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4-H annual fashion show held Monday night | Local News | Instant News

Fashion show

Participants at the Gage County 4-H Fashion Show received roses and sunglasses at the end of the evening’s event. 4-H members model clothing items they make or buy at prefair events.

Christina Lyons

An annual tradition before the exhibition, the Gage County 4-H Fashion Show was held at the 4-H building on Monday night.

The models walked on the red carpet runways with clothes they had sewed, decorated, or bought.

“Sewing requires a lot of practice and patience,” said Jane Esau, Gage County 4-H Assistant. “Modeling requires courage, practice, and pride, and being a good consumer combines learning what to look for in clothing, comparison shopping for the pleasure of choosing the perfect outfit.”

Models show off their clothes when the narrator reads the description and describes the process students have written about choosing fabrics. Students also write about the challenges they might have in sewing and where they plan to put on their project.

Most clothes are sewn for school days, but some are planned for special holidays abroad.

Children who are not yet 4-H are invited to the stage and walk down the red carpet on their clothes at night. Young people are blessed with glittering sticks.

“Our Fashion Show features talented young people, exceptional life skills,” Esau said. “Many mothers, grandparents, and family members help them learn this skill. It’s amazing to see sewing passed down from generation to generation. “


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Lady Gaga comes in a circle full of strange and beautiful fashion tastes | Instant News

Lady Gaga is known for her strange red carpet clothes (almost like aliens). Remember the raw beef dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards? Or how did he ever wear a coat made from Kermit The Frog’s Muppet Show character in 2009?

Then, he softened it. His style takes on a more grim tone when his fame rises to the level of astronomy. In A star has been born In the 2018 era, Lady Gaga looked almost “normal” – appearing in a fashionable dress (but still a little avant-garde).

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For Met Gala last year, she made an appearance in a large, hot pink Brandon Maxwell dress (later stripped into four different outfits). Yes, it came with a matching cascading carriage and large bow on its head. But it still needs the similarity of clothes.

She wore a sophisticated Alexander McQueen black design at the 2019 Oscars, paired with an Audrey Hepburn-inspired hairdo. He even acceded to the appearance with diamonds. Classic, beautiful, and beautiful.

With the release of his latest album ChromaticaLady Gaga returns to her old mode. Some describe it as a combination of rocker edge and high fashion – but let’s call it what it is: unconventional and strange.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. That striking a chord with his fans. The singer’s fashion feelings return to what they all know and love. It might symbolize how his style changed from a player to a movie star and back again.

According to Nicola Formichetti, fashion director Lady Gaga, this new appearance (seen on album art and other related material) represents a different part of the star’s journey throughout her life – punk rock, avant-garde and aliens, all in one.

“He is tied to this mode. But this is not a bad thing. It’s about where he started and how far he has come,” Formichetti said in an interview with Mode, about how Lady Gaga transformed into a different character.

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It remains to be seen if he is Chromatica The fashion journey will continue on this road. In the past, his strange and beautiful feeling of dressing protected him with a persona, now that feeling had matured so he could fully control it.

His explosive blow to the South Korean girl group Blackpink, Sour Candy (which topped the iTunes charts worldwide), doesn’t have a music video yet, but it will be the person to watch out for.

K-pop fashion meets Lady Gaga’s aesthetics? Why not?


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Fashion fans are reinventing the iconic Met Gala red carpet at home | Instant News

That 2020 Meeting with the Gala may be postponed because corona virus pandemic, but that doesn’t stop fashion fans from launching their own red carpet at home.

Last week, Billy Porter and Vogue work together to announce #MetGalaChallenge, asking their stylish supporters to re-create the iconic past look of a star-infidelity affair.

“Which ensemble you copy, and what you use to make it, is entirely up to you – think outside the box,” the magazine insisted.

In the days since then, quarantine advertising material has distributed celebrities ranging from Rihanna to Beyonce to Katy Perry. Below, a summary of the best entries so far.

The challenge will continue until May 3. Porter and Vogue will then choose the winner, whose appearance will be displayed on the magazine’s website and Instagram page.


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