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Covid-19 Coronavirus: iPhone poster scanning hacker 5 million team needs to know | Instant News


At present, we are reminded that when scanning the poster, the “5 million team” is more like a “team that cannot be filled.”

On Saturday, January 23, only 286,646 people scanned at least one QR code poster. according to Go to the Ministry of Health for statistics.

But with the outbreak of the Northland, scanning is more important than ever-now is a good time to remind people of the iPhone hacking first highlighted by Dr. Michelle Dickinson (aka Nanogirl) earlier this month.

After setting up, you can start NZ Covid Tracer with just two taps, ready to scan the application.

I have already set it up and it can be used even with the iPhone.

Watch the Michelle video below to learn how to set it up-and use pause often-or use this video Step by step The guide provided by our friend on Tech Advisor (if you get stuck in the beginning, pull down from the middle of the iPhone screen to show the search bar and type “shortcut”).

Yes, it is a multi-step process, but the setup only takes a few minutes, and then you will scan the QR in a few seconds.

As long as you are running iOS 14, such a “back” shortcut can be used on any model of iPhone 8 or later. Click Settings> General> Software Update.

If it’s not already installed, it’s best to upgrade to iOS 14 (the latest version of the free software that runs the iPhone), because you need it to enable the new Bluetooth feature of the NZ Covid Tracer app (a feature that tracks your users) to keep in touch, and The poster keeps track of where you have been; it’s important to use both functions at the same time).

Apple allows you to use the new rear faucet to set up two shortcuts-one double-click and the other three.

Therefore, once you have set up the NZ Covid Tracer anti-eavesdropping shortcut, you can follow the same steps to set one for another regular function, such as taking photos or screenshots.


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