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Three armed defendants robbed Rs20 million from a bungalow in Karachi – Crime | Instant News

Published in November 09, 2020 4:50 pm

Three armed defendants robbed Rs20 million from a bungalow in Karachi

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Three armed defendants robbed Rs20 million from a bungalow in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block 4 area in Karachi and fled.

According to police, three armed suspects arrived at the bungalow in white cars for the robbery. Only guards and laborers work in the bungalow. The defendant broke the lock of the room door and entered the room.

The police said that they stole Rs20 million from the cupboard and also took the DVR. The bungalow janitor was detained and transferred to the police station.


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Karachi: The suspect looted a cellphone shop, stole a car panel in a separate incident – Crime | Instant News

Last updated when July 22, 2020 11:50 a.m.

Dunya News has obtained CCTV footage of both incidents.

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Criminal activity in Karachi has begun to increase when robbers looted a cellphone shop and stole a panel of cars in two separate incidents, Dunya News reported on Wednesday.

According to details, bandits robbed a cellphone shop in broad daylight in the Metroville area in the metropolis. The face of one of the robbers is closed while the other is not.

In another incident, the suspect stole the panel of a car in Gulistan-e-Johar while holding a security guard hostage at gunpoint. This is the third incident of street crime in block 7 of Gulistan-e-Johar for two months.

Dunya News has obtained CCTV footage of both incidents while police are searching for criminals.


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Police get Rs5.1 million from robbers in Karachi – Crime | Instant News

Last updated when July 11, 2020 5:39 p.m.

The police got Rs5.1 million from robbers in Karachi

KARACHI (Dunya News) – The Jamshed City Police have successfully completed the largest robbery case of Rs23.8 million in which a family member of an employee was involved according to a police investigation.

According to the details, police have arrested two defendants, including a showroom employee, who was involved in the July 6 incident. Police sources said that the second suspect arrested was the brother of a showroom employee.

A sum of Rs 5.1 million was obtained from the possession of the accused who was arrested. While the incident of Rs 23.8 million was reported in the showroom on Jamshed Road.

According to police sources, a total of Rs 5.1 million was given to the brothers as part of the total amount. Raids are underway to look for other defendants.

According to the police, other defendants will soon be arrested and the remaining amount will also be recovered.


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Teenagers between the two were injured by robbers | Instant News

Two residents were injured on Sunday by robbers in Karachi. One of them was a teenage boy who had been injured because he had refused to offer a mugging in the Sukan Karahi area.

According to police, the incident occurred in Swabi City in Landhi. Police and rescuers attended the scene and moved victims to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center for medical treatment.

The injured were identified as 18-year-old Usman. Police said two robbers riding a motorcycle shot him after the boy refused their mugging offer. Finally, 25-year-old Amir was injured in a shooting incident that took place on Jalan Ijtimahgah.

According to the Manghopir police station, two men riding motorbikes shot and wounded the woman

victims for refusing to offer their looting. Robbers managed to escape after committing a crime, police said. The injured were taken to the Abbas Shaheed Hospital for medical treatment and a case was registered against the perpetrators, police said.

Woman found dead

A 35-year-old woman was found dead at her home in the Manzoor colony within the jurisdiction of the Mehmoodabad police station.

According to SHO Ejaz Khattak, the door to the victim’s room was locked from the inside and the woman appeared to have committed suicide by hanging herself with the help of a ceiling fan over several domestic disputes.

The body was transferred to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center for medico-legal formalities and then handed over to the family for burial. Police say they are investigating this case from various angles.


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Jeff Reinebold: Dallas Cowboys ‘hat and no cattle’ but too talented not to reach the playoffs NFL News | Instant News

Dak Prescott is negotiating a long-term agreement with the Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys haven’t reached the Super Bowl since winning last time in 1995, and they haven’t made it to the NFC Championship since then.

This marked a new era for the organization when they entered the 2020 season under head coach Mike McCarthy, who replaced Jason Garrett after he was fired at the end of last year.

Dallas finished the 2019 8-8 season and consequently missed the playoffs after having appeared in the driver’s seat at NFC East, all despite boasting a league No. 1 violation.

For Jeff Reinebold, it’s time for one of the NFL-level franchises to translate his talent pool to success on the ground once again.

“Complementary football, it’s something we talk about as coaches all the time,” Reinebold said. “Your offense must play well so that your defense can play well and special teams must complement both sides of the ball. That is an area that was not played well by Cowboys last year.

“They have spikes where they look like they will be a team that will reach the playoffs and make a deep run and then have spikes where they play without interest. They really go up and down.

“I am often criticized as a cowboy hater and that is not the case. I really respect this organization but the cowboy for me for the last 20 years is ‘all hats and no cows’, as they say in Texas.

“It’s like that beautiful shining car, you go to a Porsche dealer and he gives you 9/11 and he put a Volkswagen engine in it and it really is like that.”

Offseason Recruitment

CeeDee Lamb is seen by many scouts as the No. 1 wide receiver in the NFL Draft

CeeDee Lamb is seen by many scouts as the No. 1 wide receiver in the NFL Draft

The Cowboys reinforced their offense again in the NFL Draft by picking the wide recipient of the Oklahoma CeeDee Lamb with the overall pick No. 17, adding the newly extended Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup and the running star back Ezekiel Elliott.

Central Wisconsin, Tyler Biadasz was designed as a potential long-term replacement for retired Travis Frederick, while cornerback Trevon Diggs filled the gap left by free agent Byron Jones and tackling defense Neville Gallimore arrived as another large body on the front lines.

“If you only see what they have done in the offseason, you will say this team is ready to take over the division,” Reinebold added. “But they have to do it and that’s always a problem with the Cowboys.

“In Texas they say ‘he is all hat and there are no cows’ which means he is all showing and cannot give. I think this will be a team that will have real high expectations entering this season.

“This is a soccer team that is too talented not to playoff. They have done a good job on paper in the offseason. Now can they put all the drama, all the ‘American Team’ things behind them and just play soccer.”

Unsung quarterback?

Cowboys have their quarterback franchise at Dak Prescott, with the two parties still negotiating a profitable new long-term deal for the fourth round of 2016.

Prescott came second with a passing yard (4,902) and fourth through touchdown (30) in the league last year, but continued to split opinions.

“Their violations ended in second place after graduating in the league, I don’t know why he received the criticism he received, I really didn’t,” admitted Reinebold.

“Obviously when you are a Cowboy midfielder, you will always be compared to Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman, but I think he is one of the best young midfielders in the league.”

Prescott was assigned the previous exclusive offseason franchise tag, which was reported to be worth around $ 31 million.

“I think he proves he can win in many different ways,” Reinebold added. “As Kirk Cousins ​​said, ‘the label is your friend’ so just do your job, take care of your business.

“This is a child who has been through a lot of chaos in his personal life and he handles himself very well, I think.”

Defensive transition

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy pondered when team owner Jerry Jones offered him a job

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy pondered when team owner Jerry Jones offered him a job

On the defense the Cowboys lost Robert Quinn’s final defense to the Chicago Bears during a free agent, but managed to steal it when they recruited Utah DE Bradley Anae in the fifth round.

He and Gallimore followed the veteran free agent handling Dontari Poe and Gerald McCoy through the door, while outside midfielder DeMarcus Lawrence remained an integral component.

Leighton third-year linebacker Vander Esch meanwhile suggested he fully recover from the neck surgery he underwent at the end of last year.

“This will be an interesting transition to see how this works because this is a philosophical transition that will take place,” Reinebold continued. “Mike Nolan, the new defense coordinator, is a man who has a very large 3-4 background.

“In the past with (Rod) Marinelli it was all 4-3. One of the first things they did was out and they got the size. You get Dontari Poe which is 350 lbs and six foot-three and McCoy next to you. You are now big.”

Cowboys are scheduled to start the 2020 season against the Los Angeles Rams

Cowboys are scheduled to start the 2020 season against the Los Angeles Rams

Nolan will also have Aldon Smith ready to help after the defensive end is restored by the league following an unlimited suspension for violating the league’s personal behavior and substance abuse policy.

Smith, who was recruited No. 7 overall by the San Francisco 49ers in 2011, has not played in the NFL since 2015.

“I remember when I met Aldon Smith at the 49ers facility and I wasn’t very impressed with the big people because I had been around them for a long time, but he was different,” Reinebold said.

“He’s a different cat. If he can manage his life, I pray for him, because he’s a very talented football player.”

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