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Air Canada Announces New COVID-19 Refund Policy and Add More Flights | Instant News

On May 22, 2020, Air Canada, Canada’s largest airline, announced that it would change its refund policy for flights canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Under the new regulation the airlines call “good faith policy,” customers with refundable and non-refundable tickets can choose from two new options:

  • Option One: Air Canada Travel Voucher that can be fully transferred for the remaining value of the ticket that does not have an expiration date or;
  • Option Two: Passengers can convert their remaining ticket value to Airplane Miles, Air Canada’s loyalty program, and enjoy 65% ​​bonus point value.

These two options apply to tickets issued until 30 June 2020, with original travel dates between 1 March 2020 and 30 June 2021. Furthermore, until 30 June 2020, new bookings can be changed at no cost for trips between 1 March, 2020 and 30 June 2021 .

Previously, for flights that were canceled due to coronavirus, Air Canada only offered vouchers that were valid for 24 months. However, criticism from customers angered by Air Canada’s refusal to issue refunds for flights canceled by airlines continues to increase. There are currently three petitions in circulation with more than 80,000 signatures in total that demand a full refund. It remains to be seen whether the airline’s new goodwill policy will reduce customer anger. It should be noted that the United States and the European Union have decided that airlines must reimburse customer fees for flights canceled.

New options are retroactive for customers traveling between 1 March 2020 and 30 June 2021. Customers whose flights are canceled due to a pandemic and who have travel vouchers valid for 24 months will also be allowed to choose between two new options by visiting the Air Canada website starting June 15, 2020. Additionally, passengers with Aeroplan flight prizes can continue to cancel free exchange bookings until June 30, 2020.

Customers who purchase a fully refundable ticket will continue to receive refunds on flights canceled by Air Canada or can choose from one of two new options.

Additional flights

The airline also announced on May 22 that it would continue many flights on routes in Canada, the US, and to several international destinations.

In Canada, the airline said that it plans to increase its flight schedule from 34 routes in May to 58 routes in June, with more flights to be added in August and September.

Air Canada stated that they will also continue several flights to the US “As part of the new schedule, in accordance with the provisions for air travel to the US for Canada, Air Canada will continue service to the US on May 22, with six destinations being served by May 25, including New York-LaGuardia, Washington-Dulles, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago … There are temporary plans to resume more US services on June 22, pending changes in regulations and requests. “

In addition, internationally, Air Canada will continue to serve the main hub in June. These destinations include services from Toronto to Frankfurt, London, Zurich, Tokyo and Tel Aviv; from Montreal to Frankfurt, London, Paris and Brussels; and from Vancouver to London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul.

In July, operators plan to expand international services, including: Montreal to Athens, Rome, Geneva; Toronto to Munich, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Rome and Athens; Calgary to Frankfurt; and, subject to government approval, Vancouver to Shanghai.

For more information, see here and here.


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Citizens announce ticket refund policies for the delayed baseball season | Sports | Instant News

The Washington Nationals on Tuesday became the last Major League Baseball team to release details of its ticket refund policy for games affected by the coronavirus pandemic, more than a week after 29 other league teams communicated refund information to their fans.

Season ticket holders and individual game buyers can choose a full refund, including related fees, for the amount spent on tickets and parking for games that they cannot attend due to plague or 100% credit, plus an additional 50% credit applicable to this season or 2021.

Related costs, according to a team spokesperson, consist of costs per order and ticket as well as shipping and handling fees and are not accounted for in the total credit option of 150%.

Those who have a season ticket requesting a refund are asked to contact their account representative directly. Individual-game refunds can be requested online.

Tickets returned do not qualify for an additional 50% credit, which can be applied to tickets, seat upgrades, food and drinks, merchandise, or ticket contributions to first responders, frontline workers or other community organizations. The policy covers games scheduled for March, April and early May, and will continue with the calendar of the upcoming season.

With games that are technically postponed, not canceled, since the Opening Day was originally scheduled, MLB initially instructed the team not to offer refunds for games that were not played until plans for the revised schedule were formed. Meanwhile, many teams, including citizens, have suspended or postponed season ticket payments.

After a pair of fans sued MLB and Commissioner Rob Manfred, seeking ticket refunds and class action certification status, MLB changed the tone last month, announcing that he would work with the team to coordinate new ticket policies, including optional refunds. The team began launching their latest ticket policy during the last week of April. The Nationals are the only club that hasn’t announced an update on May 4.

The recent radio silence of the World Series champions regarding their renewed policies frustrated single ticket holders and plan holders, with some indicating on the Reddit topic on the subject that they had filed consumer protection complaints against the team with the DC Attorney General’s office.

“We are lucky,” Chris Earls, a season ticket holder since 2005 who shared the full season plan with colleagues, said in a telephone interview Monday. “We don’t need money back. That’s just the principle that makes me so excited. Very annoying because they have no information at all from the Nationals. “

Earls, originally from Missouri, said he bought several tickets for the St. Louis Cardinals is scheduled for this month at Busch Stadium. After the Cardinals announced their ticket refund policy on April 29, Earls accounts were automatically returned, without any action on their part.

The Nationals do not provide updates via email or on their website about when fans can expect an announcement after MLB allows the team to issue a refund.

Most teams offer refunds or bonus credits to ticket holders who choose to leave money in their account. The Baltimore Orioles, for example, offer full refunds for games until May 31, or a 25% bonus credit that can be applied for regular season ticket purchases through the 2022 season. New York Mets offer a 10% bonus credit for one-match ticket holders and a 20% bonus credit for season ticket holders. The Detroit Tigers offer refunds for all single match and season tickets purchased through the team for April and May, or a 30% bonus credit based on the initial purchase value.


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Ravinia Cancels Summer Concert Season Because of Coronavirus – NBC Chicago Pandemic | Instant News

Ravinia has canceled the 2020 summer concert season for the first time since the Great Depression due to the coronavirus pandemic, where the music announced Friday.

“Our long and comprehensive discourse on this topic has led us to the conclusion that it is not possible to continue the season,” Ravinia President and CEO Welz Kauffman said in a statement.

Open spaces on the outskirts of Highland Park are scheduled to hold more than 120 events between June and September, the festival said, including the annual summer residence of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Among the big artists scheduled to perform there this summer are John Legend, Jesse & Joy, Andrew Bird, Calexico, Iron & Wine, Train, The Beach Boys and The Australian Pink Floyd Show. Some artists have canceled their entire 2020 tour, Ravinia said, adding that the festival had worked with the possibility of reordering players in the coming season.

The summer conservatory, the Steinia Ravinia Music Institute, will also be closed this summer, the festival said. Ravinia staff are developing ways to provide musicians with acceptance into virtual opportunity programs, along with lectures and classes for local elementary school students, online concert recordings and more.

April 30 Briefing: Dr. Ngozi Ezike details the latest coronavirus number in Illinois.

Ravinia is the oldest music festival in the country, said the venue, opened in 1904. This year’s cancellation marked the first time the venue had not held its summer series since the Great Depression, when it did not operate from 1932 to 1935.

Anyone who buys tickets can receive a refund or voucher for future shows, or turn ticket sales into donations.

“The crisis created by the Covid pandemic has had a huge impact on our lives in dramatic ways. Ravinia will do its part in helping the nation recover,” Ravinia Council Chair Don Civgin said in a statement, adding, “and we will celebrate the recovery with music in under the stars next summer. “


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The trip – grounded for now – can take off next year Business | Instant News

By William [email protected] – Even though most non-essential trips have been closed worldwide, those who work in the travel industry remain busy. clients who request a refund or reschedule rather than ordering a new trip. Middleburg Miller’s office was closed as an insignificant business. Agents do most of their work by email or by telephone. Because the new corona virus has destroyed the industry, Miller said working with agents directly can be beneficial. “His times were quite turbulent to say the least,” Miller said. “The value of having a travel agent to navigate this for you has proven to be very valuable. People who book online wait in a very long telephone queue and don’t get positive results. While refunds take up to 90 days for most airlines and tour operators, we has managed to protect each and every client. “More or less normal summer trips” can be carded, and I say that carefully, Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told CBS This Morning ” Fauci said summer activity depended on continued success in leveling the rate of transmission of the virus – and could change quickly if there was a surge in infection. Poll Poll recently asked Americans how long after their average curve would go to a hotel: “One fifth of Americans (21 percent) said they would stay in a hotel within one month, “with the figure rising to 41 percent in three months and 60 percent in six months.

For airlines, the critical point for most Americans to return to flying occurs after four to six months. And more than half said they would wait a year or more before going on a voyage, according to the poll. Sailing became very important after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on March 14 issued a no-go order for cruise ships sailing from US ports after several COVID-19 outbreaks were reported. On Thursday, the CDC extended the ban on sailing bans, and did not specify a date for returning to sail. “Most cruise lines offer refunds for canceled flights or travel credit worth 25 percent more than you pay for shipping,” Miller said. ” The trend seems to be that they canceled the cruise about 30 days before the scheduled departure. A word of caution, next year’s voyage is almost full. “Roger Dow, chief executive of the US Travel Association, thinks the trip will recover, not as fast and not all at once. One thing is certain, Dow said,” Americans will generally stay home until next year. … Europe is done for American travelers. The most important thing as an industry is that we must be ready when that moment comes. “Miller agrees.” Fasten your seat belts, next year’s trip will be off the charts after vacation plans have been postponed this year, “Miller said.Tribune Content Agency contributed to this report.


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BBB Reports Drastic Increase in Complaints Travel Trip Refunds – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth | Instant News

Pandemic has hit the travel industry hard.

And if you have already booked a summer vacation, you are
might feel the pain too.

The Better Business Bureau gets a big increase in
complaints about travel companies and their refund policy. We were told
hundreds have been filed in North Texas alone.

The misery of travel is very difficult at school and
parents who have planned an educational trip for students at the end of school

For example, Texas International Leadership, charter
a school with many locations throughout Texas, has so many students who are excited to travel
next month to places like New York, Washington, D.C. and Costa Rica for 7,
Students in grades 8 and 11.

But the pandemic destroyed the plans and parents found out how to get their money back or guaranteed that their money could be used for future school trips with the travel company, EF Educational Tours. Those who want a full refund will be able to get all their money back, minus $ 1,000 for cancellation fees.

“I don’t know anyone who has an extra thousand dollars
in their back pocket they can throw. I know of course not, and
we are a family of five, “said the parents, who did not want to reveal their names
but talked to NBC 5 about his experience. “I haven’t received anything for what
I already paid. ”

He is just one of hundreds of local parents who feel that right now. He said that he paid nearly $ 3,000 in advance for the EF Educational Tours company trip for his son’s high school trip to Costa Rica and also bought travel insurance but found a good print, legally excluding pandemic.

“I feel like I have to jump through a circle, I feel that way
even though it’s not an easy and easy process, “he said.” I feel like us
punished. Such a punishment. I have something else to do, I have
kids at home that I’m homeschooling. ”

Parents have several other options if they want to keep it
their investment in the whole trip, including getting the travel voucher
lasts two and a half years, transferring vouchers to other children for other children
travel, or transfer vouchers to other families.

However, for parents who have children to graduate later
years or who do not have other children who are eligible for travel in the next two years
over the years, the voucher might not be worth it. Vouchers are also taken into account
non-educational travel if the whole family wants to use it, but some say
Financial pressures in the economy and job loss may not be the best
option now.

Fortunately, schools say they have sought more solutions
with the company and able to cut cancellation fees by more than half.

What can travelers
To do?

The Better Business Bureau said this experience highlights the big problems facing the travel industry today.

“That is a challenge. What we say to people is to be patient and try hard to work with those companies specifically. Everyone knows that when this ends, the company will still need customers, “said Phylissia Clark, VP Public Relations for BBB Serving North Central Texas. “Be careful with the fact that businesses take this balancing act and try to do their best to make consumers happy. But it can be very, very difficult if they want the lights to remain on their doors open,” Clark said. .

Be persistent. It might take a lot of negotiation but
The company makes adjustments to respect the return of money when the situation develops.

“They might want to bend whatever the contract says
try and fix a customer service dispute, “Clark said.

If that doesn’t work, dispute the fee to your bank.

“They must give you detailed receipts for everything
that you’ve spent money if they try to charge you, “Clark said.” Worth it
ask the company to give you all the documents and have all the evidence
things have been spent. And persistently, continue to dialogue
with those companies. ”

And if all else fails, submit a complaint to the BBB or the Prosecutor’s Office
General Office.

“Tell us that this company does not respect the return of their money
policy or not work with you, “Clark said.” Because in some ways it is
can be a deceptive means. ”

When it comes to travel insurance, Clark explains why many
the policy does not cover cancellations and claims are denied.

“The real problem is that it’s usually in those contracts
there is something called force majeure. It says if there is
some kind of disaster – which usually means a storm or tornado or
some weather events that will stop something happening – usually it is
will trigger that clause and you will get a refund because everyone understands
it’s out of people’s control, “Clark said.” But the difficulty is now
whether a global pandemic is one of those situations. Because
no one will write a ‘global pandemic’ orally or into terms and conditions
contract conditions are therefore not a priority for anyone. Oh, I see
debated now, legally, whether the cabinet was triggered or not. ”

In the end, Clark said that everyone struggled
across the board.

“Types of companies that provide existing services
financially canceled. In many cases this is very
reputable companies that want to work with you, but they maintain a balance
payroll for their employees, trying not to lay off people and deal
with their expenses, “he said.

EF Educational Tours says cancellation fees exist because travel companies book flight tickets, hotel and tour costs in large quantities in advance, an investment that comes with a set of own costs.

The company issued the following statement to NBC 5 with information they share with parents from school trips and other travelers at this time.

The health and safety of our travelers and staff have been our top priority for more than 55 years. We are closely monitoring the situation of COVID-19, continuing to communicate with our offices throughout the world, and actively following the guidance of all relevant authorities.

The long-term impact of the COVID-19 virus on global travel is unclear, and the situation is changing and changing every day. Given these circumstances, we now offer our tour groups with travel plans until May 31 cash refunds (less than $ 1,000 per person) as an alternative to transferable travel vouchers, which, of course, also remain an option.

We also continue to adjust our Peace of Mind program and flexible re-order options, our voucher program, and our cancellation policy by instituting a freeze on fees and an extended schedule to cancel or re-order the tour.

Specifically, we now offer our tourists the expanded options below. You can see more details about how travel vouchers work here. We also have general FAQs and special vouchers here and here.

All travelers with trips until May 31 will automatically receive travel vouchers that can be transferred in full amount paid (including all payments that are normally non-refundable) until 30 September 2022.

Travel vouchers can be used by individual travelers for EF products including tours for adults and young adults, language travel programs, and new tour packages that we have designed specifically for senior graduates.

The full amount of the travel voucher can also be transferred to other people in the family or school traveler community.

Individuals or groups can also exchange their vouchers for a cash refund of less than $ 1,000 per person. The $ 1,000 fee allows us to partially cover costs related to non-refundable payments to suppliers and staff, while funding flexible reorder options in our Peace of Mind program.

For travelers departing June 1 or newer, know that all tours remain scheduled according to plan. Depending on how the current situation develops, we are committed to offering similar options. We advise individuals and groups who have expressed interest to travel before the end of the year to postpone the cancellation for now.


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