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PDM faces challenging circumstances, different strategies | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The ultimatum given by the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) to Prime Minister Imran Khan to step down before December 31 has passed amid ridicule and ridicule and by government leaders. The opposition alliance, however, has failed to provide reasonable justification for its failure to meet its targets. From day one, skeptics said that the PDM’s ambitious deadlines were set without deep reflection or even consensus within the PDM. The alliance is meant to increase enough pressure on the prime minister to step down at the end of the year or face an intensification of the opposition’s protest campaign. Now it seems that this is a hasty decision and certain PDM parties are in a hurry to achieve their desired goals without the necessary basis.

It is important to look at the stages of the movement that will be unfolded and the preparations being made for its realization if Imran Khan does not resign by the deadline. Forty-seven days ago on December 15, the PDM stated after a summit in Raiwind that if the prime minister does not step down before the deadline, the alliance will announce a timetable for launching a long march in the federal capital on February 1. deliberations are now planned for that day to ascertain the date of the long march. PDM is scheduled to meet on February 4. If all groups resort to this kind of protest, it will probably be held in March. Then there are alliance differences over converting long marches to sit-ins. The PPP is strongly against this move.

The PDM’s second threat as part of its efforts to add pressure on Imran Khan is to resign from the assembly. There is hardly any talk of this option now especially after the PPP has publicly expressed its reluctance. Asif Zardari is known to oppose any move that brings down the system, while PML-N and JUI-F have opposing views, pushing hardliners.

After the PDM was formed at the All Parties Conference organized by the PPP in September, it had a great start and rocked the government with a series of important events including public meetings. However, after the Lahore action, PDM pressure on the government began to ease. Simultaneously, the explosive rhetoric fueled by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has also disappeared. During the first few PDM public meetings, Nawaz Sharif delivered his narrative in an uncompromising tone. It has been quite a while since the PDM has organized meaningful and influential activities. Harsh weather was cited as one reason.

However, as a result of this pause, the government feels more confident and secure now. However, despite this pause, it is misleading to say that PDM can be easily removed and dismissed as a non-entity. It remains a powerful force that can confuse the government with a single display of street power.

The alliance suffered setbacks due to differences within its own ranks regarding agitation options to increase its impetus. The government’s success in changing the ECP’s mind to hold a by-election for the seven federal and provincial seats created a difficult situation that created differences within the PDM.

PPP insists on suing, while PML-N and JUI-F have the opposite view. Finally, PML-N and JUI-F must be in line with PPP’s stance. However, it seems paradoxical for the PDM to contest by-election on the one hand and talk about resigning from the assembly on the other.

The PPP recommendation to move a motion of no-confidence against Imran Khan, which has been repeatedly emphasized, is frowned upon by the other two main components of the PDM. The proposal reflects the position of Asif Zardari working within the system in an attempt to outsmart his nemesis.

The reason why PML-N and JUI-F did not make a fuss with PPP over the proposal they did not agree with was to keep the grouping intact despite major hurdles. Not only both parties but the PPP also realized that if the alliance was broken, everyone would suffer and its weight and relevance would be significantly reduced. Despite its objections to certain strategies from PML-N and JUI-F, the PPP also did not want to shake the boat so that the alliance fell apart.

Talk of a vote of no confidence, doubts over the resignation of lawmakers, doubts about the date of the long march, the absence of a major public activity program in the near future and the passing of Imran Khan’s deadline for resigning without success have created a difficult situation for the PDM. For now, the biggest challenge is maintaining consensus and getting all its component parties to remain a force to be reckoned with. It remains an open question to what extent the PDM has succeeded in creating a gap between the prime minister and the rulers, which has been its main objective.


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PML-N lashed out at Imran Khan after the United Nations warned staff against flying Pakistani airlines | Instant News

24 Jan 2021 03:06 IS

Islamabad [Pakistan], January 24 (ANI): Pakistani Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) have demanded the resignations of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan, saying their “incompetence and ego-worship” has tarnished the country’s reputation as Union of countries has restricted its employees from traveling on any boat PakistanI’m an airline, Dawn reports.
That Union of countries had warned staff from all of her agencies against using anything Pakistanregistered airlines, including national airlines Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), because of concerns about its pilots’ dubious flying permits.
PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Saturday lashed out at the government by saying that Pakistan paid the price for “historic incompetence”, Geo News reported.
Pakistan paying a degrading (government) price for this, historically inadequate and incompetent, “he wrote on Twitter, responding to news that Union of countries has prohibited its employees from traveling through anything Pakistanbased airline.
“Because of the way it was handled by these startups, the country faced shame around the world. First, PIA pilots were humiliated around the world and now airlines have fallen to such a point. Pakistan never saw days like that, “said Maryam.
senior PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal on Saturday said it was a devastating decision PakistanReputation is only due to the “incompetence and ego-worship” of the prime minister and minister of aviation.

The News International reports that an advisory has been issued by the United Nations Security Management System (UNSMS) which states: “Due to the ongoing CAA investigation [Civil Aviation Authority] Pakistan…caused by dubious license, be careful when using Pakistan– registered air operator. “
According to Pakistan Every day, UN advisors have been recommended to bodies, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations Development Program, the Food and Agriculture Organization, and many others.
Given these developments, UN officials working in the country cannot travel with anyone Pakistanregistered airlines, even inside Pakistan.
According to The News International, the UN advisor said that the air operator’s information was the result of a new automated system linked to a revised global air travel safety policy.
Back in December last year, the European Union Aviation Security Agency (EASA) extended the ban Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for three months, though PakistanI officials hope that the ban will be lifted.
EASA has informed PIA that the ban will only be lifted after a safety audit from the Civil Aviation Authority, Dawn reported. EASA in July 2019 has suspended authorization for PIA to operate flights in EU member states due to safety concerns.
The suspension came after it was revealed that the credentials were hundreds PakistanI am a “dubious” pilot. Meanwhile, the PIA has lost billions of rupees since it suspended flight operations to and from the European Union and Britain. (ANI)


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PM Imran rejects SAPM’s resignation of Power Tabish Gohar – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in 12 January 2021 21:42

PM Imran rejects SAPM’s resignation at Power Tabish Gohar

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran khan has directed Special Assistant for Power Tabish Gohar to continue his duties, rejecting his resignation from the post.

According to the details, Tabish Gohar asked the prime minister, during which meeting Imran Khan convinced him to resolve his objections.

It is important to mention that Tabish Gohar resigned from his post on January 7 due to unnecessary interference in the ministry of energy.


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PM Imran Khan ‘rejects’ SAPM’s resignation at Power Tabish Gohar | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday asked the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) at Power Tabish Gohar to continue his duties after the latter resigned from office, ARY NEWS reported citing sources.

Tabish Gohar on Tuesday summoned the prime minister, with the latter refusing to accept his resignation and asking him to carry on with his duties.

Sources with knowledge of the details of the meeting said that the prime minister was convincing to settle his objections and said that the mafia in the electricity sector would not survive and action would be taken against them.

“The state and the power sector need experts of your kind to bring about improvements,” the prime minister was quoted as saying at the meeting.

It is important to mention here that Tabish Gauhar submitted his resignation from office on January 7 and sent his resignation to Prime Minister Imran Khan via WhatsApp.

The source said Gauhar, who served as CEO of K-Electric prior to his stint as assistant to the PM, was unhappy about unnecessary interference in the electricity ministry.

Read more: Tabish Gauhar appointed the PM’s Special Assistant for Power

Last year in October, the prime minister appointed him as his aide to power. The Cabinet Division has issued a notice saying that the prime minister “is pleased to appoint Mr. Tabish Gauhar as Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Power with immediate effect”.

He stepped down as director, CEO, and chairman of the KE board in 2015, after working at the organization for more than that seven years.




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PML-N will not submit resignation: Shaykh Rashid | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Home Minister Shaikh Rashid Ahmed on Tuesday said the PML-N would not resign from the national and provincial assemblies either or Nawaz Sharif would not return to Pakistan.

In an informal conversation with the media about the Senate elections and the opposition’s participation in the voting, Shaykh Rasyid said that if the PPP decided to participate, then it was only natural that the PML-N did too.

“The resignation issue has been ruled out and these parties will even take part in the opinion polls,” he said. “Only two resignations were submitted by PML-N members and it worries them,” said Shaykh Rasyid, adding that each party needs some kind of support to drop their demands, but PML-N doesn’t have it.

The minister praised PPP Deputy Chairman Asif Ali Zardari for his political tactics, but added that Prime Minister Imran Khan did better than him. Speaking about the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), Shaikh Rashid said that this movement is decreasing day by day.

“Imran Khan is not coming home. The PDM has to go home,” he said. Describing a meeting of cabinet ministers and other senior PTI members with Imran Khan, he said that the government has decided to track down all those who defame the armed forces on social media and vice versa. “Anyone found vilifying the armed forces will be dealt with in accordance with Pakistan’s Constitution and laws,” he said.


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