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How two friends reunite 82 years after fleeing Hitler’s Germany | Instant News

Betty Grebenshikoff was only nine years old when she fled Hitler’s Germany. Dozens of family members will be killed in Nazi death camps. And for more than eight decades, he thought his best friend had suffered the same fate. Elizabeth Gelman, executive director of The Florida Holocaust Museum, talks about the extraordinary coincidences that must occur for Betty and Ana María to reunite, and what makes the whole story universal emotional.


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The CPLC reunites the missing in the shelter with their families | Instant News


That Edhi Foundation is home to many homeless people, many of whom end up in the welfare organization’s shelter in Karachi after they get lost and are separated from loved ones, apart from those with mental illness. Most of these lost people, separated from their families over the years, consisted of those from cities other than Karachi.

While they are provided in the shelter, they miss their loved ones and their identities.

Recognizing the use of the Shanakht Program to get them out of their misery, the Citizen-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) have taken the tough task of tracking down their families and reuniting them with their loved ones.

According to the head of the Shanakht Program Amir Hasan, the decision was made after the CPLC identification program team learned that hundreds of people at the Edhi Foundation shelter in Karachi were not from the city.

“As per the findings of a survey conducted by the Shanakht Program team, 500 women at the shelter of a welfare organization in North Karachi and 1,200 men in Edhi Village in Nooriabad came from other cities and ended up in Karachi for various reasons,” he said. The Express Tribune. “Some of them have mental illnesses and others cannot remember their addresses, apart from other reasons, because these 1,700 missing people have lived in Karachi, separated from their families, over the years.”

He further explained that it was also possible that they may have initially sought refuge at the Edhi Foundation in their original village, town and village and then moved to Karachi due to a lack of space, while their families continued to seek out their own. city.

“But now we have started to get his fingerprints and have sent the samples to the National Database and Registration Agency (NADRA) so that his family can be traced through biometric identification,” Hasan said.

Fingerprints of 285 women at the Edhi shelter in North Karachi were sent to NADRA as of last week and Shanakht Program officials had received the biometric results of 94 of them by then.

In addition, the fingerprints of 140 people have been sent to NADRA for identification to date, and the biometric results of 50 people have been received.

A total of 100 people united with their families at that time.

Waseem Qadri, Waseem Qadri from the Central Zone of the CPLC, also said that the Shanakht Program team is doing everything in its power to reunite the missing and missing with their families.

He added that the project was also used to identify corpses without heirs in Hyderabad.

According to Qadri, so far the Shanakht Program has proven quite useful for identifying bodies, especially those burned to death following incidents such as plane crashes or bus fires.

“We are collecting fingerprints and DNA samples from cadavers for identification and the success rate of the Shanakht Program in identifying bodies has been around 50 percent,” he said.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 1st, 2021.


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Tourists from South Australia are being hugged by cheerful family and friends at Perth Airport | Instant News

There is an emotional scene of joy and relief at Perth Airport after the first flight landed from Adelaide since quarantine rules were lifted.

Travelers from South Australia will no longer have to undergo a 14-day quarantine, measures imposed in WA after the COVID-19 outbreak last month.

Maria Rologas and her husband, Bill, were in tears being embraced by their son, Matthew, and grandson.

“You can see how happy we are, it’s beautiful, it’s been 12 months, it’s beautiful,” he said.

“It’s great to be here, we ordered two lots of tickets, we booked for the 23rd, and we had to cancel and we had standby on the 25th and we did it, we did it today, it’s incredible.”

“We are fortunate to have these good little ones with us,” said Bill, referring to his grandchildren Anastasia and Adele.

“It is a frustrating time, but it turns out for the best, we are here and we will celebrate with our family.

“We’ll stay close and hug them.”

Son Matthew Rologas questions the actions of the WA Government.

“The state government can handle everything better,” he said.

“There could have been a travel bubble months ago and this is a really delayed reunion that has caused so much suffering for the family.

“And that’s grossly inconsistent with every other state’s health advice, this is a boat we shouldn’t be getting on.”

Our hearts are broken: Sister

Liam Waddill flying from Adelaide; his sister and grandmother (pictured) traveled to Perth from Busselton to meet him.(ABC News: David Weber)

Liam Waddill was greeted by his sister Stella and grandmother Lorraine Hastwell, who were driving to Perth from Busselton.

Stella Waddill said it felt like “their hearts fell” in November when they thought they might not be able to see her for Christmas.

“Twelve months to this day, so, yeah, nice, nice to be back,” said Liam.

“The quarantine that came back about a month ago – was shocking, to say the least, but I’m glad it’s over and I think South Australia is handling it very well.

“When the self-quarantine period arrives, or the isolation period arrives, it is very disappointing but good to hear that we can return today.

“I thought it was a little strange if you came yesterday, there was a two-week quarantine period, but today you don’t have to, so there must be something questionable there.”

Lindy Dagnall is waiting to pick up her father, Anthony Philp.

A man and woman hug at the airport terminal.
Lindy lives in Perth and her father flies from Adelaide.(ABC News: David Weber)

“Dad was supposed to be here last Friday,” she said.

“Ordered it straight after it was lifted last time, then came back, so I ordered it at 10:15 am on Tuesday morning right after the restrictions were lifted.

“My brother is in America, so I’m the only one here in Australia and we’re planning to go to America.

“Can’t go there, planning to go to Adelaide, can’t go there.

“There’s been a lot of distraction this year but we’re all safe and we’re all healthy so, you know, you have to do what you have to do.

“It’s great that he can spend time with us at Christmas time with our family.”


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A retired US soldier tracking Italian children after 76 years: a clever story | Instant News

The retired US soldier was virtually reunited with three siblings who were found alive after a search that involved tens of thousands of Italians: they were Bruno, Mafalda and Giuliana Naldi, now aged 83, 81 and 79.

A 96-year-old retired American soldier made contact with three Italian children from a photo taken during the second world war, 76 years after they posed with him in the Bologna area of ​​northern Italy.

The search began when Martin Adler asked his daughter Rachelle to try to trace the three children from a picture, taken in the fall of 1944, and to see if any of them were still alive.

“Help me find the three kids I met while liberating Italy from the Nazis.”

Adler’s appeal was received by Italian writer and journalist Matteo Incerti who launched a search in Italy through the media and word of mouth.

Within three days, Incerti received the message: “There’s an 83 year old guy who wants to talk to you. He’s the one in the photo.

Adler, who fought along the Gothic Line during the second world war, found the children hiding in baskets at a house in a village in Monterenzio. After identifying himself, the soldier gave the children chocolates and a photo was taken.

Incerti promptly returned his calls, and spoke with Bruno Naldi, born in 1938, in a conversation he described as being about a “succession of emotions”.

“With great pleasure, he told me that he recognized himself in the photo and that he remembered the Americans at his home in the hamlet of Monteverzio in the Bolognese Apennines,” Incerti said.

“She told me about her sisters Mafalda and Giuliana who were born in 1938 and 1941. They are also still alive! Mafalda immediately recognized herself in photos shared in the news, online and in newspapers after my posting. They all live in Castel S. Pietro where they moved in 1953. “

Bruno, Mafalda and Giuliana Naldi welcome Martin Adler after 76 years.

Giuliana remembers the large basket they hid in for fun. They remember the chocolates that soldiers from the 339th Regiment of the US 85th Division gave them. They were there in a village in Monterenzio in the fall of 1944. Photograph of peace in hell from the Gothic Lines . “

After that emotional phone call, another one, this time to Florida. Incerti broke the news to an overjoyed Adler who exclaimed: “My heart is bursting with joy.”

Adler vividly recalls the time when the three “terrified” children emerged from hiding. “God really saw the four of us,” he said, “because we were ready to fire.”

Incerti then wasted a little time meeting Bruno, Mafalda and Giuliana in person, and arranged a video call between the four protagonists seen moving in the photo, an unforgettable moment that crosses time and boundaries.

Adler addresses the three “kids” by their names, says Incerti, learning some of the words he learned 76 years ago: “Hello children! Do you want chocolate

“Exactly like that. This is a fairy tale. A tale of life born in the dark of war. In these dark times of our time maybe we all need to find a little human warmth and love,” Incerti wrote on social media, thanking him. “tens of thousands of people have been involved in this wonderful treasure hunt.”

And so, a week before Christmas, an old soldier’s dream came true, touching the hearts of all who followed the story.


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Karachi girl reunites with family after going missing a day ago | Instant News

KARACHI: A five-year-old girl who went missing a day earlier from the Surjani area has returned, the victim’s family confirmed on Tuesday, ARY NEWS reported.

According to the girl’s family, an unidentified motorcyclist left her in Sector 4-A of the Kota Surjani area after reports of her kidnapping began circulating in the media.

The police when commenting on the matter said they would carry out a health check on the victim before proceeding with the kidnapping case registered at the Surjani Police.

A five-year-old girl from Surjani City, Central Karachi went missing the previous day without a trace from near her home prompting her family to approach the police.

The little girl, Urwa, according to her family statement to the police, went missing on Monday and has not been a trace of him since.

The family of the ‘kidnapped’ 5 year old boy told police that an unknown man picked him up from around the residence and took him with him to an unknown place.

Read more: How a small piece of evidence leads the police to Marwah’s rapist

It is important to mention here that the rape and murder of a five-year-old Marwah on September 6 after disappearing from the city’s Essa Nagri area shocked the Karachi people.

The girl’s body was found wrapped in a piece of cloth in a pile of trash on a plot of land.

On September 15, the two were accused in the rape and murder of five-year-old Marwah confess their crimes right before his second DNA suspect, Faizan and Abdullah, were matched with the girl’s sample.




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