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Rights activists move the SC to an independent commission constitution | Instant News

KARACHI: Human rights activists have petitioned the Supreme Court to request the constitution of a broad-based independent commission under retired high court judges to carry out a detailed investigation into alleged interference in police administration in the arrest of Pakistan Muslim League leader-N spouse Captain Maryam Nawaz (retired ) Safdar in Karachi.

IA Rehman and others filed in the petition that opposition parties, including PML-N and the Pakistan People’s Party, have alleged that Sindh IGP was kidnapped and forced to issue arrest orders for Captain (retired) Mohammad Safdar in cases related to blasphemy. about the sanctity of the tomb of Quaid-i-Azam by raising the slogan inside the building on October 18.

The applicants, IA Rehman, Karamat Ali, Nazim Fida Hussain Haji, Jibran Nasir, Mahnaz Rehman, Salima Hashimi, Zehra Bano, Mohammad Tehseen, Nasir Aziz, Farhat Parveen, Fahim Zaman Khan and Anis Haroon, said that there were fundamental flaws in both . pre-ordered questions. They stated that the Sindh government had formed a questionnaire committee, which only consisted of politicians and was not a judicial commission, indicating the lack of seriousness of the Sindh government to investigate the alleged IGP kidnapping incident.

They said that serious legal questions arose at the provincial questionnaire committee investigating the alleged kidnapping incident of IGP by an unknown person. They argued that the subject of the petition involved “illegal and malafide encroachment”, which had bad implications not only for the province of Sindh but also for the functioning of the Federation, therefore, the School Committee was the most adequate and most appropriate forum to deal with the problem.

They stated that interference in the police and IGP’s criminal investigation was clearly a violation of the IGP’s command autonomy over the Sindh Police, which is guaranteed under Sindh (Repeal of the Police Law, 1861 and Awakening of Police Orders, 2002) (Amendment) Law, 2019 , as well as the Pakistan high court ruling on IGP command autonomy.

They conveyed that the alleged incident had created a deep sense of insecurity and uncertainty among everyone and residents living in Sindh. They said that if a province’s IGP could be kidnapped and detained and subjected to illegal and unconstitutional foreign pressure to influence a criminal investigation, then its guaranteed fundamental rights, including the right to life and freedom under Article 9, the right to dignity. under Article 14 and the right to due process under Article 10A, the Constitution becomes invalid. They said that the incident not only jeopardized police autonomy and jeopardized our criminal justice system, but also shook up the foundations of the State of Pakistan as an attack on provincial autonomy and the structure of the Federation as preserved by the Constitution.

Courts are required to appoint a broad-based independent commission, chaired by retired High Court judges or Supreme Court judges and composed of relevant and respected civil society persons, and direct the commission to carry out a detailed investigation of the allegations and redress liability if anyone is involved. was found to be involved in illegal acts and malafide and submitted report within two months.


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Two isolated PML-N KKL called CM Buzdar | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Mian Jalil Ahmed Sharaqpuri and Faisal Niazi, who were expelled from PML-N earlier this month, once again met Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on Saturday. During the meeting, the main ministers were informed about the problems of their respective constituencies. Noting the matter, Buzdar assured them that the matter would be resolved, local media reported. The chief minister said that the door was always open for Sharaqpuri and Niazi. The chief minister said that those who create chaos are enemies of the country’s development. He said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was the most popular political party in the country under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.


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JI extended the referendum on Karachi rights by three days | Instant News

The Karachi branch of Jamaat-e-Islami on Sunday announced the extension of the Karachi referendum campaign for three days for another three days.

The party said the decision was made in light of the overwhelming response from Karachi residents who have long faced civil problems and rulers failed to solve their problems.

JI Karachi chairman Hafiz Naeemur Rehman said that after consulting with former Attorney General Anwar Mansoor Khan, who was chairman of the poll commission, it was decided to extend the referendum by three days.

“The referendum-raising will continue until October 21,” Rehman announced, while speaking to the media at the central referendum camp set up by the Public Assistance Committee, the party’s wing for public affairs, near Char Minar Chowrangi in Bahadurabad.

Criticizing Pakistan People’s Party leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, head of JI Karachi said if Bilawal was sincere with Karachi “why did he not announce the cancellation of the repressive Local Bodies Act and a proper system for an autonomous city government”.

Rehman also questioned Pakistan Muslim League Vice President-Nawaz Maryam Nawaz that why he did not admit “the mistake of limiting Karachi’s population to half in the 2017 census during the PML-N administration”.

“If Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is sincere with Karachi, why doesn’t Prime Minister Imran Khan revoke the so-called quota system on government jobs and also hold a new population census in the city.”

Criticizing the Qaumi-Pakistan Muttahida Movement, he said that as an allied party in the central government, they also played the role of silent spectators on the Karachi issue. He said the opposition had started holding public meetings across the country but that not a single point was presented in their 26-point agenda in Karachi.

“We are ready to join hands with other political forces in accordance with their sincerity with Karachi and its people,” he said. “This referendum movement is not limited to any party, but in fact, it is the voice of the Karachi people for their long-taken rights.”

He appealed to the people to come forward and bring their views and grievances about the city’s problems before the authorities. He said the Central and provincial governments must understand it is time to give Karachi its rights.

On the occasion, a businessman, Idrees Giggi, said that the business world supports JI and supports the party’s referendum initiative. Lawyer Naeem Qureshi, a well-known leader of the legal fraternity, said the lawyers joined JI and “if we unite we can be successful”.

Public Assistance Committee President Saifuddin Advokat expressed his hope that the Karachi people would no longer be humiliated after the unification of one platform for their rights. The referendum commission commissioner, Nazim F Haji, and his secretary, Najeeb Ayubi, also spoke at the meeting.

The referendum campaign is part of the Karachi Rights Movement which JI launched on September 8 to pressure the government to accept its demands for an authoritative system of local government for Karachi.

On September 27, the party held a rally at Shara-e-Quaideen and marked Yaum-e-Yakjehti Karachi (Karachi Solidarity Day) on October 14 across the country.

Rehman said JI’s demands included establishing an empowered city government, giving Karachi the status of a large city, bringing impartiality to the distribution of resources, starting a transparent population census, introducing an annual quota system for government jobs, setting up fair and independent local bodies. poll after forming 700 union committees, and taking control of K-Electric and immediately starting a forensic audit of the electric entity.

“Karachi residents are deprived of health, education, civic and recreational facilities, and to solve all problems, public pressure is needed,” he said.


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The pandemic has changed travel forever – and that could be a good thing | | Instant News

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Pakistan is accelerating efforts to protect basmati export rights in the EU | Instant News

KARACHI: Pakistan is determined to protect the right to continue exporting basmati rice to the European Union (EU), said a senior official on Thursday, as fighting with India over brand ownership in the 27-member bloc intensifies.

The Executive Director of State-Owned Enterprises, Meesaq Arif, assured exporters that the matter was in the government’s hands.

“TM (trade mark) and GI (geographical indication) marks will be given to our basmati which we deserve,” he said when meeting with traders. “All steps are taken in accordance with the GI law and the IPO is fully aware of all the legal formalities and actions to be taken.”

In 2006, the European Union approved basmati as a combined product of Pakistan and India. However, India registered with the EU in September to certify basmati as its exclusive brand. Pakistan exports 500,000 to 700,000 tonnes of basmati rice to various parts of the world and 200,000 to 250,000 tonnes of this is shipped to EU countries, according to trade ministry data.

Pakistan raised $ 2.2 billion from rice exports over the last fiscal year and 40 percent of this came from basmati, an aromatic grain hugely popular on international markets. India has been trying to get the exclusive rights to supply this variety to overseas markets for years.

The exporter, addressing the standing committee of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, urged the government not to leave no stone unturned to acquire an international trademark for its basmati as India’s ambitions for this could lead to nearly one billion dollars in annual exports. loss to Pakistan.

The government is advised to take swift steps to register the basmati trademark internationally. Certain steps must be taken without wasting time and prior to submitting an application to the EU for geographic indication – a global certification to authenticate brand ownership.

The trader said the government should submit an application to enter the GI tag for its basmati into the EU.

“Pakistani applications will be considered on merit,” said Zulfikar Thaver, president of the Small and Medium Enterprises Association.

Thaver said exporters said basmati rice certification as specified in the GI law needed to be granted to independent authorities such as the Pakistan Trade Company or Pakistan Scientific and Industrial Research Council as an alternative to accrediting private pre-shipment inspection companies.

“Under no circumstances should it be entrusted to a farmer or exporter association because it would create a conflict of interest,” he said.

Rice exporter Rafique Suleman said a task force had been set up at the Pakistan Rice Exporters Association (Reap) to raise the issue and involve the bureaucracy and the ministry. His view is supported by other exporters.

During the meeting it was informed that the protection and promotion of basmati is a shared responsibility of all stakeholders and that every effort should be made to develop more and export more.

The cases awaiting at the Sindh High Court also need to be reviewed and followed up. Stakeholders should not be complacent and remain proactive and vigilant in this regard.

The issue of trade with Kenya was also raised at the meeting and it was proposed that a free trade agreement with Kenya could resolve the issue of import duties on rice and tea and that trade could be promoted fairly by both countries.


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