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Ships attack in the Gulf of Aden near the coast of Yemen, British Maritime Trade Operation says – World News | Instant News

A ship was attacked in the Gulf of Aden on Sunday, off the coast of Yemen’s Mukalla port, the British Maritime Trade Operation (UKMTO) said, without giving further details.

“Ships transiting in that area are advised to be careful,” UKMTO said in a warning on its website. The attack occurred at 1230 GMT, he said.

Maritime security firm Dryad Global said it was the ninth incident reported in the Gulf of Aden this year.


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Germany denies the abandonment of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from EU rules | Instant News

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – German energy regulators on Friday refused to pass EU gas directives to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline operator, giving a new blow to the project to bring gas from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea.

Nord Stream 2, designed by Gazprom Russia to increase direct shipments to Europe, is far behind schedule and has faced political opposition from Washington, as well as from Ukraine and Poland through regions where Russian gas is sent to consumers in Western Europe.

The German pipeline regulator, Bundesnetzagentur, said the project was not exempt from EU unbundling rules which require separate operators for energy production, transportation and distribution for parts that cross German territory.

A spokesman for the German Ministry of Economy declined to comment on the decision of the authorities.

Germany’s relations with Moscow have come under pressure after Chancellor Angela Merkel told legislators this week “strong evidence” had been found that Russian agents were behind the 2015 hacking attack on parliament.

Merkel said the attack, in which legislators’ e-mail accounts, including hers, was looted, was part of a Russian attack pattern designed to destabilize the enemy. Russia denies involvement.

The regulator said the Nord Stream 2 consortium – which also includes Uniper, Wintershall-Dea, Royal Dutch Shell, OMV and Engie – did not qualify for the clearance because the pipeline was not completed on May 23, 2019.

Regulatory disputes do not affect ongoing pipeline construction, but can add to operational challenges.

Nord Stream 2 is expected to open around early 2021 after many delays.

A Russian pipe laying ship, Academic Cherskiy, is ready to travel from near Kaliningrad to Bornholm and complete the remaining 160 km (100 miles) after its predecessor Allseas had to leave work due to the threat of U.S. sanctions.

The consortium, which has five Western partners providing 50% of the funds for the pipeline, said that although not physically complete, the project had been functioning economically, with billions of euros of investment being made in good faith.

It is said to have a month to evaluate the decision and consider further action and that the definition that has been completed can be debated as a clash with basic rights in EU law.

Before Germany’s latest decision, they asked the European Court to overturn EU regulations that could prevent it from operating and called for arbitration under an international energy charter that protects investment.

Gas market analyst Wolfgang Peters of the company GasValueChain said Europe needed additional gas at competitive prices, because demand had surged by almost 100 billion cubic meters over the past four years, while supply itself declined.

This volume is roughly equivalent to NS 2 and its predecessor Nord Stream 1, which opened in 2011, combined.

Friday’s ruling could increase fees for the consortium and cause more delays because this implies that he might have to set up a freight company and seek offers from third parties to participate in gas auctions.

Reporting by Vera Eckert, Vladimir Soldatkin, Tom Kaeckenhoff and Thomas Seythal; Editing by Riham Alkousaa, Jan Harvey, Frances Kerry and Barbara Lewis


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Coming to Brazil: Aussie acts with many followers from abroad – Music News | Instant News

If you don’t ask, you don’t get it.

You are not a real band until you are hit by “Coming to Brazil” on each of your social media posts for several years.

Such is the case.

And when you arrive, Jay Watson from Pond says that the Brazilian “makes you feel like you’re in the Beatles”.

Outside of Brazil, there are many fans from all over the world chasing Aussie actions.

In fact, every year local artists collect frequent flyer points at festivals in Russia, sell shows throughout Germany, pack big rooms in Mexico and sing to fans who scream in Japan.

All aboard

The Australian music scene is developing right now, but you can only play so many shows for viewers at home each year. Touring abroad opens up a world of opportunities and new fans.

One Australian who has benefited from this is Ruel, who now has a special fan base throughout Asia. And honestly, being dedicated is a kind of statement.

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“The first time I performed outside Australia was in Japan. “I went to Tokyo and Osaka and did a number of festivals there and it’s amazing to think that I have someone there who knows who I am,” recalls Ruel.

He did not wait long to return for a full tour of Asia and find Ruel’s new army.

“Many things changed when I arrived in Bangkok, it was even crazier. There are 300 people waiting on baggage claims … Thailand is actually my biggest market in the whole world. “

Having no indication of this hotspot, they held free shows in the hopes of several hundred people. “Eventually, 3,000 to 4,000 people shook,” he said. “It was a very real experience, I will never forget that.”

To this day, Thailand is “the only place in the world that I need security.”

That is a different story for Alison Wonderland who says it “is a very slow burning in Australia, I have played the circuit for seven years before I even broke a little abroad.”

But when he did, it was flooded.

Alison was invited to play the mix at Diplo & Friends and she included her unreleased song, ‘I Want U’. This mix “is somewhat viral … and ‘I Want U’ finally became song # 1 on HypeMachine”.

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Suddenly, the telephone began to ring.

He was won and eaten by almost “every major label in America” ​​and the hype in America was so real that Alison was quickly approached by one of the biggest festivals in the world.

“I got my first show offer because everyone had heard that I was working on my first album … my first offer was Coachella so it was my first proper show in America.”

And as you remember, only three years later, Alison Wonderland became The highest-paying female DJ in Coachella’s history.

For some action, when they arrived abroad the fans were there waiting. But for many, this is a case of building your fanbase overseas as they do in Australia.

When the five boys from the Byron Parcel band were 18, they decided to move to Berlin. It was an ‘arrow on the map’ decision that changed their lives forever.

After a few years of enjoying Berlin life and finding their feet in the local music scene, things began to happen for the band.

Noah from Parcels said one particular performance stood out in their growth.

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“We were in Paris at a festival called We Love Green and I remember thinking, oh we are a real band. It was the main stage, the sunset, 30,000 people and I could barely see Louie on the other side of the stage and could barely see the end of the crowd, it was only the sea … I remember thinking maybe this could go somewhere. “

Mind blowing moments

For the Aussie action, this could be a long, expensive and potentially lonely road trip abroad. But when hard work pays off and the crowd starts to grow and sing your songs or dance to your music, it’s all worth it.

Alison Wonderland went on a crazy tour last year and an unusual highlight was the festival in Russia.

“I’ve never played in Russia before … Literally everyone in the crowd knows every word for all my songs including my B-side. I don’t know that people in Russia know my music, I’m not even kidding, word by said singing every song and every drop. It’s like a big crowd and they know all of my obscure notes that have been made on the radio, I’m fascinated. “

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For Parcels, Noah said that although their French performances were consistently packaged and some of the most interesting, in “the Netherlands there was real manic energy. They are very ready for it and very energetic and they really take the time to learn the songs. France has the same consciousness but a much more static awareness. “

There was a show in Paris but it was different from the others when two special guests came to watch them.

“Obviously when I saw Daft Punk in the crowd it was a real trip. We were told that they would come because they were good friends with our label chief at the time. It was just a total trip … After that we chatted with them, finally invited to the studio and song (‘Overnight’) was made. “

The once-in-a-lifetime collaboration recognized by Noah “would not have happened if we were in Australia … That was luck and coincidence. They were looking for something similar to us at that time and they saw us at the show in Paris at that time. “

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Not only do audiences all over Asia become giants for Ruel, but they also offer a completely different experience from Australia.

“It’s funny how the applause went away. They are completely silent when you sing, some of them sing together but only slightly. But once you’re done it’s just the loudest thing you’ve ever heard for six seconds and then completely silent. While I take a sip of water, you can hear my glugging. “

Another Australian action that has garnered many fans and gained recognition overseas is Confidence Man.

At the 2018 Primavera Festival in Barcelona, ​​Janet Planet said they played the show for “one of the biggest crowds” he had ever seen.

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“We have never played in Spain before and we played at 3 am … When we started getting ready to play, we realized that we would have around 20,000 people watching us because all the main stages closed at 3am and this will be the biggest stage at the festival at that time. Then we played the show and it was really crazy, I had never seen such a crowd party before. “

Come to Brazil

After thousands of comments by dashing Brazilian fans, the Aussie action that has answered the call does not regret it.

Jay Watson from GUM, Pond and Tame Impala said the fans “make you feel like you are at The Beatles.”

What stands out for Jay from his three visits to Brazil is “the passion of the people and attendees … It always makes you feel alive.”

Just don’t invite locals to play soccer, a lesson Jay learned when they approached a group of boys at Copacabana Beach in Rio.

“One of us was asked to play with them and the three boys laughed at us. And then we did it and they continued to destroy us, goal by goal, it felt like 40-0. That surprised me. “

Alison Wonderland also saw the full power of Brazilian fandom.

“I couldn’t leave my hotel room there so many people, it was really crazy. The energy on the show was crazy, I played with some local artists, wearing soccer jerseys all the time.”

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James from RÜFÜS DU SOL – another group peppered with Brazilian requests – said it started as a joke.

“Slowly for years before we see like one comment, then two comments, then four and 10 comments ‘Come to Brazil’.”

Bandmate Jon agrees that “it looks like someone is paid to load our page with all those comments. But it was very refreshing and cool to see that when we arrived in Brazil we had a lot of fans, people at the airport waiting for us. The show itself was amazing … we loved the experience “.

Sometimes it turns out that it is a good thing to read, listen and obey comments.

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Coronavirus live news: Brazil reports a record 881 deaths as Wuhan prepares to test 11 million inhabitants | World News | Instant News

Brazil reports record 881 Covid-19 deaths within 24 hours on Tuesday, the health ministry said, bringing the total to 12,400 and making it the sixth worst country in the world in terms of deaths, according to John Hopkins University number. A total of 177,589 confirmed cases are the seventh highest in the world.

Earlier right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro – who had attacked social isolation measures introduced by the state governor – issued a decree declared a beauty salon, fitness center and barber “essential services” that could be opened. Some governors said they would do it ignore decree.

Monumento das Bandeiras statue seen with a mask during the spread of coronavirus in Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 12, 2020. Photo: Amanda Perobelli / Reuters

Bolsonaro also fought against his latest political crisis – fears that the supreme judge could release one the video from an apathetic ministerial meeting held on April 22 which reportedly included his foreign minister Ernesto Araújo blaming China, Brazil’s biggest trading partner, for a pandemic which he dubbed the “comunavirus” (or “communist virus”), which aims to dominate other countries.

Araújo debuted in a long text on the “anti-globalist” blog on the same day.

“The Coronavirus reawakened us to a communist nightmare. The comuna virus has arrived, “he said write. The Brazilian attorney general’s office argued against submitting the video to the Supreme Court, claim it contains “potentially sensitive and reserved subjects of state, including foreign relations”, but was rejected.

Adding to the widespread feeling that the Brazilian right wing is increasingly cut off from the reality of such a terrible pandemic. spread into a poorer and denser community, president Olavo de’s family teacher Carvalho questioning his whereabouts on Tuesday.

“The fear of the supposedly deadly virus is nothing more than a horror story to attack the population and make them accept slavery as a gift from Santa Claus,” tweeted right astrologers based in Richmond, Virginia, centered on philosophers, are believed to have recommended Araújo to the post, to 291,000 followers.


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Cases in Brazil and Russia are soaring | Instant News

This is CNBC’s direct blog which covers all the latest news on the Internet coronavirus epidemic. This blog will be updated throughout the day when the news is broadcast.

  • Global case: More than 4.2 million
  • Global Death: At least 291,366
  • Most cases reported: United States (1,369,314), Russia (232,243), Spain (228,030), United Kingdom (227,741), Italy (221,216)

The above data was compiled by Johns Hopkins University at 8:45 Beijing time.

All times below are Beijing time.

9:55 am: The US can become depressed if it isn’t reopened, Jim Cramer warns

“Ideally, we will close everything until the federal government massively increases its testing and contact tracking capacity,” Cramer said, but “without more aggressive action from the federal government, we may have no choice but to reopen when the economy rotates.” become depressed. “

“Almost everyone in the industry is closed and it is destroying the economy,” the presenter of “Crazy Money” said. “I would be fine with that if our leaders had a plan” but “it increasingly feels like it’s not an option” for the country. – Tyler Clifford

9:30 am: Mexico records a high number of daily deaths

Mexico reported 353 more deaths, a new diary, bringing the total to 3,926 deaths, according to Reuters citing the ministry of health.

The country had 1,997 new cases confirmed on Tuesday, bringing the total to 38,324, the report said. – Weizhen Tan

8:45 am: China reports 7 new cases

The Chinese National Health Commission (NHC) reports seven new cases, 6 of which are infections that are transmitted locally and one imported, or associated with a traveler from abroad. That brings the country to 82,926 cases, according to the NHC.

There were no new deaths, the NHC said, with the total number of deaths staying at 4,633. He also said there were eight new asymptomatic cases, in which the patient showed no symptoms of the disease. Overall, 750 cases without symptoms were under medical observation. – Weizhen Tan

8:30 am: Facebook warns that coronavirus hinders its ability to moderate content

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Covid-19 has influenced social networking capabilities so humans review as much of the content moderation appeal as before.

In mid-March, the social network decided to send its content moderator home for their safety. This decision reduces the number of human moderators available to review content. As a result, the company could only review 2.3 million appeals of content between January and March, down nearly 26% compared to last year.

Facebook is in the process of bringing its content moderator back online. – Salvador Rodriguez

8:20 am: Cases in Brazil and Russia are soaring; top global infection of 4.2 million

Health professionals hold the balloon before releasing it because they respect health workers who have died from the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, outside the University Hospital of Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on May 12, 2020.


The confirmed case in Brazil surpassed the German case on Tuesday. The South American country now has the seventh highest number of infections, with 177,602 cases reported, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University.

Brazil also recorded the deadliest day ever with 881 deaths confirmed in the last 24 hours, bringing the total death toll to 12,400, according to Reuters.

Russia also saw a surge when cases rose to 232,243, making the country the second worst, according to Hopkins data. Globally, infections reach 4.2 million. – Weizhen Tan

Read CNBC’s coverage from the US overnight: Fauci delivered a grim warning, California set new rules to reopen the restaurant


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