effort, so everyone has to play their part. “

CSP officer Mir Hussain Ali, who is also a former Karachi and Mirpurkhas commissioner and retired adjunct secretary, said that lack of awareness was also the main reason for low participation in the CSS exam.

“Many people don’t even know what a civil servant is. It’s an easy way to get a job because passing exams makes it easy to get a job, and you can play an important and positive role in serving your country and nation. “


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Administrators allow cricket activities on five KMC courts | Instant News

KARACHI: Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) administrator Laiq Ahmed has promised that the KMC will not take back its five cricket grounds that were awarded to the defunct Karachi City Cricket Association (KCCA) to host local tournaments.

This was expressed during a speech at the inauguration of Professor Ijaz Ahmed Farooqi’s Cricket tournament on the TMC cricket field as the main guest yesterday. This tournament is held under the auspices of New Sangam Sports. A total of 164 cricket teams from all over Sindh participated in the tournament. The team doesn’t cost you a penny. All tournament expenses are borne by Professor Farooqi.

The administrator said that the MOU will be signed between KMC and KCCA when KCCA has a new elected body. The KMC administrator said he knew that a lot of first-class, international and test cricket emerged after playing on these five cricket grounds and making the city and country proud. Therefore, KMC wants activities to continue for the advancement of games and urban youth.

KMC administrators laud Professor Ijaz Farooqi’s services and his role as a sports educator and organizer. He said that Farooqi has hosted hundreds of cricket tournaments in the city and now he has invited 168 cricket teams from all over Sindh which is a tremendous job.

Laiq also praised the services of former KMC sports director Jameel Ahmed, who is considered one of the best cricket organizers. He said that Jameel had retired but his presence on the TMC cricket pitch meant that his relationship with the game of cricket would continue.


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Lawyers say the Daily Mail defamed Imran Ali Yousaf under false pretenses | Instant News

LONDON: Shahbaz Sharif’s lawyer, Imran Ali Yousaf, said the defamation meaning the results of the trial at the London High Court was a vindication of his client’s claim against a 2019 Associated Newspapers Ltd (ANL) article blaming him for money laundering and corruption.

Lawyers for Waheed-ur-Rehman Miah, who is the UK’s senior leader of Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) and whose company represents Imran Ali Yousaf, said The Mail had claimed on Sunday that his client received £ 1 million, which he knows embezzled from a grant from the Pakistan Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction Authority (ERRA).

However, “there is evidence that Yousaf did not know” the origin of the funds and had nothing to do with Ikram Naveed, a former ERRA administrator.

Barrister Waheed said he had been a supporter and official of the PTI for more than 15 years and supported PM Imran Khan. “I will not support anyone who is involved in corruption or wrongdoing. I investigated all matters related to Imran Ali Yousaf. Before agreeing to represent, I traced the money, receipts and evidence and I became convinced that the allegations against Imran Ali Yousaf were false and there was no truth in the allegations. “

Waheed’s lawyers said Mail Online and Mail On Sunday said Yousaf was the recipient of millions of pounds of laundered money because he was related to Shahbaz Sharif’s family, but in court, Mail’s lawyers told the judge the newspaper had not accused Yousaf of money laundering.

The judge rejected the publication’s argument and told the publication to establish evidence that Yousaf was involved in money laundering and that the evidence must match the wording used in the article.

“The fact that Judge Matthew Nickin establishes that Yousaf has been slandered at the highest level, on the part of ERRA, and slandered at the second highest level of all corruption charges, is evidence that the Daily Mail’s arguments are found insufficient that it does not accuse him of corruption,” Waheed said. The attorney stated that the allegations were “completely untrue. “


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PSP asked the ECP to reject the Sindh government’s reasons, announced a poll of LG | Instant News

KARACHI; Criticizing the Sindh government for not holding local government elections in the province under the pretext of controversial census results, Pak Sarzameen’s Party (PSP) has asked the General Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to reject the provincial government’s excuse and announce the polling schedule for local bodies.

Calling the so-called and self-proclaimed leaders of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) as champions of democracy, PSP chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal said they ignore the election of local bodies to seize power and resources and are not serious about solving public problems. .

He spoke to young members of the Pashtun community in Al-Asif Square, Sohrab Goth, on Saturday.

Similar to the last general election, the ECP should hold local body elections based on the previous census so that basic community problems can be resolved, said Kamal. “Because of the indifference of the Pakistan People’s Party, the Sindh people are very nervous. If the people affected by inflation take to the streets to demand their rights, then only the rulers are responsible for the deterioration of the law and order situation, “he said.

The PSP head said the PPP wanted to reduce the urban Sindh population to extend its rule and maintain its grip on the province. “If Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf agrees to the controversial census results, it will not only deceive the Sindh people, including Karachi, but also propel them towards slavery for generations.”

He added that the census is a matter of survival for our generation and PSP will not leave people alone in census problems. PSP leaders Anis Kaimkhani, Syed Shakir Ali, Naik Mohammad, Afaq Jamal, Abdullah Sheikh and Farhan Ansari were also present at the occasion.

Meanwhile, PSP in his statement said that Kamal would inaugurate the Keamari district party office in Gulbai chowk today (Sunday).


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