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Brazil and Barcelona Champions League legend of all time Ronaldinho was brilliant | Instant News

Ronaldinho’s Champions League XI really is made up of some of the legends of all time, with a team that has won the European title 18 times between them but there is no room for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ex Barcelona The star is one of the most iconic players in the competition’s recent history, thanks to his goal against Chelsea, and winning it with Barcelona in 2006.

Back in 2015 he was asked what was the all-time XI of the competition and at that time three strikers from fellow Brazilian Ronaldo, and two other former Barca star colleagues. Lionel Messi and Thierry Henry means there is no room for Juventus’ Ronaldo.

Ronaldinho’s all-time Champions League XI. Image: linebuildup.com

There is a good chance if the 40-year-old chooses the team that is now first Manchester United winger Ronaldo going to make a team.

Since the initial election, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner has won the trophy on three more occasions, when Real Madrid became the first team in the Champions League era to win the title three years in a row.

Not only that, the 35-year-old is now the competition’s all-time top scorer, having scored 130 goals in the Champions League, putting him 12 goals ahead of rivals Messi.

Ronaldo didn’t have the best time so far Champions League in the previous two seasons with Juventus, especially considering that was the reason he moved to the Old Lady.

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After winning a third successive title with Los Blancos, the former Sporting winger moved to Italy, where Juve won seven. League titles continue to rise but has not been European champion since 1996.

In the two years since signing the five-time Ballon d’Or winner, the Italian champions have won two more league titles but were knocked out of the quarter-finals and last 16 in Europe, losing to Lyon last season.

Ronaldo looked to heaven during Juve's defeat in August.  Image: PA image
Ronaldo looked to heaven during Juve’s defeat in August. Image: PA image

Remarkably Ronaldo, who made Ronaldinho’s squad, Brazilian Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima, only scored 14 goals in the Champions League.

The former Real striker, considered by many to be the best of his generation, scored 13 of these goals for Real Madrid between 2002 and 2006, including his famous hat-trick against Manchester United and one for Inter.

He only played 40 times in the Champions League over six seasons, never playing for PSV, Barcelona or AC Milan.


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FIFA U-17 World Championship 1997 – News – #WorldCupAtHome: Brazilian Ronaldinho wins in U-17 rematch | Instant News

Brazil came from behind to beat defending champions Ghana 2-1 to claim its inaugural FIFA U-17 World Cup title in Egypt in 1997.

With an array of attacking players including Abel, Matuzalem, Fabio Pinto and rising star Ronaldinho, the South American player put the finishing touches on the tournament they dominated from start to finish.


Brazil 2-1 Ghana
September 21, 1997, Cairo International Stadium, Cairo

Scorers: Brazil: Matuzalem (63 ‘), Andrey (87’), Ghana: Owusu Afriyie (39 ‘)

Brazil: Fabio, Andrey (Henrique 88 ‘), Fernando, Abel, Jorginho, Diogo Rincon (Geovanni 54’), Ferrugem (c), Fabio Pinto, Ronaldinho, Matuzalem (Rogerio 89 ‘), Gaviao

Ghana: Osei Boateng, Abdul Razak, Awule Quaye (Isaac Owusu 55 ‘), Abdul Issah, Hamza Mohammed, Monastery of Wisdom (Michael Coffie 73’), Emmanuel Adjogu, Godwin Attram (c), Aziz Ansah, Daniel Quaye, Owusu Afriyie

The bet

Before 1997, the FIFA U-17 World Cup remained elusive for Brazil. The U-20 country teams have won the World Cup in their age category three times, so the pressure on their young team in Egypt is enormous. Adding more drama to the showdown was the fact that their opponents were once again Ghanaian, who had beaten them 3-2 in the final of the previous edition two years earlier.

That Verde Amarela progress through competition in an impressive style. In the first phase they eliminated Austria (7-0), USA (3-0) and Oman (3-1) to the top of Group C, before defeating Argentina (2-0) in the quarter-finals and booking their place in the decider with a decisive victory. from Germany (4-0).

Ghana, for their part, are one of the strongest teams in the history of the novice competition. Appearing in the fourth consecutive world finals, they won in Italy 1991 and Ecuador 1995, and were runners-up in Japan 1993.

Black Starlets surprisingly topped Group D thanks to a goalless draw with Argentina and victories over Bahrain (5-1) and Costa Rica (2-0). In the quarter-finals they made it through Oman (4-1) before denying Spain (2-1) in the last four.


The finals begin with speed with early chances for striker Ghana’s Emmanuel Adjogu, who on more than one occasion tested Selecao Security.

Brazil are also determined to bring the game to their opponents and carve out their own chances, especially from set-pieces, one of which is forcing Boateng to push his shot out for a corner when at full stretch.

In the end it was Ghana who took the first blood in the last minute of the first half. A low threaded pass found its way through the Brazilian defense and headed for the Owusu Afriyie road. With only a guard to beat and no more than 12 yards, the player makes no mistake by placing low into the corner with his first touch.

Running out for the second half, Brazil know that their title aspirations depend on continuing to press and be patient.

The equalizer finally came thanks to Matuzalem, who, perhaps from a distance of three yards, kicked the rebound after the keeper could only parry Ronaldinho’s shot.

The excitement of scoring the title winner fell to Andrey, like extra time that seemed inevitable. After entering behind the defense to collect a beautiful ball from Ronaldinho, the player bent it over the fast-moving goalkeeper to trigger a wild celebration.


Although he did not receive individual awards at the tournament, it is difficult to see beyond Ronaldinho. Even at this early age, the Brazilian started showing flashes of magic that would then catapult him to global fame. In Egypt 1997 he impressed in the No10 shirt and weighed with his own two goals.

What they say

“The most beautiful moment of this tournament is undoubtedly when we get the world title and I can win the trophy. This is a first for Brazil, so to experience it is something extraordinary.”
Ronaldinho, reflected years later in the match

What happens next

After making a breakthrough in Egypt 1997, Brazil will continue to enjoy more success in the competition. Two years later they retained the title in New Zealand in 1999 and are currently the second most successful team in tournament history with four world crowns – one less than Nigeria. Today they will become world champions again afterwards win at home in 2019.

Ghana, for their part, had simpler results in the following years, finishing third in New Zealand in 1999 and fourth in Korea in 2007.


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PSG star Neymar has ‘Quality at Ronaldinho’s level,’ said Cesc Fabregas | Instant News

Monaco star Cesc Fabregas has made a bold statement Neymar has “quality at the Ronaldinho level.”

Neymar, 28, left Barcelona in 2017 after completing a £ 200 million move to a sensational world record to Paris Saint-Germain.

Fabregas, 33, admitted he was a big admirer of Neymar and drew an interesting comparison with Brazilian legend Ronaldinho.

The Monaco midfielder explained during the Instagram Live session: “Neymar is an outside player, he has quality at Ronaldinho’s level.

“He is a superstar who makes a difference when he wants it. It’s been a long time since I played with him and he recently killed us in two games with PSG.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA
Credit: PA

“[Lionel Messi], Luis [Suarez] and others like to have him in the team because at any time he can give you help or dribble, something that is difficult in a balanced match. ”

Neymar has been widely criticized for his attitude towards the club and the country, both on the field and outside it.

However, Fabregas has rejected criticism directed at Neymar on his behavior and insisted that he was a “good boy.”

The former Arsenal and Chelsea star said: “He has everything to be the best.

“Outside the field, he is a very good boy. He is like a child; he is always happy and enjoys life.”

Credit: PA
Credit: PA
Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Fabregas joined Barcelona in 2011 after eight years with the Gunners and spent three seasons at Camp Nou.

The Spanish World Cup winner stated that his departure from Barca was determined because his former team lost the league title to Atletico Madrid.

“[My departure was] determined by the match against Atletico, “I’m Fabregas.

“At that time, I started with Tata [Martino]. At that time I played the most in my career, almost 60 matches a year.

“I got that place [in the line-up]”Xavi didn’t play and we lost the league PSG Star Neymar Has ‘Qualities At The Level Of Ronaldinho,’ Says Cesc Fabregas after winning, and we have a goal ruled out for offside without me participating in the game at any time.

“Everything can change for me to stay, but for a small detail: we lost La Liga at Camp Nou and I have in my head to continue.”


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People in Brazil worry about Ronaldinho … | Instant News

In the exclusive Soccer Laduma, 51-year-old journalist Ricardo Perrone, who works for Brazilian UOL publications, and who is in Paraguay to cover the story of Ronaldinho’s imprisonment provides insight into how the Brazilian public reacted to one of their recent favorite son’s tangles. with the law. Perrone explained, “I can tell you that I really thought he was ruining his reputation in Brazil. People here do not forget what he did on the field, he is still a great legend, but now people say that he can not manage his life in a good way. “

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Also welcomed by the Brazilian public was Ronaldinho’s brother, Roberto de Assis Moreira, who many felt did not pay enough attention to the details of the transaction brought to Ronaldinho. Perrone clarified by saying, “People say that he only allows his brother to make decisions and that Assis also does not know how to organize the life of his brother. For more details, I think people see Ronaldinho here in Brazil in two ways. On the field, he still seen as a great Ronaldinho, but off the pitch he is a man who is only involved in confusion all the time, in trouble all the time. “

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Note: Because of Coronavirus, the Soccer Laduma newspaper will not be on the shelves this week. As a service for our readers, the Laduma Radio Soccer team reads a selection of features from this week’s newspaper. Click on the podcast below to listen to Soccer Laduma reading Ronaldinho’s full features and an interview with Ricardo Perrone who also explains Ronaldinho’s house arrest.


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