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Karachi robbers made over a million rupees after robbing a bank | Instant News

KARACHI: CCTV footage of two suspects who robbed more than one million rupees after allegedly robbing a bank in the New Karachi area of ​​the city has been obtained by Geo News.

According to police, the four suspects robbed a bank and injured two security officers by beating them with rifle butts.

Security guards tried to thwart the attempted robbery, according to police, but were unsuccessful.

The footage shows two men escaping from a bank on their motorbikes. One of them is seen carrying a Kalashnikov rifle while the other behind him is seen carrying a pistol.

The suspect with the pistol fired two shots into the air, presumably to frighten the audience.

Police said there had been a meeting between the robbers and police officers but the suspects managed to escape.

The people were wearing masks, police said.


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Karachi: Two defendants were arrested for robbing a citizen of leaving a bank – Crime | Instant News

Published in 17 February 2021 16:42

Karachi: Two defendants were arrested for robbing residents of leaving a bank

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Police in Karachi have arrested two suspects with the help of CCTV footage involved in the robbery of people who left the bank with cash.

The Korangi Police, acting with the help of CCTV, arrested two street criminals and found weapons and a motorbike.

According to the police, the defendant once robbed residents who left the bank. The defendant is seen robbing residents in CCTV footage. The suspect fell off their bicycle in an attempt to escape after security guards chased them. After the motorbike fell, they tried to escape on foot.

The defendants were identified as Naseer Ahmed and Javed. Defendants are wanted by the police in several cases.


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Five CTD police were fired for robbing a store, beating the owner | Instant News

Five Sindh police Anti-Terrorism Department personnel were dismissed from service a few days after they were arrested with CCTV footage that robbed a shop and tortured a shopkeeper in the Karachi SITE area at gunpoint.

“The following police from the CTD Complex, Baldia, Karachi are hereby dismissed from service with direct influence under Police Regulation 12.21 because they cannot possibly be the good police officers involved, abandoned in criminal case FIR No. 128/20 under Section 392/34 of the SITE B Police Station in the Western District, Karachi as reported by the CTD / CTD complex in charge, Baldia Karachi, “reads an order issued by the SSP Operation CTD I.

The police are Arif Hussain Bhatti, son of Muhammad Sher, Khush Nayab, son of Ali Khan, Danish Habib, son of Habibur Rehman, Usman Shahid, son of Muhammad Shahid and Khalilur Rehman, son of Matiur Rehman.

A few days ago, a video circulated in the media showing a group of police looting a shop in the SITE area and also torturing a shopkeeper. After the video went viral on social media, the police above began the investigation.

Police said that during the investigation, they found CTD personnel involved in the incident. They added that after their identification, notification was given to CTD personnel; however, instead of showing themselves in front of investigators, the police fled to their hometown in Punjab.

After this, all five police have been dismissed from service while further investigations are ongoing.


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Gang involved in Pakistan’s overseas robbery arrested | Islamabad | thenews.com.pk | Instant News


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