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Will San Diego’s Virtual Con Comics Work? | Instant News

Some people queue at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con for experiences they may not remember now.

Some people queue at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con for experiences they may not remember now.
Picture: Rich Polk (Getty Images)

At this point, you know what the agreement is the coronavirus pandemic and the comic book convention here at U.S. Because the virus is easiest transmitted between people when they swarm into confined spaces and when they are in large groups, cons of all kinds have postponed for this year.

Although there won’t be a traditional Comic-Con in San Diego this summer, convention organizers have worked to coordinate digital equivalents that can be followed by people from the comfort and safety of their homes.

It’s unclear exactly what Comic-Con @ Home will look like or how it functions, but in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Comic-Con International spokesman David Glanzer stated that digital con was not intended to be seen as a new normal for the event.

“I don’t think we really think of it as a substitute for the show,” Glanzer said. “This is an iteration that we hope will convey some of the excitement of Comic-Con in any format that we and our stakeholders can create. We reach out to various entities that are usually involved in physical shows to see if, and the best way, we can include them in the online version. “

Glanzer goes on to emphasize that Comic-Con @ Home is not something. that the committee had predicted it should be put together, let alone so close to the projected date for the SDCC this year, and he also stated that there were many elements at the digital convention that had not been completely hammered.

That is so, very either that the SDCC organizers either remember how serious this global pandemic is and also make an effort to attract people into the mindspace of their intended event while physically researching the artist’s gang (which currently has no virtual component) or waiting in line to watch the trailer for the first time. But the existence of Comic-Con @ Home raises questions as to what future comic book conventions are—bBecause as it currently stands, there is no future where covid-19 really ceases to be a threat.

So much of the Comic-Con experience revolves around people are witnessing new developments coming out of film studios and comic book publishers that a convention without those things would not feel like Comic-Con. Comic-Con @ Home is probably just one thing meant to feed bookworm starving for genre news for several months, but there are more than obvious possibilities that steps like this should become normal for new conventions.

Thus, the question that arises in the mind is how all this will happen work. Placing content behind digital paywalls in place of the badge is quite easy, of course, but to create an experience comparable to normal Comic-Con, this event will require group participation from dozens of studios and publishers who can easily only hold the events themselves where they are becoming single focus.

The challenge facing SDCC now is ensuring its existence. This time not only tried in an existential sense, they tried in a practical sense and forced some industries to reassess how they function at a basic level. Dear Comic-Con for people one hopes that organizers are looking for ways to deal with this storm, but as devastating as this pandemic is, it is not clear if that is possible.

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