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With no tourists to hire, Australian farms are running out of labor | Instant News

SYDNEY – For harvesting red papayas in the tropical heat of northern Australia, farmer Paul Fagg has long been attracted to an unusual crowd of foreign tourists.

Not this year.

Australia destroyed the coronavirus with one of the strictest border control regimes In the world. But the success created problems for the nation’s farmers, who couldn’t find the labor they needed to pick and grow crops. Backpacking tourists, who typically make up 80% of the workforce harvesting fresh produce, have flocked since the pandemic began, without arriving to replace them. Seasonal workers from the Pacific islands are also largely on lockdown, even though many countries are considered to be free of Covid-19.

Quarantine of workers on farms has been tried, but it is far from what farmers need. Several Australians have accepted offers of government money to move to rural areas. Labor shortages hurt the economy: Farmers report falling profits, and some fear foreclosure. Many are now growing fewer crops, which can drive up food prices.

With increasing fatigue among the regular staff on the 190-acre Skybury farm and little prospect of extra help, Mr. Fagg and colleagues decided late last year to tear up older papaya plants and sacrifice about $ 100,000 in monthly income.


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Brazil Turns Sleepy Sugarcane City Into a Global Covid-19 Experiment | Instant News

SERRANA, Brazil – As Covid-19 rages across Brazil, killing nearly a quarter of a million people, high infection rates have turned the country into a perfect vaccine testing ground.

Now, Brazil is using its misfortune to help answer one of the pandemic’s most pressing questions as millions of people are being inoculated around the world: Can someone being vaccinated still transmit the virus?

In the first trial of its kind globally, researchers on Wednesday started a project to vaccinate the entire adult population of Serrana, the worst-hit commuter city of 45,000 people in the state of São Paulo, before any other state.

By immunizing everyone in the city through a controlled stage, they say the results will help global scientists understand how quickly a vaccine can curb. coronavirus pandemic. And inoculating entire cities would counter the growing anti-vaccination movement in Brazil and demonstrate the broader benefits of mass immunization, such as the rapid economic recovery expected with Serrana’s rapid reopening.

“This will give us information on the percentage of people who need to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity – nobody knows this yet,” said Marcos Borges, professor of medicine at the University of São Paulo near Ribeirão Preto who led the study.


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In Brazil, People Illegally Take Vaccines and Brag about Them | Instant News

SÃO PAULO – As soon as the Covid-19 vaccine became available in a farming town in Brazil’s central savanna, health secretary Assis Silva Filho ordered nurses to vaccinate his wife before local hospital officials.

“She is the love of my life!” said Mr Silva Filho, who also works part-time as an evangelical pastor in Pires do Rio, a city of 32,000 people. He added, “I will die for him,” in a video he posted to Facebook last month.

After being reported by people who witnessed the vaccinations, he was targeted by prosecutors on criminal charges for suing for profit as a public official, resigned and agreed to pay a $ 9,000 fine.

Brazil has only been running a vaccination campaign against Covid-19, but the country’s authorities have been overwhelmed by several thousand reports of people breaking rules to get immunizations before they are most vulnerable.

Among those investigated were influential politicians, business owners and lawyers, along with a host of other professionals, from veterinarians to fashion bloggers, who mostly incriminated themselves after posting vaccination selfies to social media, prosecutors said. Line jumpers were largely divided into two groups, said prosecutors, with political or wealthy ties and those with friends in the medical community.


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Rates for Wine, Food from Europe for the Current Stay, said the US | Instant News

WASHINGTON – The Biden government has said it will not end tariffs on European wine, cheese and other food imports any time soon – upsetting industry groups who say the levy is hurting US restaurants and consumers.

The US Trade Representative’s Office said on Friday that there was no need for now to suspend levies, which the Trump administration imposed as part of a long-running dispute with the European Union over subsidies for commercial aircraft.

In a regulatory filing, the USTR said it would “continue to consider the actions taken in the investigation,” referring to a 17-year-old dispute about how the government is subsidizing Boeing Co. and Airbus SE. The Biden administration said it was reviewing tariffs and other major trade policy measures adopted by the previous administration.

Under the Trump administration, the dispute has turned into a tariff fight that has ensnared a food and beverage industry unrelated to aircraft manufacturing. Washington imposed tariffs on $ 7.5 billion worth of European wine and food such as cheese and olives by the end of 2019.

The European Union retaliated with levies on US whiskey, nuts and tobacco worth an estimated $ 4.5 billion. The US increased sanctions on December 31 with additional tariffs, putting nearly all wine imports from France and Germany below 25%.


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Uber’s Food-Delivery Business, Cost Cuts Cushion Pandemic Hit | Instant News

Uber Technologies Inc. posted narrower annual losses due to aggressive food delivery and cost-cutting businesses, even as the coronavirus pandemic destroyed its core ride-hailing operations.

The San Francisco-based company on Wednesday reported a net loss of $ 6.76 billion for 2020, compared with a loss of $ 8.5 billion a year earlier. While widespread orders for shelter in places dealt a blow to Uber’s freight business, its share of food deliveries is soaring as the same mandate keeps people from going to restaurants. Revenues decreased 14% year over year to $ 11.13 billion.

Uber overhauled its business during the health crisis, cut about a quarter of its staff and dumping non-core businesses, among other moves, which saved him $ 1 billion in fixed costs last year.

The company separately doubles shipments, buying snack delivery rival Postmates Inc. last year and delivered new items such as groceries and medicine. Earlier this month, Uber jumped into alcohol shipping with $ 1.1 billion Drizly’s acquisition.

“It has become clear that the pandemic has increased consumer appetite for on-demand delivery of not only food, but all goods, and we have taken major steps to address this enormous opportunity,” Uber Chief Executive Dara Khosrowshahi said in a telephone conference. with the analyst.


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