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CG Indonesia visited SU to improve academic relations | Instant News

SUKKUR: The Consul General (CG) of the Republic of Indonesia in Karachi, Totok Prianamto, said Pakistan and Indonesia have enjoyed close ties while people-to-people ties have also been improved.

While chatting with faculty members and students during a visit to the SU Study Center Area on Tuesday, Totok Prianamto said Indonesia would like to explore academic and research collaborations with the Area Study Center for Far East & South East Asia Sindh University. He also contributed 13 unique books written on different themes including art, culture and history of his country to all corners of Indonesia. Furthermore, the Indonesian Consul General said that the Indonesian Consulate General in Karachi had a very long and close academic collaboration with Sindh University and wanted to strengthen ties further.

The Indonesian consul general said, “Sindh University is the only higher education institution in Pakistan which was established by the Indonesian Corner a year ago.” He added that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, his consulate in Karachi could not carry out the planned academic activities, however, he expressed a desire to start the same thing next year, where seminars and workshops will be held in the area. Study Centers, meanwhile Indonesian language courses and faculty exchange programs will also be ready.


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Australia demanded an apology from China after fake pictures of soldiers were posted on social media | Instant News

This leaflet image taken on 21 November 2020 and released by the Australian Prime Minister’s Office shows Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison attending the online session of the 2020 APEC Malaysia Summit from Canberra along with other APEC leaders from around the world on 21 November, 2020.

ADAM TAYLOR / AFP / Getty Images

Australia demanded an apology after a senior Chinese official posted a fake image of an Australian soldier holding a knife with blood on his neck in the throat of an Afghan child, calling it “absolutely disgusting” and demanding it be taken down.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for a media briefing to condemn the posting of the images, marking another decline in the deteriorating relationship between the two countries.

The Australian government has asked Twitter to remove the image, which was posted on Monday by Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian on his official Twitter account, Morrison said.

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“This is absolutely outrageous and cannot be justified on any basis,” said Morrison. “The Chinese government should be very ashamed of this post. It reduces them in the eyes of the world. “

Australia has notified 13 special forces troops that they face dismissal in connection with an independent report of alleged extrajudicial killings in Afghanistan, the country’s army chief said on Friday.

“The Australian government should feel ashamed of their soldiers who killed innocent Afghan civilians,” said Hua Chunying, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, when asked about Morrison’s comments.

Pictures posted by his colleagues show people’s “anger”, said Hua, speaking at a regular press conference in Beijing on Monday. Whether it gets removed is a matter between Twitter and the Australian government, he said.

Australia’s relations with China have deteriorated since Canberra called for an international investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this month, China outlined a list of grievances about Australia’s foreign investment, national security and human rights policies, saying Canberra needed to improve its actions to restore bilateral ties with its biggest trading partner.

Morrison said countries around the world are watching how Beijing responds to tensions in Australia’s relationship with China.

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In the latest series of trade sanctions, China announced on Friday it would impose temporary anti-dumping tariffs of up to 212.1% on wine imported from Australia, a move Canberra has called unjustified and linked to diplomatic grievances.

Zhao wrote on Twitter: “Shocked by the killing of Afghan civilians & prisoners by Australian soldiers. We strongly condemn such actions, & hold them accountable. “

Her Twitter account also posted the same message, but without fake pictures of the soldier and child, on Friday.

Morrison said Australia had established a “transparent and honest” process to investigate allegations against accused soldiers and this is “what a free, democratic, liberal country is doing.”

Australia has been “patiently trying” to resolve tensions in relations with China and wants direct discussions between ministers, he said.


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My daughter’s fashion choices embarrass me | Instant News

FOR ABBY: Our 19 year old daughter is extraordinary in so many ways. He was smart, entered university on an academic scholarship and got excellent grades. The problem is the way he dresses.

Jeanne Phillips

Her shorts are so short that they reveal a little cheek, the swimwear she wears in the backyard pool is almost like flip-flops, she runs the track in spandex and sports bras and gets catcalls. I understand that outfit would be great for a formal race, but on the track? Why not wear a T-shirt?

The most recent example is a Sunday afternoon, a girls-only baby shower, where she wears a pale pink (looking naked) dress that barely covers her bottom. No one else is dressed like that. I am shy. He wasn’t brought up like this.


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How should we talk to her about her obesity? | Instant News

Dear baby: My husband’s sister is morbidly obese, and we are very concerned about her health. We know her weight is a delicate topic, but if she drowns in the lake instead of drowning in the water, we will do our best.

Jenny Phillips

We feel compelled to pay attention to her health. We know that how to solve this problem can be very different.

We both felt that it would be beneficial for her to see the counselor face life problems that could cause her to overeating. Can you suggest an expression? We love her and hope she lives long and healthy.

Search for SISTER-IN-LAW


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Australia’s fa’afafine community is thriving, and they want their voices to be heard | Instant News

Latoya Hoeg has a parenting that few children can only dream of.

Instead of struggling to fit in as boys, the Samoan family embraced his differences.

“I am a sissy,” Latoya explained.

“I was just me, and my family in Samoa, when I spoke, they said, ‘fa’afafine!'”

Fa’afafine means the conduct of a woman in Samoan culture, and it is practiced in other Pacific Island countries as well.

Traditionally, they are essential to family life, performing stereotypically feminine roles such as cooking food and caring for children or the elderly.

The claim that some families of all boys will raise one or more of them as fa’afafine is still being debated. They are not necessarily effeminate and can continue to marry women.

But over time, what it means to be fa’afafine has expanded to include the transgender community.

Many of the older Christian denominations in the Pacific have welcomed the region’s gender diversity.(Facebook: Samoa Fa’afafine Association)

Latoya’s mother especially nurtures her individuality.

“They just guide them in the right way, they don’t push them into anything – and that’s our culture,” he said.

Fa’afafine is respected in Samoan society.

However, paradoxically, the LGBT community in the country faces discrimination and sodomy violating the law.

Am I still miserable?

Latoya first experienced resentment when her mother developed cancer and she was forced to move to New Zealand in the early 1980s.

Her mother warned her to cut her hair and wear men’s clothes to fit her and find a job.

It turned out that his fear was justified.

After being caught wearing mascara by her boss, Latoya brushed it off by saying she had been to a costume party.

His boss was relieved for that reason.

“I can’t stand people like that,” they said.

Then, after her mother’s death, Latoya faced a difficult choice.

“Am I still miserable and still as a man or who I am?”

But the right path was clear, and after less than two years of pretending, Latoya didn’t want to hide anymore.

“Nothing will stop me from being the real me,” he said.

Transphobia severely restricted her job prospects, so she turned to sex work to survive, both in New Zealand and after moving to Australia in 1989.

She has now lived in Australia for more than 30 years, where LGBT acceptance has been revolutionized.

But Latoya said Australia still has a long way to go in recognizing and celebrating those who are transgender as well as people of color.

“The visibility of people of color is still not very well recognized here,” he said.

“Time in sight.”

Australian feminist community

It is estimated that there are now more than 1,000 people in Australia who identify as fa’afafine, with communities concentrated in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

“It feels like it’s growing,” said Tony Fretton, who is the founder of Melbourne’s Pacific Island LGBT community, Pacifique X.

He believes the slow but growing acceptance of the importance of diversity in communities is the reason more people use the term fa’afafine.

At the pier, a line of Samoan fa'afafines are displayed in bright white formal attire with crossed sashes.
Some of the gender-diverse individuals in the Pacific do not see themselves as trans, but some do.(Facebook: Samoa Fa’afafine Association)

“People are more comfortable sharing their own gender identity,” he said.

In western culture, Tony identifies as gay, but if he were in Samoa, he would describe himself as fa’afafine.

“It’s kind of a general term that we will use,” he said.

Tony agrees it’s time for greater visibility for the fa’afafine and Pacific Islanders in general.

“Our voices are not often heard in the western LGBTIQ world,” he said.

With that passion, Latoya has taken part in the online video series The Bent Spoon, sharing his own story and cooking the Samoan dish, palusami.

Latoya Hoeg's cooking class.
Latoya wants his story to have an impact.(Provided)

Latoya hopes young people struggling with their own identity will draw inspiration from his role in the seven-episode project by Thorne Harbor Health (formerly AIDS Council Victoria), particularly in the transgender community.

“We have been sidelined for years and you can see that we are starting to become more visible,” he said.

“We are like everyone else and we need to be seen more and more accepted.”


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