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Off-duty LAPD Officer Accused of Shooting Officer in the Camping Area – NBC 6 South Florida | Instant News

Two Los Angeles Police Department officers who were not on duty were arrested on Sunday after a third LAPD officer was shot and injured at a campsite in an unrelated area near Apple Valley in San Bernardino County, law enforcement sources told NBC News.

LAPD officer Ishmail Tamayo, 44, from Ontario, was arrested for attempted murder and ordered at the High Desert Detention Center, according to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department.

The injured officer was attacked by one round on his shoulder and flown to the trauma center, where officers were expected to recover.

The three were camping, drinking and shooting in the Stoddard Wells off-road-vehicle area Saturday night, according to an official in San Bernardino County.

The wounded officer and the officer who fired the shots were both assigned to the Newton LAPD Division south of Downtown LA, the source said.

In a statement, LAPD Head Michel Moore expressed “disappointment” and “frustration” and said, “The event that resulted in serious injury to an off-duty officer, apparently at the hands of other members of this Department, gave me great attention.” I spoke earlier the morning this with San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon, pledging our full support for their criminal investigations. I am grateful that our injured officers are in stable condition and are expected to survive. I am committed to determining what and how this happens. “

The statement also said that Tamayo had been freed from his police powers while awaiting the results of criminal and administrative investigations.

SBSD said the investigation was ongoing.


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California Care Facility Evacuated After Staff Not Present – NBC 7 San Diego | Instant News

A skilled care facility in Southern California where nearly three dozen residents infected with the corona virus were being evacuated on Wednesday after staff members failed to come to treat them.

Eighty-four patients were transferred from the Magnolia Rehabilitation and Care Center in Riverside after a large number of employees did not report to work two days in a row, said Riverside District public health officials.

The district initially sent nurses to help, but was forced to flee from the center because the shortage continued, said Brooke Federico, a spokesman for the district’s public health agency.

The district doesn’t know why employees aren’t showing up, Federico said. A day earlier, the county was told that five employees and 34 residents in a 90-bed facility had a corona virus, he said.

No one at the facility can be immediately contacted to comment. A message is left at the number registered for the central administrator.

With the increasing number of corona virus cases in California, skilled care facilities are of particular concern because of the age and health conditions of the residents and their lives that are so close to each other. Outbreaks have been reported at facilities throughout the state, and several residents have died.

With so many facilities that handle outbreaks, the giant Mercy Navy hospital ship docked in Los Angeles could be the location of several residents. The ship was taken to Los Angeles to deal with the potential overflow of hospital patients due to the virus. That hasn’t happened yet, and state emergency services spokesman Brian Ferguson said the ship might be a place to accommodate nursing home patients who are not acute and not infected.

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said virus cases had been reported in more than 130 institutional settings including skilled care and prison facilities, and 37 people living in them had died.

He said earlier this week that there might be instances where residents who were bent over under the command of staying at home could choose to bring their loved ones home from the facility to care for them.

“There are families who actually have the resources and can go ahead and submit the offer,” he said. “But I also know that there are many families who are faced with the terrible reality that they also cannot take care of someone in their home effectively.”

Deborah Pacyna, director of public affairs for the California Health Facilities Association, said her organization does not recommend people to move their loved ones from facilities that care for them properly.

“It’s the best place for them to get the type of care they need given the underlying health conditions,” he said.

For most people, coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough, which disappear in two to three weeks. For some people, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, can cause more severe illnesses, including pneumonia and death.

In Riverside, it was not immediately known which facilities would bring evacuated residents. Those who need to follow the steps to contain the virus, said Federico. Residents who are healthy enough can be sent home, he said.

Those who have not tested positive for the virus are first transferred, along with their personal belongings.

At a facility in the San Francisco Bay Area, nearly 50 people have been infected and one person has died. The outbreak in a skilled care facility in San Bernardino County infected more than 50 people, killing five people.

The outbreak caused staffing challenges because some employees fell ill and others stayed away as a precaution because they themselves were in a higher risk category, said Elizabeth Tyler, a spokesman for Cedar Mountain Post Acute in Yucaipa, California. Those who test positive for the virus but have no symptoms can still work with virus patients, he said.

The facility makes trailers for staff who do not want to return home in case they infect their families or want to be nearby in case of an emergency at work, he said.

April Verrett, president of the 2015 International Employees International Union Service, said the union did not represent staff at the Riverside center and only represented about a quarter of care facility workers in the state.

Many are afraid, Verrett said. They want to be adequately trained to treat virus patients and be protected, he said.

“Of course they want to make sure their work environment is safe and all precautions are taken for themselves and their families,” he said. “But our people will work.”


Taxin reports from Orange County, California. Associated Press writer John Antczak in Los Angeles contributed to this report.


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