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Samsung must be so angry that this hands-on Galaxy Z Fold 2 photo leaked – BGR | Instant News

  • The first live image of Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G was leaked online this week, confirming the name of the device and the new design of the main display.
  • If the leaked image of Fold 2 is real, Samsung has removed the huge notch of the original Fold and replaced it with a punch-hole selfie camera.
  • Samsung will officially launch the Galaxy Fold 2 and four other devices on August 5.

On August 5th, Samsung will showcase five new devices at its latest Galaxy Unpacked event. The Galaxy Note 20 is the device most Samsung fans might end up buying, but the phone we are most excited to see is the sequel to the Galaxy Fold. Samsung is determined to be at the forefront of the foldable mobile phone revolution, but the first draft is not a huge success. So how will Samsung follow up with the Galaxy Fold?

The leak of Galaxy Fold 2 has been spreading for several months, but until recently, we did not know that it would actually not be called “Galaxy Fold 2”. According to reports, Samsung will rename the sequel to Galaxy Z Fold 2 to be consistent with Galaxy Z Flip, which is more successful than Fold. We were also surprised that we had not seen any real-time images a few days before the phone was revealed, but on Tuesday, it finally leaked.

It is legal to provide the following images. This is the first time we have seen the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G in the wild. In addition, the startup screen will confirm the new brand. It’s hard to say because of the light, but this image seems to support the previous rumors that the original Fold is huge and the ugly notch will be replaced by a punch-hole selfie camera, just like we did in the Galaxy S20 series and in Note 20 You will also see:

According to past reports, Fold 2 will have a 7.7-inch Super AMOLED main display with a 120Hz refresh rate, a 6.23-inch Super AMOLED protective layer display, a Snapdragon 865 Plus processor, and 256GB or 512GB internal storage. The rear of the phone will also be equipped with a three-camera array, including a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 64-megapixel telephoto lens. A separate leak indicated that Fold 2 will come with two batteries with a total capacity of 4,365mAh, and as the name suggests, it will support 5G networks.

Of course, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G is not the only product to be shown at the Galaxy Unpacked event next month. According to the trailer for the event that Samsung shared earlier this week, we should expect to introduce it to the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Buds Live.

For more detailed information, please listen to the live broadcast of “Galaxy Unpacked August 2020” at 10 am EST on August 5th.

Jacob began to report on video games and technology as a hobby in college, but soon he realized that this was the life he wanted to do. He currently lives in New York and writes for BGR. His previously published work can be found on TechHive, VentureBeat and Game Rant.


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Samsung’s bean-shaped “Galaxy Buds Live” is confirmed to have noise reduction and more features | Instant News

key point

  • Samsung has a new pair of wireless earbuds
  • Now its official name is Galaxy Buds Live, and it has active noise reduction
  • It also has many features that interest many Samsung device users, such as the “Find My Earbuds” function and the ability to read notifications aloud.

Samsung’s upcoming bean-shaped wireless earbuds are confirmed to have active noise reduction and other features, which will make it directly compete with Apple’s AirPods Pro.

Previous reports indicate that Samsung is developing a pair of bean-shaped wireless earplugs with noise reduction function. Initially, it was said to be called Milky Way BeanAnd then It is called Galaxy Bud X. But now it has been officially named Galaxy Buds Live. The new earplugs do have the expected active noise reduction function, but they also have more features.

According to a name Galaxy Buds Live plugin, Is now live on the Play Store (originally played by XDA developers), the new AirPods Pro competitors will have ANC, equalizer function, touch control and the function of reading notifications aloud, so the wearer will probably know what they mean. It also has a “find my earbuds” function, which is very useful in certain situations.

Take a quick look at each of the following features:

Active noise reduction

The images displayed in the application list show that users can turn on or off the ANC function according to their preferences. How this feature improves audio quality in real life remains to be seen. Considering how much noise the Galaxy Buds Live can eliminate due to its unique shape without earplugs will be interesting.


According to an image, the user will be able to choose from six preset EQ options: normal, bass enhancement, soft, dynamic, clear and treble enhancement. It is not clear whether users can manually adjust the EQ.


Users can configure whether they want Galaxy Buds Live to respond to taps. If enabled, they will also be able to choose how the left and right earbuds react to taps. These responses include playing controls, and turning ANC on or off.

Speak notifications

The image does not provide specific details about this feature, but the app description indicates that it will be able to tell users that they are calling, read text messages sent to them, and remind them of any events or planned events in their calendar.

Find my earplugs

Finally, the app instructs Galaxy Buds Live to help users find lost earbuds using sound. The lost earbud can be ordered to emit a beep to give up its position.

A screenshot of one of the images in the Galaxy Buds Live Plugin app listed in the Google Play Store. Photo: Samsung / Google Play Store


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It is said that photos of the 5.4-inch “iPhone 12” display pop up on Chinese social media | Instant News

A pair of pictures popped up on Chinese social media, and the poster claimed that they were parts pre-installed on the smallest iPhone, said to be in “iPhone 12“Line up.

These images, published by “Seekdevice” on Weibo, depict a screen component with a familiar notch, but excluding the TrueDepth camera and other sensors.

Allegedly released a 5.4-inch “iPhone 12” screen assembly on Chinese social media

apart from Social media postsFor unknown reasons, these images were also briefly posted to Slashleaks before being deleted.

The leaker has a good track record of accuracy, especially concerning iPhone and other mobile device screens. According to the edited data, the source of the photos cannot be verified at this time. They may be used in counterfeit iPhones or other devices with notches.

Allegedly 5.4 inches

Allegedly released a 5.4-inch “iPhone 12” screen assembly on Chinese social media

Apple is expected to release four new models as part of its “iPhone 12″ product line. Specifically, the alleged product lineup includes the lower-priced 5.4-inch “iPhone 12”, 6.1-inch “iPhone 12 Plus”, 6.1-inch “iPhone 12 Pro” and 6.8-inch “iPhone 12 Pro Max” which are said to be described here. .”

All four models are considered to have OLED display and 5G connectivity. The low-end model is rumored to have a dual-camera setup and 4GB RAM, while the Pro model may be equipped with a triple-lens camera, 120Hz ProMotion display and 6GB RAM.

There have been rumors recently that the device will Launched on September 8, Shipped from late September to early November.


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Samsung Galaxy M01 Core: Samsung launches one of its cheapest smartphones in India, Galaxy M01 Core | Instant News

Korean brand Samsung Launched the cheapest smartphone ever in India. Called Samsung Galaxy M01 Core, The price of the phone is 5499 rupees (basic model). It is worth noting that this is the company’s third mobile phone, which will be launched in 2020 at a price of Rs 10,000. The other two phones are Galaxy M01 and Galaxy M01s.
Samsung Galaxy M01 Core: price and availability
There are two RAM variants Galaxy M01 Core, 1GB (16GB storage space) and 2GB (32GB storage space). The former is priced at Rs 5499 and the retail price of the other model is Rs 6,499. Samsung Galaxy M01 Core offers three color options: black, blue and red.
Starting on July 29, it will be available online on Samsung’s online store and other e-commerce sites. The phone can also be purchased at Samsung’s retail stores and Samsung Opera House.
Samsung Galaxy M01 Core: Specifications
Samsung Galaxy M01 Core has multiple “Made in India” features. The phone has a smart screen with a dynamic screen timeout function to optimize power consumption. Other features include smart input, smart paste and suggestion notification. Although the “recommendation notification” warns users about low battery issues and allows them to open their running applications or add other critical applications in “maximum power saving mode” to extend the running time, the “smart paste” feature allows them Paste relevant text, such as pasting a website URL to a mobile phone number on a web browser or phone dialer-all are automatically extracted from the same email.
The smart photo function can detect similar or duplicate photos and provide users with suggestions to keep the best photos while discarding other photos to free up space. Samsung Galaxy M01 Core also has a dark mode.
The earpiece is equipped with a 5.3-inch HD + TFT display. The smartphone offers up to 32GB of storage capacity and is supported by MediaTek MT6739. Samsung said that this phone is developed on the latest Android Go platform. It comes with a lightweight custom application designed to use less storage space for Android Go OS.
It is backed by a 3000mAh battery, which is said to provide up to 11 hours of battery life. For photographing tasks, there is an 8MP sensor on the back of the phone and a 5MP sensor on the front for taking pictures.


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Cook’s U.S. antitrust hearing is rescheduled on July 29 | Instant News

The postponed U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee sets a new date for antitrust hearings with Apple CEO Tim Cook As well as heads of other technology companies, executives will participate in the hearing on July 29.

Originally scheduled for Monday, July 27, House Judiciary Committee Postponed the meeting To accommodate the later memorial service Rep. John Lewis, The date is set on the same day. The postponement was announced on Friday without a set date, but it was revealed on Saturday that there was only a two-day delay, and the postponement was carried out on Wednesday.

Cook will appear with Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The Council of Chiefs is part of the meeting, and they will testify to the House Antitrust Subcommittee to prove the company’s power in competition and the overall market.

The legislators of the subcommittee are expected to release reports and propose new antitrust regulations within a period of time after the collective dialogue with the CEO. The report itself has been postponed and was originally scheduled to be released in April, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forced the plan to change.


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Yes, NVIDIA should release the GeForce RTX 3000 series in September | Instant News

I thought the previous reports knew this, but yes-NVIDIA will release its new Ampere-based GeForce RTX 3000 series graphics cards in August, including Launched in September Enter the player’s hands.

View gallery-5 pictures

This news comes from Overclocking.com and other sources again, but I revealed this in an article titled “NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080: Revealed in August 2020, Released on Computex 2020” in March 2020, you can Read here.

Videocardz pointed out Later, someone said that it would be released in August and released in September. Now there are more media reports, so it seems that we are preparing for the September release of NVIDIA’s next-generation GeForce RTX 3000 series graphics cards–exciting Moment, people!

At that time, I said:We should see full growth before and after September 2020, just before Computex 2020. We usually see companies show off a series of new PC hardware on Computex every year, which happens in the last week of May/first week of June. But now, due to the outage caused by the coronavirus COVID-19, all companies are forced to roll it out for a few months“.

I continued: “NVIDIA usually holds edit days for large GeForce new graphics card launch events, so if it does, it can use August 2020 as the month to show Turing to tech media like me. NVIDIA released Turing in August 2018 before the September 2018 release, and it would make sense again if they follow Ampere’s plan: release in August 2020, release in September 2020“.

More reading:

Yes, NVIDIA should release the GeForce RTX 3000 series on September 4th | TweakTown.com
  • Traversal coprocessor: We have leaked more vulnerabilities on NVIDIA’s next-generation GeForce RTX 3000 series than any previous series. The new GeForce RTX 3080 and GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards are equipped with an interesting “traversal coprocessor”. you can Read more here.
  • NVCache: Ampere (Ampere) means to have something called NVCache, which is NVIDIA’s own form of AMD HBCC (High Bandwidth Cache Controller, More here). NVCache will use your system RAM and SSD to speed up game loading and optimize the use of VRAM. you can Read more about NVCache here.
  • Tensor memory compression: NVCache is interesting, but Tensor memory compression will be performed on Ampere. According to reports, it will use Tensor Cores to compress and decompress items stored in VRAM. This may result in a 20-40% reduction in VRAM usage, or higher VRAM usage with higher textures in next-generation games, and Tensor Memory Compression reduces the VRAM footprint by 20-40%.
  • How fast is the GeForce RTX 3090? According to rumors, it performs extremely fast, and its performance is 60-90% higher than the current Turing-based flagship GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. We may see this huge performance leap in the ray tracing headline, but we have to wait a while before we can see the graphics processing power of NVIDIA in these new cards. you can Read more about these rumors here.
  • Power consumption: In terms of power consumption, GA102 is reported to use 230W-while 24GB GDDR6X (we should see on the new Ampere-based TITAN RTX) consumes 60W of power. you can Read more here.
  • Production is about to start: According to reports, NVIDIA is within the DVT (or design verification test) range of its new GeForce RTX 3000 series graphics cards. According to reports, the media will start mass production in August 2020 and pass media activities, benchmark tests and As I predicted a few months ago, September 2020 will be more. More here.
Yes, NVIDIA should release the GeForce RTX 3000 series on September 5th | TweakTown.com

I have written rumors that NVIDIA’s next-generation Ampere GPU architecture will be 75% faster than current GPUs Such as Turing architecture Rumor has it that Ampere will provide a 50% performance increase with half of Turing’s features. This is very crazy stuff.

Not only that, we also have some Rumored specifications of GeForce RTX 3080 and GeForce RTX 3070 graphics cards, Will be supported by NVIDIA’s new Ampere GPU architecture.

We have heard Ampere will provide 50% performance improvement with half of Turing’s performance, Which made the hair on my neck stand up. Even better, you can read about the leaked specifications The GeForce RTX 3080 and GeForce RTX 3070, which are claimed to be based on Ampere, are here.

Yes, NVIDIA should release the GeForce RTX 3000 series on September 06 | TweakTown.com

read more:


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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 rendering, detailed specifications leaked before launch | Instant News

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series will be released on August 5, but a few days before the official release, all information about the phone was leaked online. The renderings and detailed specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra were leaked a day ago, and now the vanilla Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has received the same treatment. Various renderings, color options and detailed specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 have surfaced online. It comes with a triple rear camera setup, the display and battery are smaller than the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and it is powered by Exynos 990 SoC. There will be a 4,300mAh battery inside instead of the 4,500mAh battery expected for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 design (expected)

According to a report Via WinFuture.de, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Carry the Infinity-O monitor with you, with the perforated cutout in the top center. A slight border will appear at the bottom of the display, and the S Pen slides into the device through an opening in the spine of the book. On the back, you can see that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has a triple rear camera setup, with three image sensors arranged vertically in the leaked rendering. There is a rectangular camera module on the back, and the flash is located next to the sensor. According to reports, the phone uses two colors of mysterious bronze, mysterious gray and mysterious green. The phone is also equipped with an ultrasonic display fingerprint reader.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 specifications (expected)

As for the specifications, it is reported that Samsung Galaxy Note 20 can run on One UI based on Android 10 and has a smaller 6.7-inch (1,080×2,400 pixel) Super AMOLED flat panel display with 60Hz refresh rate, 393PPI and 20:9 length Aspect ratio. Galaxy Note 20 will be powered by a 2.7GHz Exynos 990 octa-core SoC, with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage space. The report said that the Galaxy Note 20 does not support microSD cards.

As for the camera, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is said to be equipped with a triple camera setup with a 12-pixel main camera. There is another 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle shooting game with f/2.2 aperture. Finally, there is a 64-megapixel image sensor with a 3x optical zoom lens and f/2.0 aperture. The camera supports 30x spatial zoom and 8K video recording. The phone has a 10-megapixel selfie camera with dual-pixel autofocus and f/2.2 aperture.

According to reports, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will include a 4,300mAh battery with fast charging function and will achieve 50% charging within 30 minutes. It will also support wireless charging and reverse wireless charging. The device is said to have passed IP68 certification and has AKG optimized stereo speakers. In addition, it is said that connection options include 5G, LTE-Advanced, Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi 6, USB Type-C (3.2 generation) and NFC.

According to reports, the S-Pen stylus included with the Galaxy Note 20 provides a delay of 26 milliseconds, which is slightly longer than the S-Pen reportedly built into the S-Pen pen. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (9 milliseconds). The listed Galaxy Note 20 measures 161.6×75.2×8.3mm.

Why are the prices of smartphones in India rising? We discussed Orbital, Our weekly technical podcast, you can subscribe by Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Or RSS, Download episodes, Or click the play button below.


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Samsung showcases cool next-generation Galaxy smartphone features | Instant News

Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy Note 20 is only a few weeks away, and everyone’s eyes are on the camera of the new flagship, so it must be set up correctly many problems The suffering suffered by the owners of the Galaxy S20. Now, due to the release of early firmware versions, Samsung has revealed some secrets of its next-generation cameras.

More on ForbesApple showcases breakthrough new iPad technology

By studying the unreleased early version of the Galaxy Z Flip 5G firmware, the amazing leaker Max Weinbach has Unearthed The new Galaxy smartphones to be launched next month will provide a long list of advanced camera features.

First of all, Samsung’s Pro Video mode will undergo major improvements, including the ability to directly adjust the video resolution and options to choose from multiple microphone inputs. This provides users with the option to choose between directional recording or omnidirectional recording, as well as the ability to select a USB or Bluetooth microphone.

Secondly, the video has also obtained more movie modes, which can expand the conventional 16:9 aspect ratio to 21:9 while supporting resolutions up to 8K. For still image shooting, a new 50x zoom level has been added between the existing 30x and 100x points, presumably to accommodate The expected maximum zoom factor of Note 20 Ultra is 50x.

In several other minor updates, the camera received a photographer-friendly histogram function and vibrating tactile feedback for key functions such as clicking the shutter, adjusting the zoom or changing the mode. In addition, the updated system file suggests that you can add a dedicated “moon mode”.

Although the Galaxy Z Flip 5G will have its own unique camera feature set, I hope that most of these new features will also appear in the flagship Note 20 series. The ability to control audio input will be especially useful for vloggers, and Samsung’s advanced “professional” features will help differentiate the device from competitors’ simpler interfaces (such as the Google Pixel series).

Samsung is always packed Innovative function Enter its camera software, it remains to be seen whether Samsung can successfully repair it Many camera problems Troubled the Galaxy S20 Ultra. All of these will be revealed at the Samsung Unpacked event on August 5.

More on ForbesGoogle cancelled the Google Photos print subscription service


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“Behind the Mac” video shows the working process of James Blake, Tyler Mitchell | Instant News

Apple will add two other videos to its “Behind Mac” campaign, one of which continues to make music at home with James Blake, and the second video is a portrait series made by photographer Tyler Mitchell.

on July 8, Apple released a video under the “Behind the Mac” series, in which James Blake (James Blake) through Logic Pro X work in his Los Angeles home studio, MacBook Pro. The follow-up report released last Saturday details the operation of the Grammy Award winner on the keyboard and Mac.

The video viewer watched the musician for the entire 24 hours, showing him the process of creating the melody on the piano and then looping and changing the sound in Logic Pro X. The level of musical instruments and vocals has been added to MacBookPro, and the final track has just finished after 1 am

The second video is the work of New York photographer Tyler Mitchell, who is famous for his Vogue cover photo of singer Beyonce. Mitchell filmed for 24 hours in a similar way through a remote camera. People searched magazines and documents for inspiration and edited mood boards for the new portrait series.

The annotations for the desired series are done on a MacBook, which is also used to select the final image from the shot and edit it in Photoshop. Similarly, Mitchell was shown working late into the night to complete the portrait.

Debut In 2018, “Behind Mac” is a series designed to show creative people the process of using Mac to make works. By 2020, the series so far includes Grammy-nominated music producers Warren Oak Field Director of Japanese animated film “Your Name” Xinhaicheng.


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Samsung 870 QVO SSD launched in India along with T7 portable SSD | Instant News

Samsung announced a new internal solid state drive for Indian consumers. The new 870 QVO is the successor to the 860 QVO series, with sequential read and write speeds up to 560 MB/s and 530 MB/s, respectively. The new SSD comes with intelligent TurboWrite technology, which allows it to use a large variable SLC buffer to maintain maximum performance. Compared with the previous generation product, the random read speed of this new version is increased by 13%, which can enhance the daily computing experience.

The 870 QVO has 9-layer V-NAND features and an updated controller with advanced ECC algorithms. Samsung claims to provide write endurance (TBW) up to 2880 TB, or a three-year limited warranty. Compared with the previous version, it is substantially 30% higher, which enables it to continuously provide better performance for a longer period of time. It is worth noting that the QVO range is located in the more advanced EVO range, which proves to be faster and more energy efficient. That being said, the new 870 QVO should be sufficient for your daily workflow and provide up to 8 TB of storage options.

The 870 QVO SSD is available in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 8TB models at prices of Rs 9,999, Rs 19,999, Rs 39,999 and Rs 74,999 respectively.

The company also introduced a new T7 portable SSD. This is our external SSD drive Reviewed Earlier this year, but there was no fingerprint security. The new T7 is the latest product provided by Samsung based on the previous generation T5.

Its read and write speeds are 1,050MBps and 1,000MBps, respectively. However, when used with the NVMe interface, it can only reach peak speed. This is a huge improvement compared to the T5, which provides a data transmission speed of 540MBps. The SSD comes with a conventional USB Type-C port, which has a USB 3.2 (2nd generation) standard and supports backward compatibility. Also supports AES 256-bit hardware encryption. Unlike T7 Touch, this product has a variety of color options, including metallic red, indigo and Titan gray.

Pricing starts at Rs 9,999 for 500GB, Rs 17,999 for 1TB, and Rs 29,999 for 2TB storage options.


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