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Boxing: Joseph Parker retaliated after taunts from heavyweight rivals | Instant News


The two fighters Joseph Parker hoped to next publicly mocked him after his defeat to Junior Fa at the weekend, but the Kiwi heavyweight suffered nothing.

Parker, the WBO number three fighter, beat the Fa by unanimous decision on Saturday night, even though many viewers thought the Fa deserved more points than the jury eventually awarded him.

The fact that the fight went so far, after Parker’s team admitted before the match they needed an early knock-out to make a statement, has opened New Zealand’s top heavyweights to criticism. And it is the potential opponents who score the goals first.

Even before Saturday’s bout, Parker was eyeing Derek Chisora ​​and the winner of the title fight while Oleksandr Usyk and Joe Joyce WBO are believed to be scheduled for later this year.

“I’m open to fighting anyone,” Parker told Sky Sports News. “But with talks from my promoters, Eddie Hearn and Matchroom and with [manager] David Higgins, they’ve got a clear path for me this year.

“Take care of Junior, then against Chisora, then against the winners Usyk and Joyce.”

Looking at Chisora’s social media accounts, this ever-present British competitor is in no way constrained by prospects.

Post on Twitter immediately after the end of the fight, Chisora ​​posted a photo of herself and Parker as well as their career statistics; however Parker’s head has been replaced with a chicken and the hashtag #chisoravchicken has been posted on the side.

Derek Chisora ​​takes down the provocative Joseph Parker.  Photo / Twitter
Derek Chisora ​​takes down the provocative Joseph Parker. Photo / Twitter

Chisora ​​confirmed with Sky Sports UK that the two sides are in discussions to fight and that he is not at all impressed with the Auckland game.

“The fighting is not good,” said Chisora. “The simple reason is they don’t train much. They are not fit, they are not training hard enough. There is no fear factor for either of them.”

As soon as Parker saw Chisora’s post, he immediately replied; labeled the British as “donkeys” afraid to fight outside Great Britain, let alone New Zealand.

“Come to NZ if you think you’ve got what a donkey needs. I’ll get this done anywhere,” Parker wrote on Twitter as he tagged his manager David Higgins, British promoter Eddie Hearn and Chisora ​​promoter, David Haye.

This isn’t the first time Parker and Chisora ​​have exchanged verbal blows. In 2019 Parker promised to send Chisora ​​into retirement with a knockout defeat in front of his London supporters – if he ever gets another chance.

“I told him beforehand that I would retire him and I would be his last fight. Locked in the fight, I will put on a good show. He will get the money he wants, but I will make him retire. He has a good career,” said Parker. to Sky Sports UK at the time.

Meanwhile, Joyce also took to Twitter after watching the Parker-Fa fight to say she wasn’t threatened by what she saw either.

“Either of the two, it doesn’t matter,” he wrote.

For Parker, Chisora ​​will now likely be the first of those fighters in a hugely popular bout in London where both fighters have huge fan bases, and then, perhaps, a mandatory challenge to the WBO belt he once held against Joyce, or Usyk.


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After weeks of drama and setbacks, the Australian Open begins. | Sports | Instant News

Thousands of tennis fans descended on Melbourne Park to watch stars including Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams kick off the Australian Open on Monday, after a three-week delay and heightened drama over the cast’s quarantine.

Audiences forcibly exited on cloudy and cold summer mornings, enjoying the fact that they were some of the few people on the planet able to attend live sports during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is mandatory to only wear masks indoors at the event, but many people are seen milling about outside with their faces covered.

Many sporting events around the world have been forced to postpone or suspend competitions due to the virus and impose strict limits on attendance or ban fans altogether.

Australian Open organizers hope up 400,000 fans to attend this year’s tournament in social distancing, about half the amount at last year’s competition.

“It’s been absolutely phenomenal, it really happened,” said Pat Cash of Australia, a two-time runner-up in the men’s singles of the Australian Open, who now coaches China’s Qiang Wang.

A fan presence in Melbourne Park would not have been possible if Australia had not controlled its local coronavirus epidemic in 2020 with strict public health measures. The Australian government quickly closed its borders in March when the pandemic began, barred non-residents from entering the country, and imposed a mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine for incoming travelers.

Starting in July, most people returning to the country will have to pay for their quarantine – at a cost of about 3,000 Australian dollars ($ 2,300) or 5,000 Australian dollars ($ 3,800) each for a couple.

When Melbourne, the venue for the Open, experienced a coronavirus outbreak in mid-2020, the Victorian government placed the entire state on nearly four-month mandatory lockdown, one of the world’s longest acts of its kind.

Australia combines its contact tracing with widespread free testing. The country now has one of the lowest the positivity level test globally, with 0.2% of the sample having tested positive in the past week, according to the Australian health department.

While other Western countries including the United States and Britain have reported tens of thousands of new infections every day in recent months, Australia has gone weeks without a single case of the coronavirus being transmitted locally. However, a quarantine hotel worker in Melbourne tested positive for the virus on Sunday, the Victoria State Department of Health said in a statement. The individual works at the Holiday Inn at Melbourne Airport, but the department did not indicate whether the quarantine hotel was connected to any of the Australian Open players or staff.

Australia has seen fewer than 29,000 Covid-19 cases and 909 virus-related deaths, according to the country’s health department.

Experts say Australia’s success in coping with the pandemic is partly a product of geography – an island nation that can easily close its borders – but also a result of strong government action that most of its citizens are following.

Brendan Crabb, director and CEO of the Burnet Institute medical research group, said Australia has a population that is more receptive to health advice than other countries, partly because of its long history of publicly funded health care. While Americans in some states protest stay-at-home orders as a violation of their civil liberties, Australians generally take advice from the authorities.

Crabb said that although he would not initially support hosting the Australian Open amid the pandemic, it is possible that the event could now be a “signal to the world” of what might happen when you reach nearly zero coronavirus infections. .

“This is huge, I don’t mean for Australia, I mean for the Covid zero philosophy. It’s a very good way of life, healthy for health, healthy for your economy and it also makes sense to limit the number of (growing) mutant viruses,” he said.

“So you have this exhibition show that shows the world how valuable Covid zero is. I think that is a tremendous potential.”

Hang up the call

Photo of a crowded stands at an exhibition match in Adelaide on January 29, where tennis stars including Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal play, provoke excitement online of sports lovers.

“It makes my heart full to see the fans in the stands. What a great Australia!” said former world No.1 men’s player Andy Roddick on his Twitter account.

But even though Melbourne managed to contain the pandemic, organizers of the Australian Open 2021 took no risks – and the event managed to avoid disaster on several occasions.

Craig Tiley, CEO of Tennis Australia, described his team’s efforts to host the event as “Herculean.”

“We have to take 1,000 people from over 100 countries around the world on 17 charter flights from various cities to Melbourne, and quarantine the number of people for 14 days and then every day, the athletes, allow them to be out of the room for five hours,” he said. .

Tiley said to help with contact tracing, the Melbourne Park site will be divided into three parts, meaning that if a coronavirus case is detected it will be easier to find out who has been in which area.

All event tickets are digital and no cash payment is accepted – all designed to reduce the risk of transmission.

There are some close calls. In January, when players started arriving in Australia, several people associated with the Open tested positive for the virus while in quarantine. The original plan was to allow players in quarantine five hours a day to train. However, as a result of testing positive, 72 players were told they could not leave their rooms for the full 14 days.

News provokes anger among some competitors, who complained that if they had known about the strict restrictions, they probably wouldn’t come.

“The players must be nervous,” said Cash, the tennis coach. “This is not normal preparation, perhaps far from what they usually want.”

Australian authorities, however, have no regrets.

“That’s the condition they came in,” said Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews at the time. “So there’s no special treatment here … because the virus doesn’t treat you specifically, so neither do we.”

Then, with just days before the start of the tournament, a security guard at one of Melbourne’s quarantine hotels tested positive for the virus – forcing his close contacts back into isolation until they were free of infection.

That includes more than 500 Australian Open players and staff, all tested negative on Friday, allowing the tournament to continue as planned.

Tiley said it was the role of her organization to make sure that the health protocols were very clear and everyone adhered to them.

“One thing we know about a pandemic is uncertainty. And you never know what will happen,” he said.


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Hosts arch rivals and today’s guests: ministers | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Ministers and special assistants on Sunday called on opposition leaders to take charge after a massive gathering in Garhi Khuda Bukhsh and said those who claimed to drag their rivals on the streets had now become guests of each other to protect their corruption.

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz said the opposition has nothing for the people, because they are only interested in pursuing their own self-interest agenda, which revolves around them.

In a series of tweets, he said Maryam Nawaz’s visit to Larkana speaks volumes about the historical fact that they are “enemies in public and allies in private.” “This old enemy gathering, at the same place in Larkana, has shown their real faces to the people. Those who used to criticize each other and announce dragging each other on the streets of Lahore and Larkana are now each other’s guests, ”he said.

Today, he said, the souls of former prime ministers Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto must be suffering because their worst critics of philosophy and ideology are sitting in their homes in Naudero. “Whenever corruption, double standards, horse trafficking, Changa Manga, chamak and bag politics are mentioned in this country, the name Nawaz Sharif appears on the top,” he said.

The PM’s Special Assistant for Political Communications Shahbaz Gill said in a series of tweets that if there was a political rank of hypocrisy based in Pakistan or globally, the Sharif family would be at the top by a clear margin. He said Sharif’s family called Asif Zardari a thief and robber and at the same time they were making their own property in London and hiding money there.

He said Sharif referred to Imran Khan as a representative of the Jewish lobby, but that they themselves sent a secret delegation to Israel. He further added that Sharif appeared to be targeting the Pakistani Army and at the same time sent their envoy Muhammad Zubair to search for an NRO from the establishment.

Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhry while giving derision at Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Maryam Nawaz said that the post of prime minister is not an internship program that can be offered to children.

Fawad Chaudhry when giving a speech at the press conference said that Maryam Nawaz never worked in the kitchen and now wants to become prime minister without a struggle, while on the other hand, PPP is only a party of domestic Sindh.

Responding to Maryam’s criticism of the sugar price increase, the Minister of Finance said that the country was in crisis because of two families because 45 percent of the sugar business was owned by the Sharif and Zardari families.

Fawad Chaudhry said that if Bilawal wanted to go on a long march, he had to do it against the Sindh government and the PTI would also be part of the movement.

The minister also said that the PML-N claims to fight for democracy in the country, but the practice is not the same in the party as Maryam Nawaz spent her whole life on her father’s money. He further said that the opposition alliance movement had collapsed because there were clear differences between PML-N and PPP.

The minister also said that Ajmal Qadri’s revelations had exposed PML-N’s stance on relations with the state of Israel.

Special Assistant to the Chief Information Minister of Punjab Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said time had proven that the decision not to give an NRO of any kind to looters, thieves and corrupt politicians was the right decision by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Speaking with the media in Sialkot, Dr Firdous said that the positive impact of this decision not to leave the NRO was showing good signs for political stability and helping rid Pakistan of corrupt and corrupt elements.

He said the Sindh society would bury the negative politics of confrontation by the opposition, because the politically mature Punjab had rejected the PDM agenda.

Dr Firdous said that the fake Rajkumari (Maryam Nawaz) would forgive and give a political apology while visiting Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s grave. “Rajkumari targeted Prime Minister Imran Khan politically only to increase his political value and in an effort to find an NRO,” he said.

Maritime Affairs Minister Ali Haider Zaidi said Bilawal and Maryam were spoiled breed children. Speaking to media in Sukkur, Shikarpur and Jacobabad, he said he had offered the first five members who withdrew to get five Umrah tickets, but nothing had shown seriousness. He said there would be no deal and no one would get an NRO.

Meanwhile, in his speech at the Multaniwala Union Council in Multan, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that PDM had nothing to do with the welfare of the masses.

“In the past, those (PPP and PML-N) who claimed to be dragging each other on the streets of Lahore and Larkana are now guests of each other, so that their real faces can be seen,” he said. Qureshi said the PDM was less united in ranks, because Fazlur Rehman did not participate in the Larkana public meeting.

“When will the PDM submit the resignation of its MNA and MPA?” He asked. He said the PDM coalition would collapse. “Coalitions made to protect personal interests will not last long. PPP and PML-N both joined hands to save the loot, “he added.


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The JUI-F dissidents are likely to form a rival faction next week, the report said | Instant News

The recently expelled members of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) will most likely form a rival party faction, according to a report report.

The JUI-F disciplinary committee expelled Maulana Mohammad Khan Sherani, Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, Maulana Gul Naseeb and Maulana Shujaul Mulk on Friday for violating party discipline.

The move comes just after Sherani publicly criticized the JUI-F chairman, accusing Fazl of being “elected” and claiming that the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) – an alliance of 11 Opposition parties – was created for personal gain.

According to reports in Dawn, the leaders of the recently expelled party will meet in Islamabad next week and shortly thereafter, will announce the formation of a new JUI-F faction during a press conference.

Like-minded JUI-F members are expected to attend the meeting – which is expected to take place on December 29 – which was summoned by the leaders of the recently issued party.

A source, according to the report, has revealed that the JUI-F dissidents were led by the former chairman of the Islamic Ideology Council, Maulana Sherani, who has served as chairman of the Balochistan branch of JUI-F for 32 years.

One of the leaders who was expelled from the party, MNA Maulana Shuja, accused Fazl of creating a dispute between JUI-F’s senior and junior cadres.

He accused Fazl of organizing sit-in protests across the country to avoid answering to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for alleged corruption.

“If Maulana sahib is clean, he will have to present his record before NAB and everything will be clear,” he said in a statement on Saturday.

Also read: JUI-F expelled Maulana Sherani, Hafiz Hussain Ahmed for controversial statements

‘Maulana Fazlur Rehman elected’

Maulana Sherani earlier this week lashed out at the head of JUI-F, saying that the PDM had been orchestrated for “personal gain”.

Explaining the PDM’s plans to overthrow Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government, Sherani said the 11-party alliance would not be able to do that.

“I have predicted for a long time that Imran Khan’s government will complete its five year term,” said Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani. “He will stay in power for the next five years too.”

Responding to Fazl, Sherani said that the chairman of JUI-F was himself “elected”, therefore, he had no right to say that Prime Minister Imran Khan was chosen to be prime minister rather than elected.

JUI-F was silent over Fazl’s absence from the commemoration of martyrdom Benazir Bhutto

The absence of the JUI-F chairman from the 13th anniversary of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto’s martyrdom sparked speculation that Fazl is unhappy with the PDM and that the Opposition alliance is heading for a split.

The PPP and PML-N both downplayed his absence, negating the impression that the alliance found it difficult to be on the same page.

Speaking to the media at Sukkur airport on Sunday, JUI-F Secretary General Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidery emphatically denied reports that Fazl was unhappy with PDM.

“Bilawal [also] don’t come to Mardan. Should we say that he is upset [with the PDM]? “He asked, adding that it had been decided that Fazl would not attend the PDM event at Garhi Khuda Bakhsh today.

“Maulana Fazlur Rehman is not upset. His attitude has remained unchanged since that first day [Opposition lawmakers] oath of allegiance should not be taken, “he said.

He challenged the government to compete with the Opposition as a political entity and not through the use of force.


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The rival wants the army to expel me: PM | Instant News

By News Desk

CHAKWAL / ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday said opposition leaders had provoked a coup within the Army if their leadership had not removed the elected government.

He said if the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) continued with its withdrawal from the assembly, then the opposition parties would see the emergence of a front bloc.

While reaffirming his firm uncompromising stance on opposition corruption cases, the prime minister said that the National Reconciliation Law (NRO) even by any government would be the greatest treason.

“I have never seen any opposition targeting the Army solely for the sake of the NRO through tactics of blackmail or pressure. If any government gives the NRO to these thieves, it will be a betrayal greater than that of the enemy, ”said the prime minister during a speech here after the groundbreaking of four major development projects worth Rs 15 billion.

The prime minister slammed the opposition for blaming the Army for vote rigging without even approaching the relevant forum. He said Pervez Musharraf was criticized for his involvement in politics. He said targeting military chiefs and the Director General of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) was tantamount to speaking in the propaganda machine language of India which has the most anti-India and anti-Muslim government in the Indian Subcontinent. He said those who call themselves democracy lovers are likely to overthrow elected governments.

Imran Khan said if the opposition is granted an NRO, future generations will learn that the country has discriminatory laws for the elite and the poor. He said the country needed a strong Army more than ever, but sadly, the opposition targeted them and even fed fake media sites exposed by EU-based DisinfoLab. He said India’s fake propaganda was meant to damage and destabilize Pakistan as well as keep investors away from the country. He said the international media had published many corruption stories of opposition leaders who also punished each other in corruption cases.

The prime minister said even opposition leaders provoked a coup within the Army if their leadership did not remove the elected government. The prime minister said Musharraf had given them an NRO and as a result the country’s debt swelled from Rs6,000 billion to Rs30,000 billion during their 10 year tenure. He said the government only had minimal resources for public welfare spending after paying Rs 4,700 billion in debt repayments.

Without naming Bilawal Bhutto and Maryam Nawaz, the prime minister questioned their qualifications to lead a political party except for the children of those who ruled and plundered the country for three decades.

According to Geo News, the prime minister questioned, “the two children who organized the NRO rallies”, if someone asked them what their work experience was, what would they say?

“They will say our father is the most corrupt person in Pakistan. And they have cases filed against them. And they were punished by the court. This is our qualification. “

He said the two of them “haven’t worked an hour in their life”.

“These two (Nawaz and Zardari) have plundered the country for 30 years and become billionaires and have billions abroad and their children abroad as well.

“What is the reason for you two (Bilawal and Maryam) to become party leaders? What have you done? “Asked the prime minister.

PM Imran Khan further said: “Both of them have departed to run the country. And what is their work experience? That ‘we have a very special education but unfortunately the money is not legal income’. “

Instilling hope in university and school projects, the prime minister said the country would soar if young people were equipped with skilled education. He said that if given the opportunity and trained the faculty, children from disadvantaged areas could also excel and gave an example of Namal University where the students even surpassed those who studied at Bradford University.

The event was attended by Punjab Higher Education Minister Raja Yasir Sarfaraz, Mining and Minerals Hafiz Ammar Yasir, Health Dr Yasmin Rashid, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister of Information and Technology Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan in addition to political workers and city figures. The prime minister initiated the Rs1.45 billion Chakwal University project, Rs7.7 billion RS DHQ 500 bed, Rs480 million Center for Excellence and Rs3.87 billion Chakwal Northern Bypass. Built on 941-canal land in the Balkasar area, the university will have three campuses. The hospital will include 265 canals and a center of excellence will be built on 42 canals. To be complemented by primary and secondary education, IT laboratories and sports facilities, the center will provide quality education free of charge to Chakwal children who cannot afford private school fees. The 21.4 kilometer Northern Bypass will connect the Balkasar Interchange to Mandra-Chakwal Road to reduce traffic congestion in the city. The cost of the 500 bed hospital and the North Bypass will be borne by the federal government, while the Punjab government will fund the university and the Center for Excellence project.

The prime minister, who launched placards from the four mega projects, also planted saplings on the university grounds.

The prime minister said his country would have an extensive network of private hospitals after the government provided universal health coverage for all residents of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He said at the meeting that after completing his five-year term, he wants the country to become self-reliant by overcoming current account and fiscal deficits, providing quality education and health facilities even in underdeveloped areas and winning world recognition for Ehsaas’ anti-poverty program.

In addition, he said, the government will launch a project to ensure that not a single person will sleep hungry in the whole country.

Meanwhile, speaking to the media, the prime minister said if the PDM continues with its withdrawal from the assembly, then the opposition parties will see the emergence of a front bloc.

The prime minister said those who have spent millions of dollars coming to the assembly will not heed calls for resignation by their leaders. He said JUI-F chairman Maulana Fazlur Rehman was the 12th person who had no personal affairs, but had billions of rupees in wealth.


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