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Cannabis Pet Business Launches First Natural Supplement | Instant News

Hale Animal Health has launched its first two premium pet supplement products as it continues its work to develop New Zealand’s first line of medicinal cannabis products for pets.

Partially owned by New Zealand’s largest medicinal cannabis company, Helius Therapeutics, Hale is a consumer brand that has been working on by Managing Director Leila de Koster since announcing the Helius partnership in May last year.

Leila de Koster – Managing Director of Hale Animal Health

“This is Hale – healthy and healthy! Our two Vitality Plus products for cats and dogs represent our first nutraceutical products. Vitality Plus is a premium oil blend designed to complement a pet’s basic diet and provide a balanced source of healthy fats and essential fatty acids. In the coming months, we will be releasing a range of natural supplements packed full of superfoods, with the aim of exporting as well, “he said.

Ms de Koster said the creation of the first set of CBD-based veterinary medicines approved in New Zealand remains absolutely critical to Hale’s overall strategy. In fact, Hale could be the first person to register an veterinary drug cannabis anywhere in the world.

At the same time, Helius is New Zealand’s first licensed marijuana producer to partner in the animal health category.

Developing a clinically proven cannabidiol (CBD) prescription product for pets, which veterinarians can confidently prescribe, is just as important for Helius Therapeutics. Based in Tamaki East Auckland, construction of Helius’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is nearing completion.

What’s more, the cannabis drug company brings its own animal health talent and experience. Helius’ New Chief Executive, Carmen Doran, runs Novartis Animal Health Operations in Scotland, while Head of Helius Quality, Bruce Wallace, was previously Global Head of Quality at Argenta.

The country’s new Medicinal Cannabis scheme allows local cannabis production. It also allows the development and delivery of health products and cannabis recipes for pets. Although a new concept in New Zealand, the sector is experiencing rapid growth globally, with significant domestic and export opportunities.

Ms de Koster said in order to get the first prescription of New Zealand’s medicinal cannabis product for animals, a lot of data will be collected, and clinical trials conducted, over the next two years. Hale will then present an extensive file of findings to ACVM (Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Compounds) regulators in his bid for registration.

He said the barriers to people trying CBD products for their pets in the US include the fact that there is still little scientific research showing its efficacy and it is too difficult to measure the effectiveness of the products.

“Kiwi pet owners and veterinarians will likely have the same concerns. That’s why we provide solid evidence through clinical trials and registration processes for our CBD products in New Zealand, “he said.

The company’s first CBD products will be targeted at treating pain in dogs with osteoarthritis and future cannabis-based products could include cannabinoid chews to help with anxiety, and shampoos and conditioners to help treat skin conditions.

Meanwhile, Hale’s newly launched Vitality Plus product products for cats and dogs will be available at specialty pet stores and veterinary clinics across New Zealand. Liquid supplements, designed to complement basic pet diets, include cold-pressed flaxseed oil, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, sustainably sourced tuna oil, green shell shellfish oil and vitamin E as antioxidants.

Hale Animal Health has launched its first Vitality Plus product

In the coming months, Hale will then release the first round of its Best Life series which includes supplements tailored to the pet’s life stage, full of nutrients and superfoods. The first two products in this range are for adult and senior cats and dogs, with supplements for active puppies, kittens, and dogs to follow.

All ingredients have been carefully selected for their proven health benefits for pets and are undergoing a thorough research and development process to ensure a premium, high quality product suitable for pets.

Hale and Helius believe that their common goal of providing therapeutic cannabis products and medicines will be a game-changer for many Kiwi pet owners, who are desperate to naturally alleviate the pain and suffering of their companions. CBD has been shown to be effective at treating pet anxiety, stress, nausea, skin conditions, arthritis, and seizures – among other conditions.

“The reason most cited by pet owners in the US and Canada for buying CBD for their pets is to help with back and joint pain. We recognize that this is one of the most common problems that pets face, and that is why our clinical trial will focus on treating pain in dogs with osteoarthritis, ”said Ms de Koster.

Home to at least 1.1 million dogs and 1.5 million cats, pet owners in New Zealand alone already spend $ 1.8 billion on pet products and services each year, and demand is increasingly shifting to natural health products.

Managing Director Hale said spending on pet products internationally was enjoying strong growth. According to a report recently published in the US, spending on pet products continues to break records year after year.

In fact, spending by US pet owners increased by more than $ 3 billion from 2017 to 2018 – an annual growth rate of 4.3% which is in line with New Zealand’s 4.5% annual growth rate.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of animal health. We are excited to be one of the first animal welfare companies in the world to conduct clinical trials and register CBD drugs for pets.

“Cannabis-focused products will follow, but a first is our range of premium pet supplements. We ask Kiwi pet owners to look for these new local brands and support us on this great journey to improve the lives of our animal friends, ”said Leila de Koster.


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Topshop can be acquired by the online fashion retailer ASOS: report | Instant News

  • Online fashion house ASOS is a pioneer in buying British fashion brands Topshop, Sky News reported.
  • Topshop, part of British tycoon Philip Green’s Arcadia fashion group, collapsed into administration late last year.

The online fashion house ASOS is the forerunner to acquire Topshop, a trendy British fashion brand, Sky News reported This Saturday.

ASOS is looking to buy the brand for more than £ 250 million ($ 342 million), Sky News reported. The deal could be finalized by the end of the month, but a source said the news site discussions remained “fluid.”

Topshop, part of British tycoon Philip Green’s Arcadia fashion group, collapsed into administration late last year, put 13,000 jobs at risk. Deloitte was appointed Arcadia administrator and said it was looking for buyers for the group’s brands: Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis, Miss Selfridge, Evans, Burton and Outfit.
Read more: Amazon’s fashion chief told employees that 50 brands had inquired about sales at its new luxury store, as the company tried to raise concerns about counterfeiting.

Arcadia is a British one the company’s biggest offering of the COVID-19 pandemic. Clothing companies around the world have been hardest hit by the pandemic due to lockdowns, mandates to work from home and the temporary closure of shops and malls.

Arcadia also struggled before the coronavirus pandemic, failed to invest sufficient resources in e-commerce and relied too heavily on in-store shopping.


In May 2019, Topshop filed for bankruptcy in the US and closed all 11 of its stores there. Struggle retail the group cut about 500 headquarters roles in July and removed its retail staff.

ASOS, the online fashion giant, will acquire the Topshop brand but has not held talks about purchasing a Topshop store, Sky reported. ASOS is competing to buy Topshop against several rivals, including Chinese fashion group Shein and American retailer Authentic Brands Group, Sky reported.


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China’s National Silk Museum Showcases an Exhibition of Iconic Fashion Works of Contemporary Chinese Designers | Instant News

The exhibition – held annually since 2011 – features representative Chinese fashion designs selected throughout the year. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, this year’s Splendid Decade: Fashion China 2011-2020 will present a collection comprising the most iconic examples of haute couture and avant-garde ready-to-wear taken from the last decade. The creations on display during the exhibition will come from one hundred China top fashion designer including Wu Haiyan, Mark Cheung, Guo Pei, Lawrence Xu and Xiong Ying as well as innovative fabric products provided by 40 domestic textile companies.

Dr. Zhao Feng, Director of the National Silk Museum of China, believes fashion museums are an important part of the entire fashion ecosystem. He noted, “A museum should be considered a hall for clothing culture as well as a classroom for fashion design education. Classic clothing items, which exhibit special characteristics of the time period and technology, are ideal objects for museum collections.”

This exhibition will provide visitors with instant insight into the creativity of the contemporary Chinese fashion industry. Expressions of traditional cultural resources to trending fashion concepts such as digitization and sustainability can be found in their designs. According to Dr. Zhao, the National Silk Museum has put together a large collection of nearly 70,000 clothes and fashion objects from around the world, which gives it the honor of being. China largest textile and clothing-themed museum, placing it deservedly among the heavyweights of the silk and clothing textile industry.

Since 2011, implementing the idea of ​​”gathering today for tomorrow,” the National Silk Museum has been working hard to enhance its collection by sifting through extraordinary designs and products from China a famous fashion event every year with the aim of recording the nation-building process in the textile and fashion sector.

As well as the grueling work of selecting, collecting, organizing and researching, the museum hosts annual exhibitions, fashion forums and shows themed on prevailing fashion trends. The museum also presents famous collections of clothing from foreign museums each year to introduce a variety of aesthetic and cultural traditions. Recent examples include: Dior by Dior: 1947-1957, introduced from the Royal Ontario Museum at Canada in 2019, and Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion, introduced from Victoria and the Albert Museum at London in 2020.

In addition, China National Silk Museum is committed to promoting Chinese clothing culture abroad by holding an annual international exhibition for qipao / cheongsam designs since 2018, more than 100 designers from 24 countries / regions have been invited. It is hoped that the museum will serve as an inspiration hall for fashion designers, an academy for fashion lovers, and a fashion museum with increasing international influence.

SOURCE National Silk Museum of China


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Could The Show That Is Known For Fashion Help Boost Retail | Instant News

Perhaps it will soon be here to clean up Manolo Blahnik— “Sex and the City” is on the not too distant fashion horizon.

Following Sarah Jessica Parker’s Instagram announcement (who plays the main character who is obsessed with the show’s shoe designer, Carrie Bradshaw) confirming a new chapter of the HBO Max series, titled “And Just Like That …”, the TV Series’ thousands of fashion-centric followers responded with enthusiasts – including Reese Witherspoon, Debra Messing, and Zoë Kravitz.

The question is whether the return of “Sex and the City” – lauded by turning shoe designers like Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, and, of course, Manolo, into household names – will be the catalyst for retail as it once was and help invigorating retail, while helping to revive back in New York City, where the show took place.

What Does the New ‘Sex and the City’ Series Look Like?

This is a whole new world of retail since “Sex and the City” debuted nearly 25 years ago in 1998 and many of Miss Bradshaw’s favorite retail stores, such as Manolo Blahnik, Century 21 and Barneys New York, have closed.

At least one New York retailer was optimistic about the show’s return.

“The original ‘Sex and the City’ series was a huge boon for us,” said Beth Buccini, owner and founder of Kirna Zabete.

“Patricia Field used to dress up women from Kirna Zabete,” said Buccini, referring to the series’ legendary costume designer. “Her vision is breaking boundaries and causing women everywhere to experiment and dream about fashion. Hope it happens again. ”

Like fashion classics, “Sex and the City” has the potential to attract the attention of the younger generation, said Simon Doonan, legendary creative ambassador at Barneys New York.

“I was just chatting with a high school student who had just discovered ‘S and Cs,'” Doonan wrote, by email. “He’s drunk on heels, shopping and what he describes as the ‘old school vibe.'”

The 10-episode half-hour series will go into production in New York in late spring and will follow the lives of Carrie, Charlotte York-Goldenblatt, played by Kristin Davis, and Miranda Hobbes, played by Cynthia Nixon, who is now in her 50s. . Kim Cattrall, who plays Samantha Jones, will not return.

Reflecting on the show’s history, cultural strategist Sarah Unger hopes retail and fashion will remain strong themes in this new series.

“It’s not too long to expect this new iteration of the story to grab the attention of aspirational retailers,” said Unger, co-founder of Cultique. “However, part of the appeal of ‘SATC’ is how it combines the immortality of women against a dynamic urban setting.”

However, we may see a lot more realism on the screen. Unger predicts the character might gravitate towards a minimalist look with elements of over-the-top maximalism. Casual wear and casual wear may play a more general role, he estimates.

“It would be interesting to see awareness and wellness mix, given that there is a self-care industry that’s booming,” said Unger. “This could happen in many ways – one would expect to see designers who were previously marginalized prioritized via a platform known as ‘SATC’ or a more self-conscious viewpoint on inequality and sustainable consumption.”

‘SATC’ and New York City

The portrayal of New York as a land of fashion fantasy is part of the show’s appeal – prior to Covid-19, there was even a “Sex and the City” bus tour.

“‘SATC’ has always featured New York City as the main character,” said Unger. “Now that our relationship with cities has shifted thanks to the pandemic, this new event will be able to explore the evolving rhythm of urban life, including digital retail and remote work.”

This may increase interest in the city, strategists estimate. “New York City as a potential vacation destination is following suit,” he said.

New York’s image as a place of opportunity for outsiders is strong, says Doonan.

“Think Holly Golightly [in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’] or Diana Ross in ‘Mahogany’, “says Doonan, author of” How To Be Yourself. “” Shoes, shopping, and cocktails are powerful symbols of glamor and success. “

New York will rediscover itself again, Doonan said, and “the newest version of ‘Sex and the City’ will hopefully offer an entirely new blueprint.”


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Mitsubishi Outlander – New Zealand’s Favorite Medium-Size SUV | Instant News

Towards the end of 2020, we are looking ahead with bated breath at the prospects that 2021 will deliver.
Peaking above the horizon is 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander, the next stage of evolution for the iconic SUV that has established itself as a permanent fixture on the New Zealand market. While we can take some time to speculate on what this evolution might bring, in hopes of keeping up with previous improvements to the vehicle by becoming bigger and bolder, there’s still a lot to say about the current Mitsubishi Outlanders lineup.

The original Mitsubishi Outlander entered the New Zealand market 16 years ago, debuting in 2004 to unanimous acclaim. This sets a new gold standard for mid-sized SUVs due to several key factors. Mitsubishi keeps track of the pulse, and gives them the exact vehicle they want – an SUV that drives like a car, lifts like a car, while remaining the original 4WD and 7-seater versatile which includes features New Zealanders eyeing UTE. These considerations for the original Outlander design helped catapult it to become the number 1 seller in the New Zealand market. Since its debut, Mitsubishi has sold more than 25,000 Outlanders and this figure shows how receptive New Zealanders are to this fantastic SUV. This is because the Mitsubishi Outlander first marketed an SUV that was centered on a family unit, a five-door SUV that could accommodate anything anyone might need. This is partly why, until recently, Outlander survived in a market that is now very competitive and saturated, holding a market share of 16%.

But Mitsubishi didn’t just listen to customer requests for the first successful iteration of Outlander. They continue to listen to driver feedback, and use this feedback to continue and refine its features before releasing the second iteration of the Outlander in 2013.This new model continues the trend that made the original crossover between sedan, hatch and 4WD so successful, while simultaneously combining various quality of life enhancements to match the expectations of modern vehicle customers. With a continuous development cycle that uses consumer feedback to enhance each Outlander variant, 2015 will bring one of the biggest innovations to the Outlander – the introduction of the world’s first plug-in 4WD electric hybrid, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

Like the previous Outlanders, Mitsubishi’s attention to detail and practical application of technology made the Outlander PHEV the world’s best-selling plug-in hybrid since December 2018.

While the new Outlander may be coming soon, the impact of the current model is undeniable. It is still a powerhouse in its market segment, a segment it helps to create, shape and continue to innovate. As such, taking advantage of the finished sales of the current model is an opportunity that shouldn’t happen. missed. The Outlander is backed by the industry’s best new car warranty – Diamond Profit Guarantee – 10 year (or 160,000 km) powertrain and a 5 year (or 130,000 km) new vehicle warranty. This gives you the peace of mind that your high quality vehicle will continue to be well cared for after you drive it. With the incredible opportunity to score the new Outlander, it’s no wonder Mitsubishi customer Simon Lucas has remained loyal to the Outlander, loved it on delivery, and loved it even more after owning it.

Alex, a customer from North Shore Auckland commented on their satisfaction with the Outlander saying “” We bought the new Outlander VRX last year and we were very impressed with the driving experience. We’re lucky enough to take a few road trips and we enjoy the spacious interiors and luggage space where we can fit all our camping gear. The technology inside is very sophisticated, equipped with many safety features that give you peace of mind when driving on different road conditions. We didn’t have a single problem with the car, so far it is very reliable. We really enjoy the heated seats, especially in the mornings in winter, when the weather is very cold. Having 7 chairs is very useful when the kids have friends, or when relatives are visiting from abroad. We really enjoyed our Outlander and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-value SUV. “

So keep an eye on the Mitsubishi Outlander special runout for good deals Simon Lucas Mitsubishi.

Simon Lucas, Simon Lucas Mitsubishi managing director said: “We say goodbye to the current Outlander, and look forward to a new one. Competition in the New Zealand market in this particular segment is very strong and I believe that by 2021 Mitsubishi will introduce high-quality, value-for-money and high-tech advanced vehicles to kiwi consumers as previous brands have done with Triton, ASX and Eclipse Cross. “

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