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PAKISTAN Lahore interfaith leader slams hatred campaign against minorities (video) | Instant News

Samson Salamat, president of Rwadari Tehreek, reacted to an Islamic leader who attacked Christians, calling them the worst infidels in the world. Instead, Salamat emphasizes religious pluralism maintained by Pakistani founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Activists called on Prime Minister Imran Khan to act.

Lahore (AsiaNews) – Interfaith group leaders have spoken out against hate campaigns targeting Pakistan’s religious minorities.

In a video that went viral, an Islamic cleric, Qazi Mehmood Qadri Awani (Video 1), claimed that Christians were the worst. do not believe (Infidels) in the world, and that they must be driven out of the country and sent to the United States where they can “polish” President Donald Trump’s shoes.

In a reply video message, Samson Salamat (video 2), president of Rwadari Tehreek, urged Qadri to remain silent, reminding him that Christians are as much Pakistani citizens as Muslims.

“We are always there to support Mohammad Ali Jinnah (the founder of Pakistan) while people like Qadri oppose his vision of a pluralist Pakistan state. For this reason, they spread hatred towards minorities.”[Pakistan’sfounder)whileplopelikeQadriopposehisvisionofapluralistPakistanistateForthisreasontheyspreadhatredtowardsminorities”[Pakistan’sfounder)whilstpeoplelikeQadriopposehisvisionofapluralistPakistanistateForthisreasontheyspreadhatredtowardsminorities”

For Salamat, the government must stop hate traders and bring them to justice according to the law. Only in this way can Pakistan live in a peaceful country where all religions have the same dignity.

In an open letter, Salamat also urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to take steps to stop violent opposition by extreme right-wing Islamic groups for the construction of a new Hindu temple in Islamabad

In the view of activists, political and religious leaders sparked religious violence with their words a serious problem.

In addition to calling for a ban on religious performances, Salamat slams a hateful song on the Hindu community.

Released by Smile Media, the song’s video uses images of the Armed Forces, which according to president Rwadari Tehreek damage the country’s image.


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