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A traffic plan is issued for the Karachi match | Instant News

  • League matches will be played at the Karachi National Stadium from February 20 to March 7.
  • A specially modified Traffic diversion plan has been prepared by the Karachi Traffic police.
  • In an effort to avoid accidents or unwanted situations, the Karachi traffic police have asked the public to follow the traffic plan.

The traffic plan for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) match was issued by the Karachi traffic police on Tuesday.

The sixth edition of the league, which runs from February 20 to March 7, will be played at the Karachi National Stadium.

In accordance with the details in the press release issued by the traffic police, a specially modified Traffic Diversion Plan has been prepared with notification of closed roads and alternative routes during the event.

In an effort to avoid accidents or unwanted situations, the Karachi traffic police have asked the public to follow the traffic plan.

Find out the traffic plan here:

  • Hassan Square Flyover / Expo Center Turning (Sir ShahSuleman Road to stadium): From Liaquatabad via Hassan Square Flyover and University Road / Expo Turning onto Sir Shah Suleman Road any type of traffic will not be allowed to continue towards Stadium Road.
  • Traffic will be diverted from Flyover towards University Road to reach their destination. Likewise, the National Stadium Flyover will be closed to all Traffic during the match.
  • Karsaz (Shara-e-Faisal): All types of small vehicles will be allowed to pass through Jalan Habib Ibrahim Rehmat Ullah towards Signal Stadium. Heavy / General Transport will not be allowed.
  • Millennium (Rashid Minhas Road): Dalmia Road will remain open for small vehicles from Millennium to Signal Stadium. Heavy / General Transport will not be allowed.
  • Chowrangi New Town (University Road): University Road / New Town Turn will remain open to small vehicles going to Signal Stadium.

For heavy vehicles, the traffic police have informed that it is not permitted to proceed from Sohrab Goth to NIPA, Liaquatabad No 10 to Hassan Square, PP Chowrangi to University Road, Karsaz to Stadium and Millennium to New Town during the match.


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The certificate of inheritance will be issued within 15 days, said PM Imran Khan | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses a ceremony in Islamabad, on January 21, 2021. – YouTube

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced Thursday that the inheritance certificate will now be issued within 15 days.

Speaking at the launching ceremony for the Administration Letter and Succession Certificate, the prime minister said the reason behind the corrective action was to make ordinary people’s lives easier.

He regrets that the land mafia illegally took over their plots, while noting that half of the cases pending in court are land disputes.

“We are trying to bring reforms and change our justice system for the better,” he said, adding that it would be another step towards providing assistance to the people.

The criminal justice system needs work

The prime minister said that Pakistan’s criminal justice system needs to be improved as the current arrangements encourage crime.

He said that “once the perpetrators face punishment for their crimes, the crime rate will eventually drop in the country.”

“A civilized society gives a message: Crime doesn’t pay,” he said, stressing the need for reform in the criminal justice system.

A state like Medina

Reiterating his determination to turn Pakistan into a country like Medina, he said: “In the state of Medina, monarchy does not exist.”

The state is based on principles of equality and justice, he said, adding that people do not know that it is a “modern state”.

Based on Radio PakistanThe Ministry of Law has set up a mechanism to establish a Succession Facilitation Unit in collaboration with the National Database and Registration Agency (NADRA) for the issuance of an Administration Letter and Succession Certificate within 15 days of commencement of applications by the legal heirs of the deceased. .

Previously, it usually took two to seven years to obtain a simple Administration Letter or Certificate of Succession, but now it only takes 15 days.

“People-friendly law reform is considered important by the current government which aims to ensure justice through people-friendly laws.

One of the most important pieces of legislation passed in this regard is The Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates Act, 2020. “

The law is important to address common problems faced by deceased heirs in the issuance of Administration Letters and Succession Certificates, he added.


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Wild weather: Severe thunderstorm warnings issued for parts of South Island, strong winds for central North Island | Instant News

Most of the rain that starts at 7am Monday will be the biggest on the West Coast of the South Island. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz

Severe thunderstorm warnings have been issued tonight for the Canterbury Plains and North Otago, accompanied by heavy rain and hail that are likely to hit the area.

Other parts of the country will be hit by strong winds.

MetService has warned people in the Canterbury Plains and North Otago to be prepared for flash floods around low-lying areas such as rivers, streams or narrow valleys, which can cause slipping. Rainfall is expected to be more than 25mm in some areas.

A front moved eastward across the South Island overnight.

This means that heavy rain can occur with thunderstorms in the Westland region south of Otira, and in Dunedin and North Otago.

Driving conditions will also be dangerous, with surface flooding and poor visibility during heavy rain.

Heavy hail can cause significant damage to crops, orchards, vines, greenhouses and vehicles.

Northwest winds can reach heavy storms from inland Canterbury to Marlborough, Wellington and Wairarapa.

Meanwhile, a storm likely to bring destructive winds and heavy waves centered on New Zealand’s West Coast, prompting warnings for those camping, on foot or on the water.

Weatherwatch.co.nz estimates strong winds “damaging” more than 150 km / h, waves of up to 13 meters, and one meter of snow in the Southern Alps.

There may also be over 200 mm of rain for parts of the West Coast.

Police say they have not issued a specific warning for the storm, but they always urge motorists to drive according to the conditions.

“In wet and windy weather that means slowing down and increasing the distance to follow,” said a spokesman.

Philip Duncan at weatherwatch.co.nz said the storm would be significant.

Weather and wind action today.  Image / weatherwatch.co.nz
Weather and wind action today. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz

“The stormy Southern Ocean weather pattern is temporarily putting the La Nina pattern to one side with two significant lows – one today and the other around Tuesday, Wednesday.

“Sunday’s low, which still hasn’t suppressed some thunderstorms, rain and winds for parts of New Zealand, will actually be tracing out of the country today. So we don’t expect anything too serious today, although it remains up-to-date with possible MetService severe warning no matter where you are. “

Estimated wind speed on Monday evening at 7pm.  Image / weatherwatch.co.nz
Estimated wind speed on Monday evening at 7pm. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz

But the ensuing storm worries Duncan, especially for those venturing outdoors.

“The Tuesday / Wednesday event appears to be the most intense with the epicenter of this hurricane potentially crossing Southland and Otago.”

As a hurricane hits the country with its strong northwest strong winds, it will then be followed by a cool southern turn with heavy rains that will hit the West Coast.

Weather and wind types are expected on Tuesday at 13.00.  Image / weatherwatch.co.nz
Weather and wind types are expected on Tuesday at 13.00. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz

Auckland is expected to cool down but will not experience as violent a storm as the South Island one.

MetService meteorologist Peter Little said southwestern changes that begin on Wednesday through Thursday will bring temperatures down to 10C on the South Island.

Dunedin will drop from 25C today to 15C.

Few say that temperature changes won’t be as dramatic as on the North Island, but people will definitely feel the impact from the southwest.

Auckland will drop from 27C today to 21C on Wednesday, and 20C on Thursday.

Most of the rain that starts at 7am Monday will be the biggest on the West Coast of the South Island.  Image / weatherwatch.co.nz
Most of the rain that starts at 7am Monday will be the biggest on the West Coast of the South Island. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz

Until then, the hot weather will continue. Whangārei and Gisborne can expect temperatures of 30C, Auckland and Tauranga 27C and Hamilton 26C.

In today’s South Island, Kaikoura is a hot spot of 28C. Christchurch and Ashburton are set at 27C.

The front exerts its energies on the South Island, and central New Zealand – Wellington, Wairarapa – is bearing the brunt of strong winds. Bad weather warning has been issued.

-RNZ additional reporting

Wind gusts speed early Monday.  Image / weatherwatch.co.nz
Wind gusts speed early Monday. Image / weatherwatch.co.nz


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‘Federal government has issued new notices only to destroy three main Karachi hospitals’ | Instant News

Sindh Information Minister and Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said that the provincial government has paid full attention to the three main government-run hospitals in Karachi, and as a result, the performance of this health care institution has improved a lot.

Speaking with media people here on Tuesday, he said new notices had been issued inappropriately to let the federal government take over administrative control of these public sector hospitals only to destroy them.

Shah said the inefficiencies of the federal government were known to everyone, because the “unqualified ruler” had failed in every sector. “The recent nationwide blackout is just one more example as several cities in the country have already had power cuts even though two days have passed.”

The Information Minister noted that hundreds of thousands of patients received health care services from the three main government-run hospitals in Karachi – Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC), the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) and the National Institute of Children’s Health (NICH).

He said people not only from Sindh but from all over the country and even from abroad came to the health facility to get free treatment.

The Sindh government has appealed in court to retain control of the hospital, but the federal government has not even complied with the court’s directive, he said, adding that one of the court directives clearly stated that the provincial government should be replaced. costs incurred by him at this hospital, but the directive has not been implemented.

Shah said the PTI federal government’s actions in this regard were simply an attempt to deceive the public. He said the federal government had not made allocations in its budget that otherwise could be used to run the hospital for only a month.

He said that investigations and actions should be taken if irregularities had been carried out in NICVD affairs, but that the real cause was unduly defaming this health facility to make it controversial.

Responding to the request, he said a judicial investigation should be carried out to find out the true facts behind the recent nationwide blackouts.

Shah said the most puzzling aspect of the recent blackout was that the fault at the Guddu Power Station had affected the entire country and plunged it into darkness instead of just affecting the surrounding areas.

He said the spokesman for the ruling PTI often issued false statements, but did not mention the fact that Sindh was the only province that had installed its own transmission lines as the Nooriabad power station had supplied 100 megawatts of electricity to Karachi.

He said the Sindh government’s good deeds were never appreciated by PTI; on the contrary, it caused discomfort to the ruling party in the province.

For a question, he said former president Asif Ali Zardari had been transferred to the hospital because he had been feeling unwell over the past few days. He said Pakistan People’s Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had clarified that the aim of the upcoming long march is Islamabad. “I am a political worker because I will drink tea, eat pizza, or even settle for daal rooti, ​​but I will line up in Islamabad whenever an order comes from us. [party’s] chairman, “he said.

What is PTI thinking

Pakistani leaders Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh say the performance of the NICVD has been undermined due to allegations of massive corruption, mismanagement and nepotism, and the main culprit in this is the political appointments made by the Sindh government on health institutions.

The head of the PTI parliament at the Sindh Haleem Session Adil Shaikh, in a press conference outside the assembly building, accused the provincial government’s corruption of even gobbling up heart patient funds, as evidenced by the mega corruption and poor state of the NICVD.

“When the Sindh government was asked about its achievements, they mentioned the performance of the NICVD, but in reality, health facilities have become a hotbed of corruption and mismanagement,” said Sheikh who is also the vice president of the PTI center.

He said PPP supremo Bilawal Zardari delivered a fierce speech during the Pakistan Demcorac Movement sit-in, “but the provincial government of its own political party in Sindh did not even set aside the funds allocated to care for corruption and looting”.

The PTI leadership also accused the PPP-led Provincial Government of being involved in corruption through fake bank accounts, money laundering and fake appointments in several departments, including in the fields of education, health, local government and income. The PPP strongly rejects all these allegations without any basis.

“Forestry department land has been encroached on, while pension funds are corrupt,” he claimed. Sheikh said that the majority of the population in the province live below the poverty line and are forced to drink mixed sewage water.


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NZ regulators issue a Bitcoin warning: Be prepared to lose all your money | Instant News


Liam Dann sits drinking beer with finance minister Steven Joyce to talk about Bitcoin and the economy.

The Financial Markets Authority has issued an emphatically-spoken warning for the Kiwi to consider taking over cryptocurrency.

The watchdog provided his comments to the Herald following Bitcoin’s latest rollercoaster move – the digital currency’s value has fallen by about a third since Friday after doubling over the past month – and similar advice issued by its UK counterpart, the Financial Conduct Authority or FCA.

“New Zealanders considering buying cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, should be aware that this is a high-risk and highly volatile asset,” said an FMA spokesman.

“Cryptocurrency is not regulated in New Zealand and is often exploited by scammers and hackers.

“FMA shares FCA’s concern that some crypto exchanges promise high returns and customers must be prepared to lose all their money.

“Many foreign cryptocurrency exchanges are not regulated and operate exclusively online – without a connection to New Zealand. This makes it difficult to know who is offering, exchanging, buying or selling cryptocurrency”

If you are planning to buy cryptocurrency, you should at least ensure that the exchange is listed on the List of Financial Service Providers (FSPR), which gives you access to dispute resolution schemes, said an FMA spokesman.

“You should also check if the exchange keeps your New Zealand dollars in a trust account.”

While much of the narrative around Bitcoin has focused on the rollercoaster valuation of cryptocurrency, people buying any digital currency need to be aware of practical issues too, such as how easy it is to convert to fiat currency.

The $ 30 million Cryptopia theft, which involved a Christchurch-based cryptocurrency exchange operating globally, also highlighted that crypto deposits are not guaranteed – unlike most traditional currencies, where governments would normally step in either by law or political pressure if there was a big loss.

The liquidator from Grant Thornton, and the police, is still around try to parse what happened to the Cryptopia hack, which happened in January 2019.

3 things you need to know about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin

• They are high risk and very volatile – prices can go up and down very quickly
• They are not regulated in New Zealand
Cryptocurrencies, crypto-exchanges, and the people who use them are often targets for hacks, online scams and scams

Source / FMA


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