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Police are helping Karachi musicians recover a piano that was stolen two months ago | Instant News

KARACHI: Police in the metropolis oddly settled on Monday a two-month robbery case in which the suspect robbed a musician of his piano of a music shop, ARY News reported.

The Gabol City Police have helped the injured musician get his piano back about two months ago when the suspect robbed him of a shop while showing off their weapons.

However, police have found the piano now and returned it to the victim, according to available details on the matter.

READ: Zain Effendi’s murder: police said the three main suspects were still at large

Separately for the criminal case in Karachi, when the police interrogated the suspect regarding the murder of the grandson of the founder of the Sindh Madrasah school, Zain Effendi, the discovery of the murder weapon and the vehicle used had not yet materialized.

Police said they had detained a total of six suspects, three of whom were members of the gang suspected of being behind the killings. Although he admits, three more people from the gang are still on the run as a place for police raids.

However, his party has not yet obtained the murder weapon and vehicle used by the suspect in the crime.

The police added family Effendi has yet to identify the suspect arrested today but said the suspects are still giving police new clues to narrow down the remaining suspects.




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The Supreme Court directed police to recover two girls who were kidnapped two years ago | Instant News

The Supreme Court on Tuesday took exception to police failure to find the two kidnapped girls and ordered SSP Shikarpur to recover the girls within two months.

Hearing the request of residents, namely Salahuddin, regarding the kidnapping of Kulsoom and Saadia at the apex court registry in Karachi, the two-member judge chaired by Judge Maqbool Baqar asked SSP Shikarpur why the girls who were kidnapped had not recovered even after two years.

SSP Shikarpur submitted a progress report, saying that efforts were being made to recover the girls, but no positive results had been achieved. He sought further time to recover the girls.

The court observed that the police had to recover the girls rather than just filing a report. The court ordered SSP Shikarpur to recover the kidnapped girls and submit a progress report within two months.

A day ago, police found a baby girl who had been kidnapped a month ago in the Bahadurabad region of Karachi and also arrested the suspected kidnappers during raids in the Korangi city area. The kidnapped girl’s father, Amjad, has registered a case against an unidentified woman at the Kota Baru police station.


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The Sindh government will restore Karachi’s playground to its original state | Instant News

The Sindh government spokesman said on Saturday that the provincial government would take action to restore the Karachi playground to its original state if people helped authorities identify land that was under illegal occupation or was used for any other purpose than intended. to.

Barrister Murtaza Wahab, who is also an adviser to the chief minister of law and environment, spoke at the sports festival inauguration ceremony at the Rashid Lateef Cricket Ground in the city’s Korangi District.

Wahab said on the occasion, the playground in the city was previously filled with garbage, but now the land is used for sports and other healthy recreational activities by residents.

He said that restoring Karachi’s playgrounds to their original state so that they could be used for the purposes they had built would be like gifts to the townspeople.

He also said that sports and recreation activities will continue to be held in Korangi District, adding that there is no longer an era where an environment of fear exists throughout Karachi, as urban people are now given the opportunity for wholesome recreation and entertainment.

In the past, said the supervisor, the land used to hold a sports festival in Korangi was once filled with trash, but now it is being used again to hold sports activities after being cleared.

He said that sports facilities that were restored to public use after municipal waste disposal were one recent example that administrators appointed by the provincial government to look after city government agencies had done an excellent job, given the resources available to them. .

He praised the services of the Deputy Commissioner of Korangi District Shaharyar Memon, who also held additional responsibility as the administrator of the Korangi District Municipal Corporation, for organizing a sports festival for the community in the district.

He laments that people have been less inclined towards athletics and sports activities since the advent of digital media and other modern modes of communication. An outing was also held in commemoration of World Diabetes Day.


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Sedgwick County Zoo’s Profitable Custom Wristbands | Instant News

Today’s Fashion Forward Tuesday got a little excited when Tawnya took Jennica King to a party to help share an important announcement with our #GDK viewers! Jennica together Sedgwick County Zoo and join us today to help spread the word that the zoo needs our little help!

Unfortunately like many other nonprofits, zoos have had to cancel all of their events this year including their biggest fundraiser, Zoobilee. Funds raised from Zoobilee help keep zoo staff and animals happy and healthy and of course doors open for the public to enjoy.

Sweet Tawnya and the K Lanes family wanted to do their part and help how and what else they would do besides designing a zoo themed bracelet set and donate a portion of every sale directly to the zoo! Tawnya worked with Ermish to design a multi band bracelet set including the many animals we had the opportunity to visit at the zoo. There is everything from lions, elephants, leopards, and more all in gold, complemented by just the right amount of gorgeous sparkles and beads.

This is just one of the ways K Lanes gives back and collaborates with the community. You can help and rock this Exclusive zoo themed bracelet set! Find in the store or check their website and social media pages to buy!


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The influence of COVID-19 occurred in the Italian tourism sector. | Instant News


Italy will need more than USD13 billion to recover from a global pandemic. Italy is no longer a hotspot for tourists during the summer, causing many restaurants, hotels, transportation companies and retailers to suffer heavy losses.

During the summer of 2019, Italy had more than 15 million tourists in a period of three months, July, August and September. However, Italy is now no longer an option due to restrictions imposed by the travel industry.

It was found that foreign arrivals fell by 10 million in June 2020 alone. According to a report written by Coldiretti, the National Farmers Confederation, the decline had a “drastic impact on the economy and employment in the Made-in-Italy holiday sector, which consists of 612,000 businesses that employ 2.7 million workers.”

A survey sent by the Italian business Confederation, stated that more than 90 percent of the people surveyed were likely to remain in their homes. About 40 percent of those surveyed did not have a decision yet, and the rest of the respondents felt it was financially difficult to travel after the lockout effect on them.



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