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The Chinese government guarantees CM to officially include the KCR in CPEC-related projects | Instant News

Chinese government authorities have assured the Sindh government that they will pursue the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR), Keti Bandar and other projects to officially include them on the list of CPEC-related projects.

This came up on Tuesday during a meeting between Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and a Chinese government delegation led by Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong.

KCR project

The chief minister told the delegation that at the request of his government, the KCR was included in the CPEC on 3 December 2016. The project was approved and entered on the agenda for the 6th meeting of the Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC), he said, adding that the project had been approved by Ecnec with cost of $ 1.97 billion in October 2017.

Shah said KCR has been a part of all JCC sessions because in all these meetings, KCR is called a viable and viable project, but there are big obstacles that need to be removed. He added that these obstacles include guarantees of sovereignty by the Finance Division, requests for soft finance to the Chinese government by the federal government, right of way for KCR in the common corridor between ML-1 and KCR.

CM said he had asked the federal government to resolve the issue, but it was still unresolved. “In the 9th JCC meeting, KCR was discussed again and it was decided that the Pakistan side would submit a request for financing from the Chinese side,” he said, adding that it had not been submitted.

He noted that the federal government has included two projects in the PSDP-2020-21. It was the Rs1.85 billion rail service organization on the existing KCR lines and the Rs8.7 billion KCR Phase-II revival. He added that his party had included three projects in the 2020-21 provincial ADP. They revived a KCR (CPEC framework) of Rs207.5 billion, construction of a boundary fence along the KCR alignment of Rs2.3 billion and construction of underpasses at railroad crossings along the KCR route worth Rs5 billion, and FWO has been engaged to doing construction work for that matter.

The visiting high-power delegation assures the chief minister that they will tackle the KCR project at the next CPEC-related meeting.

Keti Bandar

Shah said Keti Bandar is located about 107 km from Thatta city and 150 km from Karachi via Gharo, which is very promising in terms of future prospects.

He added that the Keti Bandar project is an important part of the Sindh government’s strategy in developing the energy sector.

The chief minister said 4,000 hectares of land had been identified for the project and a feasibility study had been completed for the installation of a 1,320MW power plant along with a railway line, a coal pier and related infrastructure. He added that the financial feasibility assessment and the bid management report had also been completed and a transaction suggestion report was awaited.

He pointed out that the project had been part of the CPEC framework since 2017. Previously, the project had been referred to a Joint Working Group for consideration. “After the study is complete, now the project is ready to be taken in the main framework,” he said.

Other projects under discussion include Thar coal energy, infrastructure, Special Economic Zones, Dhabeji, KCR, socio-economic development projects. The Chinese delegation said their first CPEC project of the Thar Coal 660MW power plant was functioning successfully, and under this pattern all CPEC related projects will be completed on a fast track basis.


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The Sindh government will collect details regarding the source of the mosque’s income | Instant News

KARACHI: The Sindh government has decided to start the process of gathering information regarding the source of revenue for mosques in the province.

In this connection, the form has been prepared by the Auqaf Dinas Pemprov under the regime of the Financial Action Task Force to be distributed to mosque administrators. The form will be used to collect information related to the source of income, the average donation collected during Friday prayers, the number of shops or houses owned by the mosque, how to collect donations, whether the receipt book is used to collect donations or not. donations, and details relating to mosque bank accounts. Responding to the move, Administrator Jamia Binoria Aalimiyah in Karachi Mufti Nauman Naeem said on Saturday that they are not denying the need to register mosques and conduct an audit of their funds, but undue restrictions on this and seek details of donations. is likely to lead to misunderstanding between the ulama, the mosque and the government. He said the Sindh government had issued a questionnaire hastily without waiting for the negotiation process with clerics and seminary representative bodies. Mufti Nauman Naeem said the government should convince ulama before issuing its questionnaire.

He said the government in a civilized society should have trusted the relevant institutions and stakeholders before taking this step.

He said these steps in the past had also caused misunderstandings between Uelma and the government.


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Happy 35th birthday, The Legend of Zelda | Instant News

Total recallTotal recall“Total Recall” reviews the history of video games through characters, franchises, developers and trends.

February 21, 1986, The Legend of Zelda Released on Famicom in Japan.It’s okay, Nintendo did more The Legend of Zelda Game, we have been having fun ever since.

It’s easy to turn this type of post into a general review. The checklist can review some of the biggest and most important video games in media history, but for this You can scan this list written by Jason A lot of heavy work has been completed.

Instead, I think I want to take this opportunity thank Series, especially a game.

I grew up in Australia in the 80s and 90s, which means I was not instilled in Nintendo stuff like most American kids of my age.In the 8-bit era, Sega achieved disproportionate success. I spent a lot of time on Commodore 64 and PC, except for some games. Mario Here and there, some Street Fighter II with Super Star Wars After a while on my friend’s SNES and then Smash On N64, I have been an adult without any Nintendo experience.

When I was in my early 20s, I lived with my good friend Kevin (Kevin), who was more proficient in Nintendo than Nintendo, and he had just acquired the brand new Nintendo GameCube and copy at the time. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

As a gray-headed PC player (to be honest, this is an unbearable bastard), I was a little bit nasty about the idea of ​​playing Nintendo games, and I soon discovered that I had never seen anything like this.This game is liveIt is a perfect combination of timeless art design and rhythmic combat action, and I love it more than any game I have played before or after.Indeed i am and so In love, I often sit down and watch others play it.

The same was true for Kev, and the same was true for our other friend Geez, so when we sat down to watch each other’s game, something quickly happened, that was we came up with a way very much Cooperative single player game. We didn’t use clocks or timers or any such precise tools, we just played it coolly and could feel when it was time to pass the controller. Maybe after dying in the dungeon, maybe after sailing, maybe after getting hooked on the puzzle, maybe because you had to shit. any!

This appeared before the YouTube reminder video era. Therefore, as long as we encounter countless obstacles to the game, we should not fight alone or turn to GameFAQs. We are just joking and working together, working hard, trying together and thinking about the game. Problem, when a player’s rough thumb makes them fail, we can team up and see which one of us can beat Windrunner More positive challenges.

This is an amazing game, but playing together can make it more valuable more.I know it sounds stupid to the average person, he may have just played the game and liked it very much, but Wind Waker(By no means designed for this) is still my favorite co-op experience of all time.

When we finished it, I wept for the majesty of all this, Something I wrote here before.I still think Wind Waker It’s my favorite game of all time. Most of the time, when I’m asked why I give a very predictable response: it’s the visual effects of the game, the end of the world scene, the dangerously underrated battle, or Only at most Atmosphere Every time you play a beach game.

But, in fact, although I deeply like it for all these reasons, I may also like it because the time I spend playing is unforgettable.To consider Wind Waker Now, as a married man with children and a mortgage, I go back in time. It was the most pressing problem of my life, which was gathering with friends, ordering pizza, drinking beer and taking an adventure.

Memories like this are the best memories we hope to have in this ever-changing world, so today is still worthy of thanks The Legend of Zelda-with Wind Waker Especially for mine.


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SHC is annoyed at the absence of FBR advice on tax-related matters | Instant News

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) has expressed disappointment over the continued absence of Federal Revenue Council advisers and representatives on several tax-related matters before courts where a residence order operates against the FBR for more than six months.

While listening to an identical petition regarding amendments to income tax regulations and the unilateral withdrawal of tax incentives, a division bench of the high court, presided over by Judge Mohammad Junaid Ghaffar, took a serious exception to the FBR board which has not appeared on the pending petition since 2019.

The judge observed that although the argument was submitted by the applicant’s attorney on 19 November 2020, the matter has been postponed since then and no one on behalf of FBR has appeared to process the case.

The SHC observed that one deputy interior income commissioner had appeared before the court and, when confronted, he was not in a position to continue or assist the court in any way and asked for further time. The court expressed disappointment over the department’s actions.

The high court observed that judges have been set up to decide taxation issues, where stay orders operate for more than six months but despite repeated notifications, in most of the cases it was FBR that caused delays and was a hindrance to the early discharge of such cases.

Bench recalls that in the previous Customs reference, non-representative and non-assistance by the FBR advisor has shown and it was observed that in a number of cases related to the Customs department, tax collectors (prevention) and Ports

Qasim’s representatives and advisers despite being given notice always chose not to attend and defend the matter. SHC observed that this was a sad situation as far as assistance from FBR was concerned as there was a legal wing and an independent department within the Council. Income but still their behavior before the courts is pathetic.

The high court observed that there was no positive effort by the FBR department and directed the office to send a copy of the order to the chairman of FBR as well as inland revenue (operations) and member (legal) member, FBR, for information on the circumstances.

SHC said that there are many similar things that can be heard and decided quickly; therefore, the court was forced to order the office to note that this matter should not be treated as partially heard and will be corrected at a later date. The court also ordered an interim order, if any, to continue until the next trial date.


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Covid 19 coronavirus: COVID-19 patients died in hospital, two new cases in managed isolation | Instant News

The Health Ministry has revealed that a person who previously tested positive for Covid-19 had died after being hospitalized for treatment for a “serious condition not related to Covid-19”.

There are two new cases of Covid-19 in managed isolation and there are no new cases in society at this time.

The ministry said in its daily 1pm update that it was “deeply saddened to confirm” the death of a patient with Covid-19 at North Shore Hospital.

The statement added: “The patient was transferred from a Managed Isolation Facility to hospital-level care for the treatment of serious conditions unrelated to Covid-19 on February 5.

“This person then returned a positive COVID-19 result after entering. This positive result has been reported before.

“Patients talk to families every day, either by zoom or telephone.”

Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said: “On behalf of New Zealanders, I want to acknowledge the loss of this family.

“This is a time for all of us to give deep sympathy, while respecting the privacy of our family.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry said the new confirmed cases were linked to a person who traveled from India, via the United Arab Emirates, on February 9.

The number of confirmed cases in the country is 1972. The total number of tests processed by the laboratory to date is 1,583,469.

As of Friday, the lab processed 4,683 tests.

Of Friday’s cases in managed isolation cases, one arrived on January 26 from the UK and traveled via Singapore. They tested positive around day 16.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern revealed that New Zealand’s frontline border workers will start receiving the first Covid-19 vaccinations from next Saturday.

Starting February 20, border workers and MIQ in Auckland will be offered the Pfizer / BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.

Speaking to media in Auckland this morning, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said it would take about two to three weeks for 12,000 frontline workers to receive the injections.

After the launch is complete, their family members will be offered vaccinations.

“Health and care workers and those most at risk of Covid-19 will follow in the second quarter, before vaccination of the wider population in the second half of this year,” Ardern said.

He added that the full vaccination program would take a whole year to roll out as a whole.

“This will be New Zealand’s largest vaccination campaign.”

Today is the first time the Government has set any timetable for vaccine launches.

The only new Covid case yesterday arrived on February 8 from the US. Infections were retrieved as a result of day 0 testing.

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