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Hottest New Fashion Accessory – NBC 7 San Diego | Instant News

It started out of necessity but now face masks are becoming trendy and stylish.

Of course, some people still wear thrown masks
in hospitals, but more people reach out to online retailers and
The designer is looking for something a little more interesting.

“I think this is really a fashion trend,” Ashley said
Nell Tipton.

Tipton knows a lot about fashion. He won Project Runway season 14 and now has a design studio at Hillcrest.

This studio now makes hundreds of face masks.

“Every week we have items that are sold out and then we
manufacturing as fast as we can to be able to ship orders as fast
maybe, “said Tipton, who wore a colorful mask that he made in honor
Hispanic culture. “I want to make something fun that will give you
proud when you wear it, so that’s where Frida Kahlo’s face mask also comes
come into play. ”

Kahlo’s mask has been sold out several times on the website, where there are several designs, including French Bulldogs, camouflage, polka dots, and bright floral designs.

Tipton says he believes many people do what he does every morning, matching one of his face masks to his clothes.

“We need more than one or two because you need to exchange them, you need to wash them, stay clean, so this is something that will be an important use in our daily lives,” he said.

Some people don’t need designers. Ayumi Henderson’s mother made a neon orange mask from an old T-shirt. The circle around his ear consists of pantyhose pieces.

Elyse Charlesworth went grocery shopping with a beautiful pink flower mask, made by her mother-in-law from a cloth her grandmother had.

“This is amazing,” he told NBC 7.

Many people say masks will be there for some
more months until coronaviruses are no longer a threat, so they might too
have fun with it.

“I think more people make masks as a fashion statement,” said Neda Rayatparvar, who is wearing a mask with a smiling face. “It’s about what we can do now to make the best of this situation.”


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Tacos El Gordo Offers Free Meals for All Health Care Workers – NBC 7 San Diego | Instant News

The Tacos El Gordo restaurant chain offers free food
for all health workers at its locations in San Diego and Las Vegas.

The only thing needed to claim several restaurants
Delicious tacos are to show employees some kind of identification that shows
You are a health care worker.

Restaurant location in Palm Avenue, Charleston
Boulevard and Losee Road offer promotions from 11:00 to

Health care workers can claim taco or french fries and drinks and promotions will be offered until May, the chain announced on Facebook.


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Three protesters were arrested during a rally to reopen the beach completely | Instant News

SAN DIEGO COUNTY (KGTV) – San Diego County beaches will open Monday at sunrise with limited access. But many people in Encinitas protested the restriction, saying that it was not American.

It’s a beautiful day in San Diego, but not everyone is happy. Dozens of locals gathered at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, protesting the closure of the beach.

“We need our beaches open, and we need waves,” said a protester. “Our small business depends on this!”

On Friday, San Diego County officials overcame this frustration, saying that they would allow sea access in stages, starting Monday, April 27, 2020.

“The best way from an economic point of view to get out of this is a phased approach,” said San Diego District District 4 Supervisor Nathan Fletcher. “Not based on arbitrary dates or schedules, but based on the situation we see.”

Limited access includes swimming, surfing, kayaking and rowing. But boating, sports together, and relaxing on the sand is still prohibited.

“That’s still not good enough,” protester Krista Curtis said. “We are American citizens. If I want to lie on the beach, I will lie on the beach!”

10News cameras captured three protesters arrested after they crossed into the sand outside the warning tape. The deputy gave them a quote for violating public health order.

Meanwhile, in Escondido, little Victoria and Julian Singh play at home.

“They like it,” said their mother, Oly. “They don’t understand what’s happening outside.”

Because the beaches were closed, the Singh family decided to bring the spark to their backyard. They inflated the children’s pool and turned on the mat.

“I understand for people, the beach is their life, especially when you are in San Diego County,” Singh said. “For us, we have only been trying to be safer all this time. Staying at home, thanking all the important workers out there, and trying to really lower the curve.”

They say it is a small sacrifice that can have a big impact.

Cities on the Solana and Del Mar Beaches announce that regardless of County approval, they will continue to close their beaches until they feel ready to reopen.


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California Food Stamp Program Now Allows Delivery of Groceries – NBC 7 San Diego | Instant News

More and more people are getting food, but people who rely on food aid programs don’t have that luxury, until now.

People who use aid programs such as SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) still have to go to the store, even if they are in a high-risk population infected with COVID-19. Now, the program is changing to help protect customers.

“[These programs have] many people are elderly or have many health conditions, “said Assmaa Elayyat from the District Health and Human Services Service (HHSA).” We really don’t want them to come out and do it. ”

Access to online grocery shopping has been tested in several other states, but this is the first time it will be available in California. That comes at an important time, because more families are turning to programs like SNAP because of the coronavirus pandemic. San Diego County said it recently saw a 92 percent increase in applications for food stamps.

Nearly 150,000 families in the San Diego area rely on CalFresh, California’s SNAP version. At the end of April, they will be able to shop for groceries online and send them directly to their doorstep. So far, only Amazon and Walmart have been approved to receive federal-distributed EBT cards, but more retailers will be added to the program soon.

It is important to note that EBT funds cannot be used for shipping costs. But HHSA San Diego says free shipping is still an option on most online store platforms.

“Both retailers will waive shipping costs if the purchase is at least $ 35,” Elayyat said.

There is also an additional amount of money coming for many SNAP users. Currently the average CalFresh benefit is $ 318, but additional funding will be available for April and May.

You can find more information about the CalFresh program on the Internet The San Diego County website is here.


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