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‘Spread Gratitude, Not Germs’, How To Travel Safely During The Next Weeks Of Vacation Travel | Instant News

WASHINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) – If you have to travel in the next few weeks, a local travel agent advises you to allow plenty of extra time for your trips and remember the basics: MASKS. On Thursday, Jennifer Walker, owner of Jennifer Walker Travel outside of Washington, said it was imperative to check credible websites for COVID-19 restriction information. “If you’re looking for state-by-state restrictions, one of the best websites I’ve found is travel.aaa.com,” Walker said. “It has an interactive map and if you look under the map you’ll see every identified state, all of the restore restrictions, all of the quarantine restrictions.” “[Traveling] is different, ”Walker said. “It’s always possible to do it safely, but you really have to do your part so that we can all make it happen and see our family and loved ones. Spread the gratitude, not the sprouts this year. Learn more about Jennifer Walker Travel. It focuses on international travel, especially to the Bucket List destinations you’ve always dreamed of. .

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Letter to Editor: Best regards to Effingham from Germany | Letter To Editor | Instant News

As a foreign currency exchange student at EHS 1976-77 I ​​spent a full year of experience, getting to know American hospitality, recognition of personality by teachers and even a little bit of early settlement enthusiasm by people from various countries including Germany.

I then came to Illinois several times to visit friends, only those traveling outside of Illinois, so Effingham is to me a mirror of American life. Of course the intersection of opportunities is always changing; I realized, for example, that dairy farming was almost extinct in the county.

Is the stance of the 1977 Stamp “Speak your truth calmly and clearly … Avoid loud and aggressive people” still being followed at Effingham?

Greetings from Germany.

Ralf Eyssen, Luckenwalde, Germany

PS Anyone in Effingham who has the opportunity to visit Germany is very welcome at our home near Berlin.


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Opinion: In support of Taiwan, Canada is doing the right thing – well, almost | Instant News

Canadian Foreign Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne spoke at a press conference in Riga, Latvia, on March 2, 2020.

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J. Michael Cole is a Taipei-based senior colleague with the Macdonald-Laurier Institute in Ottawa and the Global Taiwan Institute in Washington, D.C. He is a former intelligence officer at the Canadian Security Intelligence Agency. His latest book, Cross-Strait Relations Since 2016: End of Illusion, published by Routledge in March.

The international community has fought against COVID-19. But now, because it finally recognizes the stupidity of excluding Taiwan from UN agencies that can support in fighting the virus, the United States is leading a multilateral effort to fix this problem. Last week, the U.S.-led bloc calling on Taiwan to be included as an observer at the World Health Assembly, the WHO decision-making body, which will be held next week by teleconference. At the time of writing, Taiwan has not received an invitation.

The list of countries involved in the campaign includes Canada, whose government often hates Beijing. But here, he joined the efforts on the right side of history, with a very warm welcome from Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne. “Canada continues to support Taiwan’s meaningful participation in international multilateral forums where its presence makes an important contribution to the public good,” he told The Canadian Press, adding that Canada “encouraged WHO to engage with experts from Taiwan and to support Taiwan’s meaningful inclusion in discussions globally about health. “

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But Mr. Champagne added qualifications to Canadian support that departed from precedent – and may in fact have contradicted Canada’s old position on Beijing’s “one China” policy. “We believe that Taiwan’s role as a non-state observer at the World Health Assembly meeting is in the interests of international health,” he said.

The addition of “as a non-state observer” is a new language in Canada’s position in Taiwan. For example, in 2019, foreign minister Chrystia Freeland stated, “We continue to support Taiwan’s meaningful participation in international multilateral forums where its presence makes an important contribution to the good of the global public.”

Side addition Champagne, with its official Ottawa position, has been held in Taiwan since it stopped recognition of the Republic of China (or ROC, Taiwan’s official name) in 1971 for official diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Under the joint communique of the framework, Ottawa recognized the PRC government as “the only Chinese legal government” but only “noted” Beijing’s opinion that Taiwan was an “irrevocable part” of the PRC’s territory. In other words, Canada’s position on the ROC’s legal status is agnostic.

This ambiguity made it possible to form official relations with the PRC while at the same time it was possible to continue informal relations with Taiwan. However, while Canada and other countries decide to cut ties with the ROC, it does not mean that the ROC no longer exists as a de facto country.

Although Canada stopped recognizing the ROC in 1971, Taiwanese – now numbering 23.8 million, democratic and one of the 20 largest economies of the world – did not simply disappear. Arguing otherwise means abandoning the spirit of the communique and embracing the view of the annexation regime in Beijing. If it were not for China’s insistence on the impossibility of double recognition, most countries would continue to continue official diplomatic relations with the ROC. As in other matters, we have allowed the autocratic regime to determine the terms of how we engage with the whole world.

By reducing Taiwan to non-state status, Mr. Champagne unnecessarily echoes Beijing’s official position under the “one China” principle – which Ottawa has never accepted, let alone embraced. This is an effort to have both: to join a group of democratic nations that recognize the urgency of allowing Taiwan to join the UN effort, while simultaneously signaling Ottawa’s reluctance to anger Beijing. Canada is alone among the countries that have expressed their support for Taiwan’s presence at the WHA in an effort to appease autocrats in Zhongnanhai.

Central to the problem in this initiative is to place a blind spot in the global health system by enabling country participation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to be exemplary. There is absolutely no need to include references to Taiwan’s qualifications as a country.

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Canada could occupy a high moral position and maintain its dignity by joining forces with fellow democracy in advocating the status of Taiwanese observers at WHA; on the contrary, it does the right thing but then reflective – cowardly, one can add – give up on Beijing’s position in Taiwan.

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