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The WA government announced an easing of interstate border rules, confirming New Zealand’s quarantine-free travel | Instant News

Western Australia is making major changes to COVID-19 restrictions, by loosening interstate border rules to reopen to other states sooner after closure.

WA will open its borders to travelers from other states where there have been 14 days without community-borne coronavirus cases, down from 28 days.

The new 14-day benchmarks will mean that, pending no further outbreaks, Queensland will be classified as a ‘very low risk’ state from Monday, 19 April.

Prime Minister Mark McGowan said tough borders would continue to be used when needed.

“While these changes are very positive, Western Australians must not underestimate the virus and its ability to disrupt and destroy lives and livelihoods,” he said.

“Less than two weeks ago Queensland was locked in three days after the outbreak, and while our border arrangements allow for safe travel, it is also a quick and effective step to stop the virus.

WA borders will reopen sooner to states following the COVID-19 outbreak.(

AAP: Richard Wainwright


“That’s why I will not hesitate to restore tough borders if we need to protect Western Australians from COVID-19.”

The WA government has confirmed travelers from New Zealand will be allowed into Western Australia without being subject to quarantine starting April 19.

McGowan said New Zealand would be treated as another Australian jurisdiction and would be classified as “very low risk”.

Perth Stadium allows 100 percent capacity

The government also announced that starting at 12:01 am Saturday, April 10, it will raise the capacity limit for certain indoor and outdoor venues with fixed seating to 100 percent, including Perth Stadium.

Other venues that have 100 percent capacity include an auditorium and amphitheater, theaters, concert halls, cinemas, comedy halls and performing arts centers.

But the 75 percent limit for restaurants, clubs and cafes with dedicated seating, and the two-square-meter rule for pubs, nightclubs, bars and other musical events, will remain in effect at this stage.

A wide shot from above the Perth Stadium stands that shows an almost large crowd watching a cricket match.
Perth Stadium will have a 100 percent spectator capacity.(

ABC News: Jarrod Lucas


“However, in the context of continued absence of community transmission and vaccine launching for vulnerable groups, the CHO (Chief Health Officer) anticipates that the benefits of maintaining last physical distancing and mass collection can be mitigated and can be eliminated,” said Mr. McGowan.

“To that end, the CHO has recommended that the situation be reviewed within one month, with further advice to be provided.”


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NEST Cafe works to address food insecurity at QCA | Instant News

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (KWQC) – Unlimited paying local restaurants get help from the United Way. NEST (Nourish Everyone Sustainably Together) Cafe received $ 3,000 from the United for Equity Grant.

“So we are first and foremost a restaurant, but our payment structure is a little different,” said Laura Mahn, Executive Director and Founder of NEST Cafe. “We have a recommended donation amount for our food, and people can donate that amount, they can donate more if they can afford it, they can donate less, they donate what they can, and in rare cases when someone not having any money to donate, we firmly believe that everyone has something to give and something to share and people are invited if they can afford to volunteer at the restaurant. “

In February 2021, The United Way announced 25 local organizations would be awarded $ 275,000 in grants as part of a United for Equity fund to “help reduce and prevent racial inequality in education, income and health.”

Mahn said NEST plans to use the grant money to hand out tokens for free food. NEST is currently partnering with Dress for Success in Davenport, Family Resources in Davenport, and Project Now on Rock Island. Mahn said the tokens will be given to these organizations to share with their clients. “So we’re not really in the business of giving out free food, but some people need it. So you know, they can bring tokens, get free food, and be introduced to NEST so they can see us as a resource and be a part of our community and come back. “

According to Mahn, at QC 2018, 24% of the population was considered food insecure. Of these, 80% are people of color. “That’s a big difference you know from the numbers. Food insecurity disproportionately affects people of color and there are many historical reasons for that and social reasons for that and economic reasons, but we want to be a part of, not just giving people help, I think people usually don’t want handouts, they want to be part of something that’s useful to them. “

Part of NEST’s goal is to introduce community members to locally grown, sustainably sourced foods that are nutrient dense. “People who are food insecure, not only have to rely on cheap, excessively processed food that isn’t really food at all, it’s just manufactured goods, the food they rely on, they contribute to health problems and turn into this cycle. So we want to try to break that cycle and offer people high-quality, nutrient-dense foods that will serve their bodies. “

NEST Cafe currently operates out of a monthly pop-up event, but this summer, the organization opened a permanent location on Rock Island. The permanent location will be at 2623 5th Avenue on Rock Island. For more information on NEST’s hold pop-up events, click here.

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The Australian restaurant owner apologized for the Anti-Asia post | Instant News

An Australian restaurant owner apologized for posting a Snapchat of an order slip describing the customer as “two very obnoxious Asians”.

The image appeared Saturday on the account of Shay Hayston, who is registered co-owner of several Brisbane restaurants, including Froth in Brunswick, No. 5 Cafe and The Stand, according to news.com.au.

“Geez, I love my staff,” read the caption posted along with three laughing emojis with offensive pictures on Hayston’s account, a news outlet reporting on receiving chicken and avocado croissants and fish tacos.

Whistleblower Alec Madara told The Sunday Mail in Australia that the post was “not good” due to increased hate crimes against Asians around the world.

“Is the intention to be racist? I can’t say, it’s not my right to decide, people can have their point of view and talk about it, I just know it doesn’t suit me, “he said.

Amid the backlash, Hayston offered a grave error and said he wanted to “apologize for the offense and the pain it caused.”

“I have been a business owner in Valley for over six years, personally and professionally investing in diversity. I am very disappointed and ashamed of my actions because they go against all the things that I am proud of, ”he said, as reported by news.com.au.

“Internally, my team and I will do better to ensure we uphold the diversity and inclusiveness that are at our core,” added Hayston.

Original Snapchat post, which its owner Shay Hayston has apologized for.
Original Snapchat post, which its owner Shay Hayston has apologized for.

Freddie Wintrip, who said he was the manager of The Stand, wrote on Facebook that he wanted to apologize “on behalf of everyone at The Stand for what has happened at the recent events.”

“Even though this incident didn’t happen at The Stand and none of our artists, staff or customers were involved, it didn’t happen in our common room. This behavior is completely unacceptable and I cannot forgive it, ”he wrote.

The stands share space with Froth, according to the outlet.

“We are a family and a space that gives you the freedom to express whoever you want. As a white male cis, I understand that I come from a special place as I write this, ”he wrote, referring to cisgender, someone whose gender identity matches the gender assigned at birth.

“Thank you to the wonderful people who educated me on my skin color since moving to Australia, I see you, I love you, I support you. The stand will continue to do the same, especially for the BIPOC community, which consists of artists and patrons, “continued Wintrip.

“Many of us know the people who were involved in this incident. They have in the past done extraordinary things for our community. Yet they had made a very ignorant mistake. Mistakes they have to learn, apologize, and educate themselves. “

The Strand said it “will be closed until a formal inside company investigation is completed and completed.”

He added: “While this comment occurred in our common room, it was not condoned by The Stand staff, artists or patrons. We’re also looking at options if and how The Stand may continue in the future. “


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Joplin Health Department food inspection (April 5) | Local News | Instant News

The Joplin Globe published a summary of the routine check-ups and follow-ups conducted by the Joplin Health Department.

The inspected business passes or fails based on the violations found during the inspection. These violations fall into two categories:

• More severe violations of priority and addressing improper handling, storage and preparation of food. The globe lists the number and summary of each violation.

• Core breach is less severe and addresses general equipment, maintenance and cleaning. The globe only publishes the numbers.

A failed examination can produce various corrections based on the type of violation found. Complete copies of each report are available from the Joplin Department of Health.

Hardee’s, 1810 S. Main St. Fast food restaurant. A follow-up examination was carried out on March 26th. Result: FAIL with 1 priority violation and 2 core violations.

• Rat droppings were observed under customer fountains and dry storage rooms.

The second follow-up examination was carried out on March 30th. Result: PASS with 0 priority and 2 core violations.

Walgreens No. 3598, 2001 S. Grocery Store St. Main. Routine check-ups were carried out on March 26th. Result: PASS with 0 priority and 0 core violations.

The Bruncheonette, 424 N. Main St. Full service restaurant. Routine check-ups were carried out on March 29th. Result: PASS with 0 priority and 0 core violations.

Domino’s Pizza, 1714 S. Range Line Road. Fast food restaurant. Routine check-ups were carried out on March 29th. Result: PASS with 0 priority and 0 core violations.

Domino’s Pizza, 2316 S. Maiden Lane. Fast food restaurant. Routine check-ups were carried out on March 29th. Result: PASSED with 0 priority violations and 1 core violation.

Gateway Day Treatment, 1823 W. 20 St. Institutional. Routine check-ups were carried out on March 29th. Result: PASSED with 1 priority violation and 0 core violation.

• Cleaning work container not labeled with contents (corrected during inspection).

Kum and Go No. 459, 1832 S. Maiden Lane. Routine check-ups were carried out on March 29th. Result: PASSED with 1 priority violation and 2 core violations.

• Food contact surfaces on the ice machine are piled up (corrected during inspection).

Natural wholesaler, 510 S. Range Line Road. Grocery store. Routine check-ups were carried out on March 29th. Result: PASS with 0 priority and 0 core violations.

Zip No.5, 2115 S. Connecticut Ave. Department Store. Routine check-ups were carried out on March 29th. Result: PASSED with 0 priority violations and 1 core violation.

M&M Bistro, 612 S. Main St. Full service restaurant. A follow-up examination was carried out on March 31. Result: PASS with 0 priority and 0 core violations.

Jimmy John’s, 3030 S. Main St. Fast food restaurant. Routine check-ups are carried out on April 1st. Result: PASSED with 1 priority violation and 1 core violation.

• Evidence of unapproved employee drink containers is observed in the walk-in cooler (corrected during inspection).

Kum and Go No. 447, 2307 W. Seventh St. Department Store. Routine check-ups are carried out on April 1st. Result: PASSED with 1 priority violation and 2 core violations.

• The presence of pests observed in the storage room / product server (corrected during inspection).

West Central Primary School, 1101 W. Seventh St. School. Routine check-ups are carried out on April 1st. Result: PASS with 0 priority and 0 core violations.

Days Inn, 3500 Range Line Road. Continental breakfast. Routine check-ups were carried out on April 2. Result: PASSED with 0 priority violations and 1 core violation.


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Italy has entered a 3-day Covid-19 lockdown to block Easter travel and get-togethers | Instant News

Italy entered into a three-day national coronavirus lockdown on Saturday to prevent Easter trips and get-togethers even as the spike in new infections sparked by that country’s variant begins to wane.

The government announced last month that it would place all regions into the strictest “red zone” over the Easter weekend to limit the possibility of transmission, taking the same precautions enacted over Christmas and New Year.

Travel between regions and visits to relatives is limited to Monday. Non-essential shops were closed and restaurants and bars were only open for take-out.

“People are tired, but they realize that protecting health is very important in these times,” said Major Fabio Palletta, a Carabinieri military police officer guarding a checkpoint in Rome on Saturday, one of many established across the country. this weekend to make sure people on the street are allowed to travel.

The Interior Ministry also ordered extra police patrols to break up large gatherings in squares and parks, which are usually packed with picnicgoers during Easter.

“I’m glad they did the checks. It means something is at work throughout this mess, ”said Amato Monatanari, who was drawn for questioning in Rome.

Italy, where the European outbreak began, has recorded more than 110,000 Covid-19 deaths, more than any other European country apart from Britain. Another 21,000 infections were reported Saturday in Italy, along with 376 people dying.

An estimated 87% of Italy’s latest cases have been traced to the highly contagious variant that was first detected in the UK. But the Health Ministry reported on Friday that for the second week in a row, new cases “eased slightly.”

But as Italian hospitals in much of the region still exceed their COVID-19 capacities in intensive care units and other wards, the ministry concluded that new infections were still “too high … to allow for a reduction in current restrictive measures.”

Italians, however, are resentful of a choked up vaccination campaign in the country, which despite pledging to prioritize parents has left many of Italy’s oldest and most vulnerable people while teachers, police officers and other professional workers get their shots.

The Lombardy region, Italy’s largest, has suffered more infections and COVID-19 deaths than anyone else but still has a faltering vaccination campaign, getting a personal visit this week from Italy’s new virus czar, General Francesco Figliuolo.

“There are things that are not going well,” said Figliuolo. “We’ll write it down, then we’ll fix it together.”

More than three months after Italy’s national vaccination campaign, Lombardy this week opened a new centralized appointment portal after the previous system sent some elderly people hundreds of kilometers (miles) from home to get injections and kept others unable to make appointments.

The governor of the embattled Lombardy region, Attilio Fontana, acknowledged “some difficulties” but insisted that it did not affect the overall vaccination campaign. He said criticism of the regional effort was “sickening.”

Italy has administered 10.8 million vaccines nationwide, although only 3.3 million of the country’s 60 million people have received both doses. Lombardy, which counts one sixth of the population and has long prided itself on its health care system, has administered 1.7 million doses.

On a Saturday in Sicily, a church opened its doors temporarily to become a pop-up vaccination center.

“For Christians who celebrate Easter, today means above all being good and honest citizens,” said Pastor Michele Viviano, parish priest of the Salesian Don Bosco parish in San Gregorio in Catania, Sicily.

This means also collaborating with immunization campaigns, participating in and organizing them, he said.

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